owner a share of the stakes and qualified the entry of
its progeny.
  He conceived and executed the plan of building
Tuxedo, which has become one of the fashionable cen-
tres of the country.
  It was he who introduced aluminum plates, made at
his order by Tiffany & Co., which were much lighter
than any ever used on the foot of a race-horse.
  It is difficult to imagine what a man possessing such
energy of character and powers of construction would
not have accomplished had he devoted himself to any
of those greater fields of human endeavor which open
to men of genius. Had Mr. Lorillard elected to take
part in the affairs of state, it is probable that today his
name would be mentioned with those of our eminent
publicists; had he devoted himself to the profession of
arms, it would not now be said that the Spanish-Ameri-
can war produced no great general.