- 3 -

       E.    President's Report to the Trustees (PR 1)

       Interim President Wethington called attention to the following
items in PR 1:

       April 11 - Dedication of the Bruce Poundstone Agriculture
       Regulatory Services Building

       April 20 - Dedication of the Center for Robotics and
       Manufacturing Systems

       Aprii 22 - Reception for recently promoted/tenured faculty and
       recipients of awards on Honors Day

       April 24 - University of Kentucky Honors Day

       May 6 - University of Kentucky Commencement

       In concluding his report, Interim President Wethington called
attention to the University Hospital having received verification as a
Level I Trauma Center. He noted that other items were available in
the report for the Board's perusal.

       F.   5ingletarv and-Matthews Fellowships Awed

       Dr. Daniel R. Reedy, Singletary/Matthews Advisory Committee
Chairs provided background information and explained the
nominations/application process for the W. L. Matthews and Otis A.
Singletary Fellowships. He reported that the recipients of the
fellowships rank at the top of their graduating class and have also
been very much involved in the activities of the University outside
the classroom. He noted that the recipients will continue their
studies at the University of Kentucky in the College of Medicine,
College of Law and in the Graduate School. He recognized the
following recipients and briefly stated facts about each of them:

       Mr. Steven Ray Armstrong - W. L. Matthews Fellowship
       Mr. Mark Stanley Baker - Otis A. Singletary Fellowship
       Ms. Zheng Liu - Otis A. Singletary Fellowship
       Mr. Stephen W. McNatton - Otis A. Singletary Fellowship

       Mr. Ockerman extended congratulations to the recipients for
their outstanding achievements, following which they were given a
round of applause.

       Interim President Wethington expressed his congratulations to
them for the significant honor they had achieved and wished them well
as they continue their studies at the University of Kentucky.