Office of the President
                                  April 3, 1990


Members, Board of Trustees:


RECOMMENDATION: that the Administration be authorized to
execute the appropriate documents to permit the University's
consultant, Gaddy Engineering Company and ARCH Mineral
Corporation to assess the coal reserves in the outlying tracts
of the Robinson Forest, which are not the subject of the
petition to declare lands unsuitable for surface coal mining
filed with the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Cabinet on February 26, 1990.

BACKGROUND: Following this Board's decision at its March 6
meeting to authorize the filing of a "Lands Unsuitable"
petition covering the Clemmons Fork watershed, representatives
of the University and ARCH Mineral Corporation have met on
several occasions to discuss the possibility that the ARCH
properties in that watershed could be exchanged for other
University properties in areas where mining could be carried
out without damage to University research efforts.

In the course of those discussions, and in discussions with
Gaddy Engineering it has become apparent that additional data,
including data only obtainable through core drilling, is needed
to permit an adequate evaluation of the respective properties.

This action would permit explorations, including core drilling,
to be conducted in non-sensitive areas owned by the University.
It would not commit the University to an exchange of properties
without reference back to the Trustees.

Action taken:  Approved        Disapproved          Other

Date: April 3, 1990