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{ ?y  N_.`TT N Prepared by
V T ;si The Survey of Federal Archives
  ’ T T Division of Professional and Service Projects
l·i _r Works Progress Administration
The National Archives
Cooperating Sponsor
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l The Survey of Federal Archives Thé
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E Philip N. Hamer, National Director from J
E John hilson Townsend, State Supervisor Kentue
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i Division of Professional and Service Projects PFOPGF
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Elizabeth Fullerton, State Director For
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I F. C.gHarrington, Administrator in Ch&]
i George H. Goodman, State Administrator TOUR Ol
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March I

 11 111
The Inventory of Federal Archives in the States, is one of the
products of the work of the Survey of Federal Archives, which oper-
ated as a nation—wide project of the Works Progress Administration
from January 1, 1956 to June BO, 1957, and has been continued in
Kentucky since that date as a state project of that Administration.
The plan for the organization of the Inventory is as follows:
Series I consists of reports on the administration of the Survey, ac-
knowledgments, and general discussions of the location, condition, and
content of federal archives in the states. Succeeding series contain
the detailed information secured by workers of the Survey, in inven-
tory form, a separate series number being assigned to each of the ex-
ecutive departments (except the Department of State) and other major
units of the Federal Government, Within each series Ko. l is a gonor-
al introduction to the field organization and records of the govern-
mental agency concerned; the succeeding numbers contain the inventory
proper, separate numbers being assigned to each state in alphabetical
order. Thus, in each series, the inventory for Alabama is No. 2, that
for Arizona No. 5, that for Arkansas ho. 4, etc.
For each local office information regarding each series, or unit of
related records, is presented in the following order: title, inclusive
dates ("to date" indicating an open file at the time the information
was secured), general description of informational content, description
of the system of filing or indexing (if any). & statement of frequency
and purpose of usc, form of the record itself (bound volumes, sheets
in folders, etc.), linear footage, description of the containers, physi-
cal condition of the records (not stated if satisfactory), location by
room number or other identifying information, and finally, the number
, of the Form BBSA on which this inf;rmation was originally recorded by
a Survey worker and from which it was abstracted for the Inventory.
This form is on file in The lational Archives. When it contains sub-
stantial information on add nda sheets which has not been included in
the mimeographcd abstract, indication of this is ~iven by use of the
reference "Sec addenda."
In Yxntucky the work of the Survey was undert kun bv Judge "wmuel
C. Milliams, with Hr. John Tilson Eownr nd as his assistant, from its
inception until October 1956. Linen that tim~ Tr. Townsrnd has been
in charge of the project. This inventory of tho r cords of the brpwrt-
ment of Labor in kentucky was prepared in the Louisville office of the
Survey and was efitcd before final typing by miss Ylizab th Edwards of
the Washington office. It is To reduce in min o rr hed form through
the facilities of the hirtorical Wccords purvay.
John Xilsor Townsend, Ftato Supervisor
bury y of Federal rchivos in Kentucky
Louisvill , K ntucky
March 10, le5Q

Intr0duction.. ..... ........ .... ................ ........ ... 1
Ashland, NRS Office of District 9.. .... ..... .... ...... .... 2
— _ Bowling Green, NRS Office of District 5.. ............. .... 5
Covington, NRS Office of District 5. ...... ................ 4
Frankfort, NRS—KSES State Administrative Office........... 5
V Frankfort, NRS Office of District 12....... ....... ........ 6
Lexington, NRS Office of District 6..... ..... ............. 8
Louisville, NRS Office of District 4.. ........ ............ 9
, Louisville, Vcterans' Placement Service, Office of the
_ State Representative. ........ ............ .... ............ lO
_ Maysville, NRS Branch Office of District B................ ll
_ Middlesboro, NRS Office of District lO.................... 12
. Newport, NRS Office of District 8. ......... ....... ..... ... 15
Owensboro, NRS Office of District 2....................... 15
Paducah, NRS Office of District 1......................... 16
Pikeville, NRS Office of District 11....... .... ........... 17
Somerset, NRS Office of District 7. .... ................... 19

l£°lI.T.ED. §.“?l€;'ILE:?-.EE¥iI1Q*E*illl‘?l1.§’2ilC£€E
QFY ?iT.EQDE@.lLl€El
The National Reemoloyment Service wss organized in Kentucky in July
of l955, and ectusl operations were begun in August et the state ed~
ministrstive office in Louisville. ln September, October, November,
and December of 1955, one hundred twcnty—six offices were established
in the one hundred twenty counties of the State. These offices were
discontinued in April l9Z4, and the service was organized under eleven
district offices. ln December 1956, n twelfth district office was es-
tablished at Frankfort. The district offices are as follows:
District Number Location Street Address
‘ l Paducah 5l7 Broadway
2 Owensboro Host Office
3 dowling Green nrmory Bldg.
Q Louisville 655 S. Fifth it.
5 Uovlngton Federal dldg.
G Lexington Bill und Maxwell Sts.
7 Somerset Beecher dldg.
8 Eewnort 623 Yer? St.
9 Ashland City Eld;.
lO Iiddlesboro City Hell Bldg.
ll Rikeville Connolly Bldp.
l2 Frwnkfert 2lB St. Clair Ct.
On April l, l957, the state administrative office was moved from
Louisville to Frankfort, and the Tetionel Reomoloyment Service merged
_ with the Kentucky State Dmnloyrurt Service.
Fiscal und Statistical rcuorts ure sent wcehlv, seui—monthly, und
monthly to the office of the Unite” States Employment fervicc, Desert-
mont of Labor Juildinr, Wuskington, D. C.
There is dlso in Kentucky, d Vctcrdns‘ Pleocvent H pr»soitutivo, who
supervises ennloyment uctivitios in the inter rt of voter us who nrc
registered in public employment o??ico;. His headquarters office is ot

 Unitod States Dmploymont Scrvico, Ashland 2
Ashland City Bldg., 17th E Groonup
This sgcncy was ostoblishod Octobor l, 1955, ond until Loy 1, 1954,
oporotod on a county basis. from May l, 1954, it has opcrotod is o
V district offico, with jurisdiction ovsr tlowon cauntios as follows:
Both, Boyd, Cnrtor, Elliott, Flowing, Oroonup, Lawronco, Louis, Noni-
foo, Morgan, and Rowan. Copins of doily ind wcckly rc orts nrc sont
to tho Stoto Officc at Frankfort.
l. AGRICULTURnL APPLICANTS, Oct. l, 1955 to doto. USES Form 526A,
history of spplicwnt showing ago, sox, nationality, physical condition,
and oxpsrioncs. Gross-indcx. (Occasionally, confidential.) 5 x B
cards, 1 ft. 6 in., in drawer. R. 512. (7027)
to dats. UEES Form 511, history of applicant showing ago, sox, nstion—
ality, physical condition, and cxporionco. Filod by cods numbcr.
(Daily, confidential.) 5 x 5 cords, 8 ft., in 5 drawers. R. 512.
5. DONDSTIC AND 5WRV1CE APPLICANTS, Oot. 1, 1955 to dats. USES
Form 512, history of applicant, showing sgo, sox, nationality, ohysi—
col condition, and oxporicnco. Cross—indsx. (Occasionally, confi-
dcntidl.) 5 x 5 cards, 5 ft., in 2 woodon drnwors. R. 512. (5598)
4. FIEDING LISYE, Oct. 1, 1955 to dntc. Cross—indox cords for
applicants. "ilod mlphoboticdlly. (Daily, official.) 5 X 5 oirds,
55 ft., in 24 drdwors of woodon and 5 drawers of stool filing cwsos
and 5 pnpor filo boxos. 5:. 512, 515. (5585)
5. FIRY VITIT LCEEDULE, Oct. l, 1955 to dots. UTDF Form 550, vis-
its to various firms rcgordinj plmoomcnts of npplicsmts. (Frcqu ·,.· ntly,
official.) 5 x 3 cnrds, 2 ft., ir popor boxes. Hs. 512, 515. (5579)
6. IDEITIFICATIOE CLRDB, Oct. 1, IH55 to ddtc. hpq1iconts' moins
of identification. (Occosiondllv, confidential.) 5 x 5 cords, 5 ft.,
in 2 drdwors of filing oosc and 5 driwors of cord omtinot ond postc-
boord box. H. 515. (assi)
7. ?HYlITaL Ln50x A?PL;'l’“;, Oct. 1, 1955 to d~to. "LFC Form 510,
history of npolivnnt, showin] nje, sox, ndtiondlitv, why ical condition,
and cxpcrioioo. Yross—Yndox. (bail?. oonfidontinl.) 5 x 5 cnrds,
4 ft . 6 in. , in vroodén ’i1‘rii,*.w;r: . F .   l 2 .  WFZUG 

 United States Em lo ent Service, Bowlinq Green 5
— L.
8. ACTIVE REGISTRATION CARDS, Nov. 1955 to date. USES Form 510,
history of applicant, showing age, sex, nationality, physical condi-
tion, and experience. Index. (Daily, confidential.) 5 x 8 cards,
21 ft., in wooden box and steel cabinet. R. 515. (5586)
9, COPIED CARDS, Nov. 1955 to date. Obsolete cards from which in-
formation has been obtained. (Rarel , confidential. 5 x 8 cards 4
ft., in pasteboard boxes. Rs. 512, 515. (5559)
10. STATISTICAL REPORTS, Nov. 1955 to date. Charts, correspondence,
and form reports to and from state office. (Frequently, official.)
Variously sized papers, 4 ft., in boxes. R. 515. (5587)
11. CARDS FOR JUNIORS, Apr. 1958 to date. USES Form 517, personal
A data pertaining to applicant, such as height, weight, color, and edu-
cation. Filed by name and code number. (Daily, official.) 5 x 8
. cards, 5 in., in wooden drawer. R. 512. (5599)
Armory Bldg., 10th and Chestnut Sts.
I This office was established in November 1955. Its functions are
to assist the unemployed by finding work for them on relief projects
and in private industry. From November 1955 until November 1955, the
office was housed in the Park City Hotel. Since November 1955, it has
been located in the Armory building. Reports are sent to the state
office at Frankfort.
12. BULLWTIWS. Nov. 1955 to date. Pertaini¤$ to chanios that may
take place in work, proper places of work, administrative, fiscal,
clearance, statistical, and miscellaneous. (Occasionally, official.)
1O x 12 leose—1eaf books, 1 ft., placed on top of steel filing cases.
· Rs. 7, s. (soon)
* 15. LRTTLRC, Nov. 1955 to date. Correspondence with HPA from vari-
ous district offices. Filed alohebetieullv. (Frequently, official.)
i . ‘ W. . * .. , A
95 x 11 folders, 2 ft., in stool iiling case. Rs. 7, d. (5001)
14. LETTERS, Nov. 1955 tc date. Regarding functions of this of-
fice. Arranged chronelowiccllr and by sub ects. (laroli, official.)
1 L, , .] 1 J _ /
9i I 11 folders, 2 ft., in steel filing case. Rs. 7, 8. (5002)
~ 15. PROJTCT RTHORTE, lov. 1955 to date. Reports, requisitions,
y referral lists, and set-ups. Eiled alphabetically by counties and by
subjects. (Daily for active orojects; rarely for completed, official.)
1 . ‘ . ,, . I , be
Qs x 11 folders, 2 ft., ir Sb®G1 iiling ease. Rs. K, d. (sooo)

 United States Employment Service, Covington 4
16. REGISTRATION CARDS, Nov. 1955 to date. Work histories and
— qualifications of applicants. Filed alphabetically by counties and
· by work classification. (Active file, daily; inactive, occasionally,
official.) 5 x 8 cards, 60 ft., in small wooden drawers. Rs. 7, 8.
17, STATISTICAL RTPORTE, Nov. 1955 to date. Weekly and monthly
· _ to state office. Filed chronologically. (Rarely, official.) 9% x ll
folders, 2 ft., in steel filing case. Rs. 7, 8. (sons)
l (A) Post Office and Court douse, 5rd and Scott Sts.
(B) City Garage, 15th and Russell Sts.
This office, serving the counties of Kenton, Boone, Grant, Galla-
tin, Carroll, Owen, and Henry, was established in October 1955 in
the City Garage at 15th and Russell Streets where old correspondence
and narrative reoorts, prior to April 1954, are still stored. It
was moved to 115 F. fifth Street, in March 1954 and to its present
location in February 1955. lbekly and monthly rcnorts are sent to
the state administrative office at Frankfort.
date. histories anf abilities of applicants. 5 x 5 card index.
(Daily, official.) 5 x 5 cards, 43 ft., in 22 steel and 12 wooden
card cabinet drawers. R. 1 (Rldg. r). (5074)
19. AESIGNNEWT SPIVS, PIL, Oct. 1955 to date. Filed alphabeti—
cally. (Weekly, official.) 5 x 5 tissue slips, 1 ft., in wooden
card cabinet drawer. R. 1 (Yldg. L). (5074)
20. CORRTLJOLDTLCT AW) RTNOHTL, Oct. 1955 — Apr. 195©. Old ¤orrcs—
rondence and re orts left at City Gcragc rten office was moved. (Never.)
variously sized paoers, 10 ft., 1 ose »’‘. in pasteboard boxes, 2d floor
. (Bldg. P). Qsosz)
21. 7MDLOY?Rf’ Oyo R CARES, Oct. 1955 to date. Requests by em-
ployers for workers from IE5 rolls and type of worker ncodcf. Filed
clronologically. (Daily, official.) 5 K 5) cards, 5 ft., in 2
drawers of card cabinets. R. 1 (ildj. A.) (5079)
22. IFDVQ CA’DC, Oct. 1955 to date. YCY5 Forms 515 and 521, name,
classification, aiirers, and tclcviorc number of 0acQ ayolicant. F11-
· ed by name and ciunty. (laily, official.) 5 x 5 cards, 25 ft., in
15 steel and 5 wooden card cabinet drawers. R. 1 (fldq. A) (5075)

 United States Employment Service, Frankfort 5
25. RTLIBF ELIGIBILITY RECORD, Oct. 1955 to date. Eligibility of
` relief clients for WPA or other public works employment. Filed alpha-
. _` betically by name and county. (Daily, official.) 5% x 6 cards, 16
ft., in ll drawers of wooden card cabinets. R. 1 (Bldg. A). (5075)
‘ 24. STATISTICAL REPORTS, Oct. 1955 to date. Reports submitted to
state administrative office, coumiling the activities of this office
A for each month. Filed chronologically. (Weekly, official.) 5 X 10
` loose cards, 2 ft., in steel office safe. R. 1 (Bldg. A). (sees)
25. GENRRAL CORRRSPONDENCR, Apr. 1, 1954 to date. Filed chrono-
logically by subject matter. (Daily, official.) 9 x ll folders, 8
ft., in steel filing case drawers. R. 1 (Bldg. A). (5081)
26. WORK SLIRE, WRA., June 1955 to date. NFA Form 402, assignment
to jobs; WPA Form 405, dismissal; WP; worm 404, reclassification of
worker. Filed alphabetically. (Daily, official.) 5 X 5 tissue slips,
5 ft., in 2 drawers of wooden card cabinet. R. 1 (Bldg. A). (5077)
27. FIRM VISIT SCHEDULES, Nov. 1956 to date. USRE Form 550, data
( collected by interviewers in visits to various firms relative to jessi-
bilitics of employing workers from NRS rolls. filed chronologically.
· (Daily, official.) 5S x 5i cards, 1 ft., in cardboard boxes on desk.
· R. 1 (Bid;. A). (sore)
New State Office Building, ;igh and Hero Sts.
· The State Administrative office of the Rational Rccmoloyment Sor-
vice in Kentucky was established at Louisville, August 1055, and from
its inception until January 22, 1057, it was located in rooms 207, 209,
- 214, and 216 of the Rest Office Duildinj, when the offices were vacat-
ed because of the 1957 flood. Flood quarters were established at 1501
Bardstown Road for one week, Icbruery 1 - 6, 1957. From Vcbru ry 7 to
April ls 1957: l$¢‘7?~}7O1`f`¤1`ff Q*1"~I‘JC<¤T`S \'F¤‘>1‘f¢ OC>cu[»ir;¤d it {555 Q, `i_ft}·i F·Y{;y.,x¢g‘l;,
(Louisville URS district office). On ..’` april 1, 1957, the stat, h»ud—
quarters was moved to its pr·;:sr»nt ad·?1·;.s:. lt not o;>er;lt-as jointly
T'11t1‘a the }"<;ntue1*y Ftrrte l*Y‘;:;;>lo_*)cn.,nt I3,,rv_lce, and beth nr- under th., gn-
° porvision of the sane director.
28. CORRFYY V~i'Yif'.l·VZ"T, nur;. l¥»I¥I5 to date. li.Q`·". Furl FRF? corro:sg>onClence,
including bulletins and publications. (Daily, official.) Y X 12 fold-
ers and envelopes, 93 ft., in 44 drav»rs of steel filing case . R. 2:.
I (7on6)

 United States Employment Service, Frankfort 8
29. DIRECTOR‘S PERSONAL FILE, Aug. 1955 to date. (Daily, offici-
al.) l0 x 12 folders and envelopes, 8 ft., in 4 drawers of steel fil-
4 ing case. R. 28. (7057)
50. FISCAL DEPARTLENT FILE, Aug. 1955 to date. Showing all fiscal
functions of office, including various forms, public and travel vouch-
ers, fiscal and organization reports, personnel forms, payrells, and
correspondence. Filed chronologically by subject. (Daily, official.)
9 x 15 folders, envelopes and pockets, 25 ft., in 6 drawers of steel
A filing cases. R. 28. (7058)
51. REPORT OF APPLICANTS, Aug. 1955 to Aug. 1, 1958. USES Forms
500 and 500 revised. Daily report of interviewer's activities, show-
» ing number of interviews and record of each. (Weekly, official.)
Filed by counties. 8%*x ll folders and envelopes, 4 ft., in 2 drawers
of steel filing case. R. 28. (7059)
_ 501, shows placements by districts, kind of employment, names, form and
code numbers, sex, year of birth, color, veteran's status, duration,
renewal status, and miscellaneous statistics. (Rarely, official.) 9
x 12 folders, envelopes, and pockets, 40 ft., in 10 drawers of steel
, riiiag Case. R. ze. (Voce)
55. SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIQS, Aug. 1955 to date. USES Form 502, sum-
mary of functions of each district office, showing men wanting work,
new applicants, regular renewals, automatic renewals, and adjustments.
Arranged chronologically. (Weekly, official.) 8} x ll paper bundles,
14 ft., in drawers of steel filing case. R. 28. (7061)
capitwlation of activities of various districts in state by week and
month. Arranged chronologically. (Weekly, official.) 8% x ll fold-
ers and packages, 10 ft., in drawers of steel filing case. R. 28.
55. PLAOTLFLTS, 1955 to date. USES Form 951, Tashington's recapi—
tulation by county, district, and state, showing sex, race, relief
status, typo of employment. Arranged chronologically. (Wenthly, of-
ficial.) 10 X 20 loose—1eaf books, 5 ft., on floor. R. 28. (7065)
215 Qt. Ylair Qt.
Before December l, 1955, the fnncticrs of this ajency were carried
out by county ewpleyment and other district offices. At that time
V nine counties, lndcrson, 7·rroll, lrantlin, Tallatin, henry, Owen,
Scott, Zhelby and Zocdferd, were combined into 2 district of the Ration-
al Reemoloyment g.rviee as a branch of the Lexington office and contin-

 United States Employment Service, Frankfort 7
` ued as such until April l, 1937. For three months following that
" date, it was under the Louisville unit. Since April l, 1937 it has
been a unit of the Kentucky State Employment Service. Weekly and
monthly reports are sent to the state office.
36. CROSS INDEX, Nov. 1, 1933 to date. Shows name, status, code
number, and address of each applicant. Filed alphabetically by coun-
4 ties. (Daily. official.) 3 X 5 cards, 30 ft., in 20 drawers of steel
r card cabinet. 2d floor. (7064)
37. INACTIVE FILE, Nov. 1933 to Dec. 31, 1936. HRS Forms 1 and
‘_ 2, and USES Form 311, of persons who have not contacted office since
1936. Filed alphabetically by counties. (Daily, official.) 5 X 8
'_ cards, 12 ft., in 8 drawers of wooden filing case. 2d floor. (7065)
38. ORDERS, DOMESTIC, Nov. l, 1933 to date. USES Form 316. he-
cord of applicant‘s work history with placements and referrals. Filed
by code and by counties. (Daily, official.) 4 X 6 cards, 2 ft., in
" card cabinet. 2d floor. (7066)
39. REGISTRATION CARDS, FARM LABOR, Nov. 1, 1933 to date. USES
Form 326A. Work histories and qualifications of applicants. Filed
‘ by code and by counties, active and inactive. (Daily, confidential.)
5 X S cards, 16 ft., in ll drawers of steel card cabinet. 2d floor.
~ (vos?)
_ Nov. l, 1933 to date. USES Forms 312, 313, and 310, showing history
‘ and capabilities of registrants. Form 313 is no longer used by agency.
Filed by code and by counties. (Daily, official.) 4 X 6 and 5 X B
cards, 8 ft., in card cabinets. Ed floor. (7068)
41. CORRDSFONDTECE, July 1, 1935 to date. All correspondence with
V office and duplicates of letters sent from office. Filed by subject
‘ and chronologically. (Daily, official.) 12 X 14 folders and envel-
opes, 30 ft., inl5 drawers of stecl filing case. Ed floor. (7069)
to date. Work histories and qualifications of applicants. wiled by
code and by counties. (Daily, official.) 5 X 3 cards, 4 ft. 6 in.,
in steel card cabinet. 2d floor. (7070)
43. EHPLOYERS' FILRS, Lug. 1937 to date. USSC Form 330, firm
visit schedules, giving information concerning employers; USDS Form
331, cumulative record of openings ard successes of registrants plac-
ed; USES Form 332, indeX for firm visit schedules. Card index. (Pre-
quontly, official.) 5 X V and 3 X 5 cards, l ft. 6 in., in card cabi-
nets. 2d floor. (7071)

 United States Employment Service, Lexington 8
Dudley School Bldg., Mill and Maxwell Sts.
` - I ‘ This office, serving fourteen counties, was established in Novem-
¤ ` ber 1933. Because of the large area of this district, branch offices
` were opened at Danville and Winchester. Reports are sent weekly and
monthly to the state administrative office at Frankfort.
44. CORRESPONDEICE, Nov. 21, 1933 to date. Active and inactive
- =· correspondence with applicants, contractors, other district offices,
" - I and state and government officials. Filed alphabetically by counties.
(Frequently, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 9 ft., in filing case. R. 8.
” . (1962)
‘ 45. REGISTRATIOI CARDS, Nov. 21, 1933 to date. Showing name of
individual, address, age, date and place of birth, physical condition,
religion, education, color, nationality, if married, number of depen-
' dents, union or non—union, skilled or unskilled. Classified accord-
ing to occupations: blacksmiths, blasters, boiler men, butchers and
bakers, carpenters, concretcrs, drillers, electricians, firemen, hed
carriers and lathers, machinists and welders, mechanics, night watch-
men, oil field workers, painters, papcrhangers, pipe fitters, plaster-
ers, plumbers, railroaders, road construction, sheet metal workers,
· steam fitters, steam shovel operators, steel workers, stone masons,
~ l r tailors and pressers, teamstcrs, tile setters, tractor drivers, truck
drivers. Cross-index. Filed alphabetically and by counties. (Daily,
official.) 5 x 8 cards, 13 ft., in standard filing cabinets. R. 8.
(1969, 1969, 1977, 1991, 1976, 1978, 1930, 1979, 1991, 1992, 30, 1966,
1992, 1967, 1971, 29, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1974, 1996, 1995, 1967, 1984,
. 1998, 1999, 1993, 1994, 1990, 1995, 1996)
to date. Bork histories and qualifications of applicants. Cross in-
dex. (Daily, official.) 5 x B cards, 2 ft., in filing case. R. 9.
47. REGICTRQTIOU CARDS, COUIOW LABOR, Nov. 21, 1933 to date.
USES Forms 313, work histories and qualifications of applicants.
Cross index. (Daily, official.) 5 x 6 cards, 1O ft., in filing case.
.·· R. s. (ieee)
date. Work histories and qualifications of applicants. Card index. `
“Q·°·‘· (Daily, Official.) 5 x 3 cards, G in., in filing case. R, 9. (1993)
49. CTATICTICAL YR;O?TC, {ov. 21, 1933 to date. Reports on in- _
dividuals reqistered in this office. Includes daily ond woe ly re-
ports concerning new applicants, rcgistr tiers, rencwalr, placements,
also Dfivnte, public and relief cancellations. {Daily, official.)
9 x 12 folders, 5 ft., ir filing case. R. 9. (1963)

 United States Employment Service, Louisville 9
date. Qualifications and work histories of applicants. Alphabeti-
cal card index. (Frequently, official.) 5 x S cards, 5 ft. 3 in.,
in filing case. R. 8. (1970)
Builders Bldg., 633 S. 5th St.
This office was established in October 1933, in the Speed Building
at Fourth and Guthrie Streets. In August 1934 it moved to the Nation-
al Theatre Building, Sth and Walnut Streets, where it remained until
I November 1936, when it was moved to its present quarters. On April
1, 1937, the National Reemployment Service in Kentucky was merged with
the Kentucky State Employment Service, and the Louisville district was
‘ placed under the state administration. KSES records are a continua-
tion of, and are filed with, those formerly recorded by the agency
while it operated solely as a Federal agency. The counties receiving
( ` employment service are Bullitt, Hardin, Jefferson, Larue, Marion,
I Heade, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble, and Washington. Frank-
y · lin county was included in this district for a short time, but was
I later transferred to No. 6, Lexington. Inactive and so—cal1ed useless
1 records are filed in a storage room. Reports are sent to state admini-
`t strative office at Frankfort, Kentucky.
* 51. APPLICATION CARDS, Oct. 1933 to date. Active and inactive re-
‘ ~ cord of abilities and histories of applicants for reemployment. Ar-
1 ranged alphabetically. (Active file, daily; inactive file, rarely.)
5 x S cards, 102 ft., in 63 steel filing case drawers. lst floor.
- Qsvsi)
52. CORRESPONDENCE AND RERORTS, 1933 to date. Arranged chronologi-
cally. (Weekly, official.) 8% x ll folders, 4 ft., in 2 steel filing
case drawers. lst floor. (3727)
53, ENPLOYBR‘S ORDER CARDS, Oct. 1933 to date. USES Forms 315 and
316. Arranged chronologically. (Weekly, official.) 3 x 3 cards, 3
· - ft., in 2 steel filing case drawers. lst floor. (3731)
· 54. FIRM VISIT SCHEDULES, Oct. 1933 to date. Data collected by
interviewers in visiting various firms and seeking positions for appli-
Canto. Arranged chronologically. (Daily, official.) 4 X 6 cards, 4
ft., in 2 steel filing case drawers. lst floor. (3735)
l 55. INDEL CARDS, Oct. 9, 1933 to date. USES Form 321, office in-
· dex. Arranqed alphabetically. (baily, official.) 3 x 5 cards, 133
ft., in 92 steel filing case drawers. lst floor. (3732)

 United States Employment Service, Louisville 1O s
_ 56. MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE, 1955 to date. With NRS offices
_ in Kentucky, relative to work routine. Includes copies of general
C instructions, bulletins, and books of rules. Arranged chronologically.
C - (Daily, official.) 8% X 11 folders, 4 ft., in 2 steel filing case
drawers. lst floor. (5756)
57. MISCELLANEOUS INACTIVE RECORDS, 1955 - 1954. Old form records
which have been revised and records of applicants now deceased. (Nev-
er.) Variously sized cards, 7 ft., in 7 wooden filing case drawers.
lst floor. (5757)
58. PROJECT STATISTICS, 1956 to date. Correspondence, referral
lists, and orders for supplies relative to various public works pro-
jects. Arranged chronologically. (Daily, official.) 9% X ll folders,
8 ft., in 4 steel filing case drawers. 2nd floor. (5758)
59. PUBLIC PROJECT PAYROLLS, 1954 to date. Copies of semi—monthly
C payrolls of various PWA projects. Arranged chronologically. (Month-
ly, official.) 14 X 18 loosely rolled papers, 2 ft., in steel filing
7 case drawer. lst floor. (5755)
GO. RELIEF ELIGIBILITY RECORD, Oct. 1955 to date. KERA Form 255,
status and eligibility of relief clients for PWA projects. Arranged
. . ’ . . . `\_
alphabetically by counties. (Daily, official.) 5% X 5i caris, 55 ft.,
in 18 steel filing case drawers. lst floor. (5750)
. 61. STATE CORRESPONDTNCE, 1955 to date. Correspondence to and from
state administrative and district offices. Arranged chronologically.
( 8% X 11 folders, 2 ft., in steel filing case drawer. lst floor.
( 82. STATISTICAL REPORTS, 1955 to date. Copies of compiled reports
submitted to state office showing activities of district. Arranged
chronologically. (Veekly, official.) 8 X 1O folders, 5 ft., in 2
` p steel filing case drawers. lst floor. (5729)
Post Office and Custom house, Bdway., Cth to 7th Sts.
° This office was established in 195O as the Veterans Division of the
‘ United States Employment bureau. In 1955 it was reorganized under
the Wagner—Peyser Act. The office was located in the Labor Temple on
C Market Street, between First and Second Streets, until 1954, WhuP it
was moved to its present quarters. It: functions are to register and
T G0Op0rate with the Unemployment Division in the placement of veterans. ·
Monthly reports of activities are sont to Tasiinjton.
‘ 65. CORREQ*OQUKlCE, 1954 to date. Also includes copies of month-
C ly reports, bulletins, instructions, and »1p;nso and payroll vouchers.
Arranged alphabetically, (Daily, official.) C X 12 foldors, 12 ft.,
li 6 drawers of stool filing cases. R. 4&5. (754%)

 United States Employment Service, Maysville ll
64. VETERANS FILE, Sept. IQBB to date. Showing complete history
and qualifications for work. Arranged alphabetically. (Frequently,
official.) 5 X 5 cards, l ft., in drawer of card cabinet. R. 445.
Knights of St. John Hall, ll9 E. 5d St.
· This branch was established on November 4, l955, in the offices
of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Post Office Building, where it re-
mained for one week and then moved to its present location. It serves
Bracken, Mason, Nicholas, and Robertson counties, and is under the
supervision of the district office at Newport. Daily, weekly, and
monthly reports are sent to the district office, where a further re-
port is compiled and submitted to the State office at Frankfort.
65. APPLICATIOI CARDS, Nov. 4, l935 to date. USES Form BIO, work
histories and qualifications of applicants. Card index. (Daily, of-
ficial.) 5 x 8 cards, 8 ft., in steel filing case. 2d floor. (5590)
66. CARD INDEX, Nov. 4, l955 to date. Name, address, occupation
and county of applicant. Used as index to application filo. Arranged
alphabetically by towns and counties. (Daily, official.) 3 x 5 cards,
4 ft., in open card drawers. 2d floor. (553%)
67. CERTIFIC.TION OF ELIGIBILITY, Nov. 4, l935 to date. TRL Form
GOO, from district office, showing certification of relief clients
and eligibility for Wfa work. Filed alphabetically and by name of
‘ locality and occupation. (Frequently, official.) 5 x 8 cards, 2 ft.,
in steel filing ease. 2d floor. (5595) I
68. CORRESPONDEYCE, Nov. 4, lQ35 to date. General correspondence
with district office at newport, relative to assignments, identifi-
Cation numbers, number of workers, and other data necessary for con-
duct of service. Also letters of inquiry from various persons seek-
ing employment. filed chronologically and ey subject. (frequently,
official.) lO X l2 folders, 2 ft., in filing cases. Ed floor.
69. DAILY HWrORT O3 kiPLICg]lOfS, Nov. 4, IQZS to date. Copies of
daily reeorts to district office shoving identification numtors of
&PDllC¤&Ilts, code for industry ·:$or}:e[_ in, liind of riznrli, length of un-
@l?plOy'H1Cnt, color, :;1;_;_le or frgmale, vetorf.k-S £2ta’tuS, relief OF HOR-