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The National Reemoloyment Service wss organized in Kentucky in July
of l955, and ectusl operations were begun in August et the state ed~
ministrstive office in Louisville. ln September, October, November,
and December of 1955, one hundred twcnty—six offices were established
in the one hundred twenty counties of the State. These offices were
discontinued in April l9Z4, and the service was organized under eleven
district offices. ln December 1956, n twelfth district office was es-
tablished at Frankfort. The district offices are as follows:
District Number Location Street Address
‘ l Paducah 5l7 Broadway
2 Owensboro Host Office
3 dowling Green nrmory Bldg.
Q Louisville 655 S. Fifth it.
5 Uovlngton Federal dldg.
G Lexington Bill und Maxwell Sts.
7 Somerset Beecher dldg.
8 Eewnort 623 Yer? St.
9 Ashland City Eld;.
lO Iiddlesboro City Hell Bldg.
ll Rikeville Connolly Bldp.
l2 Frwnkfert 2lB St. Clair Ct.
On April l, l957, the state administrative office was moved from
Louisville to Frankfort, and the Tetionel Reomoloyment Service merged
_ with the Kentucky State Dmnloyrurt Service.
Fiscal und Statistical rcuorts ure sent wcehlv, seui—monthly, und
monthly to the office of the Unite” States Employment fervicc, Desert-
mont of Labor Juildinr, Wuskington, D. C.
There is dlso in Kentucky, d Vctcrdns‘ Pleocvent H pr»soitutivo, who
supervises ennloyment uctivitios in the inter rt of voter us who nrc
registered in public employment o??ico;. His headquarters office is ot