United States Em lo ent Service, Bowlinq Green 5
— L.
8. ACTIVE REGISTRATION CARDS, Nov. 1955 to date. USES Form 510,
history of applicant, showing age, sex, nationality, physical condi-
tion, and experience. Index. (Daily, confidential.) 5 x 8 cards,
21 ft., in wooden box and steel cabinet. R. 515. (5586)
9, COPIED CARDS, Nov. 1955 to date. Obsolete cards from which in-
formation has been obtained. (Rarel , confidential. 5 x 8 cards 4
ft., in pasteboard boxes. Rs. 512, 515. (5559)
10. STATISTICAL REPORTS, Nov. 1955 to date. Charts, correspondence,
and form reports to and from state office. (Frequently, official.)
Variously sized papers, 4 ft., in boxes. R. 515. (5587)
11. CARDS FOR JUNIORS, Apr. 1958 to date. USES Form 517, personal
A data pertaining to applicant, such as height, weight, color, and edu-
cation. Filed by name and code number. (Daily, official.) 5 x 8
. cards, 5 in., in wooden drawer. R. 512. (5599)
Armory Bldg., 10th and Chestnut Sts.
I This office was established in November 1955. Its functions are
to assist the unemployed by finding work for them on relief projects
and in private industry. From November 1955 until November 1955, the
office was housed in the Park City Hotel. Since November 1955, it has
been located in the Armory building. Reports are sent to the state
office at Frankfort.
12. BULLWTIWS. Nov. 1955 to date. Pertaini¤$ to chanios that may
take place in work, proper places of work, administrative, fiscal,
clearance, statistical, and miscellaneous. (Occasionally, official.)
1O x 12 leose—1eaf books, 1 ft., placed on top of steel filing cases.
· Rs. 7, s. (soon)
* 15. LRTTLRC, Nov. 1955 to date. Correspondence with HPA from vari-
ous district offices. Filed alohebetieullv. (Frequently, official.)
i . ‘ W. . * .. , A
95 x 11 folders, 2 ft., in stool iiling case. Rs. 7, d. (5001)
14. LETTERS, Nov. 1955 tc date. Regarding functions of this of-
fice. Arranged chronelowiccllr and by sub ects. (laroli, official.)
1 L, , .] 1 J _ /
9i I 11 folders, 2 ft., in steel filing case. Rs. 7, 8. (5002)
~ 15. PROJTCT RTHORTE, lov. 1955 to date. Reports, requisitions,
y referral lists, and set-ups. Eiled alphabetically by counties and by
subjects. (Daily for active orojects; rarely for completed, official.)
1 . ‘ . ,, . I , be
Qs x 11 folders, 2 ft., ir Sb®G1 iiling ease. Rs. K, d. (sooo)