Since my last renort, I have received a letter from
Doctor Crossfield, ac enting your offer of the Athletic
field for the comigg Thanksgiving game. He requested that
I tender to the Executive Committee his sincere thanks for
this courtesy. I told Doctor Crossfield thRt our Athletic
Committee would hold themselves in readiness to do any-
t.h:ing in their power to make their game a success.


                                     Henry S. Barker.


     Acting upon suggestion of President arker,   r. Brown
moved that the cafteria be leased to John P. -Ricketts and
Floyd Potts until the first of the year at a nominal ren-
tal.  Seconded by Mr. Johnston, the motion was carried by
the following vote. 11essrs. Brown, Nichols, and Johnston
voting aye, Mr. Stoll voting no. Judge Barker was then
instructed to draw up a contract with Messrs. Ricketts
and Potts in which it was to be specifically set out that
the University assumed no liability for any debts @ a-
tracted by the tenants and that the President give such
notice as he deemed fit to such merchants and dealers as
these tenants may have occasion to ao business with.

     W~ith reference to the President's report on the action
of the Discinline Gommittee which investigated charges
aghinst students for outrages on the night of October 31,
Mr. Brown and Mr. Stoll questioned the advisability of
the Discipline Committeelo finding in cases of hair-cutting.

     President Barker said they ha-) 1ifficult7 In ascertain-
ing who did the hair-cutting; in fact could not ascertain
it and stated that in some instances boys whose hatr had
been cut, declared they did not know who cut it and in
other Instances *aid they had :cat their otin hair. Mr.
Stoll contended that the idea of a boy cutting his own
hair was absolutely ridiculous and in his own judgment
should be punished as such statement was, in its very, nature
a falsehood. In this connection, Mr. StolL counseled
stricter discipline in the Univererty and incidentally
remarked that a certain Commonwealthms attorney of his
acquaintance had told him he would not send his boy to the
University of Kentucky because of its lack of discipline.

     Mr. Brown referred t'.! a slmilar case from Scott  ounty.

     1he report of Cenn W. E. wowe of the  ollege of Givil
Engineering was read, acceroted and ordered spread upon the
minutes as follows:

                                November 15, 1916

President Henry S. Barker,
University of Ky.

Dear Sir: