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Vol. LXVII No. 39
Monday, September 29. 1975







Pierce boots Cats to 10-10 tie

An offical awaits the outcome of John Pierce’s 45-yard field goal attempt
(right) in last Saturday’s UK-Maryland game. Fortunately for the Wildcats.
Pierce's kick went through the uprights with only eight seconds left in the
game. Neither UK Coach Fran Curci or his Maryland counterpart Jerry
Claiborne seem happy about the 10-10 tie as they meet for a post-game

Fellowships made available

Graduate School stressing minority recruitment

Kernel Staff Writer

The Graduate School is attempting to
live down a bad reputation while building
up its minority student enrollment.

“The school had a (bad)reputation,
whether earned or not, and black students
didn’t feel welcome,” said Dr. Pete
Middleton, education professor and one of
the first involved in Minority recruiting at
the Graduate school.

“We’ve had to prove we were willing to
make a committment to minority stu-
dents," Middleton said.

The Graduate School’s proof of com-
mittment is in the form of several $2,800,
no-strings attatched fellowships for Ken-
tucky minorities as part of an intense
campaign to recruit eligible minority

“When spaeking of minorities from
Kentucky, that essentially means blacks,”
said Wimberlu Royster, Graduate School

“This is a state university, so we limited
the fellowships to Kentucky residents or
graduates to Kentucky universities and
colleges,“ Royster said.

Three years ago there were only nine
blacks in the Graduate School; last year
there were 55, and Royster expects
enrollment will increase significantly.”
The enrollment figures will be released
sometime this week.

The minority student situation “broken
wide open” last summer when Langston
Smith, a third year dental student, was
hired to promote UK’s graduate school by
visiting undergraduate Kentucky schools,
Royster said.

“I was developing a means of identifying
qualified black students" and informing
students of the programs available at the
University, Smith said.

“Black students are beginning to see
some changes, and that the University has
madea committment,” Smith said. “They
are very receptive and enthused.”

To encourage black enrollment, 10
non-service minority fellowships were
available this year. Eligibility for fellow-
ships was competitive, but restricted to
minority students who had been accepted
in both the graduate school and their
desired program.

Two types of non-service fellowships
were awarded; minority and non-minor-
ity. Over 1,000 students applied for the 50


an independent student newspaper}










I University of Kentucky

Lexington, Ky. 40596



non—minority fellowships, while only about
15 applied for the 10 minority fellowships.

As a result, competition was not strong
for minority fellowships and qualifications
were lower than those established for
non-minority fellowships.

“If there wasn’t a double standard, we
wouldn‘t have classified them (the fellow-
ships) as minority,” said Dr. William H.
Dorough of the graduate fellowship office.

The minority fellowships are not offered
at the expense of regular fellowships,
Royster said. “The sum increase ofregular
fellowships in not quite as large (as the
minority fellowship inrease) but it’s very

Allocations for minority fellowships are
supplied by the Haggin Endowment and
from funds allocated by President Otis A.
Singletary, Dorough said.

The fellowships are not automatically
renewed; recipients must reapply each
year they are in the Graduate School.

“This is not as bad as it sounds,”
Dorough said. “In most instances the good
student proves himself during the first
year and finds support from his depart-
ment. We have had a lot of support from
the departments,” he said.

Dorough said 10 to 12 fellowships will be

available for next year. He has recieved 10
applications for them and hopes to get 40
more before the Feb. 1, 1976 deadline.

Once minority students start coming
here, we don’t have to go out looking for
them,” Royster said.

Smith agreed: “Word will filter back,
and have a domino effect.” Students who
have been satisfied with the program will,
in effect, become recruiters, he said.

Attempts to recruit black students began
during the 1972-73 academic year when
members of the Graduate and Profession-
al Students’ Association visited Kentucky
schools promoting black enrollment in
graduate programs.

During the 1973-74 school year, six
minority fellowships were offered but “we
didn’t put the effort into recruiting we
should have,” Royster said.

Since last fall, Middleton has attempted
to contact groups outside the state to
interest them in the IUniversity’s gradu-
ater programs.

“I was trying to do the same thing full
time recruiters were," he said. “The
University of Kentucky was not the only
school beating the bushes" for minority
graduate students.




Leltas and Spectrumanicles should he messed to the Edituial Page Edit:
Room 114 Journalism milding. They should be typed, Mimi aid signed.
Letters should not exceed 250 words and Spectrum articls 7!) want

Editorials do not represent the opinions of the University.

Bruce Winges

Ginny Edwards
Managing Editor

Susan Jones
Editorial Page Editor

Jack Koeneman
Associate Editor




Moshe Dayan is scheduled to
speak here tonight-at least he’s
scheduled to try.

Because three weeks of flying
accusations printed in the Kernel
seem to have inadvertently turned
UK into a bluegrass-covered Golan
Heights, it seems reasonable to
assume that Dayan’s speech might
not be peaceful-or even audible.

The comments received by the
Kernel, offering readers several
versions of ”historical facts”



dating back to pre~World War II,

To the point
Dayan has a right
to speak freely


have undoubtedly done more to
cloud the issue than to clarify it.

But whether one is pro-Jew or
pro‘Ara b, one point remains clear-—
Dayan has a right to speak and
students have a right to hear him.

So, to all of those who feel
strongly about Dayan’s visit,
peacefully protest outside, or
clamor for an alternate speaker at
the Student Center Board meeting
or ask pointed questions-but
remember Dayan has a right to
speak and to be heard.



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44‘s, -’ /


Future Palestine to
inclue equal rights


By M. Irani

The exodus of 1948 was stunning to the
Palestinians. A whole nation, more than
1.5 million inhabitants of a country, were
deliberately terrorized and uprooted from
their home. They were thrown out of their
country into a sea of sand surrounding it.
The fact that many, many Palestinians
knew the Zionist intention and suspected
the British of preparing for the eventual
exile of the Arabs of Palestine. One can
hardly believe that the forced exile of a
whole nation in the 20th Century. For 30
years under the British Mandate,
Palestinians knew who the real enemy
was. British imperialism and Zionist
imperialism were quite lined in the mind
of the people. Six bloody revolutions took
place between 1919 and 1939. They were
basically directed against the British
occupiers. What ever complicity the
British had in Palestinian fate-and it was
greatthe Palestinians were driven out by
”Zionist Jew” terrorists.

A few sophisticated leaders and most
people took pains to differentiate between
Jews and Zionists. It was repeated: ”We
are Semites and Jews are our Cousins.”

For a long time Palestinians were


fighting for the r ight of self determination-
-the ability to control their own resources,
their own economy and their own land.
Israel, in the interests of western im~
perialism, seized Arab territory in 1917.
Only the total backing of the imperialists
made this occupation possible. Israel
became a military machine and armed
with ultra modern arm equipments. In
fact, in 1917, Israel began its colonizing on
someone else’s land with the backing of big
monoplies and rich Zionists.

Israel governments try to show that all
Israel is are Zionists but as they claim we
know the difference. The Zionists
represent themselves-the rich-and are
letting the United States monopolies use
Jewish people as pawns in the struggle of
control of the Middle East.

After all, today the Palestinians and
their struggle cannot be ignored. Fighting
will continue for the creation of a new
Palestine of tomorrow, a progressive
democratic and nonsectarian Palestine in
which Christians, Moslems and Jews will
worship, work, and live peacefully and
enjoy equal rights.


M. lrani is an Arts and Sciences senior.




The UK Chapter of the National
Lawyer’s Guild (NLG) met in special
session on September 23 to consider a
request from the Iranian Student
Association that the chapter provide
neutralobserversatthe campus visit of
Moshe Dayan. This request was
prompted by concern about possible
hara$ment of foreign students at the
Dayan speech and by concern about
possible unfounded official reprisal
against foreign students subsequent to
the Dayan appearance. The U K chapter
of the NLG has agreed to this request,
both because of these concerns and also
to meet a national guild commitment to
protectthe democratic rights of Iranian

The UK chapter of the NLG does not
oppose the right of Moshe Dayan to
speek at the University. However, the
chapter does object to the irresponsible
manner in which the Student Center
Board invited him. To expend so much
of its budget provided in part from
student fees-that it is unable to invite a
speaker to present opposing views is
not only fiscally irresponsible, but
displays an extreme insensitivity to the
peoples and issues involved, and
smacks of sensationalism as well.
Regardless of what Moshe Dayan says
Monday night, the Student Center
Board, by its actions, manifests a
greater desire to pack the coliseum
than to attempt to provide a forum for
enlightened education on and analysis
of the Middle East issues. These issues
are complex, involving the right of
different peoples to self-determination,
and deserve more appropriate,
balanced treatment than provided by
theactions of the Student Center Board.

In an effort to remedy the chapter’s
present inability to reach a concensus
on the issues involved, it is embarking
upon a program of selfeducation and
discussion on the Middle East, and will
elicit the views ofgroups and in-
dividuals on all sides. The chapter
regrets that the Student Center Board
did not embark similarly, and en-
courages it speedly to make amends.

Michael C Davis
NLG UK chapter

Shifting issues


It was with some disappointment I’ve
seen the recent discussion on Moshe
Dayan shifting from the real issue of
Israeli policy to a discussion of Dayan’s
right to speak. I would not deny he has a
right to speak, although I feel student
fee money could be spent on more
constructive speakers than Moshe

But back to the main issue, the
policies of the state of Israel and the
people of Palestine. As a matter of
principle and concern for humanity I
oppose the genocide committed against
the Jewish people by Nazi Germany. I
oppose the denial of full rights of Jews
by the Soviet Union and support their
right of self~determination. Finally, I
oppose the racism of anti-Semitism



Wherever it is to be found. It is exactly
on these grounds, opposition to
genocide, racism and denial of self-
determination that I support the
Palestinian struggle for a democratic

and secular Palestine.
As you have probably read the

Palestinian residents of the area were
brutally driven out of the homeland
shortly after independence for
Palestine from Britain was declared.
The Palestinian people now want to
return to their home and create a state
with the Jewish people recognizing the
rights of both groups and making
Palestine a state not based on either
Jewish or Moslem religion.

In concluding it should be pointed out
that the present state of Israel and the
Jewish people are not one and the
same. We must not confuse sympathy
for the Jewish people because of the
oppression they have faced and support
for the Israeli government. In fact, if
one is against the oppression of the
Jews I would think that you would have
to be all the more determined to see
that it doesn’t happen again to anyone.

Bronson Rozier
UK alumnus



In reference to the Sept. 9 article
(Kernel, ”It’s time to play U of L”)
concerning the recent controversy over
whether Kentucky should play the
University of Louisville on the optional
27th game, I would like to express my
comments toward the last absurd
statement. It was stated that Ken-
tucky, by refusing to play the Car-
dinals, We’re not gaining in
prominence, but showing a yellow
streak a mile wide.

In my book the words ”yellow
streak“ refer to as being scared,
frightened, a definite coward . And to
have one ”a mile wide” defines us as
having a very serious case of the
”yellow streakies." So how can anyone
who has followed Kentucky basketball
down through the years, or has seen
them play, or for that matter even
heard of the great Kentucky basketball
tradition possible associate the word
”yellow” with them? Does Kentucky’s
four past NCAA championships
represent a position of being scared?
Does beating the eminant Indiana ball
club in the finals of the NCAA Mid-East
last year show a team that is frightened
of their shadows? Can Kentucky,
runner ups in the NCAA finals last year,
be looked upon as cowards to anyone--
including Louisville?

Kentucky has proven their superb-
ness with the ball and the loop in the
past and will continue to in present
times andwill most likely for as long as
basketball exists. To say that Ken-
tucky, which has practically made
basketball what it is today, will be
degraded in the eyes of their fans it they
refuse to play Louisville is the most
ridiculous and ironic statement one can

Terry Abell
Accounting sophomore




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.07..»W-w9M -


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.. . .. fl {
'mv-M- Maw mm- . .






Freedom of speech
Zionists tried to suppress Arafat


By Margaret Rooch


It was enlightening to read the com-
ments in the Kernel by various Zionists
involving the issue of freedom of speech to
defend the Student Center Board’s (SCB)
sponsoring of Moshe Dayan as a SCB
lectu reer. The acid test of whether or not
someone supports freedom of speech is
how they react when the freedom to speak
of someone who represents an unpopular
pointof view or a view which they disagree
with is at stake.

Let’s look, for example, at how the
Zionists, the United States government
and certain labor leaders in the U.S.
reacted to Yassir Arafat exercising his
right to speak as the representative of two
million Palestinians at the United Nations
in November, 1974. Here is a brief sum-
mary of the activities around his speech

Nov. l—An ad appears in the New York
Times protesting the invitation of
Palestinian Liberation Organization
(PLO) representatives to speak at the UN.
The Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai
B’Rith moves in Federal Court, Brooklyn.
to bar PLO delegates from entering the
U.S. or at least restricing their movement
in the U.S. to the UN area.

Nov. 3--New York Gov. Malcolm Wilson
proclaims Nov. 4 a day of protest in
response to the UN invitation to PLO
representatives to speak at the UN
General Assembly Session on Palestine.

Nov. 4--lO0,000 protestors gather around
UN to protest the appearance of PLO
delegates. Moshe Dayan urges the
assembled crowd to exert pressure on the
U.S. to prevent the seating of the PLO

delegation when it arrives. A court order
restricts the PLO delegation from
traveling outside of a 28-square-mile area
around the UN.

Nov. 7, a U.S. spokesman at the UN says
U.S. is considering housing the PLO
delegation at Governor’s Island or some
other secluded spot instead of in downtown

Nov. ii—A bomb explodes in the Los
Angeles bookstore of the UN association of
the U.S. Later, in phone calls to TV and
radio stations, a man using a Jewish
Defense League Slogan takes credit for the
bombing and relates it to the appearance
of the PLO delegation at the UN. Police
say there have been numerous other in-
cidents in the city relating to Arafat’s visit.
Jewish Defense League aide Russel
Kellner is interviewed on a New York TV
station. Brandishing a gun, he vows that
Arafat will not leave the U.S. alive.
Twenty-eight members of the Zionist
Betar group handcuff themselves to the
UN building and burn an effigy of Arafat.
The hotel where Arafat is to stay reports
two bomb threats.

Nov. i3--Representatives from 'various
Zionist organizations stage a sit—in at the
UN urging the U.S. to walk out if the PLO
delegation is seated.

Nov. i3--Anti-Defamation League of
B’nai B’rith calls on U.S. officials to
restrict activities of PLO delegates.
National Conference of Christians and
Jews President Dr. David Hyatt protests
the decision to allow PLO members to
participate in the UN assembly session. An
editorial in the New York Times opposes
the appearance of the PLO at the UN.

Nov. 14--Theday of Arafat’s speech. The

National Association of Arab-Americans
protests the travel restrictions on the PLO
delegation to Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger. A U.S. court has
restricted the movements of the PLO
delegation to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel
where they are staying and the UN

Freedom of speech does not just mean
the freedom of an individual to go around
presenting a particular point of view to
others. In its larger sense freedom of
speech is thefreedom for all of us to hear a
particular point of view if we desire to.
When Zionists speak of freedom of speech
they only mean their own freedom to
present their own point of view. They are
opposed to allowing us other Americans
the freedom to hear the truth about the
Palestinian people and their struggle.
And they actively and successfully try to
prevent us from doing so. In their efforts
they have the assistance of the U.S.
capitalists who have large financial in-
terests in the Middle East and U.S.

it was not just the extremist Jewish
Defense League (J DL) that tried to stop
Arafat from speaking at the UN. The
respectable Zionist B’Nai B’rith Anti-
Defamation League and the National
Conference of Christians and Jews tried to
do the same thing. They only differed in
their choice of means. The JDL tried to use
violence. The respectable Zionist
organizations used the courts. Thus in the
end the courts prevented Arafat who is the
acknowledged leader of 1.5 million
Palestinans from traveling about the U.S.
and speaking to us on behalf of his people.
The U.S. government and the Zionists

deprived us of our freedom. And
remember that during this coming year
we will be taxed to provide Israel with $2
billion worth of weapons to use against the

Of course the real solicitude which the
Zionists have for freedom of speech is
most evident in Israel. Did the Zionists
worry about the ”freedom of the 1.5
million Palestinians that they drove out of .
Palestine by armed terror? Do they
worry about the “freedom" of the
Palestinians who still live in Israel who
can be arbitrarily persecuted and
deprived of their possessions at any time
according to Israeli law.

Nobody could possibly stop Dayan from
speaking in the United States at this point.
That is not the issue. The real problem is
we are being deprived of our freedom to
hear the other point of view. The Kernel in
its faint-hearted editorial and the SCB both
obscure this completely. It the SCB and the
Kernel are so concerned about people’s
right to speak (including fascists like
Dayan who goes around urging us to deny
the representatives of the people he is
terrorizing of the opportunity to
speak to us), why aren’t they concerned
about the fact that the PLO delegation has
been denied permission to come to the U.S.
and present the case for the Palestinians to
the American people. We can only con-
clude the SCB and the Kernel are for
freedom of speech just for those who
already have the right. But the SCB and
the Kernel refuse to take a stand to support
the people who are now denied that
privilege. How courageous!


Margaret Roach is a UK employee.


Serious discussion deceives people


By Jim Embry


Serious discussion of controversial
issues is a very good thing. However after
reading the comment of Sept. 19 by four
UK professors (Kernel, ” ’Vituperatiions’
deserve response“) I am of the conclusion
that they are not interested in serious
discussion for the purpose of. clarifying
issues but rather they are intentionally
trying to deceive people. Consider some of
the statements they make: "For those who
are not aware of it Arab Palestine does not
exist because it was seized by Jordan and
Egypt.” Arab Palestine consisted of two
parts, according to the United Nations
plan. The largest part of Arab Palestine
was "seized” by Israel. Only after this was
it possible for Jordan and Egypt seize the
remainder. (Which was in turn later
captured by Israel.) Can we believe that
this foursome who flaunt their Phd’s in
trontof us (including an associate political
science professor) are not aware of these

2) They claim Israel has not expelled its
Arabs. If this is so we are certainly at a







loss to explain the more than
l.5 million Palestinians living in
refugee camps on Israel’s borders. Did
they fall from the sky perhaps?

3) In regards to the Arabs they go on to
say that Israel has made them citizens,
protected their holy places, accomodated
their religious practices, promoted their
economic welfare and combated those

socioeconomic forces which place those of
non-European backgrounds...at a com-
petitive disadvantage in the modern in-
dustrial society of Israel. Most Arabs in
Israel live in areas where the ”Defense
Regulations“ (Emergency 1945) are in
effect. Surely Professor Goldman as a
lawyer must know something about
these laws. ' 'When the laws were
enacted by the British to suppress the
Zionists in 1945, two Zionist leaders, who
later became iustice ministers, called
them ”worse than Nazi laws.” In one case
(Appeal No. 122 48),a Zionist iudge
evenrefused to obey them saying, “I
cannot act and give judgement in ac-
cordance with the Defense Regulations
which are still on the statute books."

4) They claim Zionism is not based upon
notions of Arab inferiority. This is very
reassuring, however, in the same article it
is stated earlier: "The Zionists tran-
sformed and impoverished region into a
prospering land capable of supporting a
greatly enlarged population"

Didn’t the Palestinian people, who lived
in the country for thousands of years, have
something to do with making the region
”prospering land.” These four liberal
professors are iust repeating the old racist

myth that Palestine was nothing but a
desert inhabited by ignorant nomads until
the Zionists arrived. As far as ”notions of
Arab inferiority" goes I would also refer to
Goldstein’s letter in the Sept. 17 Kernel
where he refers to the Middle East as
”that miserable part of the world.”
Miserable to whom? To Goldstein perhaps,
but not to the 150 million Arab peoples who
live there. The racist nature of Zionism is
summed up by Golda Meir’s dismissal of 3
million people: "There was no such thing
as Palestinians, they never existed. (June
15, 1969).“

This comment from such distinguished
professors who cannot excuse themselves
as others might on the basis of ignorance
of the facts is an eye-opening exposure of
the intellectual dishonesty of Zionism.
Frankly, I prefer the much more openly
honestapproach inJudy Ehrlich’s letter of
the Sept. 16 which very nicely expresses
the real essence of Zionism--"Only the
Palestinaisns feel that what is theirs is
theirs, and it makes no difference If
someone conquers it through war or any
other means, it still remains Palestinian."


Jim Embry is a 1914 UK alumnus.





news briefs

Louisville busing: orderly
‘ and disorderly protest

LOUISVILLE (AP) — The week end brought a massive but
Monday orderly antibusing march in downtonw Louisville, and a smalller
Night Special but more Violent protenst in southwestern Jefferson County that
. was broken up by police.
5:308:30 p.m. Police fired tear gas to scatter what was termed “an unruly
mob" of about 500 persons Friday night in a shopping center
parking lot near Southern High School. Ten arrests Were made.
Pa ”cakes Meanwhile, truant officers have gegun visiting parents to find out
all you can eat how many are keeping children home from Jefferson County
99 cents schools to portest court-ordered busing. gr

Recent rains should
halt sleeping sickness

t—THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Monday. September 29. 1975 T
Colored slide presentation: . ‘ . fl
“Traditions and ' '
Wildlife in Africa”.

Monday, 3:00 p.m.





September 29, Rm. 206 Student Center




Presented by Ben Averitt.



I gay ¢5v¢.ia.9,mfl . .
w 5. B E- g- g I

Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Club.



1. , ,. W ”mm. '
Q Q 8‘ B" .9




FIRST LECTURE OF SERIES Recent rains in the Lexington area and subsequent colder
weather should stop breeding among mosquitoes and help prevent
WAS H I N G I O N an outbreak of viral encephalitis, a Health Department official
(he Lexington resident has died of the St. Louis strain of the
disease commonly known as “sleeping sickness." No other cases ‘9“
WE E K I N R EVI EW have been reported in Lexington, the official said. 1‘
The very young and the very old are most susceptable to the fu
disease which normally occurs between July and August.
. DRY Encephalitis causes swelling of the brain, spinal cord and
WI‘I’I'I PETER ”SAGOR' CHARLES CORD surrounding tissue. There are no protective measures against the
and PAUL DUKE,moderator disease-
Search for Hoffa s body stopped
WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP)-—Investigators called off
the search for the body of former Teamsters president James R. ’1'
Hoffa Sunday, saying they hoped for more precise information
Admission: All full-time UK students by ID and ACTIVITIES CARDS, All other from an underworld source who said Hoffa was buried in a
by season membership card. swampy field here. .
$5 spouse memberships available through Sept. 30 at Dean of Students Office 0 State policemenxusmg a. mechanical digger, spent over two
Medical Personnel Office hours Sunday morning digging at several locations in the 29~acre
- field and an adjacent wooded area before the operation was
halted. They had been digging for more than 24 hours without
0 0
Flood cleanup begins in East


..AP With the sun shining brilliantly and rivers and steams
receding, clanup began Sunday throughout the Northeast after
hurricane-spawned flooding left at least 10 dead and drove
thousands from their homes from Virginia to New England.

Twenty thousand people started returning to homes in
Pennsylvania, hardest hit of a dozen states inundated by the
torrential rains generated by tropical storm Eloise, the remnant
d a hurricane.

Fabrics classes still at Reynolds

The Art Department fabrics classes, a subject of controversy
last spring, are still meeting in the Reynold‘s Building.

“As far as I know, everyone is happy with the location," Arturo
Sandoval, weaving instructor said. Joe Fitzpatrick, art depart—
ment chairman, said he has heard no complaints about the

‘ EnrOII in the Blue-Cross-Blue Shield Plan for the “r“ lo$I‘ahtciiocnontrovers develo ed lasts rin when students rotested
time. (coverage is from Aug. 26, 1975 to Feb. 26, 1976) ' y p P g P




Tuesday Sept. 30, I975

in: 3.7 ‘5‘ 53'8- Ei 9»?


. . proposed relocation of classes from the Reynolds Building to
Pay the premium to continue coverage for the next 6
months (until Feb. 26). Insurance coverage lapses on
Tues. Aug. 26 it the next semi-annual payment is not

Rinkhouser Building in mid-semester.
“At the time, art classes were meeting in four buildings,"
Fitzpatrick said.


“At the time, art classes were meeting in four buildings."
Fitzpatrick said. “The fire marshal] said any more people in the
Reynold‘s Building would be unsafe. So it was decided to move the
fabrics classes to Funkhouser."

Weaving students protested the move because they said it

, would necessitate disturbing their projects which were in ,,
If there are any questions about the progress,

The matter was settled when a drawing class, instead of the
Insurance Plan call 233-5823 weaving classes, was moved to Funkhouser. The move has

worked out well for the drawing classes, Fitzpatrick said. “In
fact, I’m planning to ask for more space in Funkhouser."

received by Sept. 30.
* Payment is made at the Student insurance
Enrollment Office, Medical Center Annex 1, Rm. l4.



.. ._. «ma-vi“ av Wu”, m a '
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A number of premium-due statements that werel (—

mailed to students who were in the plan during 5
spring semester have been returned to the Health
Serviceasundeliverable. if you have not received a
statement and wish to be covered for the next six l
months, please call the insurance Office, 233-5823.



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Med Center premiums
double since last year

Kernel Staff Writer

..Although the University
Medical Center has not had a
significant increase in malprac-
tice lawsuits. its insurance pre-
miums have nearly doubled in
the past year, said Charles
Emerson. UK insurance mana-

Butthe increase in premium
costs was not the only change in
the Med Center malpractice pol-

Emerson said UK, like many
other university medical schools,
has been forced to resort to
deductible insurance policies in
order to maintain adequate cov-

As of July 1, UK self‘funded the
first $1 million in malpractice
insurance. This self-funded a-
mount. coupled with a $297,000
Indiana Insurance Company pol-
icy, gives the Med Center $6
million in malpractice protec-
tion, Emerson said.

Prior to the current fiscal year,
Emerson said UK had a $4.5
million Hartford Insurance Com-
pany policy with premiums total—
ling $160,000.

“It would not be fair to say
imruance companies have taken
advantage of the current medical
crisis to raise rates," Emerson
said. He said medical lawsuits
are occuring more often through—
out the country. As a result, all
medical facilities and physicians
are forced to bear the costs of
some irresponsible verdicts,
Emerson said.

“Necessary defenses must be
provided to offset the allegations
of a malingering claimant,”
Emerson said. A few catastro-
phic judegement rendered by
juries, makes the professional
think he must increase protection
in order to