xt70k649q757 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt70k649q757/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19780505 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, May 5, 1978, no. 224 text The Green Bean, May 5, 1978, no. 224 1978 2014 true xt70k649q757 section xt70k649q757 , · Q§3yyi%"’ , ‘
5/5/78 V N0. 22Q
12 May — Administrative Council Meeting — Gallery, 8:30 am.
Current Exhibits: Foyer — King Library North — Robert Lowell
exhibit through May. Gallery — Department of Special Collections -
Selections from Mexicana Collection, purchased chiefly through Lou _
Emma Wilson Mexicana Fund given by Dr. Alberta Server (April 26 —
May 20).
Contributors to this number: Pat Boyle, Marie Copeland, David §
Farrell, Linda Newman, Cathy Stevenson, Bob Turner, Vickie Walker, ;
Terry Warth (Editor), Paul Willis. i

From the Director
I want to thank the Library staff members in the King North Building
for working last Friday during the electrical outage. Public
service operations in Periodicals continued both Friday afternoon
and Saturday, and Special Collections remained open on Friday. I am
. not aware of any serious problems that occurred during this period
of time. Thanks again for your cooperation.
_ — Paul Willis
Notes from ACTS
·There will be a general assembly of ACTS on Monday, May 15, at 2 PM
in the Gallery of King North. An agenda will be circulated by Monday,
May 8th.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
University Personnel has asked us to remind employees that new
employees who wish to participate in the University health insurance
program must enroll within 30 days of employment. Employees who
choose not to enroll during this initial period may enroll at the end
of their eleventh month of service. All other enrollments or changes
in benefits must be made during the open enrollments. Copies of this
memo have been posted in both Staff 1¤¤¤Q€¤ and on the bulletin board
on the second floor of King North.
Marie Copeland Reports
Since February 16, I have been indexing the two local ypapers. It is
not a comprehensive index. There are three kinds of limitations to
it: me, my Work—Study students in typing, and some items which were
agreed upon by the Journalism faculty. Nevertheless, a great deal of
information can be gleaned from it.
When possible, I use subject headings from Judy Sackett's sample from
Bell & Howell. When necessary I make up some headings in keeping with
this. I did deviate from Bell & Howell by preferring the use of
personal names, and by putting editorials with their subject matter.
I Call me if you wish. I'll be glad to answer if possible. (No society
and few obituaries.)

 . _ 3 W -
The Education Committee of ACTS is sponsoring two tours and two
workshops of the Government Publications Department in King Library
during the 4th week of May. The tours will last one hour and are
scheduled for Wednesday morning, May 24, at 10:00 and Thursday
afternoon, May 25, at 2:00. Workshops are scheduled for Friday,
May 26, at l0:00 am and 2:00 pm. The workshops will begin with an
hour of instruction after which some printed exercises will be
_ distributed. The exercises are designed to give the participant some
experience of actual use of some GPD materials, and they may be
completed at that time or at some later time when the workshop partic-
ipant can return to GPD. Workshop participants are asked to attend
one of the tours, but others are welcome to attend the tours without
attending the workshops. Each session will be limited to l0 persons;
to sign up call (7-2639) or write Rebekah Harleston or Susan Csaky in
GPD. These are activities designed with the technical and clerical
.staff in mind, but interested professional staff are also invited to
Mexicana at the University of Kentucky Libraries
Thirty—five items from the Mexicana Collection are currently on dis-
play in the Special Collections Gallery. The selection includes
books, maps, facsimiles, and a manuscript book and, taken together,
represent the makings of a very distinguished collection. For
example, two of the rarest items appear to be unique in the world;
three books published in Puebla, Mexico, are among the earliest
books printed in New Spain, and five of the collection were published
before 1700.
Many of the pieces were purchased on the Lou Emma Wilson Mexicana
Fund established by Dr. Alberta Wilson Server, a retired professor
of Spanish at UK. Dr. Server was honored at a reception opening the
exhibit late in April. The exhibit continues through the middle of
May. A catalog is available upon request in Special Collections.
Appalachian Program
The Appalachian Education Satellite Program (U.K.) will present a
television workshop on "The New Copyright Law — Issues and Answers"
on Monday, May 8, 1978, 7-9pm, in Room 57 of Dickey Hall. The
Lexington panel will be: Dr. Timothy Sineath, College of Library
Science; Cathy O‘Hara, Librarian at Henry Clay; and Susan Bistline,
Special Consultant at the Copyright Office. The program will also
` include excerpts from the ALA teleconference with Barbara Ringer.
Participants will have the opportunity to call in questions to the
panelists to answer. The cost of the workshop is $4.00 (pre—registra—
tion is not necessary) and participants may obtain an ALA packet of
informative materials at the workshop.

 .. Ll .... ····»·*‘·=",
Super Gnomes Win--Everybody Eats!
The Special Collections Super Gnomes defeated representatives from
the Rest of the Library in a softball match Sunday evening. The
umpires, Mark Willis, Greg Cooper, and Paul Willis did a commendable
job. The two coaches, Bill Marshall and Bob Sandrock appeared to
have prepared their teams well. The Super Gnomes’ strength is
attributed to Colonel Cooper, recipient of the MVP award. His pro-
fessional pitching style was augmented by his sparkling fielding at
second base where he committed merely three errors. Honorable mention 4
- for MVP goes to Joyce Turner, third baseman and relief pitcher for the
Rest of the Library.
Putting all hostilities aside, the teams met for a bountiful picnic
after the game where they were more evenly matched. Negotiations are
in progress for a rematch in June. We won't mention the score from
~ the first game because, to paraphrase coaching great, Adolph Rupp,
"If we‘re only playing for fun, why bother to keep score?"
Clerk Typist Grade 16 — SOLINET. LT II Inter Library Loan
If interested, please see Faith Harders by Tuesday.
Science and Technology Reference Librarian, Auburn University.
Available: August 1, 1978 or later. Salary: $14,000. Deadline:
July l, 1978.
Assistant Curator of Manuscripts, Duke University. Available:
Summer 1978. Salary: $10,500 + or $12,000 +. Deadline: June 15.
Serials Cataloger, Notre Dame University. Available: immediately.
Salary: $12,500—$l3,500.
Cataloger, Social Sciences Team, Princeton University. Available:
immediately. Salary: $11,500 without ceiling. Deadline: June 1.
Cubberley Reference Librarian, Stanford University, California.
Available: After June 9, 1978. Salary; $l3,000—$15,000. Deadline:
June 9, 1978.