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SEPTEMBER 1983‘.__.__.__..__________________________________
, . . _

? tISI den t Ifil m efigagg Keith Elston, President
For the past several months, I have been pushing toward more media attention for the gay
community. I have received many congratulations but I have also received many complaints.
Many feel that by pushing G80 and the gay community as a whole out into the open, I am at
the very least making them feel uncomfortable attending GSO gatherings and, at the most,
endangering their reputations, their jobs, and even their lives. Though I respect their
right to have these feelings, I have to respond by saying that they are largely unfounded

During the recent Gay Pride observance I was told that a number of people refused to at—
tend because they were afraid of being seen and/or harrassed. Gay Pride Week was, de—
spite these people, a major success. There was only one incident(of a person driving by
with his girlfriend waving a rather limp wrist at us that could even vaguely be considered
harrassment. That was the first incident which has ever eccured in the more than nine
years that GSO has been in existance.

To be quite honest, I am beginning to feel that many of the people who stay away from these
things are just looking for some excuse to pin their own problems on, whether it be an un—
easiness with their sexuality, a personal grudge against someone in the organization or
simply the need to find fault with everything.

V I am sick to death of hearing people bitch about GSO doing this or not doing that. The
people who gripe the loudest and the longest are also the ones you never see doing anye
thing productive for the organization or the community. They have what they consider to
be'the answer"to all of what they perceive to be wrong with the gay community but they
want to see someone else implement it. They don't want to get involved. They don't want
to be seen or heard. They don't want to take a stand for anything they believe in——even
their own civil and human rights. It reminds me of Mayor Teddy Burnside in the old tele—
vision series "Carter Country”. Whenever a crisis arose, Teddy was good at figuring out
what should be done and then ordering everyone else to "handle it, handle it!" then hid-
ing in his office while everyone tried to figure out how his plans could work.

We all have that office, or in our case, our closet to hide in from time to time and we
all hope someone else will ”handle it", but as long as we continue to hide from others,
we hide from ourselves as wello We deprive the nongay community a chance to get to know
us as human beings, to value our accomplishments, to respect our right to exist. Worse
yet, we deny ourselves the right to pride, self—esteem and dignity.
We will continue to work for more media exposure because we feel that that is one of the
best ways of dispelling myths, misconceptions and stereotypes about gays and lesbians.
We will begin to implement community service programs (i.e. the Community Kitchen, etc.)
to show people we are interested enough in this city to help it thrive. And soon we will
start educating community leaders on the importance of establishing an ordinance that truly

 THERE SHE IS. . . g
The 1983 Miss Gay Lexington Pageant will be held on Sunday. September 4th at
the Seraton Inn Lexington South.
The theme for this year's pageant is The Black and the White. All persons in I’
attendance are asked to wear black and white outfits. (No jeans or tennis shoes
allowed) Prizes will be awarded to members of the audience deemed to be wear-
ing the best black/white outfits.
This year the pageant includes a dinner with the admission price of $10.
Dinner will be served at 6:00 P.M. and the show will begin at 7:00 (Cost for
the show only be $8) a Contestants will be judged in casual and evening attire;
black/white attire ,'4 female interview and talent. Tickets are available at
the Bar.
protect the rights of all the ' the COlCl............
citizens of Lexington and Fayette - - AS Of the beginning Of SEP-
County. 33%“ ' 9%“ tember; the Gayline; a re-
*' ferral service of G80; will
Finally to those people who will - - ' no longer Operate on Friday
continue to bemoan the publicity. ' evenings. Instead; we will
all I can say is to participate ADVERTISE! begin operating it on Tues—-
or don‘t let me catch you grip- . day evenings from 7:00 until
ing because I've run out of sym— 11:00pm. We will still oper—
pathy for you. ate the line on Thursdays.
l"""""""_""_."--——"‘.""--""'"""""—-""“"———-"——----~ If ou are interested in vol—
IGay & Lesbian Serv1ces : untZering a couple of hours
I . . . . I each month to help staff this
{Lexmgton Gay Serv10es Organlzatmn | line; please attend the month—
! P0. Box 11471 : 1y meeting on the last Sunday
: Lex1ng‘t0n, KY 45011 I of each month.
I (7:00p.m.-11:00p.m., TH.&F) 2310335 I
I Support group for gay men and lesbian women; information telephone; speakers bu- :
: reau; workshops; community forums; newsletter; recreation; monthly meeting. I
iDignity/Lexington : KISS—OFF SUMMER
I 11:0: BOX1£1§§40593 : The annual Kiss-Off Summer
: ex1ngton, . . | party will ‘be held at Jac—
| lGay/1min anal lesbian W0?en1;CI110n-Igay men adnd women; Catholics and non-Catho- : obson Park, Shelter #5 on
I 151.02%]: y an 0 ergy, spin ua eve opment, e ucat1on, soc1a invo vement, 5001a] ac— I Friday, September 23 from
: ' I 6:00pm until dark.
lGay Alcoholics Anonymous & Parents of Gays : . .
| . l Bring a friend and say a
|CalltheGayhne1.....................................................231-0335| final goodbye to theSum—
: between 7:00 p.m.-11 p.m., TH. & F. : mer of 183.
I .
|AIDS Hothne : Hot dogs will be provided;
: Current information .....................................1-800-342-AIDS (2437) I The rest is potluck, V01-
| Up-to-date information on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome l leyball‘,” jarts and any other
: l activities (legal) will be
IGay & Lesbian Union of Students I provided. ‘
: 0/0 123 Warren Court, #1 l .
I Iéexilngton, KY 40508 :
aylne: 2310335
l (7:00 p.m.-11 p.m., TH. & F). : Thank You
: Dues: $2/semester for voting privilege. I F o '
I ’ U.K. student organization; information for and education of university community; I "ends 0
| creation of legislative library; members are primarily university students; watch for I
L_12IL“EII_CEL&1£IL”_T}3§§£TGKL_ l

 X} 2+\ 4 31?
* /*\ *
3‘} ¥¥¥4‘ ‘ ‘ a». *2?” 2%
k11.1|,-————— .
2; 1 fizz/[actioni 4, X}
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flab 9352(9)"; ‘53!
- gDzaianfi -
7/25 Digii CSL'JE 0/ (you
flt’: @4 Magicafgouzngy
gaéa d4 Uzi/1 (:[é’zougé fla/[aafioni
£00££n9 gfaii
c355 (W662i (you Can agaaffy 35/
835 Winchester foaa
Pat WOO“ 255-3325 Corky Corliett

By Donny Royse
As the time for the next Miss Gay Lexington pagaent draws near it seems appropriate
to devote space to a topic that is controversial in general and in particular within
the gay community in Lexington. That topic is female impersonation.
As one who performs in female impersonation I have had the experiences of being on
both sides of this issue. Since I began performing it has become increasingly tiring
to hear people who are supposedly honest and open about their.gaiety downgrade im—
personators. There is an almost alarming aversion to impersonation on the part of
certain members of Lexington's gay community.
Rather than elaborate on this point I have asked the editors of THE GSO NEWSLETTER
to make available the substance of an editorial that appeared in THE ADVOCATE last
month. It was written by the publisher, David Goodstein, and concerosfémale imper-
sonation and why gay communities should learn acceptance, What is stated contains
much of merit - for if one cannot accept a different facet of the gay community, then
one cannot complain about non—acceptance from the straight community.
A few weeks ago, I saw a wonderful As I sat watching the show in Las Vegas,
drag show in Las Vegas, "The Laven- what struck me was the courage of the
der Follies" at the Fremont Hotel. performers. In the face of massive so;
I realized how much agreement I cietal disagreement, these men were car-
had given to the consideration a~ rying on a theatrical tradition of great
bout drag that makesit embarras- age and power. Then I remember it was
sing to many gay men. I was drag queens who had led the fight at
ashamed of my own embarrassment. Stonewall and many other places. Drag
queens have courage. Many closeted clones
Nongay people are much less em- who wear their 501s a few nights a week,
barrassed and have fewer "neg— and hide their gayness the rest of the
ative" emotional charges on time lack courage. They often hide out
drag as we do. Nongay members of in gay ghettos rather than tell their
the audience in Las Vegas thor— families about their lifestyles.
oughly enjoyed the comedy of the
men in "Lavender Follies"; they What is masculinity? And why is it bad
also appreciated the artistry, for a man to look effeminate? Certainly
the costumes and the skill of the courage is a Large part of the answer to
more serious performers. Nongay the first question, and the only answer
audiences have thoroughly en— to the second is a belief that women are
joyed recent motion pictures in— inferior. We have internalized a very
volving drag, including Tootsie, stupid set of consideraticms about gender,
Victor/Victoria and La Cage aux or we wouldn't be so embarrassed by drag.
folles, I and II. The belief that masculinity is the same
as violence pervades our culture, gay as
Conventional gay political wisdom well as nongay. Men are the ones most
avers that drag demeans gay males victimized by this belief. The belief
because it supports the stereotype that women are inferior and/or weak is
of gay men being effeminate. Of even more destructive. It permeates most
course gay men are not effeminate, cultures on the planet. Neither belief
at least not most of the time. is even vaguely truthful. .
(525 GSO Ne edsYou! Q

One truth.about many of us is that The estimated 500 gay teachers in the
at one time in our lives we were Broward Co., Florida school system are

' Sissies. We were Often ridiculed credited with changing the collective
for it. When we grew up, we chose bargaining representative for teachers .
compensate for our sissyhood, may— and other employees. Two teachers' unions
be overcompensate is more accurate. were competing for support and certifia
That is human of us. Nevertheless, cation as bargaining representatives.
I wonder about the terrible cost to The then certified union did not advocate
our our community that results from m a gay rights position as part of its'
our hiding our sissyhood. Certainly, contract terms. In the election the chal-
a substantial part of our humor is enging union took a pro—gay position and
repressed at great loss to our self- ousted the old group.
expression. I have seen grown gay
men so uptight about appearing the This political clout of gay teachers may
least bit effeminate that their come as a surprize to those who get so
whole being is dampened down. They paranoid about the presence of gays in
have trouble walking freely. Most schools and like to tell themselves that
. of you have seen such men. As a we don’t exist. And we have heard of no
facilitator, I have seen some Of those particularly disastrous results to the
men freed of incredible trauma by the social institutions at Ft. Lauderdale
simple act 0f swishing in front Of because of what our moral majority enemies
a group Of People and discovering would surely consider a "plague".
that the earth didn't open up and
swallow them. While mentioning Ft. Lauderdale, it is .
of interest that in his first official
Drag is a valid and important aspect act as the city's new police chief, Ron
of human diversity. Effeminacy is Cochran spoke before a group of 100 gays
a.part 0f every man. Drag is a her— at the MCC on May lst and assured them
OiC and distinguished aspect Of our that he was willing to work with the com-
heritage.‘ Whether some of us like munity for improved relations between gays
it or not, it too is a valid and dis— and police. ochran told the group that
tinguished part of our present. while he c\nnot change the prejudices of
individuals on the police force, "we can
4§$1 -W monitor their behaviour to make sure pre—
:§g§;;fa judice doesn't interfere with the fair
Q?;/,-;; performance of their duties."
H9118 @8815” KEUFW
508 East Main Street I@ @D‘U AN AN
Lexington. Kentucky 40508 y
Tuesdcy- Saturday
By Appointment Only . '
252— 4595 \ I

Throughout the summer, the UK Police Department has been conducting an undercover
operation aimed at males who seek anonymous sex in the restrooms of the old Fine
Arts building and the Classroom Building.
Two UK officers, working as a team, make themselves available for cruising. Eventually,
the person seeking the sexual contact and an officer, in civilian dress of course, meet
in a restroom. The person. commits himself by words or actions and is promptly
arrested. They are joined by the officer's partner who assists in the arrest. The
charge is usually Criminal Solicitation.
At least six arrests and probably many more have been made.
One person was fined $50 and released. Another, for whom this was a second offense(he
was among those rounded—up in last year's Turfland Mall bust), was fined $250, given a
6 month sentence which was reduced to 6 days in the Fayette County Detention Center, plus
a 1 year probation. -
In a related incident, two UK officers detained a young man who left the classroom
building. They asked him his purpose on campus& for identification, then took his
name and address with the warning that if they caught him on campus again, they would
check their list and charge him with Criminal Trespass, which carries an automatic jail
The September Potluck will again be hosted by DISCUSSION GROUP IS BACK!!
Charles Hadden at LaBelle Farm; at the Lake . . U. _
House. LaBelle Farm is also the site of the Beginning September 18th, Ggo ls,r?-
Whitney—Headley Museum and is located at 4435 sumung its dngUSSl n group, facili-
Old Frankfort Pike. Park in the museum parking tated by Charlie Kast, and running
lot and walk past the Headley house and out— every third Sunday evening for the
buildings to the Lake House . Time: 1:30 - 3:00. rest Of the year (§ to 7:3O.P'M'?'
The topic of the first meeting Will
THANKS TO MONTE be: What binds gay men and Lesbians
A word of thanks to Montie for hosting the August
Potluck at his home. His gracious hospitality Everyone is invited to attend these
is much appreciated and an especially good time informal meetings which focus on the
was had by all present. concerns of gay men and lesbians.
ngr This year we will meet at "The
- Annex" at 105 W. High St. and light
+ DIGNIT'Y}: XlflgtOfl + refreshments will be available at
fig? each gathering.

- - For further information; you can
Dignity — a community of gay and lesbian contact Charlie at 223—1448 or 252-
catholics and their friends who believe that 8143(home)

God made and loves us all and that we have .
iniighfngiuggié Efigb::52:pt:nsfigi filtihcomm- Charlie is an ordained minister who
spiritual and sacramenzal life ofethn he h has worked in the gay community for
became active in Lexin ton in Ma h :9g3urc several years. We would llke to. '
need not be gay“ lesbian“ 0 re , '. one have a woman volunteer to co—faCili-
’ ’ r catholic to joln' tate the group With him.
$232233thi1:330:51?ndFZEdfiiiiainifii 0"" “3*" “W7 T‘“ 3““ "“‘ 5“"
. JIM (A .' k‘n ‘ fb San Far
mation call 269-8500 0 ' - ° - - 35 “ C ‘5 ““4 “mm“
' ?. I write. Dlgnlty/Lex ' Cisw {tor-hue weeks .99 (5mg 292
‘ ington, Box 1984, Lexington, Ky. 40593. FHW410han_ . P "__
_ ‘ 34‘“ 0 Law very mud. [I‘M
”chfinCS fior v‘L ____ (by

 p r;
; Gay Home Ownership & Finance
By Mike McCormick
Many couples aske me, how they can finance a property. There are four ways to answer
this question. It depends on each couple's abilities. Most real estate purchases
are made with FHA loans. These loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration
and are available to everyone. They for a 30 year term and at a good interest rate,
currently at 12%. The maximum loan the FHA will make is $67,500.00. Another form
of FHA financing is the FHATKentucky Housing. This loan is restricted to persons
' with incomes lower than $25,000.00 annually. The interest rate is 10% and for a
. maximum term of 25 years.
A third way to finance real property is a VA loan. This is a mortgage that is guarr;
anteed by the Veterans' Administration. If a person has been in the military and has
the proper discharge documents, mainly his or her dd214, he or she is entitled to a
VA loan. This is a great loan if you qualify because the interest is 12% and the
loan period is up to 30 years. Also there is no down payment, only closing cost.

I The next question is; can a gay couple buy a home where one of the partners has the
entitlement? The answer is yes. The only thing required is a 10% down payment. Both
the lower interest and the 30 year term can be taken advantage of.

The fourth method of financing is the conventional loan. This is a loan that has no
government involvement and is made through a bank or savings & loan. Usually the
interest rates are higher and the loan term in years is shorter. Also a higher down-
payment is required. Conventional loans are used to purchase older homes and farms.
In closing, let me add that acquiring property is a factor that is not financially
rewarding but emotionally binding to a couple. It makes a committment much stronger
and more rewarding for a couple. A couple has a home, not just a house, the couple
pay a monthly payment on something that is theirs and not rent to a landlord. it is
better to be a happy home owner than a happy tennant. Where you sell the house, you
get much of your money back - when you leave a rental property, you get your rental
deposit back but that will be all — you have nothing but memories and you can't invest
If anyone has any questions about investing in a home, please call me for a confi-
dential interview at my Real Estate office or see me at The Bar for an appointment.
Mike McCormack Real Estate & Auction Co., Inc. 25244409 — or at The Bar 255-1551.
Many_white People do not like and feel " i ' 7
hostile toward Black people. Should - MOVING .
BlaCk people try to reassure whites by 23-3’ . , \ / -
behaVlng fits-if they are the same as whites . . .
and by denying their own culture and identity?
Should a s " 55" as strai ht? should a
OPle den their culture and contributions Please send US your

‘ to some ? Should the "live a lie" and supp- Change Of address

before you move.

Due to the Labor Day Holiday, the September General Business Meeting will be
held on Monday, September 12th at 170 American Avenue. Everyone Welcome.

mm “A‘s.m77.é.’3.73
._ I I 2 8-7484
I 278 7481 I 7 I
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 HAVE YOU new we vucnu or;
AIDS symptoms ‘Pctéiiif‘héil’iff - «15;; ~ - * .
! :VFQBXLABUSFL. ’ ’ 3 t, l J , <29
l - 901 '05 HADASSMEN' on
:4 _ I BwurAuTv \J' ‘0 If
The symptoms listed here can be those of BECAUSE you A" GAY?
common, everyday illnesses; therefore, you ' “7"””ASV}~"’%V,VS£§§1ED“NV ,9
should be alerted but notalarmed ifyou have one l WE WANITJTHOI’LEAR ":01,“ YOU lB‘DIhD‘BNA‘ §
or more of the following: I *—.“—‘———
Your coll Will helo NGTF to dOCU- u , N ‘ ——r—
. Dramatic weight loss (10—20 lbs. within 2 i mg’nggg'gggggggnmggd gov W
months) 1 moles nationwide I
- Persistent or recurring low-grade fevers or " ‘ ' '
night sweats 1‘ cm L k - p]
t r H. i r .& Ulf rm
- Dry coughs or shortness of breath I giggfigfmég‘ggfigwfi zgogaRIVfiew daza 1
I . Extreme fatigue I immuhre svstem rirwcjiogrowmg 1C mon Road
_ - Blurredvision,persistentandsevere headaches gggcggguméotmm gay 269-6332 .
- Swollenglands(lymphnodesintheneck,arm '
pits or groin) which do not go away ‘ . - __ 365 Southland Drive
- Cream whit) at ‘hes on the ton ue orinthe =
mouthy L p L g NGTFCRISISLINE 277"6155
. Persistent diarrhea or bloody stools ié'J'JNQISZ'(Zigiztfééfggis I
- Cuts and infections that do not heal as quickly 103 W- Maxwell
as usual :70 moon 9319* cm Violence 252_4933
- Purple, blue or pink spots on or beneath the ; To ”'3'" ""D‘s"e'e"a's
skin that do not resemble bruises, blood . ~ _ .. ‘
blisters, insect bites or pimples. Famous Garlic Sticks
If one or more of these symptoms persist, you support our
should see a health professional knowledgeable . . . . .
about AIDS. , Orlginal Sic111an
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IT IN A .-. . . '3 [him
CLOSET -;.4 I t v ' l___B
I l ' ' .3 '. 3 l
WON'T ] . snow YOUR , fl“
' I " A'flffljfir‘V- P‘I‘\‘\’-lt‘.f I:
HELP. ' f ._ “if. SUPPORT 1/; A IE.,\"7)I1»"M X.
' 31".}: HI ‘ . . ., ,-‘ ‘~ 3.x“ ..
. .i - i $312.: 'H ‘83 ,.".i1 mm:&_ a:
. ' " ._..= 3.1.... . _————— 3'! M—
. “ x ;=' ' ”see: . 4—2. \‘i. Ag
. 7/ — ‘—'—- , a; '\'= isligmwts ‘
... - ~ -~ . , , . . . . —m_'.$inin“" i “53%
To start off their fall season Amber Moon welcomes a long time force in woman's
culture—— that banjo pickin, guitar playin urban blues singin Ginni Clemmens.
Her audience can expect to feel good, fell excited and to sing along. After all
ouoWild Women Don't Get The Blues.
Tickets can be purchased until September 10th and are available at Sqecial Media
and the Good Foods Co—Op in Lexington; Carmicheal's Bookstore in Louisville;
The Appalachian Book and Record Shop in Berea; and Crazy Ladies Bookstore in
Cincinnati or mail a sase to Amber Moon, P.O. Box 22096; Lexington; Ky. 40522.
Ginni Clemmens will perform on Saturday; Septerrfloer 17th in the Recital Hall of
the UK Center for the Arts, 8:00 P.M.

 . 4,,
~ a7 Lfla mm to share beautiful 3 bed-
: room house in Century Hills.
$225 plus half utilities.
‘ 5 272—3383 — leave message.
.. ( / / f C i.
52] M. 5 O’Zt j ’ZC‘E HELP” - Part time dining-
. room personel and banquet
' / x . servers needed immediately.
. £6201! ton Kentuck % RED CARDINAL INN. Call Pat
Ck) . g ’ 1‘1 at 252-2902.
y 5 FOR RENT -
-3 BR House - 1 bath
1' , RELAXED ATMOSPHERE _ $375. plus $200. deposit.
. Will be ready Sept. 1.
. W— . -4 BR House - 1 bath
_; , $450. plus $200. deposit.
Featuring will be ready Sept. 15.
‘» 7nel/Olfl guild/l (1731! ”0671/ For either house. see
. . Mike McCormick or call
. J - 252-4409.
mew mam '_
. W M
Sunday 10:30 — 200 WWW , ,
I : I I Ankh-affix .,
.sw (~17-A
-_ Tues.- Sat. 11:00 — 2:00 A —' ’ .1/ % DON’T
Us}. .. -
W s .7.
. Fri. 8. Sat. 5130 ‘9‘00 y \ ;
1 Reservations Accepted )\ .. SINGLE
. 252.2002
Mythology in 1983 ~
. . , - 1erant of gay people than
T dltlonall some occupations have been more to
oligers and 9:}; people have tended to cluster in them, or, perhaps to be more
visible there. However," there are gay People in all walkSPf llfe’ from
architects to zoologists; from Congress to garbage COlleCtlon' There 15 no-
thing about homosexuality that makes a person unsuited for a particular occu-

 1) 1
, I ‘
1 1 v I s
1 ‘ \: AN
| l 3 AT
54' i f ‘N Q’H‘ Lexingtol,l(y.% "Touch!—
3 l l /'\ 61‘ 5 Gay and Proud"
\ 1 1- / .\ X n ‘3
[wk ‘ 4 J a z of cafzmb‘n
. l/ _ ' "a _% D Frierfi 0 Voting" Expires: ________
(’ (”v
K’ '2 _, V d I) “I ‘szdmt ages-Mary
J 7 . .
Ir/ :5   ”7 L . ‘ Rue—w 77‘ *$2 annual membership fee and attendance requirement
1, . > i I WOUld like to be:
r :1 1 e 1 1:1
"fi’IZ. M,- “gy- ._ Q T 1 A member of GSO ($2 fee included)
‘0 . 7 1 '“~‘:;~—~ ~_ ' v A frlend of GSO
.\‘ _ . x .
a “HQ-«3 Ema/£120 [. l Recelve the Newsletter
Yeah . . . but an he 2 V E] - .
c type Receive a Membershlp Card
RETURN 10. 110.601: ”414’ LEX. KY. 110511
(From The Advocate) Name M
Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
AUGUSY ocroaan GAYLINE 7—11- Cards & Games
5 “ ' W ’ ‘ S S “ T W T F S ,. T 231—0335 266—8859
1 2' 3 4 5 6 1 "
73910111213 2345678 (*9 ‘
1.1 15 1617 1a 1920 9101112131415 6 ‘ z
2122 23 24 25 26 27 16171819 20 2122
28 29 30 31 ’7; "/1. 25 26 27 2a 29
4 Miss Gay 5 NO MEETING” 6 GAYLINE 7 GAY A.A. 8GAYLINE 7—11- 9 10
Lexington 7—llpm 8:00 pm 231-0335
6:00 pm 231—0335 the office
Sheraton 1““ . Volleyball/Picnic GINNI CLEMMON.‘
POTLUCK Jacobson #5 61300 Recital Hall
1-30—3-00pm Law” Day Rosh Hashanah 13,0013,n
1 1 1 2 G80 Genera 1 3 GAYLINE 1 4GAY A.A. 1 5 GAYLINE 1 6 1 7
Meeting 7—llpm 8:60pm 7—11pm
St. Stephen Church 231—0335 the office. 231—0335
American Ave. 8pm ds d G
C ames
Everyone Welcome! DIGNITY 269—8500 222—8833
Yom K1ppur
GROUP 7—llpm 8:00pm 7—11pm SUMMER! ! ! 269—850t
' 252-8143 231—0335 the Offlce 231-0335 Volleyball/picnic
Jacobson #5 6:00
2 5GAYLINE 2 6 2 7GAYLINE 2 86711! A.A. 2 9 GAYLINE 3 OCards &
MEETING 7—llpm 8:00pm 7~1lpm Games
4:00pm 231—0335 the office 231—0335 266-8859