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Rev. Dr. Sprecher, of the Euclid Avenue
Presbyterian Church, (,Ileveland, Ohio, says:
that a miracle need not necessarily be a viola-
tion of the laws of nature. He asked if it
was not entirely reasonable to suppose that
an omnipotent, omnipresent being who cre-
ated all such laws might know methods of
manipulating without violating them in the
performance of a miracle, methods that could
not be comprehended by finite minds that
had been groping towards only a partial un—
derstanding of those laws for thousands of

The questions asked after the delivery of
the sermon did not approach in grasp on the
subject the address itself. One. man asked:

“Could not God perform a miracle by de-
stroying the sun and what would be its effect?”

Unquestionably God could destroy the sun
if he chose to do so,” replied Rev. Dr.
Sprecher, "and its effect would be our de-
struction. The natural laws of the. universe
might, however, go on after the sun’s destruc-
tion through some manipulation of them by
OllllllPOfitUlCt‘ of which we know nothing. It
do not believe (lod could do that, or anything
like that, because (lod knew what He wasl
about when he created the sun and the earth l
and the people on it, and such a miraclci
would be a miracle without a motive as far as I.



I am able to see."


Such a beautiful ease eame to us a few
months ago. A young, cultured lady of
beautiful life, but not a (‘hristian, had
gone to a (‘levelantl hospital for an eX—i
“ll'illtlti"):, and was told that thire was"
no hope for her. She went home ei‘itirelyl
prostrated. \\'hen we took her ease we
only wrote her one letter and sent her
some reading matter. We kept contin—
ually asking (iod to show her by His spirit '
that she had a right to live because God
never intended anyone to die in youth
and go into His presence unelothed, and


with only partial spiritual develol’mientd

We kept sending her the thoughts that
she was a ehild of (lod, and that He lov—

ed her just as much as He did any of His

dist-ipli-s, and the correct thought to annul

her wrong thought. After some weeks,

- 'I‘ELEPATHYz—We have 50 carbon copies
of our lesson on this wonderful subjectwhich
we will sell for the :1ext3 months for 50 cts.
each. They are neatly and substantially put
up in manuscript covers and will last for
years. This wonderful power of conveying
thought without the use of physical senses,
should be learned by every awakening soul.
How are you going to talk with your friends
when you pass on. if you do not learn to con-
vey thought without the vocal organs? And
how are you going to [war what they 'antto
say to you, if you cannot know thought?
Better learn how on this side, or you may be
at a disadvantage on the other. And even
while here, how are you going to get the
messages hisaninistering angels are wanting
to give us now if we do not know by telepathy
what they are saying? Awake ye that sleep!
()ur lesson gives you full directions for learn-
ing the soul power.

FREE! “The Philosophy of Success, or
Wealth—Justice," a perfect system of Laws
governing the acquisition of wealth, andx -
planations for self treatment to make of
yourself a perft ct magnet of success.

Positively FREE to all interested in mastery.

Also FREE —a full Synopsis of my Primary

. and Advanced Philosophy lessons.

Address with postage,
Mas. EXCELL—LYNN, Akron, 0.


Will evervone interested in helping
people, make out a list of ten, fifteen
or twenty-five names of parties who
would be helped or awakened by a
sample copy of the paper? Or better
yet will you not sell or distribute a
few papers each month?

Separate Lessons From The Philosophy

Telepathv—or how to acquire the
pcwer of conveying thought without
the use of the physical senses

Price—50 cts

Silence—Rest - “ —10 cts.

T'IOW to Raise the body Christw25 cts.

Philosophy of Success - lO cts.


Free Literature.

| Your name will be sent to a. great number
of the finest papers published for sample
copies, if you send 10 cts. to INTERMHUNTAIN
Ina no.

we reeeived a letter from her, and the first l Free.

thing she said was: “(iod is my Father,
and i am llis.t-hild and l have no other
desire than to do Ilis will.”
tingbetter-every day and is rut-aching
"(‘hrist‘s Way" to all who eome in eon‘
tact with her. i supposeyou would have
gotten down on your knees and asked (iod
to forgive her sins, when (iod is always
ready, and you would have told her toget
l‘iutly to die. lint \\'e tllllllf‘l. \Ve just
sent fer uplifting thoughts; lifted her

mind into the sunlight and let the spirit

do its own work. We waste too much
time trying to tell (iod what to do for
people, instead of getting people up on
the plane where (iod's sunlight is, and to
nut-h out and take what Ile has given us
from the foundation of the world.
l’i~:i:so.\’.\i.: Will lau-y (‘oombs pleaes
write me if she got the letter I wrote her
in .lauuary.-—lim'ron.

To those who wish to renew their sub—
scriptions to CHRIST‘S WAY and also show
their faith by their works, we will give 3 sub-

Hlie is get— ‘ scriptions for $1. That is your old one and

two others who have never been subscribers.
l Or we will give you for each renewal, acopy
of our lesson, Silence~—Rest, a neat folder,
printed in plain type and which is the most
valuable instruction ever printed for in-
somnia, nervous prostration, and a great
help in paralysis, sex debility, and in fact
for all diseases caused by nervous strain. It
is worth 500. alone and we give it to you for
a renewal before the coming year, or Clair


For each dollar sent us for treatment we
will give a trial years subscription FREE
to any of your friends who are not already

——//omc l‘rcaimcwl. If you are Sle
even unto death, and Wish to be healed,
write 715. I care not how hopeless your
case. We have helped thousands, we
can help you to fimfect lzca/l/z.







vanced Course. Philosophy of Divine Heal-

These lessons are neatly and substantially
put up in manuscript covers and will last for
years. This wonderful power of conveying
thought without the use of physical senses,
should be learned by every awakening soul.
How are you going to talk with your friends
when you pass on if you do not learn to con-
vey thought without the vocal organs? And
how are you going to lzear what they want
to say to you, if you cannot know thought?
Better learn how on this side, or you may be
at a disadvantage on *the other.

Our Philosophy of Divine Healing.
includes two courses, Primary and Advanc—
ed—ten lessons each. The Primary lessons
give the scientific method of cultivating
your spirtual, mental and physical being

How to appropriate nature’s electric and
ether vibrations, for physical power and the
spiritual attributes for spiritual power; to
focus, radiate and make we cross preparatory
to a natural crown. How you may have the
Christ within and do his works in reality
and not figuratively. Price in cloth and
gold $5 Cheaper edition in paper

The Advanced Course

teaches you how to apply the physical soul
and spiritual power to success, harmony,
healing; how to understand the secrets of
nature and the mysteries (so called) of spirit-
ual powes.~ All the symbolism. Vi
unfolded and shown by the Law to teach
man his divine power and mastery; use of
color, tone, flavor and odor in healing, the
vibration that causes each disease. the God
vibration or word that heals each disease.
A system for cultivating telepathy, use of
the sex forces to cultivate your spiritual
power; a lesson in faith and its relation to
love and how these elements relate to differ—
ent portions of the body, etc.

10 Lessons $5.00. $8.00 when Primary and
Advanced are ordered at once.

Cheaper Edition $6.


A new book by MALINDA E. CRAMER,
Editor of “Harmony.” 300 pages, cloth

bound, bold type, Price $2 00.

Some of its most wonderful chapters are:
“Spiritual Experience in Coming into the
Science.” “Being,” “The Law of Expres-
sion," "Special Instructions to Patients,”
“Marriage,” “OverCOming of Poverty,”
"Immortality.” Send for circular,
3360—17th St. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.


Violet and Gold, only 15c. 4 for 50c.
“The Gift Book.” the one that Harri-
son Brown (the editor of [\70w,) says
has in it some of the deepest occult
truths ever published to the world.
CLAIRVOYANCE, its uses and abuses, or
how to hear God’s messengers. Do you
want to attain the inner voice and feel
special leadings for special work for
humanity? Buy this book not for your-
self alone but for your friends. Begin
right. You only get as you give.

a n4: Mao Diklp,
LALV “ac“.

~00. v-srw‘ If??? : .

130 Health, Happiness and guccess; . ..


.Vol. VIII—No. 5

1V1 AY,‘ 1 9021:.

Monthly—50 Cents a Year



The Rhodora.

Lines on being asked wheHCe is the flower.

in May, when sea-winds pierced our solitudes,
if found the fresh rhodora in the woods.
Spreading its leafless blooms in a damp nook,
To please the desert and the sluggish brook:
The purple petals fallen in the pool

Made the black waters with their beauty gay,
Here might the red-bird come his plumes to cool,

And court the flower that cheapens his array.

lthodoral if the sages ask thee why

This, charm is wastedonthe i‘narsh and sky,
Dear, telLQrem, that if eyes were made for seeing,
Then beauty is its own excuse for being. litilii‘
‘ \Vhy thou wert there, () rivalrofthe I‘liSth.dL
I never thought to ask; I never knew,
But in my simple ignorant-e suppose
-’l‘he self— '-tiiie_ Power that brought me there


lt. \V. Emerson.

I must express to rralize; bottled I
cannot grow.

“What do you charge for healing?”
N. 11—35 per month for our thot helps
and instrtIction. (iod does the healing by
your getting erosic to Him.


it i . . , .
Father has been doing splendidly for
nearly six months. Eyerybody wonders
why, but. we know.”
(Case of drink habit.)


H 1 - - .

'lhe last time I heard from my son,
he was better and in better spirits.”

This son is a man whom we. are help-,
ing out of Asthma, which he has been
suffering from for thirty years. ‘
anything for him, hence the testimony is?
all the more precious. ,
* i
‘C I -

It is marvelous how quickly my hus—
band saw results after you had given him
success thoughts and taught him how to,
apply his own Spirit. to this end. in hsslI
than 48 hours a sum of money he thotr
he never \vould get, came to him in a
most notieiable way, that showed there

‘ L \ -
must have been harmony somewhere.”'

\Ieither (iod come to 11s but We (“ ' ' ' '
i . . an we. mo 2 _. - -
. . . ‘ . l . V. , ’ b t t 11” .and l know will be £11)1_>l't'4‘l:llt‘tl.
father not son know that we are doingml’“) “It‘ll (“Nb and then gUUtllll‘h‘fi‘ andg -


Some people are sick because they haVe
some trouble that causes them to worry
and fret all the time, and they are un—
happy themselves and make everybody
arround them unhappy and inharmon—
ions. This is just as much a sin as lying
or stealing. \Vhy, beloved, ,“The chas—
tisement of our peace was upon Him.”
Do you not believe this? “He, that be-
lieveth hath.” EVen if your ills are im-
aginary, your believing you have them is
just as bad for you as though they ‘were
real/for we can only suffer, in mentality.
A eutfinger could not hurt unless it was
' i :the body, and thus'to mentality,
‘ . . ourigtroubles are real,‘ it is our
.p‘riyjfegefto”have them‘ removed If “urn
lmlmm. “He that believeth hath.” “7 hen

. ~ 1:~ ';

.f-‘l.“—1..,.~+ “as. r--{ -..-.-(.;.1.--L,-- ':r\..'r1.-1_»,J «Tr
. ‘ on] I if I

\ ITA It I. \Tah‘. In . .
any burden? Didn’t he tell his disciples
where to get money for their taxes, and
where they could find the most fish after
they had toiled all night and taken noth—
ing? Didn‘t he feed the five thousand,
believers, seoifers, rabble and tramps, and
didn‘t he furnish too wine at the wed~
ding, just to please Ilis master? Yes.
\\'ell, didn7t he say that HHe that be-
lieveth in Me, the works that I, do, he
shall do, and greater works than these
shall he do?” Then these, pgrople who
always want to talk back, but have gotten
nothing out of their religion all these
years, will say: “That was only for pnople
,in those timesfl7 If that be so, how do I
:know that the verse reading “He that be-
Elieveth and is baptized shall be saved,”
lis only for beople in that time, or how do
I know any of it is for us now"? Ah, no,




tilluil L In? it I \‘x‘l

.‘lf furniture etc.

“.\Kiio.\' lliciturrs,” .\l(lm.\', (l.

“I have taken your paper for 2 years at least
and I lind in it something that 1 do not find in
the many other New ’lfhought publications. All
have distinctive character and each a help to me
tounravel the problem of existence. I havebeen
long on the way, thro all the isms—through
Emerson and other l’hilosophy i‘“ i"

()n reading the April No. I see you say:
‘\Vould you have the power of regeneration etc.’
I desire this and write you for advice and coup-
sel to learn what suggestion you would offer.
Do you take patients and pupils in your home‘r’”

Not one thought, or word of encourage-
ment that counts Ci-iiiis'r \VAY-Wal‘tl but
will reap many fold to the sender. Now
reader, think of it!
are ever under the guidance of HThe
Host that eneainpeth round about. ” Then
hundreds and hundreds of persons are
Sending thoughts of suepgss ,.;,t1‘1,tl;,l>ioptr and ,

The workers here

power to us. lit-sides this we have thou;
sands of friends who have been taught by
us amt who have heard us sing and lecture.
These are sending us beautiful and won—
derful thoughts of love. Do you see that
to get into our theught eirele you are get~
ting into the aura of all this vast host of
helpers? Is it not worth whileto “think
this way“ many times a day"? I say it
will bring you many fold of good. And
when you send a tangible token of your
appreciation and of your love it mak< s it
all the more substantial. Suppose you
send a beautiful rug, or curtains or a pin-e
letry time attention is
called to the article splendid, helpful
thoughts go to you; and this will go on


my friends, if any of it is for us now, it,

is all for us now, and we can have allt
ithese troubles removed if we get onto thel

right spiritual plane. We cannot make!

happiness and sueeess How to us, \Vei
have bet-n taught, for so many years thati
the poorer we were here, and the more:
we suffered here the brighter our eroan
hereafter. There is no virtue in poverty.

Do you think of the tWo that (iod would

ratheroneo'f the devil’s agents should
handle Ilis money or one of His own
children? If (iod’s p-_-ople had the wealth

of this land, how long would it take to,
ehristianize all lands, and hasten the

coming of t‘hrist'.’

for years and years multiplying as it got-s.
.\ beautiful quilt: was given me lately;
Already much good thought has been sent
to the donor that cannot help but. be felt


“lie ye transformed by the renewing
of your minds.” This means that your
spiritual nature should be monarch over
your mortal and (‘hrist showed us the
way to demonstrate that fact, and lie is
teat-hing the “flow” of it all through the
(‘hrist Way. '


(‘inns'r’s War makes its first appear—

ance in the new type with this issue.




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211111111111'111-111'.’ 5111-11 :1 12111111 11'21111s 1111- must 1-21111ly. 1111-

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p111'1211111111111- sig11t 111' (11111 1112111 y1111r 1111- p21r1-nts1-111111'2111- tl11s 1'1-1'y 11-11111-111-y
1'1-1-1-1111111 1111111 s11-k111-ss :1ltl11111gl1 111- 1l111s 111 s1-111sl1n1ss.

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11111111 111211 y1111 1-\'1-n 111-11111- 11111 ask 1111'
1'1-111-1', 11' 111211 11'1-1'1- 1111- natural way. 1111111.;11~1111_<1111_<,< 15111 s111111 s1-1- i1np1'111'1-1n1-nt,
11'1s1l111n 1-111111-s 1111'1111gl1 2111 1-xp1-1-i1-n1-1- 211111 11”,] “11,11- will 11111‘11111-1111 1111.11111-3

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1-11111-g1-11'21111111g, 1"" -““"“1‘1' "1' 1‘111‘1'1 51’1““.111g 111 1111- 1-111111-111s. 17111' inst21n1-1- 11'1-
\\'l|('1'1‘ 1111111113 1111' 1"”111 "1 ."1’111' 1“"’11111"”1 l11‘1-11- 12111gl11 111211 1111111 21 s11-k p1-1-s11n 1111-11
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1'1-1111-1ly111'1-1'1-1'yinl121r1n11ny. 311111'111'1111- 11111ly. 'l‘l1is is 1211s1- t1a1-l1ing.

1‘31’1-1'y g11111l 111111g111'1-r1l11111-111-1-111111s:\\'1-11- p1_-1-s1111s 1:111gl1t 1111- (111/l1 1‘111-y 111111111
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111 1111- l1r121sts, 1111- 1(111111-ys, 111'1111- 1111 211111 11'1111 111111111ly 1'111' 21 l11111s1-1111l11'1-1l in‘.’
lt—g's, 1111- 11-s1111 is 111'11psy 1-112. Supp11s1-E Y11111'11111111/ p1'11g1'1-ss111 :1 1111111 1111/ 111 21
_1111-p1-rs11n 11'1-1'1-11111'11111 :111 2111' sign, 111'111111ly 21s 111-1121s 111 11111-. Y1111 1'2111 111inl<
1111111 st111ly 111' 1-111'11'11111111-111 111-1-211111- 11111~ 211111 11111111 211111 1-11111y 211111 pr11gr1-ss, 11111 1111—
111111 1111- 2111' 1'1111'21111111. 'l‘l1is1-l1211‘211-11-r11,11-ss 11111 112111 1111111111 1111- 111-1g111s 1'1-1'y
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