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Jen.I9th, 19I8.
My dear Mi
Your letter of Jon. W was most welcome. I wish
indeed that you hafl the Citizen and “re.Royer to help at this oriSiS;
not help as they coulo, . J . - :. able to follow your
anfl some ,0 5.: 7.“ . :V, k i u-' 1.v Our legislature is
anfi 3.1 “4 "» ', r J;;L\: ;. i wotk fione there“ I
3 our help a 3 -L .1 : i 1.v ;: ,“‘ Fres.Tilson(s at»
titud e as we thrown our 9. . a“ ‘ :.:i , *' The A1 ortest tvay I
enclose two newspayer clippings
Lou.i eville women have
for that it threatens
convention are carried.
do not belieVe we co 1d
at on, and it is better to have nothing done

through division. Go , it?“ made through the long

ortioleS. _ . . tee act ior of Feather“ Conference eon bring

help. It seems to me that the ouggeetion you make to write to the
Democratic ": , (an L : fiemand ubmis $101; an Niii ti . in the
southern :« , “- , action in oloyalty to » ~ 9 .- oz] convention
pledge might gown. ; 1 5 ue. It would he incom,stible mi 4 my letter
to Mrs.Cett for me to subscribe to F17 attack on the Fefieral amend»

the attituoe o; the ; ,"h n.51tizen always woo that evemn

the sautnern vomen might be ”riven .1ut Amendment if the states did


not act will relieve you of finy neceeéity to antagonize the Federal


Amenflmen£§mb§t will give you the agyur'finity fie point out that g‘ur
prophecy has come true,

I suppose Kentucky is the omly southern state where thera is any
prosgect of the submission of a ataza referendum with hope of Bufi08$$e
lvkansas iv going to have a constitutional convention, en; T believe


the Eutianal 18 going t0 asaiat mr3.0h§num wi$h funaa to carry on thfi
campaign. In K", we fiistinctly said we did not expect asgiatance from
the fimtional, yet it fioefi not want us to fifive a referanflun. You have an
saen that at the ’nshington convention they went strengly for the paling
of aiso:uraping state referenflag X remember what you aaia absut thé
”summum hnnumz“ But I maintsin fitat they have no right “ uposa a pol»
icy contrary to the Eiaerty ulloweé by tha caustizutinn. Rut r“fithar


r cnn keep Qur vy,fi.“.?, in line on that right Seems now her? ficubtffil;


k ougk if tag legislatura aheulfi submit the stnta amanémant without
aaKing our 3330. E neleieVe Ma wwula all wark for it.
?19Hs& $tudy on? sifiuation, anfl give me your opiflian.


i heard of your new busineSS enterprise whilst I ‘v~ i: fifw York in
their csmraign; anfl I heartily congratulate yin and ' aiséers on
your fineness,

”lava? give my regrfls to than, ané Eelieve me

Very oordiEfifiiy yours,


 fivnuthrrn States 115111111111 Smfi‘ragv Glunfrrvttrp

KATE M. GORDON, President,

MRS. 0. F. ELLINGTON, Rec. Sec'y, 1800 Prytania Street, New Orleans, La.

. ., L'ttl R k, A k. . .
721 W Morkham St 1 e 0C r LAURA CLAY, V1ce-Presrdent at Large,
MARIE LOUISE COLLENS, Co. Sec’y, Lexington, Ky.
1309 Berlin St., New Orleans, La. HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS
155 Audubon Boulevard, New Orleans, La_._ _ _ __ - ‘_ New_York City- _ __ _ -- .. 1,, _

419 Camp Street, New Orleans, La. Washington, D. C.

1: ' . ~ - - r 'v .
:1 '- ’ 1" I
11-37 . .~ .1 y:

After going carefully over the cligpings anu readii1
£11 1 OW

A’s. Catt, I am prepared to say that not to


107 Brown Arcade, Baltimore, Md.

MRS. W. M. STONER, 2d Auditor,
1538 Rhode Island Ave., Washington, D. C.


January 31,

your letter to
state to vote


on its own nennnxnnxxgxtn initiative to-enfrencnise its wome is
a form 01 Kaiserism l uOQB you will not we party to. I confess the

fires iuents attituue came es a great sirgrise,

nut not so mucn as nis

Justiiicetion of nis act that he did not regard Ens woman suffrage

as 1 grincigle out as e yt" r Furthermore
tne party platform in ”ii "FSnion also so
may De he has t.oe Jentt ““ u" so tnet it
anion coulu consis tentl; *' accomplisned

to state ection.

is he going to regard
screpo1 paper". It
not us suomitted ,
gerties ere committed

I have given serious thou;nt to the hy situation outlined, out I

think you attach tease eriOus imoortence to the

ei1ec t 01 division.

One su gestion comes to me as getting over the diii'iculty and it is for

the conference to ac . Or&}ruflfig&ntit would

sumotion for a groug of woméz,,to tune action

submit the ouestion to its voters. But when
Amendment is to gut over on a group of states

seem an outrrweous as—
to ask the state to

the purpose of a Federal
the effect of Amendmenm

never ratified except by fraud and oppression and which to—day are

not enforced for the purgose for which they

were written ,then I think

_tne end justifies our nnrnnssxx action as one of se11 de1ense.

Therefore I sungest tnet tLr e Southern Conference is justified in
triting to both the heoublicun and Democratic members of the Ky. Leg—
is leture a ‘ ask them in this nation's crisis to place America's
attitude towa ru her woxnen ,in their rL 3ht to vote.beyond the gale of
criticism. To ask them to do this in I'uifxiimsnzxxnf lOyelty to
their oarties pleug es for women suffrage by state enactment. Some

timely reference that tongs ferwise is to

paper sot ” which the world 0 ‘ mas Germany

We misht taKe the stand that if after uoing
states then tne rest of the union would have

cozmiit the "scrap of
QLMwV . .

tor, would we yollth.

this and the southern

a right to enforce upon

states a standard of Americanism Which would mass it impossible for

women to be kept disfrenchised in any state.

wonderful osportunity to serve our sex and at

I believe we have a
tee same time escape

the perils that a Feueral Amendment will certainly ereciiitate.

I have been asked by the "The Lawyer end Bunker” a very nigh order

0 magazine to write an article on the women
may outline this duty or the nstetes along

‘surfrage situation. I
the lines suggested for
tne Legislzl tures. The attitude oi‘ tie national I reg.¢1ru es


dishonorable. '11th a constitution that distinctly érovides ior both


 31,4 ob £10464

arbitrarilv witn out amending tnc Constitution violated this orovision.
/’ U ‘ "

It is a form of lawlessness which i regret to see in women who are

suoaos ed to be desirous of introducin5 into our political system e
nibner golit ical St’Iidura. I ice 1 teat i am not Loind by any policy
or en Association which proceeds to ignore and defy the engeeks con-
stitution under wnich tne AssociatiOn was organizeu.

g'd tnet~;v_is Lye onlv soutncrn stete~ wnere there
n05¢01,'£uccerzsone reaSOn I never 1o1_nt Ge :euerel Anonument
Oggortunity it neilu give for 3 euji‘rer :Hl nk movement. I
yet we can get every soutnern state in ii if we 50 about it
in tne rignt way. Ehe reason Hrs. Catt is emir L: 01' esubmission is that
she fears if tne south does give women suffrage ine.r will be no enrthl
cnence to put over a Federal Amendment on us ena inciientelly pin the
standeru for women suffrage to the 1' 1dbilC‘l banner. Certainly if the
south Wnioh one is always insulting on tne score of suffrage gives
tne suiirete Neat rL get will tnere be for tne Kortn and the.5est ery~
to reonen the negro guestion.. Our suffrage will come to us handicapped
enough without enotner omendment.

10b edroc Winn

, Vice
flow as I understenu your ecsition you ere milling as ireside nt
of tne :outnernIConference at' nave nn'aupewl 683%3 to tge Democratic
Committeemen anu ii you egre p‘ LEQlSlituFeSQQ;O preserve to us

suiirnfle as a st; te rL 1t. Ho attack on the Federal Amendment.
tnis meets your njprovel tnen I nroceed et once LO put in into
her submitting it to our ULliCe rs. How lon,,is tne

in Session.,__1 IQJ/vuab QAALL 0L; ékzbl :3 AQJJJvQ»

I inc close 5 letter received ftom fire? gett, n: ef.r l.in is enataem:
to every suiirabi st I considere it is meant es en insult, I am going
to ask ner mnetner sne intenuen to insult me. she is use moet intole—
rant women I have ever known. She is ouite as unscrugulous 35 nor
sOm friend niss Hay, and she Knows I not only tninx ner so but know
1er for some of tne tnings sne diu uni se in. It may astonien you
I nnve sugreme contemgt for ner jOlitiCé‘ l seaacity uni my oninion
ner was confirmed at KKK at. Louis Mnen sne aggealeu to me not to
-_3tates Rights ;lenK 0* es sne Knew I would imperil the Demo»
larty. I am still wonue riner wnetner see was fool enOugn to oe~
tnat or wnetier she thoufirit me fool enongn to yet it over on

Very coru’“lly, é;
, W
j/Z:;&L I%%£" ’4;

you on!


 JEAN M. GORDON, President R ,- . ‘ FANNIE R. GORDON



NEW ORLEANS, LA. January 10.

My dear hiss Clay;

This notehead tells its story. You have seen on my mind and con~
science for many months to write and tell you of events. Last
Lay the man that my orotner hsu carried all his life, and to wnom
his business use turned over in tne :orm of n oompany *td in
union he { ot a controlling po.er—- literally gave us en ultimatum
to ;0 out or L13 uusiness or me would imgose conditions that were
intolereole led to our acceptin; his ultimatum. I tninn in the
light of t.ne know1e1ge we nave to—usy we were sadly advised. The
incloseu uoohlet BMTOWS one light on the attitude of the #holesel;
trade tnen Jean usmeu tieir Opinions euout going in for ourselves.
W ere out to bet wnnt we can or fillie's splendid ousiness, and
lave so fer done spleniiilymmq all expenses paid and to;morrow
business and virtually pay back our capital stock
Lust strike you for ingenues. pnc of the deep laid schemes

‘ .. . ,\ , . l'
to neeg women in sun We tion has_ cell/tne Brest isllscy 101stee.
. 11 . . _ 4_ > . _. W “”
unltlhted as to the ' cr1~s ofl/ousiuess.

Row for tne “out“,ri confereimc . hr lilson's did to tne Federal
Amendment in the house was tie surorise 01 my life. But I tnink
it use each of it an entirely dii'ferent gurgose than ‘atificetion.
1 Chinfi the ?oma11's Barty hss WOEt en on “is nerves, »and while
"making tae_wor1d safe fro democracy , Laafkomen ste ndini; in sleet
and snow and goin5 to jail use too mush for nis sense o1consisten-
cy. I cannot selieve tnst the Democratic Party \ill ever put over
on tne peoyle of tne south another emenoment the equivalent of the
15th Amendment. Without tM Democ~atic party it cannot be ratified.
whether it is his 9 rpose to wnip into line the solid south as a
s party expedient giving of suffrage to women is what I vexnt
to believe. when he put over New York it will be plain sailing.
in tnis democratic stronghold.

that I think we should do is to write to the Den 'ocretic Committee
sen of every southern sts to and also to all Democratie ”gthflu
Committee men to dems nd submission and ratification tne states
of a woman suii‘rege amendment. If the amendment is submitted
our suifrage will in the south be indefinitely postgoned for when
we rouse the sleeping dogs of negro suffrage , then we will unleash
upon women suffrage an almost insurmountable 3 -pos ition. The Anti's
will certainly hgve things their way. on that the Citizen and
Boyer to nsndle‘wss at my command. how would it be pOssible for
you to come and spend the winter with me hese. I would like your
counsel and tOgether we might do for the cause we both oelieve

in our greatest service. a [W



 ‘59 we helfi

whimh F333"

tenfied,and e. HQGWW 1.‘ i?:¢ ?%fi fi fit.L.m if we had net alloueé twc'
to vote 5; *¢ uglu‘w :2 “-0 :u* 3f 3; ;,wa) I fin“ every one an
303?? MW? 12' “he jfiF . nfi ‘ i;:.' :.Qutchisdn and
fa? tFle un”“”h1
,ergeney L . 911:3? Thora is mo emergency, for firs.
r~ulfi be Juw& .1 39f he Swhmission; rnd the fact 13 the
merely»“im* i a ”a F ; I; not want us to hava the Stata
nuse it 21' Z "F':;r,ia 2 plans for the %.3.A.Aman¢
voted”no" M 2; f gwk, . , d. Then, to avoia publie-
’,aeaents, tha; »U- f .. t%ue at least ona vqte by lfif‘
ter'w L: ’ .2 :Q all the ~(levavvg who here electad to the iirst can
vantion.askin5 to ostysne aetirn on the inatyfictions 9f.that conven-
till Vebr;15th, ahich will still leave tima to pfit tkrough tha
'fitute amanément, if the vetes domana it. If there is still disa-
greement, there is to ba another %ourd meeting to decide what fu$~,dwv
tier is LU be done. ‘
laurin mg the disougszovg I managed to set forth theserpointa:;
That both the atate and utiznnl Suffrage can? ti uutiCinS proviée for,
state and naticnal legislation, and that these provisicns are in the
nafiure of an agraeév Bent between two schools of hcught, and each haa
equal rights uhich cannct be set aside by either party wignaut the.
congent of me other. If eithnr party 3098 breakf Hem it frees fih.e

-sther parL v fr om the agreement.

(2) fhat since ihe political parties have endorsed suffir&gavaa‘aa‘



 opoiitical icons other ocrconc bcoiflcc members of.suffragc associations
had on interact in fine qucctjon, and if the Suffrage association éifl
not'kcop in too lexd it caulé not expect those cth r peroonc to stand
aoiéo and lot the icons droo, or ho managed otherwise than tnoy fie-
sircd. gftor I hac nofcrrco to those facts two or three times, and
they agyarontly mot witn tnoir accent, it occnrrefl to one of them to
I mguld fool myself free to start a movement apart from tho Hose

cia ion. I replied that that was a ocrsonal question, requiring no

to give “3 personal 93.nion ayart from my official capacity;— but

ions tilling to BBShQr it. fly answer was that Z u'nld not feel free to
60 so in my capacity as an officer of the iy.E.?.E.; but that acting

~ac-an inflividual or as a member of some other association I

' 1y felt that I was entirely within my right of personal libcrty to do

. and of the state asso. connivin at it
so. and morcovor I felt that the action of toe to ional in denying

as far_as it could equal rights for state action with tilinnal action
was autocratic and opprnscive, and in the na ture of breaking an a—
; groomcnt, and thereby setting the Oppressed party free from obliga-
tion to observe the broken clause of the constitutions. These new
marks were perfectly underctood by them; and they sow at once that
'they manta consider how this freedom of action on my part and-those
t~Who thought with me would affect the object desired by firsoCctt. I/co
not know htet er it will change their plan. Which was practically to
'abandcn effort for a state amendment; bgt as some decision must be
reached by Fobr.15th I have determined to take no steps in the logic-
laturo till that time, though I shall be studying plans to lose no
time after tnat date.

Therefore, letters to the members of the Ey.1egislcturc are not

Idosired Just now from the fi.fi.?©man fiuffrugc Conference; though': hope

mofiel ‘
yon will be studying up a suitable.fixg if it enguld be needed. But I

am oi‘the same Opionon as when l wrote before that lettcrc from the fin

Confcrcnce to the national and Ttate Central Lémocrutic Committees,



 , 3 I
inaluding xhat 6f Kentucky, ifi eXactly in line mifih the
fihieh tna Conference waa orgamizefi, an§ mania ha a fifié
situation in Kentucky, aud very likely in other atafias,
@ay be Oppressed by the National policy just ‘ we fife.
-I nape your piana are alreafiy “$11 '.: Ar $en& out
'Of sparse, I fiflulfl like to see a GOPy béfore 1 warrantee
$.ing of my signature, fér I think our chances are very g:

I want to be sure that I am as careful &n& pelLtia as


An appeal for lcyalty to théir a§avention plefiges, sna

'éry, which demands that they finould not_require ares?
ships from women to acquire the freedom promiseé them,

our cue, just as T wrbfie before. E feel suah co fidencs

1ty to White an effective letter Ehat T a ulfi mat offer fiEggeSfiions
except that * feel I am in a critic“l position to, our Stfitfi amem ment;

and do nOt want $0 fv' ‘ 2;; care to ac exactly the right thing.

Heping to hear from you_very soon , and High my regarfis ,
/to your sisfiersg am

Vary cordially yuurs,


189 N.mill Et., Lexington, Ky.
Jan.26th, 1918.
fly deer Kiss Gordon,
I am much gratified by receiving your letter
of Jan.21st, offering the assistance of the southern Conference to
yy.in the present emergency.

I have thought deeply of the situation both in the nation and
this state. I think the Opponents of "tate action may have some
justification in saying that the states have not enough organizati
ticn and money to carry on state amendments successfully. ”hat is
the strong objection our Louisville women are making, though in our
case without justification, I thinh. But it is true of many states
both in the south and other sections. I do not see how this condi—
tion is ever to be altered; and therefore I do see how we need party
action to win us the victory. The parties can make campaigns suc-
cessful, if they make them party issues. I believe the National W°S°A'
has made a serious tactical mistake in not calling upon the two domi»
nant parties to make good their party pledges, and relieve the women
of the hardships of state campaigns. fnstead of that, they have den
mandefi from the parties a change in the method of granting the fran—
chise, in direct contradictinn of their “etional platforms. Way

not “his mistake he made the opportunitr of the southern Conferw

ence? Ought not the Southern Conference make good its.right to ex-

istence by now calling upon the Democratic party, especially in the
one-party section, to make good their st.Louis pledge? I really
think we should have done it in I917 during the legislative season;
but we can now ma§ethat plea effectively by calling attention to”
3%res.tilson's declaration on Jan.9th that it thought it had a serious
mar aspect, and that action on woman suffrage should immediately be

taken by the American nation.


 2. :I‘vTI'.!"“


Therefore, my suggestions for action by the are;
I (I( Towrite an appeal to the national Democratic Committee and to
the Central Committee of each southern state, and make a strong and
bold appeal to them to redeem the pledge made to the peOple at Qt.Louis
to grant suffrage by the state route, and use Pres.Wilson's plea of
war necessity. I believe it is better not to use any argument beyond
this. If we atteppt to argue further, we seem to assume that the
party knew no reason itself why it endorsed the state action plan;
and,moreover, an argument as short as it must be in such a document
as we should write might appeal to some and set others agadnst us.
Particularly, I think we should not say anything about the Federal
Amendment, beCause so many Temperate voted for it in th eU.S.House.
(2) I see no reason why such an appeal should appear intrusive writ-
ten to any state. The Conference exists for just such a purpose. I
would be willing to sign such an appeal at once, even in View of the
Kentucky situation. I think the appeal should be sent as promptly as
possible to every state shich has a legislature sitting this year.
When I said I did not think any southern state but Kyo would pass a
state amendment I meant none whdse ”legislature sits this winter.There
are only seven states which hold their bi~ennial legislature in the
even years. Fortyaone hold them in the 1:2: years.

Now as for Kentucky; Mrs.South writes that she expects to call a
Board meeting next week. It will probably meet in Louisville. I am
going to try then to get our own Association to call on the parties,
only both of them, to do what I am now recommending. In that case,if
I succeed, the S.?.W.S.Conferenoe can not help any further than by
whiting the general appeal I have described. If I cannot get any
suitable state action, I have not yet decided what I ought to do. I

must be guided somewhat by circumstances.and I will send you a long

telegram after that Board meeting. I have determined to do all that I



can do prudently 50 have a ‘tute referenflum in #5. I agree with you

, . 51 .
that it is a violaticn of cont~act for the Harlan .*.5. to try to stop

us; and I will not 5050555 this right to fihem. E flo not wonder
that you are angry over firsafia.tt'515tter to you; but x wculd not an-
swer it in your 51555. You 5555 511 yeur “53555" for the situatficn

and evary 15t1.51 5 m: w ite w 11 ive 5525 5ome nform tinn? 0
555055 55 5 untrv. hinlx uatgwuoh 5n 5a;ne§ 55 ahave 5mrp5¥€56

attitufie which she 05n tr to frustrate.
i 5 £55 5 eat 501153 for 5:355:50anD rkansas, 555 5ny other state 5hich
may have the question up in ZQESO maybe the 5,5.5.5.Con?5revc5 might
help them in 5515 555. 555 by next year, 5555 50 many etate 155518-
latures meet, we 555515 he prep r55 to make an early appeal.
am 5555155 th5 info matfion about Ky.parties you desir5; but

I 30 net advise any letters to our legislators until you 5525 5505 me
55’5,r thG 30555 m5efiing. It 555 55555555 the 555 3“. Senate 50515 vote

the 555555 am5ndm5nt today; but T have 5555 nothing further 55 it.

that 5555/ 550m, 5 thin; it will be h5raer to get our “.*.fi. to

5555rendum; but I hone the parties will not wait fer

Give my regar:‘s to 3055 8155555, and believe me

ear: cordially 5-:555,



$111111;er $131125 filament Smfi‘ragp Glnnfprmre

MRS. o. F. ELLINGTON, Rec. Sec’y, , re en ’

1800 Pr tania Street, Ne Orle s, La.
721 w. Morkham St., Little Rock, Ark. y . _ w an MRS' JAS' M' MCCORMACK'
LAURA CLAY, Vlce-Presrdent at Large, 107 Brown Arcade, Baltimore, Md-
MARIE LOUISE COLLENS, Co. Sec’y, Lexington, Ky. MRS. w. M. STONER, 2d Auditor,

1309 Berlm Stu New Orleans, La. HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS 1538 Rhode Island Ave., Washington, D. C.

155 Audubon Boulevard, New Orleans, La. New York City

419 Camp Street, New Orleans, La. Washington, D. C. NEW ORLEANS, LA.

February I, 1518

fly near miss Clay;

Your teleg"sm receiveu and it is not very clear so will wait your
letter with interest. I unuerstenu to take no action with Ky
Legislature until Feb. 15th at least. ' '

Had a letter from hrs soyer this morning and I am going to quote
from it. Whenever noyer thinks the Rational or any of its
high lights are particularly foolish she disassociates herself and
.spenks of it as y your National Association" or"you nationals" so
she ssks:"flhst is the Senate going to do"? You and Pattie and
Nellie\ make me tired. For the past two years you have battled about
the Feueral Amendment being yearned for in the sunny south and then
you dont deliver e single vote toward it!!!

Looks as tho' your
political guesser was out o: plumb. You see it's this may in dear
old Massachusetts. We've got 30 have a Feoersl Amenoment because Kass.
will never give suggrage by referendun. Too many foreigners. And so
we depend on "you of the south" to ratify and forcesn amendment on
Mass. " ,
Then she goes on to say"nonest to goodness that is the argument here!
sometimes I think [five lost my wits". Then she tells me that possi—
bly you may Know,but if you no not it is well for you to know,xkxhnxx
regard it as confioentiul. Mrs. Catt has sent a confidential letter
to "State Presidents" in which she does not seem very sanguine over
the senate vote. They are "shy" seven votes. She did not send Jean
one, altho my idea of an Ass'n is that if an organization is kept
in (beceuSe en it does not dare to put you but) all official communi-
cations should be sent without fear-or favor. In connection with
this fear of the Senate I rather tnink the Beulites are equally fear—
ful. Hrs. Thompson one of their emisseries passed through N.O. last
week and she sent me a message and asned me to let her know wnat
I was going to do in the Legislature. Tue person who brought the mes~
sage she her regrets(te are very friendly) at not seeing me, was net
very fixinx clever and l wormed out of ner that they too were fearful
of the Senate. Boyer then goes on to ask" Am wondering if your
National will decide to place a little more emphasis on State Lem—
peigns at its next Uonvention"?.

The partisan fight which is coming out in the Chamberlain right is
throwing some light on Wilson's influence being cast for the
Federal Amendment. He is playing politics. There is going to be

a battle rOyal between vested interests and labor in

the next cem~
poign and Wilson is going toithronflhis fortunes with labor. Chamber—

($5.: .4» 47,! 1
lain is pulling the chestnuts for the Rrpublicens. If Wilson can


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can get the suffrage leaders‘;sdmitting that his personal influ~
ence was cast in favor or the women because they wanted an amend—
ment, even tho he qualified his preference for the state method
gives him an enviable reCOrd in favor of suifrage. The women
themselves were so songuine of the Senatevthut the House was the
stumbling blocklwcsnnot blame hém if tne women hiscdlcu-cteo their
strength. now then if the southern Democrats. play the cards
for tne bta tee to do their duty anu tne solid south oecome
woman suiirsge territory it will pin toe suirrage standard to the
credit of the democratic party. Its oolitics pure and simple.

Catt is being advised by Hey and sue is one of the intensest repub—
licans i ever nnew, and that is why she has swerved so inconsistently
to an obs olutely national policy.

0 e of the intere esting things i have seen observing is the seeming
apathy of our 11ess. Evidently instructions have seen received.

I inclose a letter I sent to tne five Governors. I wrote a lit~
le note to each end expressed a desire for any help they could
give. In the note I tOoK tne ground tnst until stu tes at least had
tne ooportunity suomitteu for the new #1 :14 w l » ~er L‘

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soinltn in n33l31 premature to suomit ouch lo 5 ratify an ennu~
ment. 1 then Went 011 t! :r LL." 1 :' V “TIL; filo the Oppor-v
nity the men of the south were willing to seep their women the
ooliticsl interiors oi‘ nesroes then I was free to confess
ready to appeal to reouolicens end northern democrats
an amendment. 1
I,am very hepeful"of our position. If I were you I certainly
would maintain the right of CH8 stute to pose on the question. I
feel sure the Democratic Barty is not going to 109 e this golden
opportunity to make this s democratic victory. how oecause I stress
the wemogr tic garty please do not helééve I am enthusiastically
democrat. Thy inclination on many pfléflwmm/ in/tneir policies appeal
to me more then centrdlleeu iue4l end nigh thriif o: the Reps.
But it is hOoson's choice ‘and“1n order tp get our ballot we have to
try and make it a party expedient. That's our long suit.
I have seen going over the party aiiilia tions or your leigislsture
and find a large majority DemOCIt tic out not the regul ired tvvo
thirds. The long suit will be.maKin%.iu/s¢1arty mea ure. Are
many or your nepublicans indepenuent nu /hf1r gu't40elieflers to join
in submisSion which will accrue to UemOCNs-tic adva untage. That’s
the SCylla & charybuis we have to ste@fixthro. Oh if you end BOyer
ans I could only be tOgether in this cri :is.
hate L. cordon.

I am not going to waste any steem on hrs. butt. have vou heard any—
thing about nellie somerville. she seems to LaVe completely drooped
out of things.' I wonder 1: her nind could be effected, ior really
her attitude and somethings she said and did in regard to the
Southern conference oculd he’explsined in no otner may.


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come up hare.
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to let you


 JEAN M. GORDON. President Phone Main 5001 FANNIE R. GORDON



NEW ORLEANS, LA. lie p r us r3; 5 ,

My dear hiss

I am sending with this letter the Open letter of the Attorney general
to hensdell. I rather think with the political trust that exists

in this state that he would nOt have made the attack unless he did

so with the consent or the pOWers that be. I take it as the Openin
gun of the attacn on a federal amendment and I believe it is going

to be that I always prephesied would be the line of action that

the Democratic solid south is going to make it a democratic victory.

At reur o'cloch he is coming to call on can end me. I am going to
progose that we try and get u cert sin number of states not necessa—
rily southern to form an agre