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Dear Membfir of fihw: Business {Yomr'litteew
I recsaivml a lattar from "971's. DaVM in which 1511!: ancioaed one;
mowiynd by her from "firs. E1111 Knowles Ifiaskel 1, of ’Grm‘f‘ana, from which T quote:

“Yes, in fiion‘hana, :thuro is now a chance to Obtain suffrage under
'the initiative and referendum, but «some one with executive ability will have “to give
their time to it. 'I‘hiza "E cannot (in at f")r2480nto My hands are vary full. If all 3:003
wall with fiha mine, and I hope t0 know by fihe fall of 1907, I m1y nut hays ta yractica
law any longfir, than I Shauld hava morw'tfinfi for other work."

I was not aware that Montana had an ir::':-+.ia‘~..ive and rm’nrendtm
lav: ml I don"t; knmv no'r: whethfir it real. 1.31 exists; or whether they 1.1m only frying to

get it. I haw written to 1.1m. Haskell 11mins: Mar ".0 sand all the necessary tiata in
‘ .

cartméction with it to glaoe be 1‘0 :6! 72h!» 5-14.12: aims finmwuhtm :11; {aim Convenfinn in

Chicago, -.!.’rzaz~e «m can drmida whether it vmuld be advisable to initiatt‘: a campaign in

fizhat 1551:1136. I ham? :11:de firs. Haskell 4m 45111]. me: not unl‘y 1.111: candy-3370115 m: wk‘dxth a

omimigm 11111:!1-211 initiate‘ad. 'bu‘r. 113.90 “hat “.111“: “Shinks is {Ea autitude of 1114:»; pry-33118

toward the que‘estinn, and how much 106ml halp we 'caulzl degmnd upon it an aman»‘}=‘:‘ent

, law
ahoulé he arbmifimd, for if We»: Have an inifiiafcivm and 1‘i%f~’e.r'r‘:r1d1zm in ‘a‘ ate now,

if; mifghfi “on a good thing for us. to begin ts) war-3!: tuyarr‘} 11111:» mzbmissinn of an azmndmant
and get 1.52161 11min in 1111115716 f“)? if.

171 rBf-‘Tard to communism inn TBI35‘1VI3d ‘1,‘2’1ip;. r11-§w~y\_in;-{ 'f‘ri‘g"; 345.3. {3.53th
concwnin ‘30—“: mfifmtuda of "the women in Utah, wha h we «headed not ‘to join our Asso-
ciati-rm 13hr: whole!- fihinp. 113 var“ 133,1“17'1 triacea‘nla +10 “firs. Schoff of the Moflmra'

D ,3 1
Ccmgress. "#311111; she» said to theme 1921-3111611; in Utah, eh.“ has been saying: "fan the ‘x-Icmen
throughout all the western whites and in fact in all the states in which she has held

meetings. To my mind she is a. most dang-11 r0118 :mman and has vary Li 1,1316. regani for

fact: in making a statoment.

Some time ago, I received a 111?.th from a. lady in Utah mt-‘ating

that. in an address there, Mrs. 0148013, the wife at the: Sanator, had made: a statement




that tha National Suffrage Association was tge ona organization of wnmen in the
country that stood in favor of Mbrmoniam and polygamy. I asked Mrs. DuBoia in regard
to this when I mat her ammo time afterward in Washingtan and aha denied it, althOugh
she did say that we had not as an Association passad resolutions against Smoot.

I tried tn axplain to her our reasons for not enterin¢ intn thwt

line sf agitatinn and she appeared ho be satisfied with my axplanation,and fihia was
just before thw Katicnal Convention held in Porfiland. I holi tar fihafi we would be
very glad to have her atfiend our Natianal Convent?nn and if she had any facts which
she wisfied fin lay %mfnra us, w~ 59:14 he ,laé no JiVO ner an opgortunity to‘do so.
Shfi Raid perhaps aha walla aikand, fihafi she was gaiag t0 be in ?0rt1and just prior to
sailing for Manila on the excursion with flFG ?rusidan£’a da13hter and the rmsfi of them
and thaa, if pflsSihle. she would h« a? our ficnvanzémn. Just beorfi the ”afivemfiion,
I wrote her again giving new thm dates and rennwing my invitation for her to appear
bzfnra us. I did ibis in nrdmr to M&ke hor step making these statemnnts, which noi-
withstxnding bar $cnial, I knaw she was waking, but «a you all know shs did no% cmne
ED fiha ConvantiON.

Then lfimt agring, fir. Dufluls sent his secretary to call on me
at 5““17.- Airy, hufi it was after I had gone t» Dragon and [nay was thare alan and fiha
house was closed and I cnly thaw ffom a letter that Lhe secretary had called and
judged thafi aha purpose uf the call wé$ t3 try to get me to an to Idaho to help in
the slectinn of fir. DuBoi3. I judga this, becauaw T raceivwa a letter in §ragon fram
Mrs. Ellis, asking ma no go tn Idaho on my way East from Gregon to do palitical wnrk
in tke infierest of Mr. fiuXois primgrfily and inciiwnhally against fihq Hormons.

I wrote har fihai it would be impossible for my to stay in Idaho at

I was going to sail for Eurape inmfidiataly on &rriving Eafit and tha+ tha tima nf my

aailigg could not be dalayed. Then I alga added thaz even ware I mat to imave for

the East it would be in ossibla far me an President of the H&tianal-Assnciation
a p


 to do any partisan political wnrk, for even if as an afignciatinn we were apposod to
fiarmoniam, any attempt to elecfi Mr. Dufloia wn that issue would be hmmediafinly attri-
buted to fihw fact thht ww were WOFkihT in the interest of the Demncratic Party, and

as our Associatian had taken no part in this controvarsy, which tn wune of ns'aéemad
likn a purely polifiiual ona, I could not fake any part in any such campaign and that
the objaction which I had would probably hald good as far an any ofihfir 0f the officars
of the Association was concerned. This-is what I suppose is meant §n fihia leffinr to
Mrs. Upton as the fact that our ieading suffragist ref afid to go $0 these ntatea 30
work a;ainafi Varmnniam. In my waply I laid vary Littlm ntresa an the Hangmn quaazion
fins way a" anqvner, practically ignored it, simply gave as the raason the unques-

tianable wisdmn of tha officars of a'non-paraisan organization witnholding flhemsalvas

from pnlifiical p&r;iaan alliances, especially whan wa could not obtain the purpose for

which we wens organized withoufi making our appeal in all political purfiies. This
ou;;t um have been pcrfnctly namisfactory no Er. DuBois and to th: women and yould
have fiaan if fheir real dasire in :ha mattar had not bean a partisan fathmr than a
moral mus.

I an pvrfectly willing to writa to Mrs. Cohen and will do 30 as
scan as i.am auEHOTiZGd, wflating thus as farfas I knaw 1 an the only nific r 0f aha
Asgngiation who has been invited to go to Ehasa states in do polinic&1 work and that
my refusal had nn connaction whatever with Harmonism bufi wholly wit“ the fact that as
firaaident 9f the National Association, 1 could not do partisan puliiical work. I think
if they could sea the letter, which Miss Anthany wrote firs. Sufiie Young flutes in
regard to putting her picture and mina in a book which she was preparing and in regard
to certuin Sfafiewents she was making of our attitude taward the Mormons, a letter
which both Miss Anthony and I-aigned. fihay would hardly think that eihher af us was
Very favorable %d that sect 0r thafi shay had any raason to feel that the Suffrage

Association in any way.ap§roved of polygamy or of any organization which accepted sudh


a degrading doctrine as a apirifiual tenet.

I hate to fat mixed up in any sort of diacuaaion with tha finntilel
or the Mormona upon this Mormon question. I think we should keep ourgelves absolutely
aloof from it in every possible way, but if these wamen are really mistaken in their
atfiitude toward us a simple statement of the truth is all fihat it is necesaawy far us
to make. Personally, I am rather glad to have them keep out 0f.our organization.

They would anly bring in a disturbing factor and when they camw to any meatings, they
wouldn't b6 half as infieregted in suffrage as they wmuld in discussing thm finrmnn
question, a question which I hope will never be bPOught up before an“ body. What in
more,.I believe that if all ihe nfiher'wmnan‘s nrganizatiwns in zha country had simply
ignorad the wholétkannon issua as we have, Mormohism vauld he at least twenty-five
years'nnur r to its deafih fihan ifi is tnjday. As far as I hays been able to gafihar
from my aesociafiinn wifih the Mormons in the work in the west, this persacutinn of them
baa tahdad to solidify a body. which was flax ten or fiffieen years ago dibihte rating,
and I belimva if thny had bean lat along, there would havn been very little of the
.polygmnaus fiheory advocated by the younger Mormons. It W)uld have fiimd out with fihe
old 13% huh this afifiach upon them and what they £861 is a desirn to ufiroofi the saints
of the 79rd hfis heén utilized by the old sinners Afi the haad nf fihn church to arouse
the ignorant and superstitaus among them to religous fervor, which they would naver
have nthnrwism felfi.

Perhaps soma of yOu dan't know fihat Ranator hrnwn, who was

few wenks since in Washington bf his mistrsss by whom ha had had two childran,

he was Senhtor from Utah wag uskad to speak afi our National Canverfiion, but he
Opposed to woman suffrag . His Wiffl fold us thafl it was his fear of Konmoniam and
polygamy and that he was Oppnswd to harmon and polygamous paople voting hacause of
their digradafiiah and immoraliiy. At that very time, he was planning to divorce this

wife in order to marry the niece of one of the senators and who éied beforn the mar-



tinge tank filaca after ha had secured the divorce. As far as we can learn tharn arw

three or feur nthar women who were ready tn Sue him at the time of his murder by one

of hig many mistresses, and this is tha uype of man who was opposing Mormonism in 'ha
Senate. It is all perfectly disgusting and I am so thankful that our women have been

.wise enougw'to stand back in this partisan,hypacritical fight which hag been going on

between Duflois and hha Mormons in Idaho.

EWfifiJMnlly yours, ' /~4;‘g¢;Z11//ax,{/*


 Swarthmore “a. Jan. flfl
' I !

Dear Member of the Business Uommittemzm
I don‘t think I have sn '. any definite time for the flusinesa


Committee to meat in Chica;n and it may ha 3': some of you lel think

'fiwat I‘an not
giving tiM€ enough and nthers may hlnk it is too much fimé and so gerhmgg
set will settlm tha difference between those who want mow“ and those wha want 1233,
so I Will call the Business Gommittee to meat me at half past nine o'clock on the
morning of Tuesday, February twelfth,ah tha palmar House. I dun't know jusfi what room
Wfi will hold aur Busineqs “ommituea meeting in bui grobahly in aifihor Yrs. Upton's or
mine. Wm will hold our sessions tha day of the twelfth and iLe morning and afternoon
of the thirtaenth. 0n the nvening of fihm fihirtennfih, we Eave the Executive Commitfiee

Tfltfiers receivmd this nwnyhugfram Miss “la. and ”rs. Boyer tell
of ihn Nearing before the Conqtifiutinnnl Cnnventinn on Tuesday,the eighth.Ex-Governor
Adams, nf Colorado, madfi fihe grincipal address. I judge fiyey ngo aur fififlylfl about

an hour and a half's time for Govnrnnr Adams spnkfi far an hour. This is a most

unuqnal thing for khay ganerally jive us abnuh ten minutes. Hovernnr‘ Adams’ address

was 9611 racaivnd manv negtiqns were asked and fihm imnressfifin seemed to be var?
’ .1 J .


3188 Clay also made an address From fihe ficuthern Jemncratic
sfiandpfiint and thafi always amuses me when I %#ur aanody say that, becausv 315: Clay
is such a radical Republican. Neverthelwss aha iq 70»fihern and the report 'ig'thqfi
hfir address was very favorably rficw wad anfl ffidw fl 3001 imnrass‘fin, flu ihe whole the
Hearing wag a very encouraging one.

Miss Jlay writes tHai 3TH believes flhewe in a vary favnrahln
chance for our clauan being put directly in fihe Con9+itution and yéfi she aflyfi HHS

doesn't want to amyress too much hogs, because so far, as far as thmy know, the liqaor


 peeple have made no move a¢ainst us but sha knows fihai they are Wiley enough to hide
their hand until the very last fihin;;and than Spring it, I huVU also been impressed
with the fact that they have said very little about the Anti—Suffragisfi.. Now it may
be that thnre is some sort of plan between the liquor interests and the Anti-Suf-
flragists to spring some surprise on us u€ flhn vary last. I shall nofi he ah all sur-
prised if it is dnne. In that case, however, we'll havm to hath whafi comes and neat
ii as hast we can.

The advance capies 0f the prngram will he out on Wednesday and
they will, of course, be mailed as sown as they are received.

I am very aorry to say :~.; “.5' fiary Anthony is still fa l€ng.

Lucy in'with her and fha probabilities are will rmna n until fihe end. 0? caursa, that

leaves us in an unsettled attitude of mind as to whether Lucy will bu ahle to attend-

Chicagh Vnnvenfilfih, but thaf is one of the hridges we nvnd not cress just yet. If

is unable to go, she is preparing the data so that somebody else can attend to

W) Pk the re .

Miss Gordon laaves this affiarnunu fur her home. She is full

infierest and desire to get hold of fihn work u;ain. Her sister Jean is her: with v
also and she is full of interest in the new line of work which She 3a ta flake up as
factory inspector when she xats hack fin New Orleans. It‘s astonishing how thre or
feur consecrated women in a slate can build it up and how there may be a thousand, who
believe and really wish for succeds to our cause and yet nmn fail utfierly to do any-
thing for fihe lack of a l ader. A good leader ih every 3 ate in aha Union is the
crying nend of tha hour. I\wi5h we cmuld send somunne out, not to find the Norfih
Pole or anything else but a leader for our movement in nvery state.

Faithfully yours,



 Among the suhjacts, which will he discussnd at ihe ante~Executive
meetings of the Fatimnal Conventinn in Chica p on fihe evening of the 13th and marning
of fihe 14th, are

(l) The advisability of united effort to urge mach state legislature,
which holds its sessions in fihe fall of 1907 and fihe winfier of 1908, to pass resolu-
tions asking Congress for a Sixtfianth Amsndment to aha Naiional Constittmion unfram-
chising wanen.

(2) The advisability of overlapging county conventions in certain groups
of sfiutas for the purpmse of aiding the building up and extwnsinn of the state work.

(3) Desirability of yladging tha stutfis to a vigorous effort to raise fihe

nwwmershi; of tha National Association to 48,00“ by the close of the year 1908 in

memo of lha first suffrawe convanfiian hold in Seneca Talls Nww York in tho year
t J 9 D l .


(4) The form of memorial, which t w Ngti)nal ASSUCidtiOn shall adopt in

memory a? ”155 Sudan B. Anthony.

(5) Enlar3emant of "Progress” to meet fihe needs of our Natinnal A580-
Thesn sub} cfis will he among those which will first be diaCU5sed at
the Executive meefiing but any ofiher topic, which the members of the Execuzive

Commitfien desire ta bring brfore the body, I trust will be brought in writing, so

that as lifltle fiimo as pass hle will be conuumad in their prosontation.


 National American Woman Suffrage Association

Honorary President, SUSAN B. ANTHONY, 17 Madison Street, Rochester. N. Y.

7443 Devon Street, Mt. Airy. Philadelphia. Pa.
. . Treasurer, HARRIET TAYLOR UPTON, Warren. Ohio.
Vice Presrdent at Large. FLORENCE KELLEY.
105 East 22nd Street. New York City. Auditory { LAURA CLAY. Lexington, Ky.
. ‘ DR. ANNXCE JEFFREY MYERS, 375 East 12th St., N.. Portland, Ore.
Corresponding Secretary, KATE M. GORDON.

1800 Prytania Street, New Orleans, La. Chairman Press Committee. ELNORA M. BABCOCK, Dunkirk, N. Y.

Recording Secretary, ALICE STONE BLACKWELL, 3 Park Street, Boston, Mass


> a- 7-» 7': r7
Svarthm019, Ha ., Jan.l&,190r.

Tiss Clnyi“
I cannot tell i 1 LPo : v which I felt when I saw your llttar
this Working, also one fro” 3 p ., ;_ . 7.;g .-7 7- . ,, - :ordon are here and
male road fine letters aloud and W?

In re ard to Vise Kearnev I would be oerfoctlv willinv to offer
., ..y J. t 0

Miss Kearney a hundred dollara a montr and expenses to lecture throngbouf the South in

a series of meetings with someone Cleo to organize and control them, and while I
believe she would be an excellent worker as a lecturer, I honestly feel tout

vote to pay her money as an organizer, because I don J fool that it would be money well
P out in the interest of our Association. Of course, if a majority of the members

of tho Business “ommitten vote to do so, I shall vwrj glsdly trite her. I haven't
heard from all the members rot. . " o beard frmn feur, two of whom are favorable

and two of whom are opposed, and I will wait to hear from the others.

feels that she would like before giving her Vote to make some inquiry among some of

th: Vississippi women whom she knows and her whole attitude will depend onfiflroly on the
attitude of the Mississippi women, and think that is a very wise position for her to


nississiopi women on reaching home and be


take. She will immediately write those

able to report to no reply. I also hold my vote on


matter until flies Wordon makes a lifitle investigation.

I don't know whether you know anything about the fact that two or

' o v o g \I . ”firI” .‘_.~
three yvars ago in one or the lotholist Churcnes, flies Kearney attacked one metfflllat

air all the evils o; :' anti~Drohibifiion movement there to the door of


bishop and




117' '1
LJ‘ 3':


‘ J

E . 9 ti.





 Sunlrt}r"0rw¥, Vfiz. .Tarx. R, 10(Y1.


Dvar 'efiber of iha finsiness Cowmitt00:-

I enclose a capy of a letter, which I have jusfi received, from

I have a very high regard for 3
but from wh&i I have heard she is nnfi at all an organizer, and yet


knovlndge of her wnvk other fihan What T wave hnard about it in tHe

Hiwe Kearney goes home every Winter to spend the cold mnnfihs in Hie

comes back to fkr florfih again in the spring and remains all summer. I judge frCm he.
she pragos&3,to use a mwnflh of her fiime; which she umzally syends at home

in Grganizing %

HGr requefit for thrcu hundred dcllwrs far a month's nrganizimg is
rath r sfianu for mg as an Aasooiatinn, a3'wa hava no organizer Lg aha {L311 50-day and
no mpfiakar, not @ven firs. Bradford, who receives ovar a %nndrui dnllars a wont? and
her ”Igenscs. pnrsonally, I dfiu’t think Visa Kearney as an organizer is worth fihree


hundred dflllars to fihe “ociaty or that it wowld he fihrca hundr d dwllars’ wortfi a:

valuq fin Lhz A ancitfiion. Shfi doesn't evidantly wiah fihe National to pay the whole


sum, but sha vishas um t0 pay a prnpnrfiiwnat~

I would much prefer to have Tisu Gordon or Kiss Slay spend a manth
in fiho if<£e of fiasissippi in the organixutinn w?rk than tn have $133 Kearney. I ma
“Qt saying this in order fio influence tha vote of thw members in gfin :afitor but shapiy
bGCHUse I feel I owg’t to sag What I have had.an opporfiunitx fiw Learn and what others
of fiHe Sommitfioe may nofi have had fiha aamn chance to know. If we could havfl a good
organizer in Mississippi and Hiqa Kaarney conld go as a lecturer,

. I . o

w0u1d hm ”all varth while, bufi puhsonally I should be very much opgosed to fihe
National paying more fihan a hundred dollars a month 3a His; Kearney.

I will include this vofia with fiho ofiher.

Vaithfully youra,

' ti/flygkhx A/flflm



 Swarthmorwe,‘Pa., Jan. 8, 3307.

Dear Homber of the Busin as Committee:-

You know last year Hrs. Isabel Barrows, of New York, attended fihe
Nitional Convention at Baltimore and reported it for The Woman‘s Journal and we had
some of the host roports that we have ever had at a National Convention. The woman's
Journal,paid Mrs. Barrow's expenses; I believe that was all ohm rsked for going.
A short time ago I wrote her on another sub} at and incidentally asked hor if ifi wonld
be possible for her to attend the National Convention in Chicago.. She statod thafi
she was sorry that shn could not affOrd to yay her expensos fin afitend the fonvention
although she would enjoy very much being there.

It has seemed in ma fihafi it vmnld be well worth our while to pay
Yrs. harrovs' oxponsos fio Chicago and have her report our Business and Execnfiive
Committee moe,ings and get the business gart of the Convenfiion in such shape that it
would ho easy ,0 nrrangs it for the minutes. We Gould 38% fiho fiinutos out very much

earlier if this were done and with very much less hrouhke he hath kiss filackwell and

Mrs. Upton. Hrs. Barrows la a very ouroful reporter and I an qnifie ane that it

would he a very greafi advantage if we could have her repori fho business of our Con-

vention. Are you willing to gay her expanses if aha will go on those conditions?

OKLAHOMA - The naws from Oklahoma fis rather encouraging in certain
respects. Mrs. Boyer writes thafi thnro is no donbt hhafl we will havo some fonn of
suffrage in fhe Conotih¢fiinn, a majority of tho men favoring school suffrage and

perhaps municipal suffrage, while a large minority favor pufifiing full suffrage in the

Constifiufiion. So thafi she fihinks if we don't get full suffrafiz, we will gel son

Now personally I must confess I hope.ve will not wet anything if

( I

we don't get fiull suffraga. I know some of you will not agroe with mé in {his,'but




’ o
wherever we have had partial suffrage, we generally siayed there. Our wanen either
offend men by not voting as they want fihem to or mlse men feel that they have given
women a sort of sop to keep them quiet and that thay should not ask for anyfihing more,
but for some reason or other I ffiel that school miffrafie and particularly municipal
. include
suffrage is a bar to furthmr prngress in suffrupfi. Still, if they Municipal Suffrage

l 'I

in fine Constitution, of course, we will have t0 make the sewe camgaign fixafl we wnuld
if they included full suffrage, though I would no? advise any such Ganglign for marnly
School Suffrage.

Dr. Wwods just a3 aha was loavind Arizona was iaken ill and was
obliged to £0 4n % pital, where she was when she last wrofié me, although she aaid

in her letter that :; didn'fi BXpwct to he ihwve very long and thmfi in a few days she

wnnld h ahlv to an in Wkiwhoma. She did nah 399m fin L* var much cancernmd ahnut


I ‘

herself, so that Dwrhaps by this time aha is sufa in wn.hri&.
If any mermar'nf fiho Eusinosb fonmifiiwe has any Jartmcular
stnluti;n sh: wants in inthoduce intw fihc Aesalwffifinm of aha Tatianal Swuventjnn. I
wish she wwwld bring them in wrihing t0 the finnvantimn, preparad just exacily uS she
would like to havh them passedl This will helm the heaolufiinns dommitéaa and insure
la he,fior framing of fihé Resolufiians when hrnwjhi he?ore aha House.
Jhat “rs. Avery is in 5he city to-day with the advance sheets
fir‘t issue 3? é‘a program, { almosfi feel as if fihe finnvnntiun was hare and yet


vre is a great deal fur Hz to do before ila‘ aims. I am sorry fio say that V155 Jary

Anfihonv's condition is such that Lucv felt it nacessarv to 10 he her on Saturdar
.. .1 . V . I

but I am ha‘inq fihafi fihera mav be a chanvo sewn for uhe befiter and that Lucr will be
I) — ) . .

back again at least in tima t3 gO‘to Chicago to do Lhu advanma work there, which aha
has pramised in do for fihe local people.

Faithfully yowrs,

// ml.“ flax/76m V-r'



( A

Tlora, 1136., Jafi- 5. 1903‘

Omar Ur. Shaw,
The desire to oouure the ballot for aha wx%nxof thio fifiato has


takon hold upon mo wifih a tremendous power. In is necessary, First of all, to create

sonfiiwont by the wrgmwizatiwn of local clubsi and thia cannot be dono unless a ayoakar


and organizer goes out among tho peoglo to effect it. This person must be one who is

conversant with conditions. I can Arrange to stay in fiissq until fiha last week in

March; then, I ma compelled to go the East, and can not return to my state before fiho

first week in Doe. I know every inch of Miss. territory, bananas, for years, I

A- T

organized hero for tho “.3.T.K. I think, without conceié, that it can ha aaid than


cowld do more for my state than any other living woman} Rogardloss 01 ihe sacrifice

thafi if will mean to no, I wr'to to say that if three hundred dollars can he raised,
thafi I will Live a monflh's solid work in orgztizing suffrage clubs in $135., babinning
the 160* week in 36b. and confiinuing until fiho last week in March. Thio work will

Au ‘1
have to he owns largely by personal invitation and by holding parlor mewtings. The
£300.00 l ask for is to noel Eho expense of Rho unflorfiakingh I will ask fihe state
'treasuror to send out calls for financial aid, bufi I an surm fiho returns will be
small, as the Suffrage Organization in this state 18 so weak and fiPo sentiment, though
widely spread among men, is at anything but a fever heafi just now, on account of
nothing having been done for yaars. I am ready now to help. I foo? aura of 'jlondid
room‘ns, if I can go oufi into fiho fiold. Tbis is my agpoal fio you - not only for
Kiss.,but for other Soufihorn sfiatos ~ for, zho enthuaiasm generated gggi spread beyond
our borlors.° Ploase let me hear vary soon. How mush Will'tfio national give?

Yfinrs sincerely,

(signed) Hallo Kearney.


 National American Woman Suffrage Association


Honorary President, SUSAN B. ANTHONY,

7443 Devon Street.

Vice President at Large, FLORENCE KELLEY
105 East 22nd Street. New York City

Corresponding Secretary, KATE M. GORDON.
1800 Prytania Street,

Mt.Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.

New Orleans, La.


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National W. C. T. U. work


all 410 have employed he? fihafi she makes

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1.801118 q‘el’oe 3.

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10? Many years - . o 31 .1 14w

good deal by her addresses but

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1.1 J.
,1' -. G ‘J


17 Madison Street, Rochester, N. Y.

Recording Secretary, ALICE STONE BLACKWELL, 3 Park Street. Boston, Mass
Treasurer, HARRIET TAYLOR UPTON, Warren, Ohio.

LAURA CLAY, Lexington Ky
DR. ANNICE jEFEREY MYERsy 375 East 12th St. N., Portland, Ore.

Chairman Press Committee, ELNORA M. BABCOCK, Dunkirk, N. Y.

Auditors : {


Coartfinoro, Pa., January

.1Liau 1.1.111

,. .1 a... my“, . .
{QI‘OUHJ OVU; 1.11 ‘Jt‘..-'ili‘.}; 151-

‘ to "I conferrzium A le+*;.’r_2;v of

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:13 S!Ul $1 $3 vn*ifrflcn1 . 1 -*ll" f do a. TTVzaté%r ”g'

:zeaylcl -.:,‘;1 Tl'ler’t ’7'. -;' “‘V;'% ‘ka/‘ ()11re rzcnllilm 3.} r16) 71;}1 gfiez‘.


delighted wfzh ho; ', Ci"y name means power in
thinks you are in {ho emgloy of *he National Associatlo‘ *; on . 3’2 go wherever you
I Love n3 douhfi ihaf if you had the fiime to 3
would hr of incalculablo value
iovuri "”Cm"“; o:»l ma J'U"':'1Mi I L01”; that scmh1fhoo do;
fwar you may find ifi within fio ; waJ:"" u to spare fihe
I can to hovo either Kate or somv ofiher Sowfihern womxr
i" as wherever they arr willing to do any work.
Year will be one of remarkable growth to our Association a: . certainl

We ought to add ton thousm1d momhors hetwoon now and tV _-:“ of 1908, which


zlxfileth anniversarr I ;32 Senjca Va“s Convention. And now for Ukflflzma.

‘7', ‘ w 'r- - : ~< ' ~‘--~ —- —,~ < q ., ' ~ - .. ‘ r r\r ~ ~r
.LJTA 88.3" ”as 8101’] (it: All A5515: (ifjlf'lv-Aatfiffi «1‘9 l.}'1‘1'.*}‘.!1fi\’u8d, lilac/Ll. dd 3/01).


propose for Ur. Woods and Tiss Gregg to do? I su pose Mrs. Pradford's engagement will

then close, 1 . If there is any chance of fine amendmenfi hein5 submifitod either in
the Constitution or oufi of it, just as soon as the iflvHFVierfig of ‘Lo delegates is
over, fiken Dr. Woods and J , ' Q5 should go rirhfi into iho field. First, a
Hmnllqont may or may nofi he submittu
would he .w .l' ”:‘lflxx' * OJ 3, ‘. fowns where clubs al' * 5 a: 9 ani stir
ggjod fcvrting, so filafi 1': amer'knent SlWNlld
w0uld be in a gwod COMdition to 30 fio work at once to
and work which would need to he done locally. Then after
been made, if fihe amendment is submitfied either in fihe Conwtitution

or separx+aly, arrangements should he at once made for speakers to go into ~very town

so far as we nre able to form sh fihem oven where organizations do nofi exist. The



 l 1

tor to go first to the oFganiaod towns is because then, if
amondnent was not submitted, they woulfl he luilding up the o uhs and getting
fov futur~ TOTk, so that there would really he no loss to 2hr cause.
Then the: could plan for the routes in the state.
flrad.»?d's engabc‘; ' closing at th of Lev inte
Viewinvq '1. ax;vq -‘v1 it would h hotter {Jr her too to rsflain and c tho

1 ..

of work which Dr. Wong” and M'ss Hrsg; should do witu the orQanized clubs,
would oest more to send her to Colorado and ?ring her back
av n st would to have he? remain and he husy working
our anemdnen