xt70rx937t9n_96 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt70rx937t9n/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt70rx937t9n/data/46m4.dao.xml unknown 13.63 Cubic Feet 34 boxes, 2 folders, 3 items In safe - drawer 3 archival material 46m4 English University of Kentucky The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.  Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Laura Clay papers Temperance. Women -- Political activity -- Kentucky. Women's rights -- Kentucky. Women's rights -- United States -- History. Women -- Suffrage -- Kentucky. Women -- Suffrage -- United States. Laura Clay correspondence with Harriet Taylor Upton text Laura Clay correspondence with Harriet Taylor Upton 2020 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt70rx937t9n/data/46m4/Box_5/Folder_11/Multipage4224.pdf 1908 January-May 1908 1908 January-May section false xt70rx937t9n_96 xt70rx937t9n Natinnal Amman Mnman Smffragp Afianfiafinn


Presidenl, Rev. Anna Howard Shaw. Swarthmorc. Pa. _ Recarding Secrclary, Alice Stone Blackwell,
Firs! Vic: Presidenl, Rachel Foster Avery, Swarlhmore. Pa. . 3 Park Sireel, Boston. Mass.
Second Vice Presidenl, Florence Kelley, 2 Treasurer, Harriet Taylor Upton. Warren. Ohio.
'05 East 22nd Street. New York Cily. Laura Cla Lexi" ton K ,.
Corresponding Secretary, Kate M. Cordon, NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS Auditors: .l Mary Simpfil'm Spergy, ' 3
[800 Prylzmia Streel. New Orleans. Lin Warren, Ohio l ZIOO Pacific Avenue, San Francisco.Cal.

“I.“ 4 '7 m“ n. 4.»
xl . ¢: <.I.L ‘J U“


 Natimml Ampriran Manual gmfi‘ragv Amnriafimt.


O 7 .3 If

7“ :9; 3?? Ver' '7

'}3":_'_L‘Lo‘c, ,_.,».;-i.. I, ‘ .71”) " ‘ _ “Tim"Iii/“3143*?!



 Nafinnal Amerimn mnmzm $nffmgp Afififlfiafifltt

(Member National Council of Women and lnternalional Woman Suflrage Alliance)

PresiJEni, Rev. Anna Howard Sliaw, Moylan, Pa.
Firs! Vice President, Rachel Foster Avery, Swarllirnore, Pa. 2 ,

Second Vice Presidcnl, Florence Kelley,

l05 East 22nd Street. New York Cily.
Corresponding Secretary, Kale M. Cordon. .
Warren, Ohlo

lBOO Prylania Slrcct, New Orleans, La.

Recording Sccrclam, Alice Stone Blackwell,
3 Park Street, Boslon, Mass.

Treasurer. Harriet Taylor Upton. Warren, Ohio.
rl Laura Clay, Lexington. Ky.

Audi/ans: ( Mary Simpson Sperry.
2100 Pacific Ave. San Francisco, Cal,



 Natinnal Amprimn 1331mm §7uffragp Aafinriafinn


Presidenl, Rev. Anna Howard Shaw. Swarlhmurc. Pa. Recording Secrclam, Alice Stone Blackwell,

Firs! Vice Presidenl, Rachel Foster Avery. Swarthmorc. Pa. '1 '5? 3 Park Slrcel. Boston. Mass.

Second Vice Presidenl, Florence Kelley, Treasun'r, Harriet Taylor Upton. Warren. Ohio.
I05 East 22nd Street. New York City. _ L Cl L A K

Corresponding Secrclam, Kate M. Cordon. NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS \ aura ay. cxmglon. y.

1800 Prytania Sneel. New Orleans, La. Warren Ohio

Auditors : Mary Simpson Sperry.
' 2‘00 Pacific Avenue. San Francisco, Cal.

:1. m 17,.=’19o8


 Natimml Amvrimn mnman Smffragp Aaanfiafinn


President, Rev. Anna Howard Shaw. Swarlhmorc, Pa.
Firs! Vice Presidenl, Rachel Foster Avery. Swarlhmore. Pa.
Second Vice President, Florence Kelley.
'05 East 22nd Street, New York City
Curresponding Secrclaru. Kale A]. Gordon. NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS

1800 Prytania Street. New Orleans. La. Warren Ohio

Recording Secretary. Alice Stone Blackwell,
3 Park Slrcet, Boston. Mass.
Treasurer. Harriet Tayior Upton. Warren. Ohio.
\Laura Clay, Lexinglon. Ky.

Audi/ms: VI Mary Simpson perry.

2100 Pacific Avenue. San Francisco. Ca].


 Natinnal Amm'iran mnmau $11ffragvAaanriafinn.


Marina, 0k?a., Harsh 30, 1905.
My dear Mr¢. Upten:-
I am an glam yam #32a 30% offenuau rJy 1A1? Father.
I worrieu over thwt Vd?y much, for I Wnfi afrn’1 you wnnlu nah
unafirgtanu ma. Y n ” 1 a??? mna geta in 1 nmhit 0;. Mn1ucy
him 175‘ 7 ;” :31. Li , u Lester, 1n“ while 1 .A' -'a13hfi
b6 ruauily unuefi$taou far ihat WJH ma-nt, it i:
0136 when writton.
gartxinly tau National was generoufi wifih us ~ gmrh13$
beycnq our uesarta — 1152 year. T wish our five“ wn‘e mnxa


responfiive “ifih their Laney but re 21y, again, Gun 0 n":; amgect
Y01u1g65?;fin.1;3w -wi :1, ”1411 'Wxt ‘ axing 1'10 TQHqfi >3 3,“tflle
of various an: 1 w ~.1 thay mifgjht he obli3eu “1 give u?
to 313 fax :uffruza work. It wee;_~ In: 3:1:.~a*5vnw

atagfirz”. flaw, I 1n nbfiniutcly ahabhy hufi 135; fifi bfiCanso
it 596$: mare importAfit 1c gave thfl flamen mf,mur Skate free KO mm
than for me to qraaa bafifiar. I am so 3 *' you are to gang anofiham
”bomat” thia ya;?.

1- 1, .1 . ., ., - a. .. ‘ ‘ .. .— 1
1130‘»! I LU) YUM: ECHO? run-.21 0(13'1L11g..;iu$53

naminateu this yaar. Suraly n01 for Stata

are in finch 1 conui1tion of uncertxinty here. I am an gin“

of $1 I Gregg again. She baa bean flying urmunu an thin yaat

winter. We'(that uamns W1. B. anu Hyaalf) 4re very fang of
And I an 31a¢ of fiha kinu‘fihings you gay cwncw“*1g
far we. Truly, though, aha onghfi tn laokiafter me
me into this trouble n ena "nu?a“ uiu.

W011, I wax u; 1; Chiqkfifihfi again Ear An WRHCAtiQflfil

Heating — a public m eting in nurne:§t Ea.l1 - givan by Sorosiu.




I woulun't navw game but fine Sfinfe pTBQ. Fem.

there :n 4 ageikufi «um I waa

( long win ugh) 55:. 3.1 " "flu. rm";
mam g

I 112'; Swing tr: 1:;

‘1’) -a
:7 a DOE/70 34

,0, howevwr.
“W; rfiiinyt va= Saw: gea-
yr, 11'};

1" U3 Ho .‘

I le.rnau touxy th¢fi nae 0E fiha

h1§ intrOuuoaM a” child labor ” bill wifih
”“26 :01“: 11"..7: TIT: r3311 *6 V0186": aficn. Wham


will write ymu .


 National Amrrirau mamau gmfi'mgz‘ Aaemiaiimt.


March 50, 1908.

Member of the Bugineee Committee:—

I am sending you copy of Mrs. Park's report
of College work.. use. Stockwell says she was a great
success. Mrs. Stookwell also regrets she ooulu not
have raised money for her eXpenaes but she says she
manageu to have her invited out for all meals save
breakfast. Poor fire. Park. Mre. Stockwall says she
wants to thank us for our generosity. She says she
hepes she can have Miss Gregg again. She says Minne—
sota is growing.

i am aleo genuing you a letfier in regaru to
Mrs..Boyer and one from Mrs. Biggere. I am very
anxious about Oklahoma. If things are left in an
indefinite way and the President and Vice President
are in Eurppe I shall aeeyair.

Respectfully yours,

/W 727% W


 National American Woman Suffrage Association

Honorary President. SUSAN B. ANTHONY. 17 Madison Street, Rochester, N. Y.

7443 Devon Street, Mt. Airy. Philadelphia. Pa. Recording Secretary, ALICE STONE BLACKWBLL. 3 Park ~Amer, Boston. Mass

Treasurer HARRIET TAYLOR UPTON. Warren. Ohio.
Vice President at Large, TLORENCE KELLEY, ’

05 East 22nd Street, New York City. 3 Auditors: “in“? CLAY, Lexington. Ky.
Corresponding Secretary, [IEATE M. GORDON, R. NNICE JEFFREY MYERS, 375 East 12th St., N., Portland. Ore.

00 Prytania Street, New Orleans. La. Chairman Press Committee. ELNORA M. BABCOCK. Dunkirk. N. Y.


1‘ )1 IE.)

:7::~:; ' - 3-2930 aeiyorsw .r-in'tm



the §0V.L fine ma chine, the co uO‘..€ in e¥

are all ugmingt up and fins, far 0:.1 hzfld

an u~CCui3L fie connifir? n Vamnticn

QIS Boyer tell u“ S“V
kind in the

i have nev1r

finfi wome%nno Gaul)

thirty out of fine Mineny two cauntiefi


Buy?“ Iurnhfr Say? tn:g hlfihough


3.116: 1. L"

when fine; ,':¢ '1 ‘ 'v :*u; 27¢ 13“ :0
Ikerm30111t 'r .x':“‘ {:31
Democrabia 110‘"‘ T10 'r if? L 50?

111.111. 3

par?io cula.1


éfib Ara Boyer ~,)p f‘;i'1 5: Of our orfanizcrs

113% fink Club womvn

VET? 0?"inP Tic“ 1 1.. “ 1 ‘ fairly ?MG11 of lard

fio fiEuir own housework n:& are not overly

who lookcd into our work in Uklu. L at vecs.r


Sen. Gwen tolfl firs Boyer that thin is n hold

were talking Shane k1“rs over hmfn1e we we.

that of thy forfiytwo Senators twenty one

1; I 1

fine wLisgey interests

fine U. 5. wou1fi

ouch opflonenufi

5 we h.vc no woacn

. - 4“» . . , .
f) .1” .1116: <,)" 311


ngho: vn10n¢ are

election ,

an abnorm:1 sa1fiition

'1 .—. 4‘ ‘
m: 4.1,. u *3 en

Jthe roman with whofl SHC 30% to work are

wearing Shay

.Lu'; ho a of Glcv9lanéC-

m;d(. the same ohserva

over lflglnlnturc 1 they
to flushingfion) and

'0 be elecficfi this time.


 .1 U



¥¢¢¢fifififf a



as many as these favorabl

ten of

fio so duel re more jar Lymr‘aL¢

w. t
A.“ 1::

max: ycur we paficibly secure

1. I. ll I'V'CI Li; $121.53 a


'u' L11 “-r


‘ .. ‘C 0‘9:

we cowl: ”- L,Li:- Sbhu



. 1“,,“ .1: .‘ N V,
S Lu L11” Lu:

Linn: but


pnwtivylg Téiflfied L0

to obey orders { jok

but if order

rm to huve thim


u rgrnefl With mnne.


“flu ahaut expengefi. Khan we

ungansea , Toni f Ln~iv f;?ico cxpcnsea

-,~plifi8 &o¢f)prefi‘ “31¢ advglics w

warmbh , ”velling

" inrgW ' "k:: F by: 3" ()f t1u‘

pianiefi &c we it will amount t‘ aboufi 590.00

month. Uf coquc we coulai $11,2hree see the impossi

of anuch since :9 havn on hand only whout enough


 A, 3325':


("3 ,~ w

.L ., :_; a
(uh-H L

h! (ML. a;


A m ‘

3 3555 a g <5 L
NEJ>§K39$ \gég . dummy §$\ w 650m
3 333. <5 \QSon g dikggd Q







{325: a




7 ;

?‘, i' '

: 1
V *-




Miflg Etta Maaqu,


1 +1112“ :.,{Li¢«:11:1 :—

Your letter of inquiry af

the Franchig3 to In‘Oh by aha Ghartar

‘xnu rfiiily E twill {yLy

secbiona a? Aurylunu.

‘. :u :. :.. -r a I
gnu uCCuflna¢YlSU ,nonlg. Fablw

7-1a: "1’1 (if fit-ill £30m; mu;

*hDW ;*& - amorty
“ H w M“, *

f0: conviencw


fiwwn riviflg. At a me fiifi

nifty; -':.=.a:'?‘:’aint»=3:-.' 30 “133713"; the

yen xwuquqminteu fin

Mr. fi. J. Huckett, John R. warrott

tha Committee to prepare aflu wubmlfl

'town, which bill gr ntau the

t”~“Y“” of the town. “as

pasauu by


1‘h:2 u in a hisfiory mf’fihe Bill whi:h L

guoing in tha Legialatuxe.



‘40: :00: m. . fitm
«1 :;=O})7,1:‘..i-'L"" i021
mo Church,
‘flflm rwn bf
zuegfion of 09:;


“u by fihe'majoyity

fine Legislature gnu


April 4th , 1908.

tniu 13,0n0 0?

+‘ ,
1") 1) .110.‘_\.L

A33 larggly hare now.

3f aboufi 53$ peeplé, iuite

waan who have bSCOLfi

w+r24 chiar'n Gtc,a3 the
the +0 m Quring
frufiizni a cvumwi’tee

the 3111 Se -:nCC?porntion.

. J. H. KCKIV canatfitufiau'

tn the man tax-payera of the

alike to male flfiu female

in town

aigneu by the Governor.


ixave ha» +he honor of in+yo—

Vary rug notfully,


I have

in my poaaeawion

fl. Hurria.


:ne orninal Bill from which


was engraguee._ this orifihal Bill and survey anu plot

¢f the town 18 highly prizeu by me an being

famale franchise in Marylanu.

the firat to grant

Jas. S. Harris;


 Natimtal Amm‘imu mmnau Emffragz‘ Ammriufiuu.


re 1‘ .25 am
2'3 -1. . :1

it {Two n ‘5: ti

.171‘021 Hon. 333 -

as“ ry intez‘eafiing to ;,er13.. I ...:::’1 encibosingg so

00:911ng 1:; 301125;}

_/‘ : I {Hi
[UK/1f, I ”W7 { (/Y/ (Z{{/&’ [QM/k.


 J‘XLC‘; \/.1.\- 1h; '-

failefi fie
"‘0 ’ ‘ :_




O c}- “
.Q "

:b r.)

71‘.u.c(2?‘a’ 1.1": fl}. [”3 2 if, "fibr-

Qua}. "




VWBJAn"+0” _
DHHLQ. «,0 .l " 53'{}'011, ""557,
Iod3ing at Clifton For; ;9 n - - -

fa an
Total for Cklnhoma n.nd Chicago T;pstand _- *- ;' foylan5 ocnlfl 3 ; ~ ~ , ._ “he employment of other

olnvk, ' 1 to p. 'Iyz”v; ”'91:" Ste maximum of,oP;ice


 enfi Clerk hire WuS to be $00.00 a no”"1. If I he& your responsibility on

Show} dere I usuld certainly Let me“ Hills on an: 0th r has;is.



.2 - . , .fl . .2 mauve!» ., a}: ",4

3.0'3 *, ‘v 71“” «d8 not JofIAIHe Oh ouaet
-~,, J" r..‘.. -‘.-l

0:"~‘83.u1€) no trot-woe on
the 4 ””0:

-J.‘ .. ’j‘ ., T M T
U Vile-J" @4{}18110‘;thLLOWe-VVQJ. , J.


“"o‘I2o2, :3o now taut

3wn12nighf:gafla hex“to give zm1.item-
eho might give two
reviewofi ‘;.,47i2,1; a‘ji ‘:= 1133::1 'fiefl*5if every resource of $1- He :.ion is taxed for it, ena to ihe exolleion

of other ork we sre now doinr;. 'I do not went to bore you with mv owion
_ , e, 1
.. _, q .. w , .H 4.1“ ~ ., . .,, ._ r
‘1ons on thi.e suogect; but I woulo lee to ISCdil “Jet welle I * ; >g.JKle-
home I oualified my vote f0? so 2n uELe vzggeeo there on my expectation

that we should continue L:ue 13m; man/Q [t is true, I then hoyefi the Initiate

”1V6 emfi OffifF“1UV law ”quid helm us. I do not know how we could no on a
1 -2


more wasteful enfl doetructive policy than to epemo thousanfle of dollars in

working up a state for years and then firOp the 0M1pa1 ign efto r we sufferefl



one defeat, though there was still oygortunity to continue :1 as there is
in OR lahoma. In my own business life for Unirfl years I move always can»

siderea an invego tment or expeljn iture of capital before I spent it; an& then

I worked patiently and stedfuetly.to make the investment bring returns.


 ."tave usec‘ hue 2- ' :r . ; .-. voting- ‘me money '

I am flmlly 17337111 115 ‘ fi ":9 any backfire} steél


before the ".~’-7'1ooi€‘:.f?‘.«'.r {=1 $01.; C‘FOEW.VV]19.t .T

;o .T. votefi that we should enter 1) on a campaign in Oklahoma. I

'u' 0 3.3311 g

Wilma.“ “cit ’ or

.4. ., .. - . . . . ,» a \..,,
A , .c "‘}‘.‘.’7“‘.‘v ; .. ,_ - . “1:3. 5: min (To


fixsat Cnmiisig‘m 10% 90

thnurh fihe
i“; (m? :1?"
e T90" 7106‘. View of such an imHTCGSSiffn -.~:vin5;
i0“: "9:“? "33m 011+ 0‘."f‘icw% , " '~ '1" “‘30 vein in


fi‘utt fill

113799 *fofiml ' :‘. . '_'f.,1
/ ,JW 1 m


 National Amerimn Woman gmffragv Azanriafinn


Presidenl, Rev. Anna Howard Shaw, Swarlhmore. Pa.
Firs! Vice Presidenl, Rachel Foster Avery. Swarlhmore. Pa.
Second Vice Presidenl, Florence KeIIcy,

I05 East 22nd Street, New York Cilyn
Corresponding Secrelary, Kale M. Gordon,

I800 Prytania Slrecl. New OrIeans, La,


Warren, Ohio


, .‘~~'\"-,‘r~_ ' f‘.‘
?. Jul/- (lbl’l,



- c at 17. an,

Auditors :

Recording Secretary, AIice Stone BIackweII.
3 Park Street, Boston. Mass.
Treasuren Harriet Taylor Upton, Warren. Ohio.

I Laura Clay, Lexington. Ky
Mary Simpson Sperry.
I 2 00 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, Cal,

Nay 1/1908

. , .
, ~ « r '7' '-':.
: ”'3 57.11 7. in, .e . ., I

73 my


 Natiuual Amvrimn Manual gmtffragp Azaanriafimt.




 am not

lance, you sea ”

, q r ‘ _e_ v
,9} ix-THCTR «,0 :19



 Natinnal Amvrimn Woman fi‘ufi‘mgz’ Amnriafinn

(Member National Council of Women and international Woman Suffrage Alliance)

Presidenl, Rev. Anna Howard Shaw, Moylan, Pa. m Recording Secrelary. Alice Stone Blackwell.
First Vice President, Rachel Foster Avery, Swarlhmore, Pa. V ‘ 5 3 Park Street. Boston, Mass.
Second Vice Presidenl, Florence Kelley.

l05 Easl 22nd Sheet, New York City. NATIONAL HEAD UARTERS .
Corresponding Secrelary. Kate M. Gordon, Q Auditors.- J Laura Clay. Lexmglon, Ky.

_ - l M S' S .
1800 Prylama Street, New Orleans, La. Warren, Ohlo ary Impson Zfagypacific Ave.. San Francisco, Ca].

Treasurer, Harriet Taylor Upton. Warren, Ohio.

May 6/1908
Dear Miss Clay:-

Your letter of why 4 is here, and I have read care-
fully what you say about New Mexico and l.Irs.Boyer' s proposition
for Miss Gregg. This change of base is one of the things which
has always annoyed me about the Oklahoma work. When I last saw
Mrs. Boyer she said she did not think much of organization, but
give her the politicians; and she has written me this several
times since then. Now she has gone back to Oklahoma, and finds
the politinians upon whom she counted have lost their places in
the machine, and she is entirely withouéjthemt I believe this
is the reason she has changed so completely in regard to the
organization work in New hexico.

I shall report the contents of your letter to Miss
Shaw, and when she gets settled (She will reach home on the 8th)
you will hear from me again.

I made no mistake in sending you the letter instead
of the bill. The only bill you presented was the letter, and
we arranged it so you could sign on the margin of the sheet.

I am therefore returning it to you for signature.
Gordially yours

HTU . ‘R g


«A27g'Z/(%%5an.r 2%:51if/7Z%L 65%2/:/ dé[///



 National Amrriram 1331mm gmffragp Aaanriafinn

(Member National Council of Women and International Woman Suffrage Alliance)

President. Rev. Anna Howard Shaw. Moylan. Pa. Recording Secretary. Alice Stone Blackwell,
Firs! Vice President, Rachel Foster Avery. Swarthmore, Pa. 3 Park Slreek, Boston. Mass.

. . 2
Second V'Ce Presm'enl, Florence Kelley. Treasurer, Harriet Taylor Upton. Warren. Ohio.

105 East 22nd Street. New York City. NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS
Corresponding Secrciury. Kate M. Cordon. 14111117075" {Laura Clay Lexington. Ky

- 1M S n 5pc y.
I800 Prylania Sheet. New Orleans; La. Warren, 01110 My lmpso Zloii Pacific Ave. San Francisco. Cal.

May 13/1908

Dear Mi 58 Clay:-
Enclosed find receipt for $80.00, making up
your $3100. for the Oklahoma. work.

I am enclosing 56 cents. You will remember the
exact amount we told you was to your credit was $20.48, which
with $80.00 makes $100. 48 and the 8 cents postage makes the

Co rdially yours

HTU.-R. // {7

\,/ / ,
;/A377,24;«1423/ 5L77/'””Z ///£2>f//Z—~h\\

/ / /









 .1.” i113, Lu.-


 . “L C‘

1, .


. sz‘Lm 1’








 Aatiuual Amm'iran Mmmm §ufi"agb Aafinriatimt.



 I ‘ _
Naiimml Amvriran mintmn finlfragp Amnriutinn.



 (r. 2


unflll 7 , 3.; OJ.

h'S hreak flown aha nan cgngultefi

M185 Gordon as t0 vtv: ‘\ ”' They deeiae d to flak you t3

come t0 Hea&quarters er 3f tha summer. Mia. Shaw report a
that you “iTZ , wiflihg t0 come provided I wanfi you. Of 6%?
coursa I wanh you . You were great helm and suyport t0 me when


yum were hare hefare but it \aulu nofi he yossihle far you to

flake Elizahefih’s place for Jon caulfi npt stand t 0 work as T? he
one will have to mark who --~ her place.

I have mafia up my mind that Elizahefih Shall

it is right for her t0 flu so. I will not be.

the result. The dmctors all agra:e that Shfi has nothing t"

nafiter with her exc&pt a run down condition and fihm$ all t.

Hanger :5 that she is aha will he unable t0 resist if any

thing should attack her, Well now I had two schemes. I
thnught That as we had partly agreed to take Miss Day as an
organizer that the hash thing we eaulfl do was to bring her to
headquartars and let hhr get acquaintea with the business;
She writes me fihat she can come and would be glad ta an 80.
She says that she'workefl a long time before her marriage in
a publishing houwe and she will thereforn be of hely in the
Press work an& in the proof reading of Progress. She says
thafi the Maine people have planned for her through the manth
of June and she woulfi hate to disappoint them. In the

mean time Miss Bertha Ccover of London Ohio the Car. 830. of


 state is a gray-mi 36x1 mama's;





ab 2m 1.

hxiev :r‘:

25:. fl fl

we 3.1;? (i 3.51.? e

S i}

2'?! £



fay ,




 . ,1.‘ q

when 9"


 o inflicate 11-; 7” an; 7 2- 1 ;ifiaia1 fie kg? to be
H an7 furth T rem; ' 7 5 id on? work,'stfl leffi at

fini the em;lovmewi A~T,1 ‘” "  $5 , ' A" manineésl inverfifib.

wuqf vofn


f5L71n21(2:.. ;A, h ::> ., > ~ I :.,= f _ “'i V ;z:3=i‘ ilrcu: fi12e Rrrv“i*


romp? in :m-mwfifip;

Corflially *onrs,