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G. Yazdani Khan M.Sc. (Final) 
[G? or 6?]9-B, Model Town, Lahore, (Pakistan) 12th April 1951.
Dear Sir,
Two months ago, on receipt of your letter asking for my credentials etc etc for admission to the Doctorate course in zoology of your University, I sent by registered air mail the attested copies of all that was required. Since that, I regret to pivot out and remind you, I have no received any reply. Although, as I stated earlier, the letter of admission is required for getting passport and visa etc which takes too much time here in getting completed. Anyhow, in anticipation that I may get admitted at your university, I have applied for pass-port etc and only on the arrival of letter of admission that I shall get it done. Please forward me with an early consideration and reply.
Thank you, yours truly, G yazdani
N.B. Address on the reverse and at the top

 [Air mail envelope with postage two stamps] 
The Dean of Admissions, University of Chicago, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. U.S.A.
Sender's name and address:-
Miss M. Kewalramani,
9 Plaza Cinema Bldg.,
Connaught Circus,
New Delhi-1.
[Ink stamp at bottom, reading: Received Dec 6 1954 University of Chicago Faculty Exchange]

 [Red stamp in center reads: The University of Chicago Office of Admissions Received Jul 19 1954] for. Undergrad (enc. med req sheet) Okon T. Inyang, Pathology Dept., General Hospital Lagos, Nigeria West Africa 12. 7. 54 The Admission Counselor, University of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Dear Sir, I beg to apply for an admission to your Medical School. While reading through the journals of your University here, I was much impressed at the study facilities available there. I have retained this my impression for long but I think I should not stop to make this application due to my financial problems. I particularly wish to know what are your conditions for endorsing the admission of Overseas Students, as I am anxious to become one. My present age is 20. I was educated at the Boys' High School, Oron and after 6 years of High School Study, I passed the Senior Cambridge Examination which is the maximum High School Graduation here. Among subjects which I took some of which I passed with credits were Mathematics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Religious Knowledge. I am presently working in the Pathology Department of the General Hospital, Lagos as a Medical Laboratory Technician. I have an aptitude for the Faculty of Medicine and a desire to do it in earnest. I will be grateful to hear from you. Thanks Sir, Yours Sincerely, Okon [Inail?]

13 JLY
The Admission Counselor
Administration Building
University of Chicago
Chicago 37, Illinois
Second fold here
[printed sideways]
First fold here
Sender's name and address
OKON T.  [illegible]
[stamped in black ink]
JUL 19 1954
[printed upside down]
To open cut here
[printed sideways]
To open cut here

 [Written in pencil:] To VCW 1-28-55 B1 [Typed:] M.O.K. Amunikoro, 17, Sunmonu Bale Court, Lagos, Nigeria, 21st January, 1955. The Director of Admissions, University of Chicago, 5801, South Ellis Avenue, Chicago 37, Illinois, U.S.A.
Dear Sir, This being my first letter to you, I feel that it will not be out of place if I introduce myself. I am a Nigerian by birth, 22 years of age, 5ft. 8ins. in height, skin characteristic of a typical African and parentage not of the aristocratic class. Re my educational attainments, I was educated at the King's College and C.M.S. Grammar School, Lagos, where I passed out in Form Six - the highest form in secondary schools in Nigeria, in December, 1952. During my school days, I studied English Language, Latin, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Georgraphy, Religious Knowledge, Mechanics and English Literature. Being ambitious-driven, after leaving school, I have been attending a post secondary Institution, University Evening Classes, King's College, Lagos, where I am studying Physics, Chemistry & Biology leading to the Advanced Level in these subjects in the London UniversityGeneral Certificate of Education Examination and my two-year course terminates in June 1955. My objective is to study Medicine, and facilities for which are not available here; further, I very much envy American graduates in Nigeria, hence I write you this letter. As I have stated above, my parents are just able to earn a living and no extra with which I could be given a further Education. In view of this, I would be very grateful if you could let me have full particulars of your scholarship awards, scholarship form, prospectus, and other relevant information regarding admission into your college. I very much appologise for the trouble I might put you into while hoping to hear from you by the earliest possible airmail. I am, Yours faithfully, M.O.K. Amunikoro.

 [Right half of page, postage stamp in upper right corner, pre-printed message in upper center reading: By Air Mail Aerogramme Air Letter If anything is enclosed this letter will be sent by ordinary mail.] The Director of Admissions, University of Chacago, 5801, South Ellis Avenue, Chicago 37, Illinois, U.S.A.
Sender's name and address:- M.O.K. Amunikoro, 17 Sunmonu Bale Court, Lagos, Nigeria.

 [Stamp in upper right corner: The University of Chicago Received Jan 31 1955 Office of the Registrar]
To The Registrar,
University of Chicago
Sir, would you please let me know if you could grant me admission to Masters Residential Degree course in Political Science at your university. My educational qualifications + practical experience is as under. 1, I got Bachelor of Art Degree in 1948 from the University of Punjab, West Pakistan taking up English, Political Science + Economics. 2, I got Bachelor of Teaching Degree in 1951 from the same university.  3, For the last three years I am working as an a senior English Master in one of the best Govt High Schools. In case I am eligible to seek admission to the above mentioned Degree Course, kindly send to me the necessary forms at your earliest convenience to enable me to submit the same. Thanking you. Yours obediently, Abdul [Majid?] Mirza B.A., B.T. Govt Central Model High School, Lower Mall, Lahore. West Pakistan.   [Written in red pencil across bottom of letter, reading: Airmail Foreign Grad 1G] [Ink stamp in red at bottom, reading: The University of Chicago Received Feb -1 1955 Office of Admissions]

 To The Registrar
University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois,
Sender's name and address:- Abdul Majid Mirza B.A., B.T.
senior english teacher
Govt Central Model High School, Lahore, West Pakistan

 [Two ink stamps, in black reads: The University of Chicago Received Mar 17 1955 Office of the Registrar. In red reads: The University of Chicago Received Mar 17 1955 Office of Admissions] William Ayodele Odulate Physiotherapy Dept., Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi Yaba, Nigeria B.W.A. 10th March 1955
Dear Sir, I am a product of the Methodist Boys High School Lagos, where I passed the Oversea Cambridge School Certificate Examination in December 1953, with the following detailed results:- English Language.....Pass. English Literature...Pass. Mathematics.....Credit. Drawing......Credit. Scripture......Credit. As I am really very interested in Architecture, I thereby seek admission into your University so that I may further my choice of career in the faculty of Architecture. Well, my father, a carver, died in 1952, and therefore I am financially unstable, but I shall deem it a great honour if I can be favoured with any kind of financial assistance available. I do not mind any part of full time employment to cover up in case the financial help available will not defray most of my expenses during my period of study in your University. For more information you may like to gather about me, you may consult the following people in Nigeria:- (i) Mr. S.A. Osinulu, BA., Dip. Ed., Vice Principal M.B.H.S, Lagos. (ii) The Senior Specialist, Physiotherapy Dept, Orthopaedic Hospital; Igbobi, Yaba. (iii) Mr. M.A. Odesanya, M.A., LL.B., 26, Reclamation Road, Lagos. (iv) Rev. Superintendent N.O. Salako; Box 922, Ilesha. and finally the Government of my country if need be. I also promise to undertake my studies conscientiously

 [Left-hand side of page] if given this opportunity failing which the help may be withdrawn immediately. I shall also be glad to forward to you my Original Certificate at your request. With all hopes of hearing favourably from you in due course. Thanking you in advance. I remain, Yours very faithfully, W.A. Odulate
[Right-hand side of page, one postage stamp in upper right corner] The Registrar, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.
Sender's name and address:- W.A. Odulate. Physiotherapy Dept, Orthopaedic Hospital , Igbobi Yaba, Nigeria. B.W.A.

 [Two ink stamps, black reads: The University of Chicago Received May 9 1955 Office of the Registrar. Red reads: The University of Chicago Received May -9 1955 Office of Admissions] Albert B. Siriboe, 1 Templeton Place London S.W.5 3/5/55/ 
Dear Sir, I am a student seeking admission to your college in the beginning of the next term July. I wish to be admitted so as to study for a Bsc degree, to be followed by a degree course in Medicine. I have the University of Cambridge School Certificate in the following subjects. 1. English 2. Geography 3. Health Science 4. Religious Knowledge 5. Mathematics a Arithmetic and Trigonometry b Geometry c Algebra. I passed this examination last year. I will be pleased to forward the particulars if necessary. I am 21 years of age. The last of my tuition and all necessary financial need thereto can be borne by my father. I will desirously prepare my passage formalities and proceed, immediately. I am notified for admission. I hope this my application will receive your kind consideration. I am yours obedient Student A B Siribol

 [Two postage stamps in upper right corner] The Director of Admissions, The University of Chicago, Chicago 37 U.S.A.
Sender's name and address:-
G. Yazdani Khan, M.Sc. (final), 69-B; Model Town Lahore (Pakistan)

 The Registrar, College of Liberal Arts + Science University of Chicago Chicago Illinois U.S.A.
Sender's name and address: A.B. Siriboe, 1 Templeton Place Earls Court London S.W.5.

 [Ink stamp in red, reads: The University of Chicago Received Jul 18 1955 Office of Admissions] M.K. Atiemokosu, Prempeh College, P.O. Box 649, Kumasi, Gold Coast, W.A. 10th July, 1955.
Dear Sir, I am a student of the above mentioned institution and I shall be taking my higher school certificate at the end of next year. Being very much interested in continuing my studies in America, I would like to enter your university. Even though born of poor parentage, I am very much unsatisfied to stop studying at this stage. I therefore appeal to you to give me particulars of your university, especially I would like to have your catalogue or bulletin. I shall be grateful, if you will enlighten me on any scholarships available and how to obtain them as an African student. I appeal to you furthermore to direct me in all the necessary channels through which to pass and to send me entry forms if possible. I hope you will reply to this as soon as possible. I remain, Sir, Yours faithfully, ME Atiemokosu [In red pencil at bottom of page, reads: Foreign ELU 1G]

 [Postage stamp in upper right corner]
The Registrar, The Chicago University, Chicago, Illinois. U.S.A.
Sender's name and address: M.K. Atiemokosu P.O. Box 649, Kumasi, Ashanti, Gold Coast.

 [Stamp in red ink, reads: The University of Chicago Received Aug 15 1955 Office of Admissions] [Writing in red pencil, reads: Foreign U-grad plus para on reverse]
Director of Admissions, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Department of Extra-Mural Studies, University College, Achimota, Accra, Gold Coast. 9th. August, 1955.
Dear Sir, I have been granted a scholarship in Industrial Administration by out Local Cocoa Marketing Board tenable in any appropriate Institution Overseas. The Board is making arrangements to place its students but it is also appreciated in cases where students succeed in getting their own institutions. I am therefore writing to enquire of the possibilities of my being accepted to do the above course in your Institution. (School of Business or the appropriate Institution) I sat for and passed the London Matriculation Examination of June 1951. I have a statement of eligibility testifying to my having satisfied the minimum entrance requirements of the University of London (my subjects were: English Language, R.K., Mathematics, History and Geography). I have also a statement of success showing passes in some special papers I took in the Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate Examination of December 1951. 9subjects, English & European History, advanced level, R.K., and General Paper, ordinary levels). I sat for Economics, Economic History and British Constitution (advanced levels) at the recent G.C.E. Examination and I am still awaiting results. I am aware of the fact that my application is a late one but it is due to the fact that I was given the award only on the third of August. I am prepared for any late Entrance Examination or Interviews as the case may be. I have the originals of the documents and Education Certificates I have mentioned in this application and I can send them if the necessity arises. I am making an appeal to you to do all you can to secure me a place in your Institution. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours Faithfully, S.K.G. Ofosu
P/S/ Prior to this award I have been offered a place in the London School of Economics (by a letter of 15/7/55) to do a two-year course in Social Science as a result of an application and an Entrance Examination I sat for and passed. But I prefer to precede this course with a degree of Diploma in Industrial Administration.

 [In red pencil, on left half of paper, sideways] The program of study you desire is offered at the U of C only at the graduate level. Your Cocoa Marketing Board may know of schools to meet your needs. Failing this you may contact the Educational Office at the nearest U.S. Consulate, or by writing the Institute of International Education, 1 East 67th St, New York 21, N.Y.
[On right half of paper] Director of Admissions, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sender's name and address: S.K.G. Ofosu, Department of Extra-Mural Studies University College, Achimota, Accra. Gold Coast.

 [Note in red pencil, reads: Foreign fellow] [Red ink stamp, reads: The University of Chicago Received Sep 21 1955 Office of Admissions] Lucknow 8/9/55. To, The Dean of Admissions, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. From, Kailash Chandra Khemka, 114, N.D.Hostel, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, U.P., India. Dear Sir/Madam, I am a graduate student in the Department of Psychology, at the University of Lucknow, Lucknow, U.P., India. I am working for my Masters degree & hope to recieve the same in April, 1956. My academic record is given in the table below:- [column headings: Examinations Passed. Year of Passing. Subjects offered. Divisions Obtained. % [percent] of Marks.] High School. 1945. English, Hindi, History, Mathametics, Science. II. ---. Intermediate. 1950. English, Hindi, Civics, Economics. II. 50%. B.A.. 1954. English Literature, Hindi, Psychology. (Got 60% marks in Psych.). II. 52%. M.A. (Part I). 1955. Psychology. II. 51.6%.
In view of my qualification as well as interest I would like to work for the Ph.D. degree in your university. I want to carry out my research in the field of E.E.G.. My papers in M.A.(Part I) were (1) History of Psych. (2) Expl. Psych. [Exploratory Psychology?]. (3) Developmental Psych. (4) Clinical Psych. & (5) Practical Experimental Work. The Third Paper comprised of Physiological Psych., Comparative Psych., & Child Psych.. In B.A. also I had Experimental Psych. alongwith the practicals

 [left half of page, sideways] as one of my papers. At present I am carrying out some experimental work in P.G.R.. As you perhaps know that most of the students from India cannot come to your country on their own. Poverty is a big barrier for us. I am one of these & cannot pursue my research work without financial assistance. I am writing this letter to you with the hope that it would be possible for you to help me in this matter. Kindly send to me the necessary blanks for admission & financial assistance. I would also request you for a copy of your latest catalog & any other publication or information which you consider will be of use to me. Thanking you, Yours Faithfully, Kailash Chandra Khemka
[right half of page, with two postage stamps in upper right corner] To, The Dean of Admissions, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Sender's name and address:- Kailash Chandra Khemka, 114 N.D.Hostel, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, U.P., India.

 [Handwriting in upper left corner, reads: foreign 56 fellow] Nov 9 1955 To, The Registrar, Chicago University, Chicago 37, Illinois. Sir, Being given to understand from the Cultural affairs Officer of the United States Information Centre Lahore, that your University offers some Scholarships to the Post Graduates of the Foreign Universities for research work on certain Specialized subjects, I, therefore, beg to offer myself as a candidate for one of them. As regards my qualifications I passed my B.S.c. in Zoology, Chemistry and Botany in the year 1952. I have al [rest of word cutoff] passed my M.S.c.(Zoology) Examination in Second Class from t [rest of word cutoff] PunjabUniversity, Lahore in this year. I have been working a Demonstrator for F.S.c. & B.S.c. Classes of the Govt. College, Lahore during (1953-1955). I hope you will very kindly consider my case and will give me an oppertunity to work in your University as a Research Scholar on any problem offered by your University con[^c]erning my subject. Hoping for your favourable reply at your earliest leisure. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours Obediently [ signature of Mushtaq Ahmed] ( Mushtaq Ahmed). 11, Feroze Street, [crossed out "out side side"] Sheranwala Gate, Lahore. [On left hand side of signature "Dated:- 31.10.55."]

 [Handwritten note in center of right half of page, "16 cents"] [Postage stamp in upper right corner] The Registrar Chicago University, Chicago 37, Illinois. [Black ink stamp, reads "The University of Chicago Received Nov 8 1955 Office of the Registrar"] Sender's name and address:- Mushtaq Ahmed Bhatti, 11, Feroz Street, O/S Shernwala Gate, Lahore. (Pakistan)

 [Written in pencil "Out F 10-21-55", in blue pencil "1988"] [Red ink stamp "The University of Chicago Received Nov 14 1955 Office of Admissions"] 42 Dartmouth Park Road London, N.W. 5 November 9, 1955 Dear Miss Wickhem, Under seperate [sic] cover you shall have received letters of reference from two professors at University College, and transcripts from Rutgers University and the University of London. As I explained before, my study of Buddhism in Ceylon did not evolve transcripts of any kind as it was a private study, and not undertaken at a college. I trust, then, that this completes^s my application for admission. As you know, I would like to try for a scholarship. I hope to be studying for the MA degree in the program entitled Analysis of Ideas and Study of Methods. I wish to add, in this connection, that my transcript from Rutgers is anything but conducive to scholarship grants. For an explanation of my ecstatic grades, ["ecstatic grades" underlined in red pencil with a question mark next to it] please contact Prof. Emery Battis, House R, Corwin Campus, Douglass College, New Brunswick, New Jersey. An explanation is vital to my scholarship attempt. Would it assist my scholarship try if I were to submit a paper written here in London in the Department of Philosophy? I do wish to be considered for any financial help available, and hope sincerely that I shall be able to begin studies in September. Thanking you for you consideration, I remain, Sincerely yours, [signature "Robin Sanborn"] Robin Sanborn

 [Red ink stamp "The University of Chicago Received Oct 10 1951 Office of Admissions"] 129-D; Model Town, Lahore. 2nd October 1951 Sir, Reference to your letter dated 14th March 1951, I beg to state few lines for requesting you to reconsider my application for admission keeping in view, now, that in the due course I have achieved following qualifications:- 1. I have passed my M.Sc. (Zoology) from [Punjabe?] University this year in June. 2. Worked on the research problem of "On the respiratory System of Rat's [louse?], Polyplax spinulosa, Burmeister, [Anopleura?]" and have submitted the thesis. Consequently I received 'A' class distinction in the said research which shall soon be published. 3. At the present I am working as Lecturer in Biology (Zoology) at the Islamic College, Lahore where I teach undergraduates. In the end I appeal you, Sir, to accept my application for admission in Ph.D course of Zoology (Entomology). In case it becomes entirely impossible for me to secure admission in Ph.D than kindly admit me in M.Sc. (Zoology) so as to make a pre-requisite for Ph.D at

 [Pre-printed header "BY AIR MAIL PAR AVION AIR LETTER AEROGRAMME"] [Black ink stamp, overlapping pre-printed header "Kentish Town 1245 PM 10 Nov 1955 W.W.5"] [Red, six-pence, postage stamp with Queen Elizabeth the Second on stamp in upper right corner] Miss Valerie C. Wickhem Director of Admissions 5801 Ellis Avenue University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. Robin Sanborn 42 Dartmouth Park Road London, N.W.5 [Abgleterre?]

 To: The Dean of Admissions, University of Chicago Chicago 37, Illinois U.SA. [aforementioned section covered with red ink stamp "The University of Chicago Received Jan 16 1956 Office of Admissions"] 1st January 1956. From: C.Y. Chaudhary, M.A.LL B S V, ℅ CIVIL HOSPITAL, GUNA(M.B.) [handwritten below in ink "India"] [handwritten below in blue pencil "402"] Sir, I am considering applying for Admission to your institution or University as a special student for the term beginning in the month of September 1956 in the following subjects (1) Law (2) Public Administration (3) Labour Welfare. Being a Government servant in the Judicial Department of Madhya Bharat State and having a standing of at least ten years in various capacities as First Class Magistrate and Civil Judge etc., I would like to follow a special program of study in the subjects mentioned above if possible. I am a Law Graduate (LL.B.) of [illegible] University, B.A. (Second Class) of Agrs University in Political Science, Economics, General English and Marathi and M.A. [illegible] the Nagpur University in Oriental Language I have done some research work in Indian History and has published a Book also. I am undertaking these studies privately on my own initiative after securing necessary study Leave (Leave without pay) from the Head of the Department and the government concerned. As such I would like to request you to enlighten me regarding an approximate duration of the courses and also regarding various Awards (Scholarship and Fellowships) offering tuition. Full maintenance and incidential [sic] charges or Transportation for Foreign students in your Institution or University. Please send me, therefore your Bulletin of Catalogue alongwith the appropriate materials.  Hoping to be favoured at an early date. I beg to remain sir, Yours faithfully, [pen signature of C.F. Chaudhary] (C.F. Chaudhary). G U N A(M.B.) [below phrase in ink "India"] [in red pencil "FOREIGN FELLOW" [below in pencil "for fellow sent - 1/17/56 DC"]

 [Pre-printed header in upper left corner of right half of page "BY AIR MAIL [phrase in Hindi] AEROGRAMME NO ENCLOSURES ALLOWED"] [Green India postage stamp in upper right corner, ink stamp over it "2-1-56 1230"] To, The Dean of Admissions, University of Chicago Chicago 37, Illinois U.SA. [sideways on bottom half of page "Sender's name and address:- C.Y. Chaudhary. M.A.LL.B. ℅ Civil Hospital, Guna.M.B. [handwritten "India"]"] [Blue India postage stamp in bottom right corner of page]

 [left side of page]
Michael B Oke,
School of Agriculture,
Moor Plantation 
The President,
Chicago University,
Sir/ I completed my
secondary education last year [1955],
at the end of which I sat
for the Cambridge School
Certificate. Examination. At school
I had chosen to take to
arts and because of my keen
interest in American education,
I had decided to read for
this course in your country.
However, I later learned that
American degrees in arts 
are not so well recognised [sic]
in this country, so I have
chosen to take geology,
my second best course.
The chief factor which
may retard my progress
in this pursuit is the
weak financial background
which had baffled me
even while at school.
Nevertheless, the Institute
[right side of page]
of International Education
at New York informed me
that American Universities
give out a limited number 
of scholarship awards yearly
to qualified students. I have
therefore written to you,

explaining my troubles.

I shall be much

pleased if you can aid

me financially throughout my
stay in your university if 
I am admitted. If it is
not possible that I should
get financial assistance this
year, I will be pleased to
wait till next year. So 
far my request is granted.
Wishing you a grand
Easter and at the same 
time waiting for the
earliest favourable response,
I remain, sir
Your obedient servant
M. B. Oke
Sent 3/30/56

[First fold here]
U. S. A.
[Second fold here]
[Sender's name and address]
[To open cut here]
[To open cut here]

14th February 1956.
Austin Johnson, M. A.,
Education [sic] Secretary
Y.M.C.A.  Esplanade,
Madras 1.
The President
University of Chicago,
The School of Business,
Chicago, Illinois.
Dear Sir,
It would be very kind of you if you could inform me whether
your College or University offers scholarships to foreign students
who are eager to do their higher studies. If you could also help
me as to which University or person  I have to contact for this 
purpose, I would be much obliged to you. I submit some details for 
your kind perusal.
I did my high school education at St. Gabriel's High School
Rangoon. I graduated in Economics (1949-51) with English and 
Political Science as my subsidiary subjects at the University
College, Trivandrum, Travancore State. Later I did my M. A. in
Economics (1951-53) with Politics at the Madras Christian College,
Tambaram, Madras. I was appointed as lecturer-cum-tutor in Economics
and English at the Hindu Nadar College, Virudhunagar, S. India (1953-
54)  after which time I joined the Central Y.M.C.A. Madras as the
Education Secretary. I am in charge of the College of Commerce,
Institute of Languages, Public Library etc., and also for conducting 
the various Examinations like the London Chamber of Commerce,
Corporation of Certified Secretaries (Lindon),  Institute of Indus-
trial Administration (London), Cost and Works Accountants, Institute
of Book-keepers etc.
My date of birth is 15th September 1927, I am married
(1954 February 11th) and without encumberances.  [sic] My wife Jeha
Johnson (23) is a Science graduate and is undergoing her Teacher's 
Training this year. I am 5' 9" high and weigh 160 lbs.  I represent
ed Travancore and Madras Universities (1950-53) in Volleyball
at the Inter-University matches. I evince keen interest in sports and
games. I was selected from my state to undergo the Volleyball
coaching classes by the Russian Coach, Mr. Golomozov under the
suspices of the Rajkumari Amritkaur Scheme. I cam out successful
as a qualified coach.
My father Mr. A. N. Johnson, M.A.,M.Sc. (Rangoon)., S.M., 
(Chicago) did his higher studies in Mathematics  at the University 
of Chicago, Illinois during (1937-39). My only brother Mr. Ahimaz
J. Franklin, B. Sc., B. Sc. (Eng.) M. Sc. (Bucknell, U.S.A.) did his 
higher studies in Mechanical Engineering at Bucknell University

 (1952-54), Pennsslvania.  My uncle Dr. D. Jivansyakem, M.A.L.T. Phd. had also got his doctrate degree from Colombia University, New York (1929-31).
I would highly appreciate the useful information that you would be able to send me in this connection.  Would you please send me the necessary printed materials and application forms?
Thanking you,
Yours very faithfully, 
Austin Johnson
The President,
University of Chicago,
The School of Business,
Chicago, ILLINOIS.
Corr - 66
Sender's name and address: -
Austin Johnson, M.A.
Education Secretary,
Y.M.C.A. Esplanade,
Madras 1.
S. India.

 [annotation center of page]
Forgn [Foreign?] Fellow 
[stamp center of page]
MAR - 6 1956
[handwriting over stamp center of page]\
[left side of page]
The admissions Counsellor.
Office of Admissions
The University of Chicago
Chicago 37,
I have the honor to submit that
I which to make a n application for some
sort of fellowship, scholarship or assistantship,
which I may enable me to come for advanced
studies in Educational Psychology and Sociology,
in your [illegible] University.
Re. my background, I may state [that?]
I have an M. Sc. degree in Chemistry, (2nd Division)
and a Graduate degree in Education ([illegible])
I have 3 years experience as Research Chemist,
about 5-6 years' experience as a teacher of
Chemistry and [illegible]. in a [Higher?] Secondary
School, and about 4 yers  teaching [experience?]
to B. Ed. & M. Ed. classes.
I had applied for a Smith-Mundt
scholarship [thru?] the United States
Education al Foundation in India, but 
I could not secure an award this
yet. Hence I have [thought?] of 
applying direct to the University for
exploring the possibility of some sort of
[right side of page]
grant of  fellowship, scholarship or Research 
Assistantship, which may enable me
to come to the States. and pursue studies 
in Educational and Sociological problems.

I have go [illegible] interest in research,

and are follows area  special
interest for me!
(i) Educational Measurement. specialty
assessment of factors contributing  towards
teaching [competency?] by  means of application of projective techniques.
(ii) Sociometric validation of
projective techniques.
(iii) Pure ly sociological - educational
(iv) Basic Education..
Upto now some 7 research
papers have been published, and 
some more are going to be published 
in the near future.
If I receive necessary information
I shall make a formal application,
giving necessary [particulars?], [onthis?]
basis of which my admission [illegible]
can also be determined. 
Sent 3-7-56 05

 [left side of page]
I hope.  that [persons?] like
Professor Thurstone.  may take
some kind interest and thus
pave the way