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NO. 8



The CKJF Forum Series is proud to
announce the forthcoming visit of the 1987
ular musical production of song and dance,
performed by top Israeli stars, will begin

at 7:30 p.m.

at Temple fidath Israel.

[The Israeli Chassidic Festival is being
arranged through the auspices of Israwért
Productions, Inc.l



Few women acknowledge their age but
Israel is shouting it from the roof-tops!
There is no better way to celebrate
Israel’s birthday than with the Israeli
Chassidic Festival. This year’s Festival
presents two hours of thoroughly enjoyable
entertainment for the entire family;
outstandingly arranged and choreographed;
in the spirit of a special tribute to

This much-anticipated musicale began in
1969, and in the intervening years there
have been over 1800 performances through—
out the world. The 18 years of the
Festival have produced 180 songs. at least
half of which have become ”hits“, not only
in Israel but in Jewish communities

Songs such as “Adon Glam”, ”Yedid
Nefesh“, ”Halleluya" and ”Shema Israel”
are Biblical verse set to contemporary
music. They express the heart and soul of
the Jewish people. the modern form of

ancient heritage.
when the curtain goes up, the
come out to dance and the songs fill
the air with the soul of lsrael; make sure
you re there. Don‘t miss it! Come
celeorate a beautiful a san’s birthday and
Join us at the 19th KERRELI CHASSIEIC
FESTEVRL _ {he best way to experisnse

Israel without leavino Kentucky.



FORLhK/E TICKETS The Elizabeth Rosenberg Memorial

Program is presented free of charge and

(jr\J £31fl£[;EZ made possible through the generosity of

the Elizabeth Rosenberg Memorial Fund and

Celebrate Israel’s 40th year and the Arrangements for Mr. Fuerst are being
Central Kentucky Jewish Federation’s 10th made through Jewish Welfare Board Lecture

year by becoming a subscriber to the

1987-88 CKJF FORUM SERIES. Patron tickets ‘
at $30 each and Series tickets at $15 each Th? 1987—88 CKJF Forum Series has been
are available through the CKJF office. coordinated by Forum Chair Susan Cantor

to as one of the on-going programs of the
Community Activities Committee, chaired by
Nat Sandler.

One of the most outstanding Series
be brought to the Central Kentucky Jewish
audience, the 1987—88 Series is made


possible through community support and the
annual CKJF—UJA fund raising campaign.




After the season opener, The Israeli '
Chassidic Festival, the next program will 0:, w

take place Sunday, March 80, 1988 at
Dhavay Zion Synagogue. Speaking at 8:00 Q ‘
p.m. will be noted anthropologist, Dr. ~§ .F , V
Ilsa Schuster, whose topic will be ”wither a. 1" :3
Survival? Israel and the Diaspora“. ; __

Schuster is a columnist for KIDMA, the .3 ’
Israel Journal of Development, and lec-
tures at the Golda Meir Mount Carmel
Training Center.

Arrangements for Dr. Schuster have been
made through the Jewish welfare Board

‘ . 1?
Lecture Bureau. ~ I. ' “‘1“ ’EWSO







The Elizabeth Rosenberg Memorial “M001: E 9‘5““
Program will be held this year on Satur— SC 9E ”new“ ‘h
day, May 7, 1988 at Ohavay Zion Synagogue. ONE e 5 at he brenCe

Mr. Jeffrey Fuerst, writer and broad- i“ be 3 ‘00 d rsh'lpc ‘
cast historian/critic, will speak that Therew‘YounQ Lea
evening at 9:00 p.m. immediately following Ndfiono ””3525
Shabbat. His very fitting topic for the h‘ngto 10°C.
evening honoring the memory of Elizabeth in Was 3J5, \988
Rosenberg and occuring the evening prior DAGTCh ‘ _\.““L
to Mother’s Day will be ”The Changing ‘S‘eteor\y.5P:;eE"$B7
Image of the Jewish woman: not just Molly Deo&‘e D APNJCM‘ONI
Goldberg and Marjorie Morningstar”. \NFoRMAT\O 2524522.

Patron Ticket, $30 each ............. No. of tickets _______ Total Due: _________
Series Ticket, $15 each ............. No. of tickets Total Due:

Individual Ticket (Israeli Chassidic Festival) $10 each; $5 Student (with valid 1.0.)
No. of tickets Total Due:

(School age children of Patron or Series ticket holders will be admitted free of

Return with payment to: CKJF, 333 waller Ave., Suite 5, Lexington, KY A0504



m —-4"n “riffs—(DTiflln




Awnsww,“ ..



Guardians of Zion will be held December
6th. As Israel celebrates its 40th
birthday in 1988, it’s time to rejoice and
celebrate. Guardians of Zion will be a
special gala affair you won’t want to
miss. The minimum contribution is $1800.

Arlene Cohen is chairing this event and
has very exciting plans. Details will
follow soon.

This will be the last year to be a
Guardian of Zion at $1200. So, it’s a
great opportunity to become a leader at
this level.


Campaign Chairperson Simone Salomon and
1988 Men’s Division Chairman David Rose
(right) attend United Jewish Appeal
Campaign Leadership Seminar with Congress-
man Sam Gejdenson (left) from Connecticut.

Women’s Division Pacesetters Event is
scheduled for Wednesday, December 9th.
Chaired by Marilyn Gall, this exciting
program will feature Ellen Cannon, Associ—
ate Professor of Political Science and
Women’s Studies at Northeastern Illinois
University and Adjunct Professor of
Political Science at Roosevelt University.

Ms. Cannon will speak on ”Jewish
Perspective on the Events of Our Time."
The dinner will be held at Gratz Park Inn.

All women making a minimum pledge of
$600 to the 1988 campaign are eligible to
attend, and invitations should be in the
mail by Nov. 80. If you do not receive an
invitation, please contact the CKJF office
(858-7688) so that you are not excluded
from this important evening.


women’s Division began the 1988 Cam—
paign with the Annual Board Meeting held
on September 30. Co-chairs for that event
were Karen Edelstein and Sandy Adland. At
the meeting attended by 24 women, events
and goals for the 1988 campaign were
discussed and Simone Salomon, Campaign
Chairperson, briefed the board members on
the concept of “leadership giving.”
Additionally, Nancy Hoffman, the Women’s
Division Immediate Past Chair, was recogv
nized for her outstanding efforts on
behalf of the campaign in Central Ken—

The following women have accepted
positions on the Women’s Division Board
assisting Ellie Goldman, Chairperson, and
Cheri Rose, Co-Chairperson: Sandy Adland,
Charlotte Baer, Ruth Baker, Judy Baumann,
Janice Brock, Susan Caller, Arlene Cohen,

Gail Cohen, Harriet Cooper, Sheila
DeKosky, Karen Edelstein, Sue Ezrine,
Marilyn Gall, Evelyn Geller, Susan

Goldstein, Nancy Hoffman, Evelyn Hymson,
Gloria Katz, Judy Levine, Ginny Luftman,
Anita Mersack, Marilyn Moosnick, Ricki
Rosenberg, Irma Rosenstein, Simone

Salomon, Judy Saxe, Sandy Slovin, Hannah
Smith, Merle Hekstein, and Carole Nilson.


1988 Women’s Division Chairperson Ellie
Goldman and Co—Chairperson Cheri Rose
attend UJA women’s Campaign Leadership





CKJF Missions Chairman Steven Caller
has announced plans for a Central Kentucky
Jewish Community Mission to Israel in June
1988, under the auspices of United Jewish
Appeal. ”Presently we are exploring the
costs, itinerary and details to make this
a special experience whether it’s your
first trip or tenth," Caller stated.

CKJF is hoping to interest 80 to 30

participants so that we may have our own ‘

bus and be able to arrange special
programming. Details will follow, but you
are encouraged to let Steve and Susan
Caller know of your interest now by
calling them at 266-1314.

It’s not too late for you to take part
in the United Jewish Appeal Winter Family
Mission. December 84 — January 3.

You may also wish to consider a UJA
Summer Family Mission, June 19-29, or July
10-20. 1988. UJA Family Missions intro—
duce you and your family to the wonders of

* Participate in a Bar/Bat Mitzvah atop

* Meet face-to-face with Sabras and
recent Olim

* Enjoy home hospitality with residents
of our Project Renewal neighborhood

* Travel from Tel Aviv to the Golan and
on to Jerusalem

* Tour the Galilee and see the growth
and development of Israel

* Attend Oneg Shabbat at the Western

*Participate in an

* Tube float down the Jordan River.

Mission features include round trip
airfare from New York; five star hotels
and kibbutzim; touring with UJA trained
guides; transportation on modern, air
conditioned tour buses; and special youth
programming led by trained counselors.


United Jewish Appeal is introducing a
new mission concept: Israel - The Politi-
cal Scene, January 17-85, 1988. Partici—


pants will learn firsthand about Israel’s
political structure and functions and the
key issues facing its people. The mission
will feature discussion sessions with key
representatives of Israel’s political
parties and journalists representing
different points of view. There will be
on-site visits to study the issues.

Principal givers must give at least
$2500 to the general campaign to qualify
for this mission. Total cost is $1950 for
double occupancy. Subsidies may be
available through UJA and CKJF.

UJA has announced the National Minter
Singles Mission; Feb. 1 - 11, 1988. This
is an opportunity for Jewish singles to
see ancient and contemporary history blend
together; meet leaders of industry,
government and the military; share the
success of Youth Aliyah, immigrant absorp-
tion, and rural settlement; and feel the
strengths of the modern Jewish State.

The cost is $1700 double occupancy with
a minimum commitment to our Federation/UJA
campaign of $500. Deadline for registra—
tion is January 1.

The Jewish Education Service of North
America is sponsoring an Educational
Leadership Seminar in Israel. July 25 -
August 5, 1988. This seminar is geared
toward community volunteer leaders, lay
leaders in Jewish education and education—
al professionals. This trip costs
approximately $8AOO per person.

Information on any of these missions
and programs is available through the CKJF
office, 606-858-7688.

to touch the golden stones of Jerusalem
to see the green fields that border
the deserts wilderness
to share thejoy of building a country
to walk the paths of the patriarchs and prophets
to explore our heritage and history
to welcome Shabbat at the Western Wall
to meet soldiers and students, historians
and heroes, professionals and pioneers.
to travel from Sodom to Safad, Jericho to Jalla.
Tel Aviv to Tiberias, Ashkelon to Afula,
and Rosh Hallikra to Rishon-le-Zion.
to feel the pulse of Tel Aviv
to know Israel . . . your Israel