MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.12,1894 -page 180-181

      " Resolved that in order to give the occupants of the
    dormitories an opportunity to test the scheme of self
    government for whose trial they ask permission
    authority is given on the following conditions:

    1. The petitioners shall mature and present to the
        President and Commandant the plan of self government
        under which they propose to operate.

    2. If the plan presented be deemed adequate by the
        President and Commandant to accomplish the purpose
        proposed the President and Commandant may at their
        discretion suspend the operation of such Regulations,
        for the government of the dormitories, for such
        time as they may deem advisable.

    3. The authority of the governing Board, Executive
        Committee and Faculty is by the foregoing neither
        impaired, relaxed, nor abrogated, but may intervene
        with full force and effect whenever in the Judgment
        of the President and Commandant it is expedient."

SELF - GOVERNMENT in the Dormitories. - Roll-call may be
     No vote was taken upon the original Resolution but the
following substitute was offered and carried: viz.

       " Resolved that the Committee on Military Instruction
    and college discipline be and they are hereby instructed
    to investigate the management of the Department of
    Military Science and condition of discipline in the
    dormitories and report to the next regular meeting
    of the Board what modification, if any, may be made in
    the existing regulations, and that mean while the
    President and Commandant are authorized to suspend or
    abolish such roll calls as they may think expedient
    to dispose with."