Minutes of the Meeting of the E\-ecutive Conm-nittee of the Board of Trustees
 of the University of Kentucky, Tuesday, August 4, 1970

        The Execulive Conmmittee of the Board of Trustees of the University of
 Kentucky inet in regular session at 2:0Uii o'clock (Eastern Daylight Time) on
 Tuesday, August 4, 19c70 in the Board Room in the AdcInnistration Building on the
 University campus with the following men-ibers present: Mr. Albert G. Clay, Mrs.
 Rexford S. Blazer, Mr. Thonmas P. Bell, Mr. Richard E. Cooper and Mr. Robert
 H. Hillenrrmeyer. Mr. George Griffin also attended the meeting. ln addition,
 University personnel present were: P-esident Otis A. Sinolet-ay, Dr. Alvin L.
 Morris, Mr. George J. Ruschell Dr. A. D. !lbrighLt  r. Lewis W. Cochran,
 Dr. Glenwoood L. Creech, Dr. Robert G. Zumlwirkle, Dr. Stanley Wall, Dr.
 Howard Bost, Dr. Donald Clapp, and ilr. John Darsie. Representatives of the
 various news mnedia were in attendance.

        A. Meeting Opened

        Ir. Clay called the meeting to order at 2:Uu o'clock. After the invocation,
pronounced by Mr. Clay, the Secretary reported a quorum present and the meeting
was declared officially open for the conduct of business at 2:03 o'clock.

       B. Minutes Approved

       On notion by Mr. Bell, seconded by MIr. Cooper, and so ordered, the
reading of the Minutes of the July 21, 1970 i-necting, of the Executive Committee of
the Board of Trustees was dispensed with and the Minutes were approved as

       C. President's Report to the Trustees

       President Singletary announced the receipt by the University of Kentucky of
a grant in the amount of $578, 700 fromi the Kellogg Foundation to be made available
over a five-year period. This grant, supplem-iented by University funds, will be
used to establish a regional center for the training of teachers and administrators
whose mission will be to prepare youing mi-en and young women for careers in the
allied health professions.

       Dealn Hamburg was introduced and commented that although the program will
be administered by the College of Allied lHealth Professions, it will also draw upon
the faculty of the College of Education and the Comm-nunity College Systerm. It is
expected that the University of Kentucky center will produce 60-80 allied-health
educators for an eight-state area which would in turn make it possible to produce
600 or inore additional graduates a year fur careers in the various allied health