I Prncle In Blue
Welcome fall,. .|’m glad you’re here!
1t’s with great pride 1n this issue, we recognize the 2012 UK Alumni Association
" ` if that we bring you the fall Distinguished Service Award recipients — David Moseley,
`   2012 issue of Kentuclqr Rick Parsons, David Ratterman, and Adele Pinto Ryan, along
· 5 Alumni magazine. with Qijntissa Peake, the recipient of the 2012]oseph T.
1sn’t it funny how we Burch Young Alumni Award. Get to know our newly-elected
always seem to want board members and officers. On behalf of the entire staff of the
what we don’t UK Alumni Association, we say “ Thank you!” to all of our vol-
have...until we get it? unteers. We couldn’t do what we do without you.
That’s true in life and Of course, fall means football, too! We take a look at the
weather. 1t seems like 1 2012 edition of the football Wildcats in this issue. Coach
spend most of the winter joker Phillips and the Cats are looking to return to a bowl
longing for the warm and sunny days of summer. Well, after this season. We were all disappointed that the team didn’t
the record-setting temperatures we’ve had this summer, 1’m earn a trip to a bowl last year, but the season deHnitely ended
ready for the cooler air of autumn. 1 would like to oPfrcially on a high note with the streak-stopping win over Tennessee.
say, “Hello to fall!” With the additions of Missouri and Texas A&M, it’s a new-
1’m also ready for the buzz on campus that accompanies the look Southeastern Conference. 1t will be interesting to see
return of students and the excitement of college football. Fall how the Aggies and the Tigers adjust to life in the toughest
brings a great opportunity for our alumni and friends to return league in the country With UK traveling to Columbia, Mo.,
to campus for Homecoming. UK’s 2012 Homecoming is set it will give fans an opportunity to visit the former Big 12
for the weekend of Oct. 19-21. 1t will offer many fun-Hlled team’s stadium and hopefully cheer the Wildcats to a win.
events along with opportunities to catch up and reconnect Go Big Blue!
with former classmates and friends. 1t’s a chance to visit familiar Be sure to check out the Qiiick Takes photo on page 56.
spots on campus, and if you haven’t been back in a while, see all 1’m sure you will easily recognize this group of Wildcats. The
the changes. argument can be made that UK’s 1995-96 NCAA champi-
1n this issue, we take a look at the tradition of Homecoming onship team was not only the best in school history but also
at UK. Did you know that Homecoming on campus probably one of the greatest ever in college basketball. That was a very
began almost 100 years ago? We provide a listing of associa- deep, dominating team. Amazingly, nine members of the
tion, college and student events. 1f you make it back to campus team went on to play professional basketball. What do you
for our 2012 Homecoming, be sure to stop in the King Alumni say — best ever?
House and see us! We hope you enjoy this issue of Kentucky Alumni maga-
Homecoming is also when we welcome back to campus a zine. As always, 1 welcome your thoughts and suggestions.
very special group — our Golden Wildcats. 1 truly enjoy
spending time with this wonderful group of alumni each With Pride in Blue,
year. Oh, the stories they tell. An outing to Keeneland with _
the Golden Wildcats requires quite a bit of stamina. 1t’s
hard to keep up with them! Their enduring love for the M
University of Kentucky is evident and something 1 admire.
This year we celebrate the Class of 1962. Here’s to us all Kelli Elam ’11
being “Golden” one day. Editor
s e e b I u e.
4 Fan 2012