xt70vt1gjw5p https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt70vt1gjw5p/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19840203 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, February 3, 1984, no. 423 text The Green Bean, February 3, 1984, no. 423 1984 2014 true xt70vt1gjw5p section xt70vt1gjw5p I ’ ` l Cao (a   /2, A
2-3-8i+ N0. 423
Feb. 5-12 National New Idea Week I
. Feb. 10-12 Carter Cave Crawlathon A
Feb. 10, 17 Gallery Series   "
. Feb. 10 Charles 1amb's Birthday
A Feb. 11 Communicating for Results Seminar
_ Feb. 1i+ Skeezix Wa1let’ s Birthday j A
A A Feb. 19-22 Art Library Society of North America--Confererxce
K Feb. 20-25 Music Library Association-—Preconference and Conference
Q Feb. 28-29 SOL1NET—-OCLC Interlibrary Loan Workshop -
  Next "Green Bean" issue: Friday, February 17. _ °
Deadline for inclusion: February 14, l0 a.m. A
A Emergency items can be submitted to the editor by
is phone after the deadline (7-1631). A
A, Production Staff: Cecil Madison, Liz Pogue, Rob Aken (editor)

 . mroiaum I A
Conmxnicating for Results ` ‘
. The Office for Continuing Education, College of Library and Information _
Science, will sponsor a communication seminar on February ll (8:30 a.m.- r
4 p.m.) in room 231 of the UK Student Center Addition. Topics will include
the communication process, listening, nonverbal communication, receiver-
r centered ccnmmication, and communications problems. Seminar Leader is
‘ Diane Rigney from East Kentucky Power Cooperative.
I · Registration fee is $40; enrollment is limited. For more information,
p call 257-8417. · j
SOLINET OCLC Workshops . »
SOLINET will present a workshop concerning OCLC Interlibrary Loan on February -
28 and 29 at UK. Both Basic and Update sessions will be offered.
On March 8, SOLINET will present an OCLC Union List Overview. 1 · I
A For further information, contact John Bryant in the Director‘s Office. I ’
University Senate Rules V ·
The Universit Senate Rules, revisions, and recent additions should haizeT;·be‘e1*1
_ received By Senate members, libraries, and departmental offices. Should you
,` have questions, discover errors, or need copies or additions , please call Ms.
Todd at 7-5871.
1 Research Libraries ;_1I'1_ OCLC_
» OCLC has put out a call for submissions to its publication `Research Libraries
~ Ln OCLC: A Q_u;a_r° terly. It welcomes manuscripts on completed research as  
» as on research in progress concerned with research libraries andthe ccxumnity
I of scholars and students they serve. Articles on the use of   OCLC sub-
systems are welcome as well. _ ‘
For more infomation, contact David S. Zubatsky, Research Library Relations
Officer, OCLC, 6565 Frantz Road, Dublin, OH 430l7—0702. (Phone:. 1-800-848-5878,
ext:. 6006). ,·
1983 Income Tax Forms A Q
The Government Publications Department has a number of income tax forms available _
I at its reference desk, on the display table outside the department, and! or in a
display rack in the lobby of King South. A
Cassette tapes of the instructions for Forms 1040, l04GEZ, 104CA,   cbhersl;
~ Special Rules for the Military; and Tax Tips are also available, as are various I
R printed assistance guides. For more information, call GPD (7-8400),.

 _, 1 M·1SiC 3116 Aft Conferences
J The Art Libraries Society of North America will hold its annual conference
at Btouffer's Inn on the Square, in Cleveland, Ohio, February 19-22. For
more information, oontact Pamela Jeffcott Parry, Executive Secretary, ARLIS/NA,
3775 Bear Creek Circle, Tucson, AZ 85715.
The Music Library Association will hold its annual conference at the Villa
_ Capri Ivbtel in Austin, TX, February 22-25. A preconcerence entitled "Computer
· Education for the Misic Librarian" will be held February 20-21. For more ·
information, contact Olga Buth, Music Library, University of Texas, Austin, 'I‘X
78712. · A i
UK Art Museum Exhibition _ 12 February — 22 April
William F. Welsh: Selectgd Works
Welsh's long career has included study early in this century in Paris l
and at New York's Art Student's League, service in two world wars, and _
23 years as an illustrator for American Home   anion and other publications.
Returning to his native Lexington in the late- 9· s, Welsh turned his
attention to portraiture and landscape. Honored by such groups as the ‘
Royal Society of Illustrators, Welsh has long been a notable character on
the Kentucky art scene.
The present exhibition, mounted in honor of the artist's 94th birthday,
contains works from all periods of his career and is supported, in part,
by a grant from the Kentucky Arts Council.
i Opening Reception for the Artist: Sunday, 12 February, 2;p.lm-.-—£»; p.m. ‘
The following programs will be held at noon in the King North Gallery.
Friday, February 10 "Black Career Women in Lexington: A Network Forms"
Panel discussion by members of the Central Kentucky
Coalition of 100 Black Women: Debbie wears , Pat
Stallworth, and Charles Jones.
Friday, February 17 "Military Music and Marches of the 18th Century"
lecture-demonstration by Dave Davenport, percussion
instructor in the School of Music, assisted by School
of Music Students.

The following training programs are available to UK non—faculty employees.
Programs are held in room 15 (basement) of Memorial Hall. To enroll contact
Rosemary Veach (7-1851).
Purchasing Procedures Feb. 14, 1984, 10 a;m.—noon
Conducted by Tom Fields, Director of Purchasing, this workshop shows how to use
DAVs, requisitions, purchase orders, and receiving reports to make departmental
` purchases within University guidelines.
1 Travel Procedures Feb. 7, 1984, 10 a.m.-noon
g Conducted by Leanore Grinager of the Pre-Audit Department, this workshop provides
I information about UK travel procedures and regulations, and proper completion of
  travel request forma and expense vouchers.
  Time Management Feb. 16, 1984, 9 a.m.—n6on
T How can you become better organized, cope with the time robbers in your work,
1 set priorities, and get optimum results in less time? This workshop examines
  time management skills outlined in Alan Iakein's book, How to Get Control of
t Your Time and Your Life. (A copy of this book is in the Career Resource Library.)
  Recognizing and Reinforcing Good Performance Feb. 9, 1984, 8:30 a.m. -11 a.m.
E When was the last time your manager told you that you weredoing a good job or
complimented you on something you did well? When was the last time you told
your employees they were doing something well? Good performance needs regular,
r· consistent recognition. Come find out more — suggest your manager atten as well.
Q mgm Books
_` Line, lhurice B. Library Surveys: All Introduction po png gg, Planning Procedure
  and Presentation of Surveys. 2d ed. london: Clive Bingley, 1932. (Z]665? ‘
il 775719825
  Matthews, Joseph. Automated Circulation: Plannin for a Region. (LJ Special
  Report #19) New York: Bowker, 1981. 2277125 .M38>" M
4 Webster, James K. Tj_1e_ ylblio ag hic Utilities: A Guide fg; th; §§)&1Cj.E‘..];laibf&f13I1.
New York: SIA, 1980. (25699.3/W4} »
  Five Years Ago This mnth in the "Green Bean" ‘
  The Library received official notice from the NEH of an award for the
  "Photographic Archives" project.
i Janet Stith, Vice President of the Kentucky Chapter of the t:3pecia.E. l.il>r.»>.ries
  Association, represented the chapter at the Midwinter meeting in Tucson,.5·Z.
  g 3 .

'Ihe personnel assigned to a disaster team should have a general plan for
the proper handling of fire or water—damaged materials. Peter Water's
Procedures for Salva ,e of Water—Damaged Libr Materials (Washington:
- _ Library of Congress, l§7S$_ is aninva uable resource in this respect.
Also, as part of preparing wisely, one person should be designated to
receive the disaster call, assess the situation, and initiate the necessary
Finally, consideration should be given to the finances of a recovery
operation, Librarians should be aware of the insurance on the building `
and its collections and what restrictions there may be when disaster
strikes. Often, insurance companies want to be notified immediately so
they may assess the situation as it is, before cleanup starts. If the
library or archive has no insurance coverage, some thought needs to be
given to the source from which financial help will corre for disaster
recovery. If there seems to be no resource, then management should
consider whether the risk of no insurance as opposed to the premiums is
worth it. More and more, insurance companies are insisting libraries
· have fire protection systems or the library will not be insured, or the
large body of the college or university will not be insured. (Jessie Adams)
(For more information, contact the Director's Office,)
Catalog Librarian for Middle Eastern and South Asian languages , University
# of Arizona. Salary: $l6,500~—$22,000. Deadline: March 30, ZL98!4.
California l
Book Conservator, University of California Berkeley, Salary: $2l,O60—-~
  $25,380. Deadline: March Bl, ?‘9SZf».  
s   Librarian for Islamica   University of California lil:·`Kl§.:?;l.Q;f.  
Z Salary: $22,560-$32,é+8i+. De.<1»jll.n1e: Narch l5, l98i+.  
j Librarian for Slavic Col.lecticns, University of California Beri~.el·-ry. ? .
E Salary: $l8,i+56—$32,i+8!¤.. madline: March l5, l98£+.  
_' Systems Librarian, University of California Berkeley. Salar; z did ,’¢56——  
$23,616. Deadline: March l5, l98i+.  
` Technical Services Librarian, University of California   ..»—.s. "Y :r_·· r. Salary: I
$33,000-$5l,OOO. Deadline;   3l, l98i+.  
( Head, Public Affairs Service; UCLA. Salary: $22,560-·$38,l72. ?;r2a¤?`i.i1’a.e: §
March 21, wsa. lf
Indiana l
Consumer and Family Sciences Librarian, Purdue Un.iversi.1iy. Salary: l
. $l8,000   Deadline: April l, l98!+.. f
` i

 Kansas K
Head, Acquisitions Department; University of Kansas. Salary: $17,000- _ (wr
$22,000. Deadline: March 31, 1984.
Slavic Cataloger/Bibliographer, University of Kansas. Salary: $16,000-
$19,500. Deadline: Perch 31, 1984.
‘ New York
Head, Acquisitions Unit; New York University. Salary: $24,000  
Deadline: March 31, 1984.
) Assistant Director for Public Services, SUNY at Buffalo. Salary: $34,000
  Deadline: not specified.
North Carolina
Head, Library Systems; Duke University. Salary: $25,000—$32,000.
Deadline: March 15, 1984.
South Carolina I
Reference librarian, Winthrop College. Salary: $16,500  
Deadline: April 1, 1984.
_ Business Reference Librariarx/Bibliographer, University of Houston.
Salary: $16,500-$20,500. Deadline; not specified.
Washington . _
A Librarian to administer documents unit of the Technical Services Division,
Washington State University. ` Salary: not specified. Deadline: March 30,
. Cataloger, Washington State University. Salary: not specified. kxdline:
Varch 30, 1984.
· Wisconsin
Assistant Director, Technical Services and Library Systems; Uni:versi.ty of _
Wisconsin Oshkosh. Salary: $25,000   Deadline: February 10, 1984.
(If interested, contact Ann Short.) ·
LT V, grade 7, Microfilm Center.