. W
  Rules and Regulauons T
 J '_"""""`i 2
  1. All badges must be worn conspicuously, and any one  
 , found without a badge will be put off the grounds.  
.  2. Tickets must be procured, as no money will be received .
  at the gates. +R
T  3. Books for entry of stock will be open ten days before  
_  the Fair begins, and exhibitors should make their entry, if  
'  possible, before the Fair commences.  
  4. The Fair will open each morning at 9 o’clock, by which  
.  hour all entries should be made.  
  5. All stock should be entered in the name of the owner  
‘  or his agent. Q
i~  6. _Exhibitors will please be careful that they enter their  
  — stock or articles in proper classes.  
E 7. No person who is an exhibitor may act as judge in the l
E ring in which he or she exhibits.  
;  8. Judges must not confer with each other. When each  
 » judge has formed his or her opinion, they shall report the  
  same to the Ringmaster, and he report their decision to the ii
i  Secretary and then proclaim the names of all persons entitled  
;.  .to premiums. `  
  9. Judges are requested to pay strict attention to the  
 i conditions governing the class in which they judge, and ren-
;.  der their decisions accordingly.  
 , 10. No person except judges and members of the Associa- ;
 I- tion will be allowed in the ring while the stock is being  
}  exhibited. ‘ V
` E  11. The gates of the amphitheater will be closed ten min- 5
3T utes after the call of the Marshal for each class of stock.  
 Z 12. No stock will be allowed to enter the ring unless under ,
 X. halter and in care of a groom. _  
gi 13. If any person makes known to the judges his owner- §
.  ship of stock or article, or pedigree thereof, they shall not be {
E  entitled to a premium on said stock or article.  
T 2