Our aim in giving this our forty-third annual fair is the  
t  same as in former years, to give our patrons the best possible ’
_  variety of amusement for their money and to mak_e it a most y
Y  enjoyable event. In our endeavors to do so we are given in- Q
_  valuable aid by our numerous white friends, who do every-  
  thing in their power to contribute to our success. We thank i
 Z- them with our whole hearts, and will do all in our power to T
  show them that their many favors are highly appreciated. ;
A?  As usual, our premium lists are liberal and will attract Q
  the best there is in the Blue Grass and out in competition for ,
l§ the numerous prizes. Floral Hall will this year surpass in 5
  every way all previous records in all their many departments.  
 I The prizes are more valuable this year than on former occa-
Q  sions, and the rivalry for them will doubtless be unusually j 
A  keen. I  
 " Our racing program, in all the divisions—running, trot- V
8  ting and pacing———will be the best in the history of the asso-  
 fp ciation, and some high class racing will surely be witnessed. .
;  . Owing to the great number of high class Amusement g
  Companies now traveling, the Association has been able to A
{I  secure one that is the equal of any now on the road, and one t
  that contains features that will be of interest to both old and ’
- T;  young. There will be nothing permitted on the grounds that j
  will be the least offensive or detrimental in any way. Spindle  
E  wheels, bird cages, and, in fact, all gambling devices will be 1
L  strictly under the ban and not allowed to operate on any  
  part of the grounds. The free features this year will be the L
 ° best yet seen at one of these fairs, and is sure to prove a de- j
Il  cided hit with all who are so fortunate as to witness them. i
1 Hamilton’s Military Band of thirty pieces, under the  
.  ` direction of Professor James Wilson, admittedly one of the {
  best bandmasters in the country, will be heard in daily con-