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     Harkins Family papers 
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     Walter S. Harkins, Sr. (1857-1920) was a lawyer and entrepreneur active during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Floyd County, Kentucky. By the 1920s his sons, Walter S. Harkins, Jr. (1898-1936) and Joseph Davidson Harkins were practicing in the Harkins law firm and also participating in the development of coal and gas in eastern Kentucky. Materials primarily include business papers, including a large amount of the correspondence and case files relating to legal cases handled by the Harkins and Harkins law firm. 
     Immediate Source of Acquisition 
 The Harkins Family Papers were given to the University of Kentucky Libraries by Mrs. Iley B. Browning, Walter Harkins Jr.'s sister, and Mrs. Walter F. Vanlandingham, also a descendant of the Harkins Family.    
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 Collection is open for research.    
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 [Identification of item], Harkins Family papers, 1860-1954, 63M46, Special Collections and Digital Programs, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington    
     Biographical / Historical 
 Walter S. Harkins, Sr. (1857-1920) was a lawyer and entrepreneur from Floyd County, Kentucky. Harkins was married to Josephine Davidson and inherited significant portions of land through the estate of her father, Joseph M. Davidson, an influential member of eastern Kentucky society. Prior to 1889, Harkins' law business was primarily devoted to the recovery of debts on the behalf of wholesalers and collection agencies based out of regional cities such as Cincinnati and Portsmouth, Ohio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Baltimore, Maryland. Harkins worked to recover these debts from merchants and private citizens in eastern Kentucky and ultimately used the information gained from this business to acquire land and mineral rights in the region and to promote eastern Kentucky as a location for investment to industrialists, real estate agents, and fellow entrepreneurs throughout the United States and Europe. With the extension of railroads into eastern Kentucky during the 1890s and early twentieth century, Harkins' legal practice shifted toward the representation of companies devoted to the development and extraction of eastern Kentucky's natural resources (coal, oil, natural gas, and timber). Harkins did much to facilitate the economic and social transformation in the region by consolidating landholdings for the purpose of attracting investors and by representing outside companies in numerous legal disputes with eastern Kentuckians over who would control development in the region and how it would occur.  By the 1920s his sons, Walter S. Harkins, Jr. (1898-1936) and Joseph Davidson Harkins (1884-1954) were practicing in the Harkins law firm and also participating in the development of coal and gas in eastern Kentucky. Walter Jr. died in 1936 at age 38, but Joseph's sons Walter S. (Scott) III and Joseph D. Jr. were still practicing law at the time of their father's death in 1954.    
     Scope and Contents 
 These are primarily the business papers of the Harkins family of eastern Kentucky, though some personal papers are also included. Much of the correspondence relates to legal cases handled by the Harkins and Harkins law firm, as well as a substantial number of case files containing letters and carbons of transcripts and other court documents. There are also letters dealing with the family's other business interests, including the development of the Big Sandy River Valley. Personal papers include family correspondence, clippings, certificates, and photographs.    
 Organized into the following series: Personal (1876-1953, undated), Business (1860-1954, undated), Topical Files, Legal Cases, and Photographs.    
     Big Sandy River Valley (Ky. and W. Va.) -- History. 
     Mineral rights -- Kentucky -- Floyd County -- History. 
     Law reports, digests, etc. -- Kentucky. 
     Mining leases -- Kentucky -- Floyd County -- History. 
     Practice of law -- Kentucky. 
     Prestonsburg (Ky.) -- History. 
     Floyd County (Ky.) -- History. 
     Bankers -- Kentucky. 
     Banks and banking -- Kentucky -- Prestonsburg. 
     Coal trade -- Kentucky -- Floyd County -- History. 
     Lawyers -- Kentucky. 
     Harkins, Walter Scott, 1898-1936. 
     Harkins, Josephine Davidson, 1859- 
     Harkins, Walter Scott, 1857-1920. 
     Harkins, Joseph D. (Joseph Davidson), 1884-1954. 
     Harkins and Harkins (Law firm) 
     Harkins family. 
   PERSONAL I Scope and Contents note The Harkins family personal papers are predominantly composed of receipts and invoices related to W.S. Harkins' purchase of household items, including clothing, jewelry, furniture, groceries, books, and office supplies. The receipts and invoices also give indication of Harkins' extensive law library, his rising financial status and place within eastern Kentucky society, and his reputation as a shrewd, and active, consumer. In addition there are letters from suppliers to Harkins containing advertisements or samples of products which they hope will interest him. There is personal correspondence from family, friends, and fellow professionals, including a few letters addressed to Harkins' wife Josephine and other members of the Harkins family. Also included are payrolls, receipts, and correspondence pertaining to the building of Harkins' new house around the year 1905 in Prestonsburg (Floyd County), Kentucky. Papers dealing with Harkins' involvement in civic organizations and political matters were removed from this section and placed with material on his business dealings and to illustrate the interconnected nature in which these forces functioned in his life during this period. Papers concerning Harkins' personal banking activity, particularly with Catlettsburg National Bank, were also kept in the "business" category because they are more pertinent to Harkins' paying of others' debts rather than his personal finances.  BIOGRAPHICAL i Walter S. Harkins i Certificates of appointment to Notary Public and Delegate in Kentucky 1884-1889 1 1 Estate Papers 1919-1928 1 2 Scope and Contents note [These papers outline the financial account and land and mineral ownership of Walter S. Harkins. They show receipts and disbursements of his estate and the accounting of land tracts. Included are papers related to the various oil, gas, and mineral leases that Walter S. Harkins owned, often showing from whom and where they were bought. The papers also outline the history of various land tracts and how they came to be in the Walter S. Harkins estate.] Josephine D. Harkins ii Dedications to Josephine D. Harkins 1941-1946 1 3 Scope and Contents note [including one from the Bank Josephine, founded by the Harkins family, which outlines a short biography of Josephine and the Harkins family.] Joseph D. Harkins iii Judge appointment certificates, state bar association materials, address given before the Indiana Bar Association, picture, obituary, and ledger labelled "coal book" 1907-1954 1 4 Walter S. Harkins Jr. iv Army papers and obituary 1936, undated 1 5 Walter S. Harkins III (Scott Harkins) v Military papers 1946-1948 1 6 Harkins Family vi Genealogy, family cemetery blueprint, miscellaneous short story and newspaper clippings undated 1 7 CORRESPONDENCE ii Scope and Contents note Most of the personal correspondence is between family members, but also includes letters to friends and business acquaintances. 1876-1883 1 8 1883-1885 1 9 1885-1886 1 10 1886-1887 1 11 1887 May-December  1 12 1888 January-June  1 13 1888 July-December  2 1 1889-1906 2 2 1907-1917 2 3 1918-1919 2 4 1920-1939 2 5 1940-1953 2 6 undated 2 7 BUSINESS II CORRESPONDENCE AND RELATED MATERIALS i Scope and Contents note Arranged chronologically, these files include bills, invoices, business agreements, land leases, deeds, and surveys of land in the Kentucky counties of Floyd, Magoffin, Knott, Martin, Letcher, and Pike. Papers dating from 1860 through March 1889 deal primarily with the Harkins law firm and its representation of wholesalers and collection agencies in their collecting of debts in eastern Kentucky. Letters from these businesses concern the status of claims; inquire about the financial standings of individuals; and respond to settlement offers from Harkins on behalf of debtors. Papers from 1889 onward display a shift away from Harkins' business in claiming debts to a more intense focus on land dealings and representation of the mining, railway, oil, and natural gas companies beginning to do business in eastern Kentucky. Much of the correspondence concerns the payment of fees and debts, as well as disputes over amounts owed. There are also letters discussing the prospect of railroads coming into eastern Kentucky and its importance in the development of the mining industry in that area. Moreover, letters also reveal disputes between citizens of eastern Kentucky and the various railroad, timber, oil, and mining companies doing business in the region over such things as destruction of property, failure to deliver merchandise, contested land titles, violation of agreements, and citizens' refusals to sell or leave land coveted by companies. The business correspondence provides an indication of Harkins's growing influence within the community. The files contain letters from friends or acquaintances asking for assistance in finding employment, requests for him to use his political capital to repair local roads and bridges, and documents which demonstrate his active involvement in the Masonic Lodge and Mutual Benefit Association. In addition, there are numerous letters from politicians seeking his backing. 1860-1885 i 1860-1879 3 1 1880-1881 3 2 1882 3 3 1883 January-June  3 4 1883 July-December  3 5 1884 January-June  3 6 1884 July-December  3 7 1885 January-July  3 8 1885 August-December  3 9 1886-1887 ii January-February 1886 4 1 March-April 1886 4 2 May-June 1886 4 3 July-August 1886 4 4 September-December 1886 4 5 January-February 1887 4 6 March-April 1887 4 7 May-June 1887 4 8 1887-1888 iii July-August 1887 5 1 September-November 15, 1887 5 2 November 16-December 1887 5 3 January-February 15, 1888 5 4 February 16-March 1888 5 5 April-May 15, 1888 5 6 May 16-June 1888 5 7 July-August 15, 1888 5 8 1888-1889 iv August 16-September 1888 6 1 October-November 15, 1888 6 2 November 16-December 15, 1888 6 3 December 16, 1888-January 15, 1889 6 4 January 16-February 1889 6 5 March 1889 6 6 April-August 1889 6 7 1889-1906 v September 1889-1890 7 1 1891-1897 7 2 1898-1899 7 3 1900-1901 7 4 January-October 1902 7 5 November-December 1902 7 6 1903 7 7 1904-1905 7 8 1906 7 9 1907-1913 vi January-August 1907 8 1 September-December 1907 8 2 1908 8 3 1909 8 4 1910 8 5 January-June 1911 8 6 July-December 1911 8 7 January-June 1912 8 8 July-December 1912 8 9 January-April 1913 8 10 1913-1916 vii May-December 1913 9 1 January-May 1914 9 2 June-December 1914 9 3 January-July 1915 9 4 August-October 1915 9 5 November-December 1915 9 6 January-February 1916 9 7 1916-1918 viii March-June 1916 10 1 July-August 1916 10 2 September-December 1916 10 3 January-February 1917 10 4 March-May 1917 10 5 June-August 1917 10 6 September-December 1917 10 7 January 1918 10 8 1918 ix February 1918 11 1 March 1918 11 2 April 1918 11 3 May 1918 11 4 June 1918 11 5 July 1918 11 6 August 1918 11 7 September-October 1918 11 8 November-December 1918 11 9 1919-1920 x January-April 1919 12 1 May 1919 12 2 June-July 1919 12 3 August-September 1919 12 4 October-December 1919 12 5 January-May 1920 12 6 June-August 1920 12 7 September-December 1920 12 8 1921-1942 xi 1921 13 1 1922 13 2 1923 13 3 1924 13 4 1925 13 5 1926 13 6 1927 13 7 1928 13 8 1929 13 9 1930 13 10 1931 13 11 1932 13 12 1933 13 13 Scope and Contents note [Note in May 1933 there is a Veterans Administration, Spanish American War Disability Claim by Samuel Spradlin of Prestonsburg, Kentucky.] 1934 13 14 1935 13 15 1936 13 16 1937 13 17 1938 13 18 1939 13 19 1940 13 20 1941 13 21 1942 13 22 1943-1954, undated xii 1943 14 1 1944 14 2 1945 14 3 1946 14 4 1947 14 5 1948 14 6 1949 14 7 1950 14 8 1951 14 9 1952 14 10 1953 14 11 1954 14 12 Correspondence between Joseph D. Harkins and William S. Harmon, November 1950- October 1951[Part I] 14 13 Scope and Contents note [Folders comprised primarily of correspondence from November 1950 to June 1954 between Joseph D. Harkins and William S. Harmon of Kentucky- West Virginia- Ohio Coal and Coke Company in Columbus Ohio. The correspondence details their actions as they put together a group of coal leases they call the Burchett Branch Tract (Floyd County, Kentucky) and also work to get a company to actually mine the coal. Harkins and other local residents actually own the land and they want Harman to organize it. Also, Merl Kelce of Kansas is their prime target for investment. See especially letter dated August 30, 1951 for detailed plan. The mining method was to be, at least in part, stripping and augering. Apparently Harman and Harkins could not capitalize the mining itself, but hoped to make money by claiming a minimum tonnage royalty on each ton removed. Correspondence between Joseph D. Harkins and William S. Harmon, November 1951- June 1954 [Part II] 14 14 undated 14 15 LEDGERS ii Rent Register  1908-1916 15 1 Scope and Contents note [Includes renter name, location, lot and also the amounts owed and paid] Account Ledger  1919-1922 15 2 Scope and Contents note [Shows notes/bills paid and renewed, both personal and business] Account Ledger  1927-1931 15 3 Scope and Contents note [Shows notes/bills paid and renewed, both personal and business] TOPICAL FILES III Scope and Contents note Arranged alphabetically, these files highlight the business and civic interests of the Harkins Family. Of particular interest are the files that illustrate how they approached minerals speculation. Unlike the materials in the preceding "Business" series, these files offer a more complete and focused look at how tracts of land and mineral leases belonging to different owners were acquired, bundled, and then mined or sold to a mining company. See individual scope notes for detailed descriptions. Adams Patents Company 1907-1920 16 1 Scope and Contents note [Both Walter Harkins, Jr, and Joseph Harkins held stock in this company formed by Lytle S. Adams and incorporated in the State of Delaware. The Harkinses also owned stock in the Spiral Machinery Corporation which worked closely with the Adams Patents Company. Joseph Harkins also appears to be the lawyer for the Adams Patents Company which was responsible for inventing improvements in a lighting system, the hole digger, cable laying machines, and the spiral cultivator. All of these machines were designed to help excavate or plow dirt, minerals and earth. The file includes correspondence relating to the company's incorporation and patents, and also includes diagrams of the inventions. See also photographs in Box 31, Items 15-17.] Big Sandy Valley Association 1945-1947, undated 16 2 Scope and Contents note [The Association was composed of a board of directors from the Kentucky counties of Boyd, Floyd, Johnson, Lawrence, Pike and Martin; Mingo, Wayne, Mercer and McDowell counties in West Virginia; and Buchanan and Tazewell counties in Virginia. Joseph Harkins represented Floyd County. The Association not only attempted to get a dam and waterway built along the Big Sandy River to help prevent flooding, but also to aid in the transportation of coal. The file includes correspondence, by-laws and meeting memoranda. Also included are student essays submitted in the Big Sandy Valley essay contest judged by Joseph Harkins. The assigned theme for the contest was to defend the positive aspects of the dam. For example, one rationale asserted that the project would provide jobs for veterans coming back from World War II.] Camp Branch Coal Lands 1918-1921 16 3 Scope and Contents note [The Camp Branch Coal Lands were formed by combining tracts of land in both the Harkins estate and the John C.C. Mayo estate in the post-World War I period. The mineral and coal rights on these tracts were originally bought or leased by Walter Harkins, Sr. and John C.C. Mayo from numerous families in Floyd County. (Family names include: Layne, Justice, Honaker, Jones, Amey [also listed as "Amy"], Akers, Boyd, Kidd, Morse, and Williams.) The estates attempted to lease the Camp Branch Coal Lands' mineral rights to interested coal companies for development and mining. E.E. Parker of Huff Creek Coal was interested, but never finalized a lease. Those securing leases include B.F. Vincent of Vincent Coal Company (later Cliff Coal Company and Wonderland Coal Company), the Central Elkhorn Coal Company, and the Ivanhoe Elkhorn Collieries Company. The lease with the latter appears to fall apart in 1924 when Ivanhoe attempted to join with Akron Coal Company. Also of note is the attempt to convince the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company to allow a siding. These files contain correspondence, leases, abstracts of titles, and descriptions of the land parcels that made up this tract. [See Also S. H. Goodloe, Box 16 Folder 9] Camp Branch Coal Lands 1922-1925, undated 16 4 Camp Branch Coal Lands, abstracts and titles undated 16 5 Consolidation Oil and Gas Byproducts Company undated 16 6 Scope and Contents note [This company put tracts together for oil and gas mining purposes in Floyd, Knott, Magoffin, Perry and Letcher counties in Kentucky. Joseph D. Harkins was the president of the company and Harkins and Harkins was the company's legal firm. The file describes where, what and how they were to drill and mine the oil and gas.] Election Fraud undated 16 7 Scope and Contents note [This folder concerns an election fraud in the contest between Sturgill and Martin in Floyd County, Kentucky. It highlights the different voter counts.] The Flag undated 16 8 Scope and Contents note [Possibly a speech or essay for publication about the American Flag, probably by a Harkins] S.H. Goodloe 1917-1918 16 9 Scope and Contents note [S.H. Goodloe of Williamson, West Virginia, was an executive in the Wilhelmina Coal Company, later the Goodell Coal Company and the Goodloe Brothers Company. Goodloe, along with his brother-in-law Senator Goodykoontz, was interested in leasing lands for coal mining operations near Ivel, in Floyd County, Kentucky south of Prestonsburg. These lands were jointly owned by the John C.C. Mayo Estate and the Walter S. Harkins, Sr. Estate. Included in the file is correspondence between the parties about leasing and development, a copy of a contract to accept and execute a lease within thirty days, and copies of the actual leases between the Mayo and Harkins Estates and S.H. Goodloe. Complications arose, however, with the deeds and combining the tracts of land together. Then a proposed railroad connection was halted because of World War I and the lease agreement fell apart. After the war, these same tracts, renamed Camp Branch Coal Lands, proved to be of developmental interest. See also the Camp Branch Coal Lands File, Box 16 Folders 3-5.] Highland Land and Coal Company,  1914-1916 17 1 Scope and Contents note [Walter S. Harkins, Jr. and his brother, Joseph D. Harkins with John C.C. Mayo (and later at his death, his widow Alice Mayo) and Hiram Harris were directors of the Highland Coal and Land Company. This company secured mineral leases and leased land to other companies who mined the coal, such as Cliff Coal Company, the primary correspondent represented in this file. The company mining the coal (Cliff) paid royalties to (Highland) based on number of tons of coal mined.] Hindman Settlement School 1949-1950 17 2 Scope and Contents note [The Hindman Settlement School was established in 1902 by Katherine Petit and May Stone in Knott County, Kentucky. The school became a model center for education and social services and played a vital role in continuing the cultural traditions of southeastern Kentucky. Joseph D. Harkins became involved with the Hindman Settlement School as a presiding officer in the commencement of 1949. Governor Clements spoke at the commencement and Joseph D. Harkins was responsible for inviting other prominent business men and politicians to the commencement. After the commencement, Joseph D. Harkins was named as the chair and organizer of the Hindman Settlement School Board of Overseers. It is unclear what the duties of the Board of Overseers was, but appears to be mostly administrative. The files contain the correspondence relating to the 1949 commencement and the organization of the Board of Overseers including those who both accepted and denied positions on the board.] Hindman Settlement School 1950-1952 17 3 Ivanhoe and Emporia Mines in the Apache Mining District, Sierra County, New Mexico undated 17 4 Scope and Contents note [Brochure or description about the company by J.C. Carrera] Jones Colliery Company 1920-1925 17 5 Scope and Contents note [The folder contains copies of coal lease agreements with the Jones Colliery Company. (Some are between the Harkins Family and Jones Colliery Company). It also includes a land lease with Grant Weddington to build mine houses for miners in 1922 and there is also mention of a lawsuit between Josie D. Harkins et al. v. Jones Colliery Company et al. ] May, William Harvey undated 17 6 Scope and Contents note [Biography of William Harvey May presented at a memorial in the Floyd County Courts, probably written by a Harkins] Mineral leases with Woods, Gunnel, Crumb, Jessie and Jones households. September-November 1911. 1911 September-November 17 7 Scope and Contents note [This folder is a prototype for Harkins' land and mineral speculation. Though unsure how and why these materials came to be grouped together, it appears that Harkins was putting together a tract of land, buying each property owner's mineral rights with a broad-form deed, probably in order to create contiguous acreage to lease to a coal mining company. Note that Harkins employed a standardized questionnaire and had his own personalized "option contract" (i.e. broad-form deed).] Moving county seat of Floyd County from Prestonsburg to Allen undated 17 8 Scope and Contents note [Appears to be a speech or editorial written by a Harkins] New Domain Oil and Gas Company 1901-1903 17 9 Scope and Contents note [This folder contains a record book of surveys and deeds in "Jones Fork of Beaver" which seemed to have served two different though not unrelated functions. The first two pages reflect "orders" and "expenses" while an unnamed individual performed surveys on "Jones Fork of Beaver" (probably Right Beaver Creek in Knott County, Kentucky), for Walter S. Harkins Sr. in 1902. Following are records arranged by landowner's name and primarily composed in July 1901. Each entry notes how many acres were owned, whether a survey exists, where the deed is recorded and a citation for such, and which family members are implicated in the ownership. The contents of this record book, along with a separate and last document in the folder, which highlights the same tracts of land, suggest that Harkins was attempting to put together a large tract of Knott County land for oil and gas exploitation and production by the New Domain Oil Gas Company.] Porter Mining Company 1916-1928 17 10 Scope and Contents note [The Porter Mining Company was located in Ashland, Kentucky. This file contains a map of the Prestonsburg and Hindman Telegraph Company showing subscriber locations in 1916, meeting minutes from 1923, and financial statements for 1925 and 1928.] Prestonsburg School Corporation 1939 17 11 Scope and Contents note [Joseph D. Harkins was the secretary of the Prestonsburg School Corporation which made contracts with the Prestonsburg Independent School District Board of Education. These contracts were made to deed over property in order to have a new school building constructed with the sale of bonds. The contracts, articles of incorporation, and maps and deeds of these actions are reflected here.] Rancho Pauma, San Diego County California undated 17 12 Scope and Contents note [Map and appraisal of the land] Rotary Club of Prestonsburg, Kentucky 1923-1925 17 13 Scope and Contents note [Joseph D. Harkins was the chairman of the organizing committee for the Rotary Club of Prestonsburg, Kentucky and later President of the chapter. The Rotary Club was part of Rotary International and is an organization of business and civic leaders. This file contains correspondence relating to the organizing of the club in Prestonsburg, the organizing of meetings and conventions, various details concerning membership, and also correspondence with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway concerning the establishment of a new passenger station or depot in Prestonsburg. The file also contains notes and lists of members or Rotarians.] Wheaton, William W.  1887-1889 17 14 Scope and Contents note [This correspondence, between Walter S. Harkins, Sr. and William W. Wheaton, financier of Detroit, Michigan, is concerned with developing railroad and coal operations in Floyd, Johnson, and Magoffin counties in Kentucky, under the auspices of Peoples Union Oil Mining and Manufacturing Company. Harkins was hired to "recover" minerals and railroad right of ways, "in and on land belonging to this company." Harkins apparently became suspicious of Wheaton (see letter dated July 12, 1887) but continued to work with him at least through early 1889 when their correspondence ends.] LEGAL CASES IV Scope and Contents note Three generations of the Harkins family were lawyers in the Harkins and Harkins Law Offices, located in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. The father, Walter S. Harkins, Sr., was succeeded by his sons Joseph D. Harkins and Walter S. Harkins, Jr. who were followed by Joseph's sons Walter S. Harkins III (Scott) and J. D. Harkins. These files represent legal cases and matters in which it appears the Harkins and Harkins Law Offices had some involvement. The cases cover numerous topics including: election fraud, land disputes (especially coal-related ones), railroad right-of- way, mineral rights, murder (see "Jack Johns"), telephone company right-of-way, timber disputes, board of education challenges, adultery and divorce, railroad accidents, ballot recounting, workers compensation, personal property retribution, interest and real estate equity, assault, breech of contracts, debts, liquor/prohibition (see "J.P. Murphy"), and defective chewing tobacco by R.J. Reynolds. The cases are listed by the name that appears on the legal documents and are in alphabetical order by last name. Included are depositions and other official court documents, as well as correspondence relating to the cases. A-B i Adams Express Company v. The Commonwealth of Kentucky 1906 18 1 Allen, M.M. v. Ligon and Sherrard Construction Company et al. 1913 18 2 Allen, M.T. v. Hall, Malone 1909 18 3 American Fuel and Power Company et al., debtors in bankruptcy no. 115 1943 18 4 Archer, George P. et al. v. Baptist Education Society et al. 1918 18 5 Ashland Lumber Company v. Harkins, Walter S. [Part I] 1908-1915 18 6 Ashland Lumber Company v. Harkins, Walter S. [Part II] 1908-1910 18 7 Auxier, Mary Louisa v. Auxier, A.E. 1918 18 8 Bank Josephine v. Layne, J. Bert et al. 1915 18 9 Bank Josephine v. Whitaker, Joe et al. 1932 18 10 Begley, Emily; Begley tract, Floyd County Kentucky 1914 18 11 Big Sandy Railway Company v. America Clifton 1902 18 12 Big Sandy Railway Company v. May, Ballard and Pollard et al. 1902 18 13 Blankenship, Floyd and Mont v. The Commonwealth of Kentucky 1901 18 14 Blevins, Martin (administrator of estate of J. Jackson) v. Pitts, J.L. et al. 1903-1907 18 15 Branham, Jack v. Bailey, Harold et al. [Part I] 1935-1936 18 16 Branham, Jack v. Bailey, Harold et al. [Part II] 1935-1936 18 17 Brown, W.L. v. Greene, R.L., auditor, et al. 1907-1917 18 18 Brown, W.L. v. Harkins, Joseph D. and Walter S. 1916-1919 18 19 Butler, Ida v. Davis, Phoebe 1903-1906 18 20 Scope and Contents note [adultery and divorce] Ca-Col ii Carter, J.H. v. Dwale Coal Company [Part I] 1917-1919 19 1 Carter, J.H. v. Dwale Coal Company [Part II] 1917-1919 19 2 Castle, James v. Big Sandy Railway Company and Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company 1903-1905 19 3 Caudill, John W. v. Sandy River Cannel Coal Company 1889-1890 19 4 Cecil, John P. and Company v. Baum and Smith 1873-1902 19 5 Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company v. Robinnette, Elizabeth 1905-1913 19 6 Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company v. Robinson, Sallie 1913-1915 19 7 City of Louisville et al. v. Louisville Gas and Electric Company 1913 19 8 Collins, Fanny v. Hatcher, John H. 1921-1922 19 9 Collins, M.M. v. Clere, R.D. and Blackburn, Fred 1905-1922 19 10 Com-Dil iii Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Burchett, Lance and Bertha 1931-1932 20 1 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Burnett, John B. 1836-1887 20 2 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Carter, A.C. et al. 1934 20 3 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Coyer, John undated 20 4 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Eastern Kentucky Coal Lands Corporation et al. 1908-1947 20 5 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Elyington, James 1917 20 6 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Heuff, Jack 1916 20 7 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Hunter, John 1881-1887 20 8 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Midland Coal and Iron Company 1902 20 9 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. The Mountain Coal and Iron Company 1902 20 10 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. The Northern Coal, Coke and Iron Company 1902 20 11 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. The Ohio and Big Sandy Land Association 1902 20 12 Crider, S.M. v. Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company 1916-1917 20 13 Crisp, Wilson v. Jennings, S.P. and Ellis, J.E. 1903 20 14 Crowe, Frank R. and Craft, Susan Harris v. Middle Creek Coal Company et al. 1908-1948 20 15 Cumberland Pipeline Company v. White House Cannel Coal Company 1904-1906 20 16 Cumberland Torpedo Company v. Kentucky Coke Company 1921-1924 20 17 Damron, James v. Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company 1916-1917 20 18 Damron, Luther v. Johnson, J.M. [Part I] 1921 20 19 Damron, Luther v. Johnson, J.M. [Part II] 1921 20 20 Dils, John and Mrs. Ann, executrix of the estate of John Dils, et al. v. Williamson, W.J. and Hall, Joseph et al. 1847-1905 20 21 Din-Go iv Dingus, D.C. v. Elkhorn and Beaver Valley Railway Company [Part I] 1911-1920 21 1 Dingus, D.C. v. Elkhorn and Beaver Valley Railway Company [Part II] 1911-1919 21 2 Dotson, L.M. v. May, B.C. et al. 1916 21 3 Duff, H.P. et al. v. Cisco, F.L. et al. 1949-1951 21 4 Edgewater Coal Company v. Stuffler, W.G., trustee, et al. [Part I] 1919-1923 21 5 Edgewater Coal Company v. Stuffler, W.G., trustee, et al. [Part II] 1919-1920 21 6 Elkhorn and Beaver Valley Railway Company v. Mayo, Tilda, Ezra, Burns, and David 1911 21 7 Elkhorn and Beaver Valley Railway Company v. Osburn, Della and Lee 1893-1914 21 8 Elliott, J.A. and Worsham, G.A. v. Wilson [?], Elihu 1884 21 9 Elliott, W.J. v. Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company 1914-1916 21 10 Endicott, Samuel, administrator of the estate of Eddie Endicott, deceased, v. Weddington, Ballard and John and Lowe, Irela