~‘ .

A- Yes, sir.‘

' zu- Tell what he Said?

A- Jr. Johns paid me for a span of mules and the

wagon to haul some walnut logs, paid me two five dollar ‘

bills in the xx‘store, and I turned to Mr. Fortune and

told him, I said charge this to my account.

Q— Did you know it handnt been charged to your account

or of his claim that it hadnt been until today?

A- No. sir, I did not. That is how I knew

anything about it.

Q- Have you put in any credit for it or claim any

credit for it?’

A— N0, sir. -

' 7 g- Mr. Carter, do you know colonel Peters?

A- Yes, sir. .

w- If you bought anything from him for the Lwale

Ceal Company that you havent been credited with, tell what

it was?

A- Two hundred cross ties at Fifty Cents apiece.

w- How many cross ties?

A- Two Hundred;

u— Donyou know Frank Derossett?

A4 Yes, sir.

Q- Did you get some corn from Frank Deroesett? ‘
(Defendant objects -- Sustained by the Court, ‘
and plaintiff excepts '

BY THE COURT; Gentlemen of the Jury. you will not consider

' 861