xt70zp3vt865_240 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt70zp3vt865/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt70zp3vt865/data/63m46.dao.xml unknown 14 Cubic Feet 31 boxes archival material 63m46 English University of Kentucky Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky.  Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Harkins Family papers Mineral rights -- Kentucky -- Floyd County -- History. Law reports, digests, etc. -- Kentucky. Mining leases -- Kentucky -- Floyd County -- History. Practice of law -- Kentucky. Bankers -- Kentucky. Banks and banking -- Kentucky -- Prestonsburg. Coal trade -- Kentucky -- Floyd County -- History. Lawyers -- Kentucky. Hunter, Ballard v. Floyd County Kentucky Board of Education [Part III] text Hunter, Ballard v. Floyd County Kentucky Board of Education [Part III] 2016 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt70zp3vt865/data/63m46/Box_23/Folder_3/3348.pdf 1926-1935 1935 1926-1935 section false xt70zp3vt865_240 xt70zp3vt865 A As far as I know, about one-half mile above her
home; where she was born and raised
Q 7 How long have you known her?
A. All my life

Q 8 During the past ten (10) years have you known of her
whereabouts, or whether or not she has been teaching in the
public sChools of this county?

A I will say for in the last five years that she has
taught three to five years. I don't exactly know how much she
has taught in the last fiveiyears

Q 9 Do you know whether or not she has every school

year in the past ten years?

A. She has not

s 10 during what school year, or school term did she not

“. As I remember, I started teaching in 1926 or 1927, and
can make it plain. I taught my first school in 1927. I taught
that school at Myrtle, hentucky,ahd I taught the next school

at Myrtle, Kentucky in 1928. Josephine Stanley was keeping
house there; she and her husband was living about one mile below
the school where I was teaching;during those two years Josephine
Stanley did not teach school.

JOHNIE WELLS, being the next witness called on
behalf of the Iomplainant, and after being first duly sworn,
testified as follows:-
Page —415-

Q l V figease state your name?
A. John E. Wells
Q 2 Are you a teacher?
A. I am
”*- 3 Where?
A Prestonsburg Floyd County High School
Q 4 Where do you live, hr. fiells?
A. At Auxier
Q 5 About haw far is that from Prestonsburg?
A. I live about five miles from Prestonsburg
Q 6 “id you have any conversation with Mrl Ballard Hunter
relative to a teachers position this year?
A. I did
Q 7 About when?
n. The first conversation I had was, I imagine, along
probably along sometime in April ‘ »
Q 8 Where did that first conversation take place?
A. In the Superintendent's Office at Prestonsburg
Q 9 Who was uresent at that time?
A I don't re ember that anyone waa present with the
exception of mr. Hunter and the clerk, perhaps
Q 10 Please relate the substance of this conversation as
you remember it?
A. At that time I was a student at the University, and -
Page ~416-

 while home over the week end I went to the Superintendent's
Office to see Mr. Hunter and I related to him the fact that I
was receiving my degree the following May, and asked him if
he was going tox'ecommend me for a school in the county, and
he asked me what I Was going to do for him. I told him that I
had no desire to participate in nolitics; that I wanted to teach
school and remain neutral in politics, and he said I couldn't
remain neutral or stay on the fence; that is all I remember of
saying, or he saying.
Q 11 Did you have any other conversation with him about
this matter?
A. I went to see other parties to get ——-—
“Not in that manner
A (continued) I had conversations with him concerning a school
onece or twice after that first conference and I told him that ‘
I would support him under certain conditions, and told him that
I wouldn't fight him; and he replied that he wanted me to fight
for him
Q 12 Did you ever promise or agree that you would fight for
him or support him?
A I told him that under certain conditi ns I would
Q 13 Do you know A. C. Carter?
A Yes sir
Q Ii ‘Ihere does he iixxx live?
A. In Brestonsburg
Page -4l7-

 Q 15 In what business is he engaged?

A. He is Mayor of Prestonsburg, and in the “utomobile


Q 16 JJ‘id you ever have any conversation with A. C. Carter

at any time prior to the Nevember election 1935?

A. I did

Q 17 When was that with reference to the time that you first

talked to Mr. Hunter about a school?

A It was after the conversation I had with Mr. Hunter

a 18 Where were you at the time you had this talk with mr.


A. At Mr. Carter's office in Prestonshurg

Q 19 How come you to be there?

A. I went to see Mr. Carter to see if he would sneak in my

behalf to Mr. Hunter in regard to a school. I told him that I

was in need of a car and if he would accomodate me toflne extent

of helping me receive a school that I would purchase a car

Q 20 Did you ever purchase any car from him?

A. I did

a 21 I"hen was it you purchased it, with reference to the time

when you went to his office to talk to him?

A. Some two or three months afterwards

Q 22 Do you know whether or not he did anything to assist

you in securing a school?

A He said he did


I move to exclude, it is the rankest form of hearsay.

(Overruled, excepti.ns)

A (continued) Aupon my first conference with Mr. A. C. Carter,

he said he would be glad to go and talk to Mr. Hunter in my behalf;
P.-- -4 '-

 and the next time I came to town to drop around to his office
and he would let me know. On my next visit to town (Prestonsburg)
I saw him in town. He told me to come to his office immediately
that he wanted to see me. I went. He called me into his private
office and said he had talked to Mr. hunter in my behalf and said
Mr. Hunter said he was going to place me. Mr..A. C. Carter said
"John, are you going to support Mr. hunter?" I told him that I
had thought it all over and I perhaps would, under certain condi—
tions. as said, well then, if you feel that way about it sign
this piece of paper. I took the piece of haper and read it, and
it was an affidavit with the following:-
"I, _~_ ,(John C. Wells was filled in
the blank) do solemnly swear that I will do everything
in my power in behalf of the present Administration ——

we want to make a motion for an attachment for Geo. P
Archer, Cashier of the Bank Josephine, and the custodian of the
deoository of the Floyd County School Fund, requiring him to
appear and testify in this case, and to bring with him records
and proceedings showing the deposits made to the crédit of the
Floyd County School Fund, Subooena Duces Tecum.

5peaking only as to Mr. Archer, I beg to request infor-
mation as to whether or not any subpoena has been served upon
Mr Archer
BY MR. HILL: It has

Page -419-

 Will you please file it so the Board may consider it with your
motion for attachment?

The subpoena asked for by Counsel for flesnondent has
approximately forty or fifty names upon it, together with the
name of Mr. Geo. P. Archer, and is in the hands of Mr. Bill
Allen, Dpecial Bauliff in this. Irrespective of whether or not
a subpoena has been issued, we have the same right to such a
subpoena as did the Respondent to such subpoena for a. P. Taylor

There is no, and has been no, objection, whatever, made
by Beepondent in connection with the matter. Counsel for
Respondent, who also harpens to be counsel for The Bank Josephine
merely made inquiry incident to the request for a an attachment
for the witness, which is in effect a warrant of arrest; and an
attachment for a witness is not authorized or permitted, except
and until, the witness has been subpoenaed and refused to appear
in obedience to a subpoena; therefore, the inquiry as to whether
or not a subpoena had been served upon Mr. Archer

_ Counsel for Complainant avows that the officer or special
bailiff who has been serving process in this case advises counsel
for complainant thet Mr. Archer had been subpoenaed; and on yester-
day counsel for Complainant went to The Bank Joseohine and asked
Mr. Archer if he would come and bring such records and tesmify in
this case; whereupon, Mr. Archer stated that he had been ill and

Page -420-

 knew nothing about what had been done in connection with the
records of the deoosits pertaining to the school fund, and asked
said counsel to take the matter up with Jo M. Davidson or Henry
Fitzpatrick, who are also connected with said bank, of which
Mr. J. D. Harkins is Vice President; and that he then talked to
Mr. H. D. Fitzpatrick relative to bringing said papers before
the Board, and he asked to be permitted to do so. On last evening
within a few minutes after-the adjournment of this Board for
dinner, and while said counsel was walking northerly on Court
Street he saw J. D. Harkins and the said H. D. gitzpatrick meet
and have a conversation and walked by and heard, without hesita-
tion.a conversation relative to the matter about which Mr.
Fitzpatrick had talked to said counsel; and now, without being
able to produce the said 5pecial Baailiff, Complainant is entitled
to an attachment and moves the Board to issue a subpoena.Duces
Tecum for the said Geo. P. Archer, requiring him to have with
him the records and proceedings of said, The Bank Joseohine, of
the Floyd County School Funds.
and go to the extent of making sppeches at public
gatherings, whenever called upon, and shall be will-
ing to lose a weeks sleep prior to the Nbvember
That is all that I can recall exactly as to the affidavit. I
told Mr. Carter that I wanted to consider the proposition and
would see him at a later date. My next time in town, I went
back to his oince and told him that if the administration
didn't have more resoect for my integrity than to ask me to
obligate myself politically in the fdrm of signing an affidavit
that I would not desire a school; and left his office. Some
few hundred yards below his office he overtook me in a car and
said that he had just called Mr. Hunter and told him that he -421-

 had guaranteed me a school, and said that Mr. Hunter renlied
that he desired (preferred) the said Wells to sign this affi-
davit, but if you, (Carter) had promised said Wells a school;
that his promisevras good any where; and Mr. Carterssaid that
I could rest assured that I would secure a school.

Q 23 Were you employed as ateacher in the PrestonSburg

A. II was

%_24 Did you sign the affidavit, or swear to it?

A. I did not '

Q 25 Did you supnort Mr. Hunter?

A. I did not

Q 26 Or any person for him

A. I did not

Q 27 After the time that you fialed to suunort nr. Hunter,
on his candidates, if any he had, were you paid your salary?
A. I was hired by the County Board of Education, upon
recommendation of the County duperintendent, Mr. Hunter, and
when the checks were issued I did not receive my check from the ,
county as heretofore agreed uuon. I still, previously to this
time, had remained silent in the County Board Race, but not
receiving my check I went to the County'ouperintendent's Office;
the Sunerintendent, Mr. Hunter, was not in and I talked to Mr.
Ed Wright, the Clerk, as to why I did not receive my pay. He
realied “John, Mr. Hunter has been informed by various neonle
that your closest relatives, including your brother has been
sneaking in behalf of Mr. Childers and Mr. Bailey, and that
you were remaining silent“. I told him that if that was the
way Mr. Hunter felt that I felt like that I was not obligated
to him to any extent. '

 Q 28 were you paid your salary as such teacher?
A. th until four months had pasSed.
Q 29 Were you paid before or after the old board, or part
of them went rut of office?
A. I was paid after the new Board came into office; there
is still some $40.00 behind
Elias, ERKTN§ :

we enter a motion to the Board that it strike from the
record all of the testimony given by the witness as to any trans-
actions with, or statements made, by A. C. Carter, with, or to,
or by the wintess, himself, except as to any such statements or
transactions, if any, may have been mentioned, which was made
in the presence of the Respondent, Ballard Hunter. The same
motion also applies to the alleged conversation with Mr. Ed

(Overruled, exceptions)
Q 80 After you had taught under your contract, did you have any »
conversation with Mr. Ballard Hunter relative to your salary?
A. On the street, in front of the court house, my. Hunter
called me over and asked me why I was fighting him. I told
him xx/igtigfused to pay me if he thought I should suoport him
in the election, and he said "Don't worry about that, we will
fix the pay up alright".
Q 31 What else, if anything, did he say at that time?
A. I told him that I had nothing at all personally against
him; that I didn't think that he should use such tactics by
refusing to pay me, or something to that effect.
Page -423-


Q 32 Did you receive any compensation from the City Board of
Education during those four months you were teaching there?

A. Not until after I received part of my pay from the County
Board, about a month ago

Q 33 How much compensation have you received from the City

A. $84.50 per month for four months; I received the total
amount approximately inn: a month ago.

Q 34 What is your salary as a teacher? By the County schedule
0r éity Schedule

A. I don't know what you mean. I receive $84.50 by the
City and $112.00 by the county; that is the schedule

Q 35‘ Do you mean by that answer that you have a salary of

. $196.50 per month?

A. I do not

Q 36 Then, what is the amount, compiled amount, of the salary
from the City and the County Board?

A. They are paid separately upon two different schedules.
,If you will specify what schedule, I will tell you '
Q 37 Irrespective of schedules, how much money do you get?

A I receive $84.50 from the City, and the County passed a
rule to pay me the difference for four months; the difference
between $84.50 and $112.00; makes approximately $122.00 difference
for four months

Q 38 Then instead of this schedule reference of which you are
speaking, in money the City is paying you $84.50 a month and

the flixxxinnrd County Board has agreed to pay you $37.50 a.month
to make you total salary $112.00 per month

p,.. .2 4-

 A For the four months andzafter I shall be paid the

remaining five months by'the County Schedule and by the County

Board according to their ruling

Q 39 Would that increase your salary any, or still leave it

' $112.00 per month

A Certainly it would be the same, $112.00

Q 40 Do you have any personal knowledge of any fact relative

to A. C. Carter in connection with_Mr. Ballard Hunter, other

than Mr. Carter's reports to you?

A. Nothing, with the exception that Mr. A. C. Carter said

he and Mr. Hunter were very good friends.

Q 41 That is still another statement of Mr. Carter's. isn't


“o Yes

Q 42 Do you have any knowl edge as to whether or not Mr.

‘Carter ever even mentioned your name to Mr. Hunter?

A. Only what he has told me

Q 43 Mr. Wells, how long have you ”known Mr. Hunter?

A. £1ight or ten years

Q 44 Did Mr. Hunter formerly teach at Auxier?

A. He did

Q 45 What capacity?

A. Principal of Auxier

Q_46 Did you teach in that same school that same year?

A. I did

Q 47 were you in that school year co-operqting with Mr. Hunter

in his work, or insubordinate to his administration in that school?
I Page -425-

 A I co—operated to the best of my ability.

Q 48 “uring that year did Mr. Hunter arrange a Christmas
program for all the children in that shcool?

A. He did

Q,49 Where Was that program to be held? '

A At the Theatreaat Huxier

Q 50 Notwithstanding that arrangement made by the principal,
did you take it upon yourself to undo those arrangements and
take half of the children to some other place?

A. I did not

Q 51 Did you ai d and assist in that insubordination?

BY MR. any '

We object to the form of this question, because it
assumes that there Was some insubordination, ofwhich this
record is silent.


Counsel for Complainant avows that in due course the

. matter will be connected and such insubordinations shown.

(dustained, exceptions)

Q 52 Are you the same Jghn C. Wells, who tookd $150.00 to
Porter Precinct at the election in 1933 to be used against
' candidates in whom Ballard Hunter was interested?

(Objection, sustained, exceptions)

Q 53 ‘Mr. Wells, have you been active, orxnaterially active,
in the preparation and prosecution of these charges against
Mr; Hunter?

Page -426-

 A I have not
Q 54 Have you contributed, or agreed to cantribute to the
expense of the prosecution of these charges?
A. I have not
Q 55 Were you present at, or did you aid in the preparation
of these charges, or make any recommendation relative as to
what should be contained therein?
A I perhaps have recommended one clause of the charge,
which I, myself, knew hersonally.
Q 56 Were you present when the charges were being prepared?
A. I was not
Q 57 Have you been aiding in marshalling the testimony in
this case, or seeing witnesses on behalf of the prosecution?
A. I saw one
Q 58 When was that?
. A. Yesterday .
_ Q 59 And who was that?
A. Mr. Honeycutt, at Auxier ,
Q 60 Have you served any subpoenaes for the nrosecution in
the case?
A. I told Mr. Honeycutt last night that he was wanted here
last night
Q_6l Is that the only witness besides yourself that you have
endeavored to locate, or to have testify in this case?
A. Yes sir
Q 62 What are thesatate of your feelings toward Mr. Hunter?
A. Personally or politically
Q 63 In any way?
I Page -427-

 A Personally, Mr. Hunter and I have been the closest of
friends and I have told him time after time that I would like
to see him have a success as County Superintendent, because he
and I both are Floyd Countians.

Q 64 Wasn't the fact that you were a Floyd County boy the
reason assigned by Mr. Hunter for wanting you in the school
he said he would recommend you for?

A He said he was in favor of Eloyd Countians teaching the
JL‘lloyd County schools, and that he would like for he and I to
get along, but he said upon one conversation that since I
fought him in a preceding election that he thought he would
let me stay out of school last year; and that now since it is
all over we should get along alright and work together

QV65 Did you fight him in the nreceding election?

fl. This nreceding election.which I was referring to was
an election in which my cousin Was a candidate for the Member
of the Board of Education.

Q 66 Was another cousin a candidate on.the other side?

A. Was not

ED'WRIGHT, being recalled as a witness on behalf of

the Complainaant, testified as follows:-

Q 1 Please read the order passed at the August 6th., 1934
meeting of the Board of Education relative to the emnloyment of
Clerks? I

P age ~428-

 "Upon motion of R. H. Baisden, seconded ny fl. h. '
n.’ichardson, the County Duperintendent‘is hereby granted
power, from time to time, to appoint the necessary
clerks, not exceeding two in number, as may be necessary
for the proper conduct of the affairs of his office, and
to pay such clerks such salaries as he may determine, not
exceeding the sum of $135.00 per month; and the said _
ouperintendent is inrther granted the power to remove any
and all clerks employed by him from time to time in his

Q 2. Who was the members of the Board that voted that resolution?
A. W. H. Bichardson, R. H. Baisden and D. B. Arnett voted Yea I
Q 3 How did the other members vote? .
A. Townsel bombs and Dr. Osborn, silent
Q 4 Was there any order since then increasing the salary of the
A. I I think they were
[Q 5 U0 you know a out when it was?
A. I think it was in July or August 1935
Q 6 Read the minutes youhave of the change in the salary of
A. ‘ “The Board authorizes the raise in salary of said Edgar
L. Wright from $135.00 to $150.00".
Q 7 j"oes that minute show the yes and no vote on that resolu-
A. I No
Q 8 l’oes it show any vote on it?
A. It does not I
Q 9 Read the next minute just underneath that?

Page ~430-

 - "The Board authorizes the hiring of Woodrow Burchett as
Assistant Attendance Officer at a salary of $135.00 per month".
Q 10 Did Mr. “oodrow Burchett ever perform any services as
Attendance officer?
A I presume he did
Q 11 I will ask you if it isn't a fact that all Mr. Burchett did
was a little routine work in the office and that he never went or
visited any school as an attendance officer?
A. mr. Burchett did some work in the office; he also did
some visiting of schools
Q 12 What is the date of that meeting?
A. August 15, 1935
Q 13 What was the occasion of appointing Mr. Burchett as Assistant
Attendance Officer when the county had nne Attendance Officer?
A. There were so much work added to the office that it neces-
sitated an additional clerk or attendance officer
Q 14 That order appointing mr. Burchett Attendance Officer was
made just a little over two months before the election of Board
A. t It was not
Q 15 The election of Board Members was on November 5th., and
the order was entered on August 15, 1935?
A It was between two or three months
Q 15 The correct date of the meeting you have just read is
August 15, 1935?
A. Yes sir it is
Q 16 Does that minute show the yea and nay vote?

(Objection, overruled, exceptions)
Page ~431-

 A It does not
Q 17 Does it show how any meflber of the Board of Education
A, v It does not
Q 18 JJoes any of the pages of this book in which you keep the
records of the Board of Education numbered?
A. Some of them are; some are not V
Q 19 The page on which these particular minutes are are not
numbered; the minutes of August 15, 1935?
A. it is not numbered .
Q 20 Going back to the meeting of July 16, 1934, I will ask
you to read into the record a contract between Ballard thter,
Respondent in this case, and the Floyd L"ounty Board of Education
when he was employed as Superintendent of Schools of this County?
A "Unamiously agreed to approve the contract of Ballard .
Hunter, County Superintendent, which is as fellows:-
This article of agreement made and entered into this 16th.,
day of July 1934; witnesseth:
That Ballard Hfinter, of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, holding
tge properczertificate in scholarship, administration and super- hi
vision, as provided by law and as recorded below, hereby con- ;
tracts with Floyd County Board of Education, of Prestonsburg, ‘
Kentucky to act as County Superintendent of Schools oi‘said
County for a term of four (4) years beginning on the first day
of July 1934, in accordance with the common school laws, and
the rules and regulations prescribed in pursuance thereof by the
State Board of Education.
P- :_ e -482- .

 It is agreed that Ballard Hunter shall receive an annual salary
- of thirty-Six ($3600.00), to be paid in regularly monthly in-
stalhnents out of the Floyd County School fund.

It is further agreed that he is to devote is entire time
to the discharge of his duties as set out in by law under the
rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, and of
the Floyd County Board of Education, and that failure to do so
will invalidate this contract.

It is further agreed that so long as he is employed as
Superintendent under the terms of this contract he will refrain
from active participation in partisan politics.

KIND OF CERTIFICATE HELD:— Administration and Supervision




Q 21 For how many months did Woodrow Burchett receive $135.00

' per month as Attendance Officer?

A. I would have to check the records to answer that

Q 22 Did he recive any money after November 1935 as Attendance


A. i I believe he receiVed check in December

Q 23 Was that for the month of November 1935?

A. It was

Q 24 Has he received any money for December, or any money

since then?

A. I believe he received his salary for the month of December

Q 25 Can you find in the record book the warrants issued for the

month of December? Page _433_

 (Witness refers to record book)
A That has not been written up
Q 26 He is not on the payroll as attendance officer now, is he?
A. . he is not on any payroll as I now know of i
Q 27 Do you know his gather?
A. I do I
Q 28 What is his name?
A. Dick ’
Q 29 . He is quite an influential man in elections, is he not?
A. I do not know I
Q 30 Where does he live?
3. he lives on Cow Creek
Q 31 Did Mr. woodrow Burchett ever hold any position with the
Floyd County Board of Education until this minute of August 15th.,
was passed?
A. Nothing other than a teacher
Q 82 State whether or not Dick Burchett is a member of one of
the most influential families in the vicincity of Cow Creek, in
this county?
A. He is a member of a large family, but as to the influence
I cannot say
QVBB He is well known as an election worker, is he not?
A. I never was in elections with him; therefore, I do not
knmN '
Q 34 Mr. Wright, referring to the Minute Book and the minutes
of the meeting of August 15, 1985, state whether or not those
Page .434-

 minutes are signed by any person, and if so, state by whom?
A. That minute is signed by Townsel Combs, ‘hairman, and

' Ballard Hunter, 3uperintendent
Q 35 Youhave stated that this page is not signed? numbered?
A That is right V ’
Q 46 On the back of this page, or the front of it, Whichever
you may choose to call it, does there appear a portion of the
minutes of the meeting of August 12, 1935?

I A. There is
Q 47 Are there aiy signatures on the reverse side of this
sheet showing the minutes of the previous meeting?
A. There are I
Q 48 What are those signatures?
A. Ballard Hunter, County Superintendent, fownsel Uombs,
Q 49 State whether or not this minute book of the County
Board is not part printed forms and in part blank pages?
A. The first page of each Board Meeting is in part printed
the following pages are blank
Q 50 What is the last numbered page in this book?
A 243
Q 51 Covering the minutes of what meeting?
A. January 13, 1983
Q 52 Approximately, and without counting them how many addi-
tienal pages of minutes would you say there are in this book
from number 243?
A. There is something like 150, I imagine
Q 53 Mr. wright, do you know when Ballard Hunter was employed
as Superintendent of Schools of Floyd County, Kentucky?

Page ~435-


 A. "Prestonsburg, Kentucky, April 7, 1934.
at 10:00 O'clock A. M. on the 7th., day of Apri1.1984, with the
following members present:

Harry Baiséen, W. H. “ichardson and Boone Arnett; and th
following business was transacted:-

First:- Boone Arnett filed his commission from the
Governor of the State of Kentucky appointing him as a member
of the Floyd County Board of Education; said appointment being
dated April 3rd., 1934, upon Which Was written the constitutional
and other oath required by law.

- Second: Boone Arnett, Harry Baisden and 11enderson
Richardson, members of the Floyd County Board of Education,
authorized a special call meeting of the Floyd County Board of
Education at 10:00 o'clock A. M. April 7, 1934, and notice
was served on Townsel Combs, Chairman of said Board and Dr.
Dewey Osborn, Member of said Board as follows:-

“Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Members of
the County Board of Education of Floyd County, Kentucky, do
hereby call a special meeting of the Board of Education of
Floyd County, Kentucky, to be held at the office of the County
Superintendent of Schools in the court house at Prestonsburg,

03 said April 7, 1934, at 10:00 O'clock A. h. for the purpose of
electing a Quperintendent of Schools of Floyd County, Kentucky,
for a term of four (4) years, from and ensuing July 1, 1984;
fixing the salary of such superintendent; and such other business
as may hxxnmx come before said Board.

Page -437-

 Given under our hands this 4th., day of April 1934.
(Signed) Boone Arnett,
Harry Baisden

Henderson. Richardson

Executed on the within named, Dr. Dewey Osborn and Townsel
Combs, by delivering to each of them a true copy of the within
notice, this April 4, 1934.

John Banks, C. F. C.

Third:- Townsel Combs, Chairman of the Floyd County Board -
of Education, came in this said meeting at 10:05 and was requested
to call said meeting to order but refused to do so, stating that
Dr. Dewey Osborn, one of the Members of the Board was enroute to
PrestonSburg to attendsaid meeting, and would shortlybe here and
thereupon Townsel Combs left and withdrew from said meeting and
place of said meeting ; thereupon upon said motion made by
Henderson Richardson, seconded by Boone Arnett, Harry Baisden.was
elected Chairman of this meeting; and thereupon the said Harry
Baisden called said meeting to order, and voted unamiously.

Votes voted Aye: W. h. Richardson, Boone Arnett and Harry
Daisden voting/g§he.
Upon motion of Boone Arnett, seconded by Henderson .
Richardson, Ballard Hunter was elected Iixnkafl as County
‘ Superintendent of Schools of Floyd County, Kentucky, for the
term beginning July 1, 1934, and ending June 30, 1938

Voting aye: Bonne Arnett, W. H. Richardson and
Harry Bai sden '

Voting Nay: None

Page -438-

 Fifth: Upon motion of Boone Arnett, seconded by W. H.
fiichardson, the salary of the said Ballard Hunter, as such County
Duperintendent, and the compensation to be paid him, was fixed
at Thirth Six Hundred ($3600.00) Dollars per year, to be paid from
the County School Fund in monthly installments of Three Hundred

' ($300.00) Dollars each.

Voting Aye: Boone Arnett, W. H. Richardson and Harry

Voting Nay: None

sixth: Upon motion of Boone Arnett, seconded by Handerson
fiichardson, the Chairman of this meeting and the Secretary of the
Board of Education were authorized, directedeand empowered to
enter into a written contract with Ballard Hunter as to his
appointment and election as County Superintendent of Schools,
which said contract was executed in the presence of the Board,
and is in words and figures as follows:-

Voting Aye: Boone Arnstt, W. H. fiichardson, and Harry

voting Nay: None _

"This agreement made and entered into this the 7th., day of
April 1934, by and between the Board of Education of Floyd County,
“entucky, party of the first part, and Ballard Hunter, party of
the second part,

HITNESSETH: That whereas, by order of the Board of
Education of Floyd County, Kentucky, duly made and entered of
recordaat a special meeting of said Board duly called and held
at the office of the Board at PrestonSburg, Floyd County, Ksnhucky,
on April 7, 1934, Ballard Hunter was appointed.and employed as
County Superintendent of Schools of Floyd County, Kentucky, for

Page -439—

 a term of four (4) years, begin ing July 1, 1934, and ending on
June 80, 1938, and the compensation to be paid to the said Ballard
Hunter as such County Superintendent was fixed at Thirty Six
Hundred ($3600.00) Dollars, per year, to be paid from the County
School Funds in monthly installments of Three Hundred ($800.00)
Dollars each.

Now for and in consideration of the premises the said
party of‘the first part has appointed and employed, and does
hereby appoint and employ Ballard Hunter as County Superintendent
of Schools for j‘loy'd County, Kentucky, for aisrm of four (4)
years, beginning July 1, 1934 and ending June 30, 1938, and for
his services as such County Superintendent undertakes and agrees to
pay him compensation and salary at the rate of Ihirty-Dix Hundred
($3600.00) Dollars, to be paid from the County School Fund in
monthly installments of Three Hundred ($300.00) Dollars each.
The:said Balkzrd Hunter accepts said employment and for the com-
pensation aforesaid undertakes and.agrees to perform all the
duties pertaining to the office of County duperintendent of
Schools of Eloyd County, lSentucky, for the termzaforesaid as may
be provided by law.

In testimony whereof, the Board of Education has caused
this agreement, and a duplicate original thereof, to be executed
on in its behalf by its Chairman of said meeting of April 7,
1934, Harry Baisden, to be attested by its Secretary and the
said Ballard Hunter has executed the foregoing and a duplicate
original thereof as on the day and date first herein.written.

Board of E