Q 68 Mr. wright, I want you to point wit to this Board where
there is any reference to a meeting of April 27th., which you are
pleased to term a mistake?
A "Above contract which was entered into by the Floyd
County Board of Education with said Ballard Hunter on April 27,
1934, a copy of which is ordered to be sent to the State Board of
Education, Frankfort, Kentucky, so as to complete the files,
the date April 27th., is Where I think the error is.
Q 69 That is just your opinion about it?
A. Yes
Q 70 Is there any indication that there has been an erasure
Where April 27th., is?
A. I see no indications, Whatever.
Q 71 was Ballard Hunter, according to these records, present
at this meeting of July 16, 1934?
A. I do not know ‘
Q 72 Do they show that he made a motion at that meeting?
A. Dallard Hunter made a motion at that meeting of July
Q 73 Who signed the minutes of the meeting of July 16th?
A. Townsel Combs, Chairman ofthe Board, Ballard Hunter,
Secretary of the Floyd Uounty Board of Education
Q 74 Mr. Wright, do you have the duplicates, or duplicate
deposit slips that you have made in the Bank Josephine?
A. I have
Q 75 Will you file copies of those deposit (duplicate) slips
with your testimony in this case?