The flattering reception and liberal patronage accorded to our
Americana Catalogue of 1876, has induced us to issue this still larger
one. It differs from the last in being roughly classified, which will
slake it more convenient for reference.
   This Catalogue represents perhaps the largest and most varied
collection of books of this class, in booksellers hands, in this country
or Europe. It is a record of our stock at the time the manuscript
was completed-three month ago. Some books have, of course, been
sold in the intervening time, while many others not in the Catalogue
have been added. It exhibits, however, the character and variety
of our usual stock.
    While we have in many cases duplicates, yet, of a large number
we have only single copies; to secure these early orders are desirable.
   Libraries, private buyers, and the trade, will find it to their advan-
tage to send to us their list of books wanted, whether they are in this
catalogue or not, as we have especial advantages for the collection of
rare books in this class.
   Letters of inquiry meet with prompt attention.
                                     ROBERT. CLARKE & CO.
 CINCLNNATI, March 1, 1878.