Miscellaneous Publications of

lic for the use of Amateurs, in the Decoration of Hard Porce-
lain. By Miss M. Louise McLaughlin. Square 12mo. pp. 69.
Paper.                                                         75

  " This is described on the title page as 'A Practical Manual,' and the
promise thus put forth is carried out to the letter. The author's directions
are as plain and. direct as they could possibly be. She also enters into
every detail of the art which she expounds, not only explaining how to
use color,, but giving advice as to what colors and combinations of colors
it i, best to tuse relatively to the effects that it is intended to produce."-
Philadfelpha Iqiyrer.

  "It is thoroughly practical, being compiled on the principle of what is
  worth doing at all is worth doing well.A more pains-taking
aod intructise work on the subject it is impossible to wish for. Every
chapter is written in a most clear and lucid manner, in which the author's
earnest purpose and experience is evinced throughout."-Brilith Mercan-
tile Gazette.

  "1 The little book is quite a topographical gem, both inside and out.
The design of the cover is unique."-PRsubsher's Weehly.

  "1 We find her directions very clear, careful, and explicit."-Arew reork
  a So practical, minute, and clear in the rules of instruction it lays down,
that sve cheerfully give it our full commendation."-Philadeltkia Press.

      and Applied to Familiar Objects, for the use of Schools
anti Beginners in the Art of Drawing. With i7 full page illus-
trations. By M. J. Keller, School of Design, University of Cin-
cinnati. I2mo. pp. 47. Cloth.                               1 oo

  " It is so lucid that beginners can readily understand it, and so far
through that it contains everything with which it is essential that the
student of drawing should make himself acquainted. Nothing can make
the study of perspective an easy one, but Keller's Treatise simplifies it as
much as is possible, aided by the excellent diagrams with which the text
is illustrated."-Philadelphia Inquirer.

  "1 It is commendable for its lucidity of explanation and definition, and
the gradual method that conducts the scholar through linear perspective,
parallel, angular, and oblique."-Ciixcixati Commercial.