64                Miscellaneous Publications.

S     Legal and Business Forms, embracing Deeds, Mortgages,
Leases, Bonds, Wills, Contracts, Bills of Exchange, Promissory
Notes, Checks, Bills of Sale, Receipts, and other legal instru-
ments, prepared in accordance with the laws of the several
States; with instructions for drawing and executing the- same.
For the use of professional and business men. By J. R. Sayler,
of the Cincinnati Bar.   I vol. 8vo.                           X 00

  The object of this work is to provide a comprehensive, clear, and relia-
ble Form Book for professional and busiress men in the several States
of the Union. Forms of all the more important classes of transactions,
and especially such as require to be performed with legal precision, are
given, with such instructions and directions as the practice and laws of'
the respective States relating to the same seem to demand.
  Lawyers, Justices of the Peace, Notaries Public, Banks, Officers of Pri-
vate Corporations, and business men generally, will find in this book a
collection of forms of legal instruments, such as they will be required to
use most frequently in the ordinary course of business.  Merchants,
Mechanics, Farmers, and others will here find forms of Commercial trans-
actions, Copartnership, Deeds. Mortgages, Contracts, Bills of Sale, Prom-
issory Notes, Patents, etc., embracing forms for almost every possible busi-
ness transaction that requires a legal instrument. Such a hand-book can
not fail to be of great assistance to all classes of men who desire to trans-
act their business properly.
  In the preparation of the work the author has carefully examined and
followed the most approved forms of legal instruments in actual use in
the several States; such as are sanctioned by the courts and common use.
Ile has aimed to make it, in all respects, an accurate, reliable, and safe