America and United States.


gaged. With an Introduction and Sketch
of the Battle, by Samuel Adams Drake, Au-
tbor of "1 Old Landmark of Boston," etc..
with illustration of the Battle, from an old
engraving never before published in this
country. Svo. cloth. Boston, 1875.  1 00
71 Burgoyne (John). A Brief Examination
of the Plan and Conduct of the Northern
  Expedition in America, in 1777: and of the
  Surrender of the Army tinder the Cor-
  mand of Lieutenant.-General Bur3voyne.
  8vo. new half green calf, red title, gilt back
  and edges, pp. 52. London, 1779.   ' 50
72 Burgoyne (John). A State of the Ex-
  pedition from Canada, as laid before the
  House of Comnons. bv Lieute-nant-General
  Burgonve. and verificd by Evidence, with
  a Collection of Authentic Diocuments.  Map
  and Plan.s. 8Svo. full bound, pp. 191+109.
  London, 1780.                       5 00
73 Another copy. New half morocco, gilt
  back and edges. A beautiful copy.  6 .50
74 Another edition. 4to. half bound, pp. 140
  +6:3. Maps.   Lo-ndon, 1780.        9 0(
75 Burgoyne (John). A Supplement to the
  State of the Expedition from Canada, con-
  taining General Burgoyne's Orders, re-
  specting the Principal Movements and Op-
  erations of the Army, to the Raising of the
  Siege of Ticonderoga. 4to. sewed. uncut
  edges, pp. 26. London, 1780. Reprinted. N.
  York, 1865. (Only 7.5 copies printed.) 2 2-5
76 Burgoyne (John). The Substance of Gen-
  eral Burgovne's Speeches upon Mr. Vyner's
  Maotiain, May 26, and upon M11r. Hartlev's
  lMotion. May 28, 1778. With an Appendix
  containing General Washing-ton's Letter to
  General 13Brgoyne. etc. 8vo. paper, pp. 42
  +(6). London. 1778.                 1 50
77 Burke (Edmund:..   An Account of the
  European Settlements in America. 2 vole.
  8vo. calf, neat. London, 1760.     3 003
78 Other editions. 2 vole.  London, 1757,
  1766, 1770, 1808.                   2 50
79 Bury (Viscount). Exodus of the Western
  Nations. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, uncut, pp. 483-
  494. London, 186-5.                 5 00
80 Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, relat-
  ing to the War of the revolution in the
  Office of the Secretary of State, Albany, -N.
  Y. 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, pp. 682-49-5.
  Albany, 1868.                       8 50
81 Candid and Impartial Narrative (A) of the
  Transactions of the Fleet under the Com-
  mand of Lord Howe, from the arrival of the
  Toulon Squadron on the Coast of America
  to the time of His Lordship's Departure for
  England. With Observations by an Offlier
  then serving in the Fleet. Map. 8vo. new
  half green calf, red title, gilt back and edges,
  pp. 58. London [1779].              3 50
82 Cary (H. C.) and Los (J.) The Geography,

  History, and Statistics of America and the
  West Indies, exhibiting a correct Account
  of the Discovery, Settlement, etc. Illas.
  trated by maps, charts, and plates. 8bv.
  boards, uncut, pp. 477. London, 182:. 1 75
83 Carrey (Emile). Grandeur et Avenir des
  Etats-Unis. But de Cette Brochure dual-
  ites et Grandeur Nationale des Amcri-'ains
  des Etats-IUnis. etc. 8vo. paper, uncut endues
  pp. 48. Paris, 1863.                 50
84 Carrington (H. B.) Battles of the Amer-
  ican Revolution. Historical and Military
  Criticism and Topographical Illustrafon.
  Royal 8vo.cloth, pp. 800. -N. Y., 1871. I8 00
  85 Centennial Orations. Commemoratieeor
  the Opening Events of the Americ an lic-
  lution.  Wi.h other pro.ceedings.   1874-
  187T5. Portrait of Joseph Warren. 8v,. cL
  uncut edges, pp. 176. Boston. 1875.  2 00
i 86 Century (The) of Independence; Emi.rac-
   ing a Collection of the most Inpsrtant Dc.
   -nients and Statistics connected E ith the
   Political History  of America.   Al-s a
   Chronological  Reesicord of the  P rim" sil
   Events l'ro-,i its Discovery to the toscat
   Tinc, with liigraphicai and lfistsrical N.-
   "'Cs. I Illo,-trulted.  12r-o.  clothi   ppI. 546.
   Ch('Iicago, 1M7.                 2 IN)
87 Chalmers (George,. An Intrdl,'ti n ts
  the Historv of the  Res-lt of theAmerica-i
  Colonies;  be mng  a  C.'-mprc :li'ii  X ' 'a- of
  its Origin, dein cr fram the State 1 ap, of
  Great Britain. 2 vDe. 8Xis. coth II 411,
  376. Botn, 1845.                   4 0)
88 Charleston. The Siege of Char-      hby
  the British Fleet and Army, undeir t II', Gr-
  mand of Admiral Arbuthnot sled Sir liars
  Clinton, whir h terminited with tli ',;l-
  der of that Place on the 12th of Ats' 17cc).
  Portrait.  4to. cloth, pp. 224. Albmy,
  1867.                              3)  
I 89 Charters (The) of the following Provices
   of North America, viz,.' irini'ia Mary-
   land, Connecticut, Rhosde- Island lI csyl-
   vania, Mlassachusetts Bay, and Gcsr'ia  To
   which is prefixed a faithful Narratire of the
   Proceedings of the North Americas CI lo-
   nies in consequence of the Late Sta-ep Act.
   Mlap.   Small 4to. half bound.     lldnt
   1766;. Also, in the same volu-e, I hi b-
   jections to the Taxation of our AVuiericat
   Colonies by the Legislature of Griat Brit-
   ain, briefly considered. Small Ito. edges
   entirely uncut, pp. 20. London, 1765. 6 50
 90 Clark (Thomas). Sketches of the Nasal
   History of the United States, frosi the
   Commencement of the RevolutioWiary Vir
   to the Present Time. 12mo. boards, uncut
   Philadelphia. 1813.                1 10
 91 Cobbett (William).   Forcupine' WVrbk
   Containing Various Writings and Selec-
   tions, exhibiting a Faithful Picture of the
   United States of America; of their Governl