The growth of the College from year to year is shown as follows; T
1862. To establish and endow a college, chiefly for instruction in agriculture and the V-
mechanic arts, an act of Congress apportioned to each State, for each of its Senators and V
Representatives in Congress, 30.000 acres of the public land. ' l
1865. The General Assembly of Kentucky having accepted the State’s portion under A
the conditions prescribed, established the Agricultural and Mechanical College, making it
one of the colleges of Kentucky University, then recently united with Transylvania Uni.
versity and located at Lexington, citizens of Lexington and its vicinity donating $110,000 to V _ 
the Curators of the University to buy a site for the College. The General Assembly lining  g
authorized the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund to sell the 330,000 acres apportioned to  f
Kentucky, by the mismanagement of the Commissioners agent the State realized for its '
land only 5165,000.   V
1866. The College opened with a President, four Professors, and a Commandant. I
1878. Dissatisfied with the management of the College by the Curators, who wm  -5
engaged in a long factional strife, the General Assembly severed the connection with the .
University, and appointed a commission to re-locate the College, to provide for its continu-
» ance in Operation till re-located, and to prepare "a plan for a First·class University." Ken.
tucky University claiming and retaining the former site of the College, the sole property of l
the latter after the severance was an income of $9,900 derived from the land grant.
1880. The City of Lexington otfering the City Park of tifty—two acres as a new site for
the College, and also $30,soo in bonds, and the County of Fayette offering $20,000 besides, »
the General Assembly ratified the selection of the site made by a majority ofthe commis~ C
sion, and located the College permanently in Lexington. —
ISRO. To privide teachers for the Common Schools of the State and for other schools
the General Assembly added to the College a Normal Department, which should admit,  
besides other students, one from each representative district every year free of tuition.  `
_ 1880. Further to endow the College and to enable it to purchase apparatus, machinery,
implements, and a library; to maintain the Normal Department, and to defray other neces-
sary expenses, the General Assembly imposed a tax of one-half cent on each hundred dol-
lars ot the assessed value of all property in the State liable to taxation for State revenue
and belonging to its white inhabitants.
1880. The Classical and Normal Departments, and the Academy added.
1882- The College Building, the First Dormitory, and the President’s house completed.  .
1885. The Commandant‘s House reconstructed.
1887. To enlarge by experiments and to ditfuse the knowledge of agriculture, an act
of Congress established, under the direction of the Agricultural and Mechanical College in
each State, an Agricultural Experiment Station, appropriating for its support $15,000 per
1887. The Department of Civil Engineering established, an experimental farm of
forty-eight acres purchased, and the College greenhouse built.
1889. The Experiment Station Building completed.
1890. The Second Dormitory completed.
1890. For "the more complete endowment" of Agricultural and l\lechanical Colleges,
an act of Congress appropriated to each State 515,000 for the year ending june 30, 1890, and
the same sum with an increase of i1.0o0 per annum for ten years, after which the inaximum
` of $25,000 should continue without change. Of the amount thus annually appropriated, the g
College receives 85 per cent. and the school of the colored people at Frankfort I5 per cent. 2
1891. The Department of Mechanical Engineering established. ij
1891. The Department of Anatomy and Physiology established.  
1892. The Mechanical Building and Workshops completed. ` l
1894. Greenhouses for the Experiment Station built. I ‘_
189.;. The Department of Physics established. V
1895. The Annex to the Mechanical Building and the lnsectarium for the Station built. _
1897. The Department of Electrical Engineering established. Additions made to the  
Greenhouses and lnsectarium.
v` _ .j;'§¤§= ;.   .