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~ L I K E A R E E D .
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by Carol Taylor-Shim, MSW K“. W m! .. ‘ 4" .
I have started and stopped this the hate that has been conceived, same lives lost in this senseless act
piece for what feels like a thousand born, nurtured and reinforced in of violence. As if that washes away
times. I would start with a thought every possible way in America. You anything.
and then the sadness would come can be anything you want in America, What has brought me out of
. and wash over me. Sadness for with the exception of: Black, Lesbian, this fog of confusion is the way so
Orlando. Sadness for the Latinx Queer, Trans, Latinx, Bisexual, many people have reconnected with
V community. Sadness for my Trans Muslim, Gay, Brown, Indigenous theirhumanity. Enough thattheycan ‘
and Queer People of Color (TQPOC) to this land, Multiracial, living with finally see what we’ve been talking
‘ community. Sadness for my LGBTQ visible and invisible disabilities, and about for decades. I was able to see
community. Sadness for our any expression of gender outside firsthand what happens when people
n humanity. It was just so heavy that of...you get where this is going. And do that at the memorial held at UK. E
r the words wouldn’t come. My words when your life lands in the middle But it took 100 people being shot and
e were replaced with tears, numbness, of multiple figure—eight intersections 50 losing their lives for people to see .
d and pain. The kind of pain that hits of marginalization, the pain courses what we all survive on a daily basis,
i . you in your soul so hard it . to varying degrees of success.
6 knocks the wind out of you. By the time this is printed,
0 . The pain that comes with an “ . . who knows how many we
-6 overwhelming sense of loss. I W l l i b e H d l l k e G will have lost. That says a lot
Loss of assumed security and . . , , about where we are as human
'1' absolute safety in our own Fee d l D l h 6 WI n d . beings.
'Y space. Our own community. _ So we will do what
'5 More and more the places " PO U E Al re I d e S we have always done. We will
e we knew were safe are being ‘ heal in whatever ways we
Ie replaced by blood stained need to, but we will continue
d walls and floors covered in to fight. Moving forward we
r broken lives and sorrow. Schools, through you without relief. It can will work in more intentional and
at l churches, clubs; which for some be all consuming and sometimes intersectional ways. There is no wayto
E people IS church, our sanctuaries are we cannot carry it all. So here we denythe necessityofintersectionality.
.n no more. We are open and exposed are. Again. Having the same debates We will hold space for each other
.e like never before. Every single one about gun control that we had when and help each other heal. We will
‘6 of us. We all knew there was the kindergartners were slaughtered. exist in solidarity because we know
5, potential for this because we live with The entire world was in love with we belong to each other. We will be
it every day. Some of us have accessed a Muslim last week. But this week better. We will be like the reed in the
E privileges in a way that allows us to its business as usual. A couple of wind. We will bend, but we will not
d put that fear in a place that enables us weeks ago people were clutching break.
(1 to live as fully as possible. their pearls about who was pissing
h So here we are. Again. Under in the bathroom stall next to them. Follow me @ctshim71
attack because we LIVE. Because of But now people are praying for those I!