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     The Board of Trustees of the Agricultural and Mechanica'.
College of Kentucky met at 2 P. M. in Judge Kinkeadfs office
and was called to order by Judge Kinkead Chairman of the Ex.
Com. who in the absence of Governor Knott is Chairman of the
Board. There were present under the Chairman the following
members Viz:

                         Gen'l. S. B. Buckner
                         Col. L. J. Bradford
                         Hon. J. M. Unthank
                         Dr. R. J. Spurr
                         Maj. R. S. Bullock
                         Maj. P. P. Johnston
                         Philip Bird, Esq.

     On motion P. P. Johnston was elected secretary pro tem.
On motion of Col. Bradford, Maj. Bullock Treasurer of the
College filed his report which on motion was referred to a
committee consisting of Gentl. Buckner, J. M. Unthank and
Philip Bird. The President of the College James K. Patterson
was then called upon for his report which with the report of
the Professors was read by him. The report was on motion
seconded and ordered to be filed. The Minutes of the
Executive Committee and of the Faculty were also submitted
for the inspection of the Board.

     On motion of Gentl. Buckner the request of Professors
Peter and Crandall regarding the appointment of Alfred M.
Peters as assistant to the petitioners in their respective
Departments of Chemistry and Natural History was refused
and the Professors named were directed to perform the duties
appertaining to their departments themselves.

     Professor Patterson submitted and explained a schedule
of studies for the several courses in the College,
Agricultural and Mechanical, Scientific, Classical work
the branches obligatory and optional in each for the several
degrees conferred by the College, and the hours for recitation
in each Department respectively. The schedule of classifi-
cation with adjustment of time was adopted and all existing
regulations in conflict therewith repealed. The schedule
will benefit from part of the Annual Catalogue.

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     The Committee appointed to Audit the accounts of the
Treasurer and examine his vouchers, reported that they had
performed the duty assigned them and found his accounts
correct in every particular.

     On the recommendation of the Report of the President of
the College the following motion was made by Philip Bird
and unanimously adopted Viz;

     " Resolved that all surplus revenues of the College
accruing from the tax levied by the state for the benefit of
the same, after paying the existing indebtedness of the college,
the salaries of Professors necessary supplies and incidental
expenses be set apart for the purchase of land for the bene-
fit and use of the college for experimental purposes in
Agriculture and that the Executive Committee be so

     On motion President Patterson was elected permanent
Secretary of the Board of the Executive Committee.

     On motion of Col. Bradford seconded by Dr. Spurr the
salary of J. K. Patterson, the President of the College is
fixed for the future at twenty five Hundred Dollars per

     On motion R. J. Spurr, L. J. Bradford, P. P. Johnston,
R. S. Bullock and W. B. Kinkead were appointed Executive
Committee for the ensuing year.

     On motion the following Amendments to the Regulations
were adopted and all existing regulations in conflict there-
fft-. re mcnlpr v d i

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1.  ' Resolved that the demehts shall be recorded by the
   Commandant in a book kept for that purpose and shall be
   submitted on the lst and 15th of each month to the
   President who shall have full power for sufficient
   reason to modify or remit at his discretion.

2. Arrests when made shall be reported as soon as possible
   with the reasons therefor in writing to the President,
   who shall determine the time for which the arrest shall
   continue unless in his judgment the offense for which
   the arrest were made requires to be reported to the
   Board of Discipline or to the Faculty.

3. All the members of the Senior Class shall be exempt from
    the obligation to drill, and all members of the junior
    class who may have completed the required course of
    Military training so far as the National facilities
    exist may also be exempted from the obligation to drill
    upon presentation of a certificate of proficiency from
    the Commandant to the President. But, on all public
    occassions all those cadets who are exempted under this
    resolution from the ordinary drill shall appear in the
    cadet corpa and do such duty as may be required. Exemp-
    tion from drill under this provision shall not exempt
    any from wearing the prescribed uniform.

4. The general orders for the maintenance of discipline
    in the Dormitory and the Mess may be modified by the
    President by and with the consent of the Executive

    On motion ordered that the salary of the Treasurer and
Prof . Pence and Tutor Taylor be paid.

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    On motion of Judge Kinkead the following resolutions
was adopted.

     " It having been reported that Prof. Neville contemplated
resigning his Professorship, we entertained a high estimate
of his ability and his great value to the Institution do wish
him to continue to hold his place, inasmuch as we consider
that the college would suffer by his retirement.    The
Board then adjourned to meet at the Phoenix Hotel tomorrow
morning at 9 A. M. Lexington, Ky.
June 3, 1884.

     The Board met as per appointment in the Phoenix Hotel,
Governor J. Proctor Knott in the Chair.

     On motion of Dr. Spurr the recommendation of Dr. Peters
respecting the purchase of additional chemical apparatus for
the use of the Professor of Agriculture was referred to
the Executive Committee with full power to act.

     On motion of Dr. Spurr the question of the modification
od existing conditions of admission of students - male and
female from the City of Lexington and County of Fayette
who are not county appointees, or normal students was
referred to the Executive Committee with full power
to act.

     The Board then adjourned,     June 4, 1884.

     James K. Patterson     W. B. Kinkead, Ch. Ex. Com.
       Secretary -

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