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Don’t Miss Kate! LOUISVILLE “IDS WflLK
Nationally renown lesbian comic Kate Clinton will LOPiSVine is taking a Step in the right direcuon for
appear at the Singletary Center for the Arts on the UK battling AIDS- , , _
campus September 18. Clinton has recently appeared On Sunday, September 26: POWSYIHC ““11 56? a
on the Arsenio Hall Show and is brought to Lexington number 0f caring and concerned 1nd1V1duals marching
by UK Lambda and Iris Events. Tickets are $15 together F0 raise money for various AIDS groups and
(seniors/students), $15 (advance) and $17 (at the organizations. . _ ' ’ .
door). For tickets, call the Ticket Office at Singletary: For those Interested .10 partlcrpating m the walk,
2574929 sponsor sheets for indiViduals and companies can be
obtained by calling (502) 574—5947.
P—FLfiG SUPPORT GROUP Use these sponsor sheets to sign up family members,
Activities will soon begin in the formation of a friends, co-workers, and others to sponsor you. Raise
Lexington chapter of P—FLAG, a support group for 2502;13:1angggiysgstggu Sigma/XS: yogr-emplloyercto
parents, siblings, and friends of lesbians and gays in p ou e lo 6 ,5 b); n :1 ur otwor frsh' is“
their effort to understand, accept, and support their caEry ytr‘br [imp y rt b n fir ind W635 eam Es Ifh ’
loved ones with love and pride. If you are interested w 311211 (1) [13131213 nnelymturrfefioineb: [fig daylacgcfheoévall:
alliggin‘: [0&1 joio$ghttrieort§ Emigigzztteidiie liceiréggfi counts toward incentive aiwarckils. Ehis saves you tirfne,
’ , ’ saves expenses assoctate Wit co ecting money a ter
. Ruth a: .(606) 27.611277 after September 22‘ Your the Walk, and allows for the proceeds to be distributed
suppor ls apprecra e ' more quickly to people in need.
. . Make checks payable to “Louisville AIDS Walk."
Pro’QCt Fa" VOtQ Contributions are tax-deductible.
Project Fair Vote has established and Eighth Ward Wear comfortable shoes and clothing to suit the
Committee for the purpose ofdeveloping an education weather. Rain or shine, help step out AIDS!
and polling action plan. Volunteers will participate in Registration is at 12:00 noon. Warm up!
literature drops, polling (telephone and door-to-door) Warm up is from 130 2:00 pm,
and neighborhood outreach activities. A "Fight the Walk begins at 2;00 pm,
Right” conference is to be held in Cincinnati on The walk begins at the Belvedere.
September 4 & S. Fairness supporters will be
participating in a regional conference sponsored by
the National Gay 8: Lesbian Task Force and Stonewall
Cincinnationcountering rightwing organizing. Anyone . _ _ _
interested in these projects. can call 'Eleanor at (502) Have you been discriminated against
8%;31685 or contact the Fairness office at (502) 893- in the Commonwealth Of Kentucky
' _ _ for your sexual orientation?
Get Into the Swmg of Things! THEN REPORT m
A group of local golfers are looking for other golfers to
play on a regular basis and for an upcoming tournament 27 6'5383
being planned by the Diversity Business Coalition. If
Diversity Business Coalition number (281—8444). ensiscnm'nananpmiecr

0 . - . D a reat dinner and talk about the new fall TV season.
%‘ 9130 dVéTWCS ‘/ ‘— ‘ g We pay taxes, are educated, contribute to
published Monthly by the society, and try generally to just keep our heads above


faxing/mm gay/£81g£m services» Before you begin to wonder just where I am

LO , , going with this let me point one thing out. We are just
“,9 ”mafia" like everyone else, despite the picture thatconservatives
PO. Box 11471, Lexington, KY 40575 would paint of all homosexuals. They would have
Editors: everyone believe that homosexuals can only lead one
Bo 1.1.1. SEE“?iitiéézfiii’fig‘sg‘riifiiééfli 1.1511635.”
GLSO Annual Dues ‘ $15-00 The only special interests we have are the
Dues for Couples _ $20.00 fights to be treated'like vxghat we are: Ilfiimgrtl)ll)eings.
ot ust inter retations o assa es in t e 1 e.

N ewsletter Only I $1000 1 It’s algoutbeing leftgloneffo pursue alivelihood,
Views or opinions expressed in the GLSO News are those of the authors not just a lifestyle, that is remarkably similar to the ones

111.521:..1.::::1:11“’..11“:::::.:.“:11::1.:1“:..:::°.:;“.:“ .11: lived by ihosc who are most critical of us.
property of 61.50 and must indicate full name and address of the Some people go out [0 bars every night, Some
:1:1°;:.1“1:.11::3.51:3::1“::‘1.:1:::d::.1111:1111,“1.111521: are rich and some are poor. Some are kinky and some
subllussions. Placement of advertising in the stso News‘does no: aren’L The qualjties are shared by gays 85 well as
::::::e:;erson‘s sexual orientation nor a business customer Straights. They are not Universal to everyone nor

_ A\\ ,1 [on rot //l; _ should they be. People are different and unique.
\K "‘ " )1 Stereotyping us into one large group of “deviants”
who are clamoring for the right to have sex in the
EDITORIHL streets is just not true. We are all people, no matter
b Bo Robertson wlc11at C(Eurllgestyles are and should be judged on an
Y in ivi ua asis.

- My daily routine is normally very mundane. I We are doctors, lawyers, dentists, bankers,
get QUE 0f bed first and shower. My lover,]ames, and construction workers democrats republicans
my dog, Max, getthe luxury Of an extra half hour in bed libertarians, and yes, some are parents and ministersl
while I prepare myself for the battle in corporate We are neighbors and given the chance,
America. Well, corporate Lexington anyway. friends.

After showering and dressing, Iwake James Don’t allow the media or conservative
and §h0_VC the dog QUE the door for hls daily Christians to dictate what your lifestyle has to be like.
constitutffrtial. 11 b kf t d _ k kis th You have a world of personal lifestyle choices

' er a sma rea as an a qurc s on e and u ecid W ~ - - t .
cheek and perhaps a suggestive pat on the butt, we go You izyeygpugfigwe :hegfh one ls righ for you
our separate ways and leave our children (a miniature
dachshund and a snow white cat from Hell) behind to ‘
enjoy the fruits of our labor.

At lunch we race around in the usually vain
hope that we might get to eat lunch together before . “POLOGY
running back to the daily grind. To all of the faithful readers of the G.L.S.O. newsletter

After work we come home, clean house, fix a and to the tireless staff that puts it together, I want to
quick dinner, wash dishes and watch Rosanne. apologize for any inconvenience and unnecessary

At 10 we turn on Star Trek: The Next grief ,1 may have Gaused bY_ skipping town before
Generation and at 10:15 we realize there is no way we handing over the articles-for this month’s newsletter. In
are going to be able to stay up anylater so we go to bed. the WSh [0 get [0 Washington DC for a 10b mterv1ew

We retire to our bed and congratulate each that could have changed the rest of my life, I neglected
other for getting through another day. to turn the articles over to Krismn. In case anyone is

Soundalittle mundane? Ourweekend usually wondering, the interv1ew has changed my life—I’m
consists of an afternoon movie and (dare to walk on the leaving the US for the former USSR on a fellowship that
wild side) staying up ‘til 12:50 or 1 to watch Saturday W1“ 135‘ a year, star ting “'1 October.

Night Live. —B.R-

Sunday is spent with my parents where we eat

 _‘ 7
l :STDST‘C-‘Z-Eaa S circle of Lesbian Avengers stood with torches, and as
I? F thle crowcé Chalnted "The fire will not consume us. We
ta e it an ma e it our own,” the Aven ers one by one
8”" (DZ/H" put the flaming skewers into their moguths.
—Southern Voice 8: Washington Blade
Well, I felt a little loss of direction after the The next section is Letters:

parenting series was over. But, recently I’ve met a The following is a letter I sent to the editor of the
woman who is just coming out, and in helping her find Jewish Exponent, a weekly newpaper (51C) here: I was
resources, I reflected back to what helped me find an thrilled beyond belief [0 $66 in the Exponent’s April 30
identity in 1977 during my own coming out beginnings. Birth Announcements the inclusion of a lesbian couple
I guess 1 pretty much floundered with the Bar (The and their new baby. I called the Exponent’s office to
Living Room/JohnnyAngel) scene untilIbegan meeting let them know how pleased I was. My call was met
more gay girls in the early eighties and became with horror and disbelief The office had not
wrapped up in the softball/Hidden Door days. Those intentionally let a lesbian couple print a birth
were days of drinking, dancing and softball widowhood announcement in the paper. They had assumed that
(I could never play the game—~just sit in the stands, sip “Abbe ” was a short form of Abraham. it would never
beer and COkCS, and root my girlfriend on). happen again. I reminded them that I WaS calling not

But in 1983 1 attended my first Michigan to complain, but because Iwas happy at the inclusion.
Womyns Music Festival and was introduced to lesbian I wanted to know if they were planning 0“ censoring
politics, music and writings. of the writings, such birth announcUncnts in the future. I was told
lesbian fiction will always be my favorite flavor, but, they weren’t sure. As aJewish educator at several local
what has offered me the most footholds through the synagogues, I am deeply disturbed to have encountered
years is Lesbian Connection. When I first started SUCh a reaction within my Jewish community, and
reading this national Forum of News and Ideas I felt more disturbed that such a reaction cam from the major
less isolated and in fact empowered by the knowledge source 0f JeWiSh news in the Philadelphia area. BY
of the sheer number of us and the diversity of who we judging families that are hOt lUSt like OUTS. we are
are. When you don’t look like k. d. lang you learn setting in motion something we have promised to
you’re still lesbian if you’re femme or fat, of color, never let happen again, “...'l'l ‘ nthey came for me. BUI
young or old, disabled or even celibate. there was no one left to SPQ “R up...”

But Lesbian Connection is not the only lesbian —-Sincerely, Mindy, AF dmor e, PA
publication, so over the next few months I or a friend Bits and Pieces are tidbit-‘3 Of information from
will introduce several of these to you along with readers’ letters:
subscription lnfori'natlon~ NEW MEXICO, Rural Santa Fe: There are at least 15

Lesbian Connection is produced by Ambitions lesbians living out here in the country between Santa
Omeyan 0????) of East Lansing, Michigan. Its distribution Fe and L35 Vegas. Some Of US live communally, some
runs above 10,000 and is international. It comes 6 are working at establishing Dyke Neighborhoods, and
times a year and this includes a spring and winter some hVe in small villages. The area is mOSUY

. catalog of services and products produced by and for populated bY Hispanic families who have lived here
lesbians. for up to 400 years, but we fit in nicely and there are

For the rest of this article let me just introduce no harassment problems. We can always use more
a section of LC. and give you an example of what you’ll lesbians! Call Kathe,
find in its 50 pages.

The first section is Articles and News. Example: Reviews of books, publications, or videos are followed

One of the most popular events during the weekend by Responses (a hot—bed 0f Lesbian Diversity—here I
of the MarchonWashingtonwas Saturday night’s Dyke learned about lesbian pornography, S & M: Chronic
March, sponsored by the Lesbian Avengers and the Ad Fatigue Syndrome, sexual abuse and more...)

Hoc Committee for Lesbian Visibility. Chanting, “We’re

dykes! Don’t touch us! We’ll hurt you!” thousands of I have a very wonderful and fulfilling relationship with
lesbians marched from Dupont Circle past the White 3 woman Who DOESN’T LIKE SEX- Tobe honest, there
House. At the presidential mansion shouts of “Red are times when it is hard for the both of us, since I love
Rover, Red Rover, send Hillary right over!” could be sex, anytime, anyplace. (Don’t get me wrong, hOWth
heard. The march ended at the Mall near the Washington other people, only my lover.) To be honest, I 5“” don’t
Monument. in the darkness there was a ceremony understand her lack of need for sex. For me, sex with
honoring Hattie Mae Cohens, the lesbian who was her is another way [0 show my love. It has taken some
killed in a firebombing in Oregon last September. A CONTINUED TO PAGE 10


 a Brief History of the LOCCI appealed. UK officials have since quietly said that the
. . political climate of the time caused them to not
LQSBIG‘IY commun'ty recognize the group more than any actual issue on the
AS everywhere, people have entered into same sex part of the administration. In an act of political
relationships in this area for centuries. Because earlier manuveuring, it was expected by UK that the court
Native American societies were structured much would decided in favor of the GLF based on similar
differently, the modern concept of a lesbian or gay man decisions in Oklahoma and elsewhere on gay student
is not exactly parallel. Around 1800» JOhh Tanner, a organizations. Surprisingly, UK won the case although
Kentuckian captured as a boy and raised among Native it was expected that an appeal would be made. The
Americans, does report the existence of “A-go-kwa” GLF continued to meet on campus through the
among the Ojibway Indians around the Great Lakes. University’s Free University Program by convening
Othertribes had other names for such people including each semester a class in “gay liberation." Members of
”berdaches” or males [sometimes females] who were GLF eventually organized off—campus the Gay Services
looked on as a third gender taking on opposite sex Organization (680 which eventually became Gay and
roles and considered spiritual leaders who married Lesbian Services Organization [GLSOD Today, GLSO
other non—berdache men/Women. Later during the is the oldest gay organization in the state of Kentucky
Civil War, Louisville papers reported cases of women and is 20 years old in 1994. As members graduated,
who dressed as men and passed as males in the GLF lost steam and ceased to exist. Itwas notunti11982
military. The sexual orientation of these particular thatagay/lesbianstudent group was recognizedbythe
cases is not cited but other transvestite women have University with the birth of GALUS (Gay and Lesbian
been found to have historically married other women United Students). GALUS was originally denied
and led respected lives until coroners discovered University recognition until a favorable ruling was
lifelong masquerades upon the “man’s” death. Census received in an appeal to the UKJudicial Board. In 1986
records from the 1880’s also reveal Kentucky men the group petitioned for the inclusion of “sexual
jailed for sodomy with a disproportionate number Of orientation” in the UK anti-discrimination policy. This
black men incarcerated nationally at this period. Sodomy policy was turned down although prOhibition 0f
laws as a form of social control were and continue to discrimination in grading due to one’s sexualorientation
be largely used against specific minority populations was included as a token measure in the Student Code
although they usually apply to all members Of society at that time. GALUS existed for several years before it
lblaCkS in the 1880’s; homosexuals in the 1980’s). became inactive as its leadership graduated. The late
Lexington has had a large, open and active lesbigay 1980’s saw the GALUS structure re-organized as GLUE
(lesbian, bisexual and gay) community for well over (Gays and Lesbians United in Education). Despite the
three decades with the city’s first gay bar opening in the rather unfortutious name in an area of horse farms, the
late 1950’s. The horse farms, Kentucky Derby and organization of gay students under this name lasted
legendary Derby parties that Continue to this day until the fall of 1991. At that time, four students (Beth
attracted many prominent closeted gay men and Daly, Jeff Gillispie, Jeff Jones and Andrea Lonon) re—
lesbians to Lexington. Local lore says that movie star organized the group into what is today UK Lambda.
Rock Hudson was part owner of what is today The Bar The group’s name was changed to be more inclusive
Complex on Main St. and that it was here in Lexington of bisexuals and supportive heterosexuals. Since 1991
that Hudson discovered Lee Majors, an EKU student. UK Lambda has been very active in the education,
Following the birth of the modern gay movement at the social and political arenas. UK Lambda members have
Stonewall Riots ofJune 1969 (25th Anniversary is next served on the Board of GISO and been founding
year in NYC), UK’S first gay/ lesbian Student group was members of other new gay service groups off—campus.
formed in the fall semester of 1971. The following Politically, UK Lambda or a group of its members have
January the Gay Liberation Front petitioned to become represented UK’s community at the Louisville March
a recognized student group and was denied on the for Justice, Lexington 4th of July parade, Frankfort
grounds that the GLF would attempt to “recruit” sodom law protest and 1993 March on Washington.
heterosexuals and that homosexuality was still listed In the fan of 1993, UK Lambda members approached
(until 1974) bY the American PSYChiatl‘iC Association as the UK Student Government Association with our
3 mental disorder. A court case ensued between UK concerns about discrimination and fearof discrimination.
and the GLF with the judge Of the 6th District Of the This eventually led to the near unanimous SGA vote
Federal Circuit Court (Cincinnati) ruling that denying calling on the UK Board of Trustees to include “sexual
recognition to the GLF based on members’ sexual orientation” in UK’s anti-bias policies. Educationally,
orientation did not violate members’ constitutional UK Lambda has brought to campus a number of
freedoms of speech and assembly. The case was not CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

 _ __________________________________
e speakers on such issues as AIDS/ HIV prevention, legal ‘ g
Ll rights of same sex couples, gender roles and drag
rt queens, and counseling needs of lesbigay clients. } ' I'm ‘
ti‘ Faced with a limited budget and often fearful ‘ ' ’
1t newcomers, we began Lambdanet, a computer listserv } A. LESBIAN B “WAWLW ‘
h that has exceeded our expectations considerably. { (LP—35 3 AND) ' >
e Subscription is free.’ Lambdanet provides information > '. . . - {
e from international, national and local sources as well { < B& '
g as offers a “virtual space” for community support when } ‘
)f issues of harassment and discrimination have surfaced. ‘ ’
rs Socially, UK Lambda has brought a number of gay/ ’ {
d lesbian talents to the University including Canadian ‘ ’
D singer Heather Bishop, the play “Sisters”, and cornmin - o 0
y in September nationally known lesbian comic Kat: h Punt“! In a ralnbow 0f COIOI'S g
1, Clinton. As our part in Lexington’s LesBiGay Pride ° -
2 Week, UK Lambda hostedatechno dance at the Virtual ’ on ““1th l00% Pr? Shrunk (Otton {
e Gallerydowntownspecificallyaimed atyoungerpeople ‘ only s|2.95 + ”-75 P&“ >
n of all orientations to promote awareness and acceptance. > SEND To. {
d This fall semester UK Lambda also hopes to bring to UK { ° ’
is the lesbian grand dame of women’s music, Cris > ls IN“ ‘ ’
.6 Williamson [December], and gay writer Frank Browning, ‘ ’
11 author of the best—selling “Culture of Desire” and a } P0 B 25095 ‘
is Flemingsburg native. UK Lambda will undoubtedly ‘ .‘ ° 0|! >
)f remain busy also with fundraising activities working > lcxmgton, I“! 1‘0521‘ {
n concessions at various local events. UK Lambda views OAVAVAVA‘VAVAVAVAVAO
.e 1994, the 25th Anniversary of the modern gay movement,
it as a time to emphasize the benefits that lesbi ay
:e women and men have brought to our communitieg as P8288 u 5 Travel Inc.
E well as the multi—faceted personalities and humanness r’f‘ /, 7—, £6 6 _ 7—
e to be found in lesbigay people beyond labels and ’f "a ’6 fir— mmr— ”M?
:1 private aspects of one’s life. M5005 )8? VP &‘ 05m 6pm“
h r. ;:'.: Z i
: September ls Full of Fests!
1 Besides the Ohio lesbian Festival on Sept. 18 outside 800 22 8—4337 60 6 2 68—4337
1 of Columbus, there will be two other women’s festivals 2 O 4 O I die Hour Cent 8 r
6’ fairly close to Lexington: Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502
g RhythmFest Womyns Festival: Sept.2-6, Camp Rock GLso DONATLON WITH EACH PURCHASE!
5' Mont, Black Mountain, NC, (near scenic Asheville).
e For {from} info, fall 404;}8781—1551, k

T is estiva was e on Loo out Mtn. near W W
2 Chattanooga last year. Black Mountain is a scenic [ad/‘4 E:- [60/4/(1 f
1. mountain resort east of Asheville. If visiting, be sure 6/, , fl? , [W (or
d to check out the local lesbian bed and breakfasts, ””04 ”0’“ 0"
1r Scandals/Cahcu >ts (the local lesbian bar/restaurant), gaff/[fib/ghmba/pa/Mfiwf goalrafiir
,- Stone Soup (a nice “granola” restaurant like our own
:e beloved Alfalfa’s) and(the wonderfuldlesbign-ownedé _g,%M/m gm,“
1 operated Malaprop’s like a small, e-su urbanize _ K . 436W. gum/g;
yl Joseph—Beth’s ran by ecologically-minded, bibliophile _’é22:é%flmwflgm [5», 1740507
3f dkaS)’ * 400k 0 [:an ,

Roanoke Valley Womyn’s Weekend: Sept. 17-19. I " /606/254—977Z
2 Call Linny for more info at 703-344-9793.


LLDEF (use of the Month Computer Contact:
by Jeff Jones by Lisa Scott
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund is a group If you have a computer, you have a large lesbian/ gay
of lawyers, legal workers and supporters defending the community at your fingertips. How? With a modem
rights 0f lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and PWAS in the and membership in one of the many online networks
COUITS 0f the land for 20 years. Below is a case from you can reach out and touch people all over the world.
their 1993 Lambda Update showing their continuing If you need a modem do some shopping and you can
work and the issues facing our community: pick one up for as low as $25. I recently bought a new
Boulais v. Lustig (California) [lost by LLDEF client in computer that came loaded With Prodigy and America
trial]: Jan Lustig, a female PWA, W35 sued in a L05 On Line. Both of these contain Gay& Lesbian bulletin
Angeles court by Diane Boulais, a surgical assistant at board areas and AOL has a 6&1, chat room. The other
the Breast Center. Boulais W35 cutbyaknife improperly major online services also have lesbian and gay areas
held by the surgeon during surgery on Lustig. to my understanding. If you are voyeuristic or want
Ms. Lustig had not revealed prior to surgery her HIV some ultra safe sex, try the AOL Gay & Lesbian chat
status. Although the health care providers’ had failed room_ The secret to having your screen filled with
to follow government and professional guidelines and anxious partners is a snappy “handle ”, or screen name,
although Boulais tested negative for HIV infection, she and an interesting profile of yourself. I logged on to
suedLustig for fraud, intentional infliction of emotional see what was going on in this area under the name
distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress. “Amazonial”. In minutes, I had five private, immediate
The jury in February threw out the intentional claim messages on my screen, some wanting to say hello and
but did find liability for fraud and negligence. The jury talk to another lesbian about life in general and others
awarded $105,000 in damages (60% from Lustig, 26% wanting “hot chat”. Another time, 1 had some very
from the Breast Center, 13% from the surgeon, and 1% interesting conversations about racism and stereotyping
from Boulais herself). This iS the first C356 where a inourcommunitywithafellow in SF, Ca. and another
health care worker has sued a patient With any disease about homophobia in a small Ga. town. As some of the
for not disclosing medical information. services charge by the minute this can get rather pricey.
Boulais and her lawyers, the LA firm 0i Mitchell, However, I plan on exploring NVN (National Video
Silberburg and Knupp, also issuedapress release upon Network), which has a flat monthly rate but no chat
filing 0f the Shit in which LUSEiS’S name, her HIV status, features: These serx ices also offer a world of other
her hometown and other personal information were features such as news from around the world, weather,
given [0 the press. This breach 0i Confidentiality stock prices, encyclopedias, etc. I understand that
brought a counter-suit against the Breast Center that there is a local gay 8: lesbian BBS; however, I have not
was settled out Of court for $35,000 found the number for it, and if anyone has it, I would
On June 18, LA County Superior CourtJudgel David love to check it out.
Horowitz overturned the jury’s award or ne i ence
saying that the decision made Lustig liable forngulais’ FIGHT THE RIGHT
failure to follow proper procedures. Horowitz also They won in Colorado.
said that because of compelling health reasons, there They nearly won in Oregon.
was "no duty of a patient to be truthful concerning his/ They’re sharpening their tactics.
her medical condition.” He left standing, however, the They’re praying that you won’t.
ruling of fraud. An appeal on this portion of the verdict The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Policy
is expected. Institute and Stonewall Cincinnati are pleased to present
Ohio To Hold Lesbian Festival a Regional Summit to Fight the Right in the Midwest.
b National and regional activists have been gathered to
yJeff Jones . . . .
The Lesbian Business Association of Columbus will structure fWO days Of dialogue and Skill-bylldmg to
coordinate the 5th Annual Ohio Lesbian Festival on counter right Wing organizing m the region. The
Saturday, Sept. 11. The Festival will be heldfromllam summit W1“ take place. over Lebor 'Day weekend,
until midnight at the Frontier Ranch off Rt. 40 east of September 4. and. 5’ m Cincinnati, Oh‘E‘. . .
Columbus and west of Kirkersville, OH. Cost is $15 _ TOPIC: d15CP§56d will,mdUde Quill Rightsvs.
advance and $20 at the grounds with children under 1 3 Spectal Rights; €024an budding—provrdmg practical
admitted free. The Festival will feature music, crafts, information on budding and essential alliances With
a business fair, workshops and a KidFest. For more our “3‘11”.” allies; Media‘Advocacy 1—covering .bas1c
information and/or tickets, the closest contact is Crazy Pfess ecu“ and strategies; GraserOts Or ganizing—
Ladies Bookstore in Cincinnati. Or, you can call 614- discussmg the strategies for successful organizmg;

 I I I
z \ t
f //‘/6’ WM 6’, //(0, I
3 For anyone who thought
: feminists couldn’t be Funny,
I‘ ' ' " g,-
a. .. “ amt:
C T W sewmo
d ”One of the most uproarious political satirists of“ recent years..."
Saturday, September 18th
1 UK. Singletary Center for the Artsgo“
it. v
:8 $l3 Students/ Seniors 1‘Q929 5:9
36, SE Advanced \\ 26 é 963
a $17 At the door 03 6““6
3} cosponsored by c69 \
_ 606 272-7762 _A V

 In September 1993 Jim McKeighen
GLSO: Servmg Lexmgton for 20 Years $ A
Fm} “/12 ~. 1
§-_-iiE§ TVT
1 2 3 4 Office: 606-268-4663
6'30pm MCC-L‘VUIC UK mm ltRm- 205 P-FLAG Convention-New 92008111 Fronmmnena 2560RIChmond Rd. Home: 606233-9995
7:00pm GLOBAL-U of Sun‘e 200 Pager: 606-231-4724
L. 7 :36: he 7:00pm Gay Men”; Spirit.Grp. Lexington, KY 40509 FAX: 606-268+4667
. - : m en’sC rus 7:3 Lc.YthGr
333m Gay/Lem“ 8:00pm HIV/AIDS swam. 8:08:13: Gig/125m Zip NGLTF-C incm' nati
5 6 33016121111111.1101 Emma 3.30 M 1° ‘1 . . PN‘NOU’ FUI"
P‘FLAG Conwmimj} 72305111 Parynrs of HIV+ Sp... 7100pm GLOBAL-U 011.. I pm en 5 (ms Ga ROdeo'SCmfle .
6:00pm MCC-Lex..@ Gmenlc... New Orleans: a 7:30pm TSGRA-Sbootcrs (c1... 8:00pm Gny/LcsbinnAA 7‘30”" UK Lambda 800 m Ga /Lesbian Bar _ nu 80006 PG! 690001an
7:009:11 GEM/221m AA Labor Da , , , ,_ . 8:45pm Rainbow Bowling-So... 10:00pm ICBE Show-Club U 8 (gm-21:) / AAp y
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Sept. 20 is International Day of Peace
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 Whlch Condoms are Safer? “What do you do In bed?"

In August the Mariposa Foundation released the by Lisa Scott
results of an extensive study of six condom If I have heard that question once I have heard it a
manufacturers as to the HIV leakage potential of their hundred times, from strayts of course. I have often
products. This study was funded by AmFar and the wondered what this fascination was with our sex lives.

NIH. A previous study by Mariposa caused considerable I think it is a many facetted curiosity.
alarm over the effectiveness of condoms against HIV. One of the facets, I think , has to do with the basis
The new study finds the top eight-ranked condoms of so many strayt relationships. It has been my
showed no HIV leakage 1. Mentor by Circle (no longer observation that a lot of strayt couples stay together,
on market; bought by Carter Wallace; new CW Mentor not out of love, but out of a sense of obligation. They
brand is substitution of lesser quality condom) 2. may have loved at one time, but when the romance
Ramses Non-Lube (Schmid) 3. Ramses Sensitol (Schmid) stage passed, they let their relationship lie there. Now
4. Gold Circle Coin (Circle) 5. Gold Coin (Circle) 6. I am not saying this does not happen in lesbigay
Sheik Elite (Schmid) 7. Durex Nuform (Schmid—London) relationships too, as I know it does. However, given