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Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. June 12th, 1872

Busine es
reporte1 by
Exec. Comr.

LMotion to
lay on table
Motion tO
carr i e (1.

M{eeting of
June 13, 1872

Paper from
Dr. Joseph
Sm it h

The Exec.
Co. .

Action of
the ESxec.
Com. Ratified

Offense of
Students of
the Bible
Col. passed

Report of Con.
of 3 to whom
waz refered
the case of
J.T. Rawkins.

        Cura L 0 Jese-h Sr.ith road to the Board. a document from the
   Extive Comtee containing sudgestions of business for the action
   of the Board.
        It was move4 to refer the docuimer' to a Contet of three.
   7    It was moved to lay it on the ta'ble but the resolution was
   re ec t cd.
        ,ueztion on reference was then carried and Curator Campbell,
   Sloan & Judge Caldwell were appointed the Committee.
        It was then movel to aajnurn till 'a otclock tomorrow morn-
   iLg, - Benediction by Cur-itor Sloan.

         /237/ Morrison College, Kentucky University
                        June 13, 1872

        The Board met pursuant to adjournment anct the roll being
   called the following Curators were fo-ond1 oresent. R. M. Biel`op,
   J. B. Bowman, John G. Allen, Beaj. Gr-Oz, Andre7.r Steele, Joseph
   Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W. Elley, J. S. Woolfolk, A. H. Boyr-
   an, C. T. Worthingt'n, Joseph   Smith, P. C. Ricketos, B. B.
   Xroox, John Shackelford, Z. F. Smith, J. P. Tarbi t,, R. P. Sloan,
   W. T. Withers, Bnos Campbell, James S. Caldesll, L. B. Whilkes,
   Z. M1. Sherley, Horace Miller, Henry Bell, William E. Rogers,
   Lenlon A. Thomas, Dr. Crutcher.
        The minutes of Previous meeting viere read and approved.
        Curator Dr. Smith presented a paper suggesting some matters
   of business for the consideration of the Board Which upon re-
   quest of the Fogent was hell up for the present.
        Curator Worthington called up the report of Curator Sloan
   offered the follo-ing Resolution.
        Resolved that we noet5fv the action of t he Exccutive Committee
   ad interim and tha:t while their ,minutes show a failure CrJ part of
   the students of tne Bib'e College to meet the requisition of the
   Board a't its 'November aecission. We are several less in the exer-
   cise of clergency pass by their officer on that matter and in the-,t
   view approve the 2action of Presilent `Iilligan in the final des-o-
   sition of the oase - adoptel.
/233/   Jllil',e Caldwell Chairman
        The Co"s-ittee on the La-wl College as reauested made their re-
   port which was red.l and ad..opted and is now filed.
        The Comt" to whome was refereJ the case of John Tm. Hawkins
   report by their Chairman the document filed. & marked A. as the
   report of the Comtee ,which document reads as follows



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 13, 1872

Diploma to
be confered
on J.T. Hawkins

Con,.  on
Nomi nations

Nomi nation
of Officers
& of Exec.

of Officers

No private
to be here-
after consid-
ered by the

     Considering as I do that it is criminal for a Christian to
detract ffom the character of any human being & as I did under
improper excitement speak of Regent Bowman in a manner which I
now consider wholly erroneous - I unreservedly retract all charges
made against his character and promise to move all false impres-
sions wherever I have made them
                                 Signed  John T. Hel.Jkins.
     Upon motion of Regent Bowman the Board Murders that in con-
sideration of the above acknowledgment and retraction a diploma
be furnished to John T. Hawkins bby the proper officers.
     The Committee on Nominations made their report through the'ir
Chairmr.-in Curator Steele which was adopted They recommrend & nom-
_nate Officers the following named Curators.
             For President R. MI. Bishop
             " Secretary Jos. S. Woolfolk
             " Extive Comrn. Bent. Kratz, Jos, We!7son, Jos.
                 Smith & Jos. Woolfolk.
             Treasurer J. B. Bowman & H. Headley were nominated
             for the office of Tres.
/233/ Curator Worthington moved that the Board go into elections
f Officers -carried.
     Samine moved that the By law requirino the voting to be done
by ballot be suspended and the voting shall be visa voce 0 adopted
requested that in taking the vote for Treasurer shall be by ayes
from voting for Treasurer which request eras granted.
     The following officers were there only electr I for the ensue
ing year. For Presi dent of the Board
                                 B. M. Bishop
                   Secretary    Jos. S. Woolfolk
            if     Executive Cotmittee(Beni. GOratz
                                       (Jos. Wasson
                                       (Jos. Smith.
                                       (Jos. Woolfolk
             "t   Treasurer            J. B. Bowman
     Curator J. G. Allen offered the following Resolved
     That hereafter no private or Personal difficulty that may
exist between the Professors, Officers and Curators of Ky. Uni-
versity shall 'be introduced into the Board of Curators for



Kent-ucky Unive rsity, Lexington, Kentucky, June 13, 1872

& approved

Re solution
offered by
Elley con-
Prof. Peter

offered hby
Poge rs

Same laid
on the table

Report con-
cerning pub.
lication in
the"Apostoli c
Times "Signed

      The Board met at 3 o'clock

      The roll ce311 was omitted. and tne minutes read-
      Regent Bow,-man suggested a correction which was made -
      Curator WTilkes also suggested a correction which was made
 and then they were approved -
      Curator Elley offered the follo~ring
      Re so lve d
              That the action of this Board at its meetings in
 November last in appointing a committee for the purpose of rc-
 conciliation, as some of the members of the same and also be-
 tween some of its Professors, was wise and commendable. Any
 effort thereupon to distract or complicate or the effort by any
 act of either the Board or its officers will fully set at defiance
 its expressed wishes - your memorialist therefore charges that
 Professor Peter has been guilty of gross violation of good order
 in the publication of many articles in our city papers in whics
 werious charges were made against some of the Curators & Pro-
 fessors and ask to have this resolution given to the Peace Comtee
 for investigation and for a report to our newt meeting of the
       Adop ted.

f241/YCurator Rogers offered the following
      Resolved that a Committee be appointed whose duty it shall
 be to so change and amend the Charter & By Laws of Ky. University
 as to forever exclude from the Board of Curators the considera-
 tion (while in session) of personal difficulties that may exist
 between members of the Board Professors & Officers of this Unri-
      Curator Worthington moved to lay the above resolution on the
 table and it was so ordered.
      Curator Campbell Chairmen of the special Comtee of three to
 whom was refered. the communication signed Joseph Thite Sec..
 made the following report.-
      The special Comtee to which was refered the communication-
 complaining on the part of the Executive Comtee of a publication
 in the Apostolic Times signed L & of a republication of an article
 signed'Justicet from the Louisville Daily Ledger also in the
 Times have had the same under advisement beg letve to report
      lst While the publication in the Times in our opinion does
 not fairly represent the action of this Board and While we thir?'
 it is improper for any one connected with this Boa-l1 to make any
 publication criticizing the official Acts of the Board in such
 way as to bring it into dispute- yet in as much as the article
 complained of appears over the initial "IL" who is known not to
 be a member of this Board or connected with it.    Your Comtee



Kentucky University, Lexington, Kv., June 13, 1672

Motion to
strike out
2nd. Section

Notion to lay
on table

Motion to lay
the Report on
the table
decided out
of order

Motion to
refer not


Vote by
section 2d
of report is
stricken out.

Motion to lay
on table car-

Comn. on
Amending the
Char t er

are of opinion that this Board cannot lhold Curator Wilkes or
Prof. McGarvey responsible therefore unless perhaps by a too
rigid constrution of their published prospectus.
      For the same reason they are not to be held responsible for
 the publication of the article from the Ledger.
      2. In the opinion of your Committee it was the duty of
 Curator Withers before the publication of the article complained
 of, to have gone to r~egent Bowman & learned from him whether he
 was the author of the Ledger publicaticn & for failure to do
 this we think he was guilty of indiscretion and wrong & we are
 of opinion that some of the language used & charges iwade against
 Re 7cnt Bow-nan are unwarrantable - Signed.
                                     Enos Campbell
                                     J. S. Cald-7ell
                                     R. R. Sloan
      Curator White move to strike out the 2 section of the report.
      Curator Wilkes moved to lay the re:ort on the table.rejected.
      After a good deal of discussion perticipatea in by many of the
 member s.
      Curator Givens again movel to latyr the report on the table or
 which in the confusion there was no vote but which the ch1-air de-
 cides out of order.
      Curator Ricketts then moved to refer the r:effort to the Peace
 Comtee. But the motion did not prevail.

/243/ Curator Wilkes moved as an amendment of the report that a
copy of the foregoing report be furbished the Editors of the Apos-
tolic Times Newspaper CarrieaI.
      On the question shall the last or 2d. section be stricken cat
      Curator White called for the ayes & nays and the following
 Curators voted Aye   Curator Allen, Gr3tz, Steele, Goodloe, Elley,
 Woolfolk, Worthington, Givens, White, Ricketts, Groom, Tareditt,
 Caldwell, Wilkes, Shirley, Bell, Rogers, Thomas 18.
 Nays - Curator Bishop, Bowman, Wasson, A. H. Bowman, Smith,
 Sh,,ohelfor!, Sloan, Campbell, Miller, Crutcher & Kinnaird.  11
      And by this bote it w;as decided it should be stricken out.

      Curator Allen moved to lay the whole subject on the table
      Curator Elley one of the Committee on By laws asked for
 f-rther time to make a report.   Granted.
      Curator Worthington Chairman of the Committee for amendina
 the Charter made a verbal resort to the effect that there was no
 necessity for asking for thie amendment - Adoptel.
      Cur'?.tor Worthington moved to withdraw the three resolutions
 endorsing the Regent passed by tee Board at its session last Novr-
 ember-_ Which reai as follows-



Kentucky University, Lexington, Kv., June 13, 1872

of last NTov..
embbp concern-
inc, the Regent

DiScussion of
the motion of
Cure tor

question irS

Division of
the questio07
called for.

Moti on to
strike out
first resol-
ution lost.

IMotion to
strike out
2d. ?es. lost .

Motion to
strike out
third Res.

     1st. That the entire history of the University is proof of
undeviating devotion on the part of Regernt Po-man to the interests
of the InstItution merke ' by a self sacrifice tbeing without
salar-r or reward) as al so z .      rarely if   c   &r : cqit led.
     2. Our records from tle beginning ever open to the inspec-
tion of al! interested are lecjorstrationo beyond doubt, not merely
of emirent financial skill, but unflinching integrity in the maxiag-
ment of -li its finances.
     1. That therefore wc express cur fullest cr-.ffidence in Re, ent
Bor. man n-lot merely as regards his fidelity in the past but ao  .
c(crpetercy to carry it for-ard to :still highere success, and. we
do most heartily and un; 'itiedly ctvrd the te#ent confidence
as we bespeak for hiT the coopercticn of the Fur.s of ejojcr tios
          Sie gn ( d
                 R. R. Sloan
                 S. M. Wing
                 B. B. Groom.
     1hereupon a heated discussion insued, engaged in by many
mem~bers Curetor Elley suggested th-t Curetor Wortnington with-
draw his resolution -until the Peace Cortee shs ll have rerorted.
     Curator Gretz finally moved the previous question -;nd was
sustained ^.
     Curator Elley called. for a division of the question. /245/

     The ayes and nays being demanded by Curator Wrhite while the
vote was taker on the 1st resolution and stood for withdr.gwing or
expending it.
Ayes - Curator Worthingtcn-
Nays -ur!'tors Bishop, Allen, Gri tz, Steele, Wasson, %ooaloe, 7l.ey,
Woolfolk, A. R. Bosmnjr, Dr. Smith, Givens, White, Ricket+t, Shack-
elf'ord, Trbitt, Sloan, Withers, Campbell, CaldweIl,.Curator W'ilkes
asked to be excused from voting    grantei - Shirley - Dr. Crutcher-
Thomas, Bell, Kinnaird, Miller, Rogers Groom 26-27.
     By this vote it was decided thgt the 1st Res. should not be
stricken. outb.
     On the 2d Res. the vote stood as folljcwTs Ayes  Nays exactly
the same as on 1st Res. and. decided that the 2d Res. should not be
strick-en out.
     The question on the 3t Res. was then ta-en and thie vots -+ood
Ayes- Curator Steele-Elley- Worthington, Givens, W1hite, Rickcttc,
W1itheri, Wi2lr+, Rogers -
IT ch -
     7urntnrs - Bishop, Allen, Gratz, Wiasson, %n loe, ;Tiholfolk,
A. H. Bowmtrn, Jocph Smith, Shackelford, Tarrbitt, Sloan, Campbell,
6aldrell, Shirley, Crutcher, T-ho-as, Bell, KnLnairI, NMiller, Greom, 2
     So it was decided that the 31 Res. Should not be stricken OtlN
     Curateor Withers moved to adjourn until tomorrow mornin- at
0 o'clock. Adopted.