Lexington College of Music an institution for art, vocal  
and instrumental training. Housed in three beautiful buildings ` Ii
andlthe center of musical culture for the entire Blue Grass l
Region. _ 
Single telephone system, home ownership, with low rates  
and all long distance connections. at
1 l
· Board of Commerce, Rotary Club and other organizations »
active in civic development.  
Eight banks, with average monthly clearings to Sept 1 of
$3,525,745 (last clearing house report). Deposits, $1;;,500,000, g
. and resources $25,659,921.87 at close of business Dec. 31, 1918, Q
an approximate gain of $1,500,000 in deposits and $4,000,000 fl
in resources during 1918, a year of heavy withdrawals for war {
purposes. First month in 1919 shows increase of 200 per cent j
in bank clearings, a remarkable record.
Oratorio Society: composed of several hundred singers of
Lexington and the Blue Grass. together with 30-piece concert '
orchestra. I
Associated Charities: a federation of social welfare agencies
employing trained experts and supported by large individual sub-   _
scriptions. 5
Lexington-center of the famous "Blue Grass Region of i
Kentucky," metropolis of Central Kentucky and county seat of
Fayette c0unty——is located on a broad plateau, in the greatest ;
farming and pure·bred stock section in the United States. A .
slight undulation furnishes natural drainage.
The hub of a great system of railroads, interurbans and high- _
ways. Five trunk-line railroads, with 44 passenger trains daily;   =
tive interurban lines, tapping every section of Central Kentucky,  
and a network of fine highways make Lexington a trading center -··- 4’
for 500,000 people within a radius of 50 miles.
.·\ mecca for thousands of tourists the year round. Located
on the Dixie Highway, jackson Highway and National Midland .
‘ trail trans-continental routes, and the Boone VVay. Fayette
county has more than 375 miles of asphalt and macadam roads.
` .»\ rapidly-growing tobacco manufacturing center. Natural
, facilities for manufacturing. assembling and distributing are re-
sponsible for the location of many industries of varied nature in .
Lexington. .
` Greatest loose—leaf tobacco market and burley producing `
section in the world; I4 sales warehouses, with total capacity for _.
handling 10,000,000 pounds per week. Sales for IQI8—IQ season, 5
$IS,OO0,000 or more.
Center of the greatest horse breeding country in the world, ·
the most noted stock raising region in the country and the
greatest producing center of saddle and fancy harness horses in
the world. _
\ A ._