_ 7
~~ County Judge (II,I[I)
W receives listings between July l and October l of mineral, oil, and gas
_ rights and makes out tax bills for same, assessing a twenty per cent pen-
,. alty for non—compliance of owners, and turns over the bills to the sheriff
· for collection (ibid., sec. MOBQ). He also; makes a recapitulation of the
__ tax supervisors**wbrk (ibid., sec. hl2Ba-l); makes out a bill for assess-
ment of omitted papers (ibid., sec. hl2l-5); on or before January l, re- A
i ceives from the county t€x—€ommissioner all tax schedules except those of
intangible property, filing and preserving same for five years (ibid., sec.
_ hllhi-15); and makes out annually a book of tax bills and stubs Ikirthe
. use of the sheriff or collector (ibid., sec. h259a). The county court
clerk may appoint deputies to assistxhim (ibid., sec. 572). He is also a
member of the county building commission (ibid., sec. 188la-1).
(l) The county judge is elected for a term of four years and is a conser-
vator of the peace, commissioned by the governor. He must be at least
, twenty-four years of age, a citizen of Kentucky, and a resident of his
_ county for two years preceding his election (Const. of 189l, secs. 99,
100, 1hO). "‘“""°"""`
= (2) The county judge is judge of the county court (ibid., sec. lhO; see
` County Court); of the quarterly court (Const. of l89l,"sec. 159; see Quar-
` ¥EEW]7CEurt); of the fiscal court (CenstT_EErdEEH:“EEc. lhh; see FiscHl_—
Court); and of the juvenile court (Carroll's IE5;E1cky Statutes, l§5ZYYil.,
. sec. §5le—2; see Juvenile Court). The cougtyrjbdge is é“mEHEEr of the
county budget commiEsioH_(CErrbll, op. cit., sec. l85lc—2; see County Budg-
et Commission), end the board of healtHw(Carroll, op. cit., secTY?TT;?7§5$
Cbunt57i¥ETFd"of Health). He may call special ternE?7§Yfthe county court
(EET cp. c1?Q"§6¤. 105e).
` V (5) The county judge, as presiding judge of the quarterly court, keeps
a docket, order book, and execution book, and fixes a rule day for the re-
turn of executions and other process, although he may appoint a clerk for
that court (ibid., sec. lO55).
0 A (L) As judge of the fiscal court, he may call special terms of said
court (ibid., soc. 1858). He appoints the county read engineer, by and
with thembbnsent of the fiscal court (ibid., sec. MBQQ).
(5) He may also appoint three or more tex supervisors, one from each
magisterial district of the county, who meet as a beard (ibid., scc. hll5);
guards for prisoners (ibid., scc. 20hh); a person to act as—jailer when the
jailer or sheriff cannbt`abt (ibid., secs. 225l, 2252); one or more commis-
sioners of the poorhouse established by the county court (ibid., sec. 5925);
‘ a special commissioner, who makes settlements with fiduciaried (ibid., scc.