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P University Archives
’ Margaret F. King Ligcrary - North
University of i{en£·u<:ir· nl` A 1·1r-2. it
J()I·I)' JISAZVINGS I)U)'L.»\I’, Bncholor 01`A rts. *
’I`II()1L»XS IIOLIXNI) I)I5AN, l§nch0I<>r· of A rls.
A LICE 1)IfCI(, Bn07¤0I0r 0i` Science.
J()Il,\' IIIENRY TRIGG, I?:1c—110I01·0Y Fcinrrco.
I,AD'IYS S1·‘!JR(2EO)T BIXRBHR. Bachelor of 9c·ic·nc·0.
1)A)'II£L AIORRIS OASIS. Iiucizolor of JIc~0hnni<·n1
l5D\VA~\I{l) C.;\ AIPBIEILL .\Ic*l}() XVELL. iiuolzclor of
I\I0cIz:1nic·nl I5ng·1n•:-0r111g·. Q
JOEL IRI'1N15 LYLI5, Ifnclxelor of .\I0c·Z1uni(·uI `·_`
'5Il;_{‘IIlOOl`l,1lg`. \\`
HISNRY ()I€AfAN, 1;ll(‘7lO1()l` of A\1C‘(‘1)IJIIi(‘2l1]51l;§`iIl(‘(‘{'· ){·*>5\`
ing. *4
ILXIIIQY .\I)()LI’Il l);\K’II)S()A\', ];éI('7l("i()l` of LYIVII  
I5ng·in0c·1·ing·. 7;
I’.·\ UI, AlUI{I€lLL. .\Ir1_]<1r Ht uzly (jiznwnist ry, .\I:1s101· of ')‘
1\'l5Ll.II5 41. 1{l£Y)'()I.1)S, Alnjor Hiuciy (Ecology.
Alusicr o1`Sc·I0nc·0.
L1j(.7Y STL'.·\](T FITZIIIYGII. n¤IZl_i()I` Study (lornxun.
Alnstar 01`A rls.
l5I)\\’I\I{I) URILDJI). Alujor Study A noic-nl 1,:111-
grxngns, Alu st01· of Il rt s.
XVAXLTISR I{1£.\'l\’15I)Y I’A·\TTl£RS()N, ,\Ius!0x· of A11`! st.
Q'\I;\lFRIUI5 l(1RHY.I)00101· of 1.:: xvs,

  "T/ze 1)csiyu of rn Triple EJ;pImsimI, I2,7`ZZi('!LZ Crm-
Y r7cns»`>Ig/ Enginc, In Dcvclup Tx’»zTr/g/-jE1·r Horse ]’ou:e;·"
D, Mmmm CASE.
UL"/H; Design cj re Prrir rg/` In»v2 ]'I-:L IR\'IN'E LYL1¤;I
" "T/z:= lhxizn of ¢4 i2;rii4,·¢;l. (]r~.5&>E lM·v!r»p Fi/{yen llrnrw l’r>Ir»;»· H'/mn Ifmmilzgy af Turn
_,‘ 1]~¤n·lr» Il, uml 1+`[/`ly [ECM/ufir>»:,< I’¢c1·}[/Im(¢;"
{· Hmmm Ommx
fr 1*01: THE DI2G—III D.I\“Ius0N.
FOI; Tum DI·]l2l{l·1iQOI·` AI;xs‘I‘Ia;; 0I¤ SCIENCE!
··T/II Y'I·I»,»/nn, Fm·nzu2z`¤»>z" ............ NHLLY A. R1;YNTl(‘S will bo npou for llw i11sp¤·<*-
mm of nlm gmmrnl public at Llw close mf these exercises.
l The Alllllllll BllI1¤l\ll‘{\\'iH Im {{i\'L‘ll this 0vr=n1m,g in rh+·di11i11;.{l1ul1s ui
}I<¤1‘ri<·l; LodgnBuildi11;;.:1L11in<=r»`cl0<·l;.
'l'h¤· Smtv <'0lE<—;;r· of l{v11tl1¤·l:y<>;><·11s $<·plm11l»4·r lllth. NMS,

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,< F? 7  .» if  `~
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