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i ·
  One hundred and sixteenth annual
University 0f Kentucky, Lexington
  University Archhres
I Margaret i. King Library — North
l Uni\,f;$}5y gi i?T(tRiUCi€‘/
  :..GZ·(ifY€5E`;}mi giaiiuciky  
  Sunday, May eighth, nineteen hundred and eighty three
,! ·$ • g •

William B. Sturgill, Chairman  
Albert G. Clay, Vice Chairman I
George W. Griffin, jr., Secretary 1
Albert Benjamin Chandler, Honorary Member
Thomas P. Bell
William R. Black ·
Edward T. Breathitt  
Opal Skaggs Conley  
james W. Dinkle  
Tracy Farmer
Ronald G. Geary 1
Edythe jones Hayes
Brereton C. jones  
R. Larry jones _
Terrell A. Lassetter
W. Terry McBrayer A
Robert T. McCowan
A. Stevens Miles
Frank Ramsey, jr.
William F. Wagner
Constance P. Wilson
Otis A. Singletary, President
Peter P. Bosomworth, Chancellor for the Medical Center A
Donald B. Clapp, Vice President for Administration, Central Administration
Art Gallaher, Chancellor for the Lexington Campus
Raymond R. Hornback, Vice President for University Relations, '
Central Administration
Wimberly C. Royster, Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate
School, Medical Center and Lexington Campus
Charles T. Wethington, Chancellor for the Community College System

} One Hundred and Sixteenth Ann ua]

l University Marshal
Professor Daniel R. Reedy
l The National and University Colors
{ The Candidates for Advanced Degrees, including the Candidates for Degrees from
l Q the Graduate School, College of Law, College of Medicine, and College of Dentistry
I The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences
ll The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Agriculture
l The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Engineering
V5 The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Education
e The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Business and Economics
The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Pharmacy
tf The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Nursing
El ` The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Architecture
F, The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Allied Health Professions
F, The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Home Economics
{ The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Library and Information Science
E The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Social Work
i The Candidates for Degrees from the College ofCommunications
  The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Fine Arts
g The Faculty of the College ofArts and Sciences
  The Faculty ofthe College ofAgriculture
1* The Faculty ofthe College of Engineering
  The Faculty of the College of Law
E` The Faculty of the College of Education
E. The Faculty of the College ofBusiness and Economics
  The Faculty ofthe College of Pharmacy
Q The Faculty of the College ofMedicine
li The Faculty of the College of Nursing
l The Faculty of the College of Dentistry
  The Faculty of the College ofArchitecture
I The Faculty ofthe College of Allied Health Professions
 , The Faculty ofthe College of Home Economics
 1 The Faculty of the College of Library and Information Science
 · The Faculty of the College ofSocial Work
I The Faculty ofthe College ofCommunications
A The Faculty ofthe College 0fFine Arts
.` The Directors and Faculty of the Community Colleges
g The Faculty and Staffof Other University Units
g The Deans of the Colleges and Administrative Officials
{ The Vice Presidents
  The Chancellors and Vice Chancellors
The Official Guests
The Board ofTrustees
The President ofthe University of Kentucky
I 3

' The exercises of the one hundred and sixteenth annual commencement are enacted today .
at the University of Kentucky. The counterpart of the pageantry is enacted each year on cam- ‘,
puses all over the world. It is the solemn climax and recognition of the graduates’ years of
study and preparation for responsibility. ,
The following description of the Academic pageantry is provided for your interest. ,
1>RocEss1oN l
The procession, which forms on the Avenue of Champions, will enter the Coliseum  
through the south entrance. It is led by the University Marshal and followed by the Color gl
Guard carrying the National and State flags and the University banner. The University Mar-  
shal bears the ceremonial mace, emblematic of the endorsement of the State and the Univer- 5
sity. Led by Assistant Marshals, the candidates march behind the identification banner of the  
respective colleges which recommended them for their degrees. l
The order of march is as follows:  
The candidates for advanced degrees to include  
Graduate School  
College of Law  `
College of Medicine  
College of Dentistry  A
The candidates for degrees:   `
College of Arts and Sciences Q
College ofAgriculture  
College of Engineering  
College of Education  
College of Business and Economics E ~
College of Pharmacy  
College of Nursing .
College of Architecture Q
College ofAllied Health Professions 2
College of Home Economics  -
College ofLibrary and Information Science ,
College of Social Work  ’
College of Communications  ;
College of Fine Arts 1
As the candidates reach their seats, the members of the faculty of the University of Kentucky Z
march into the Coliseum wearing the colorful hoods of the colleges and universities from i
which they were graduated. The climax of the procession brings to the platform the Trustees 5
of the University, the Deans of the various colleges, honorary degree recipients, alumni I
award recipients, The William B. Sturgill award recipient, Sullivan award recipients, the _
Chancellors, the Vice Presidents, and other University officials, guests, state officials, and  Z
finally, the President of the University. The Trustees of the University can be identified by  
their blue gowns with white panels. They wear blue caps with blue tassels. ji
4 Z

_‘ All candidates for degrees and those who hold these degrees, including University officials,
1 faculty, and visiting dignitaries, are attired in traditional cap and gown. The basic color for
most caps and gowns is formal black. However, recipients of different degrees wear distinc-
l tive tassels on their caps (called mortarboards) and hoods of various hues draped down the
1 backs of the gowns.
  Candidates for Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees wear the regulation cap with the tassel ap-
¢,_ propriate to the school or division from which they are being graduated, with the exception
  of those who already hold Doctors' degrees and are privileged to wear gold tassels. Except
l during the positioning of the Colors, the playing of the National Anthem, and prayers, men in
ri academic regalia are requested to wear their caps. The authorized list of tassel colors follows:
E; Arts and Sciences—White Nursing—Apricot
  Agriculture—Maize Dentistry—Lilac
  Engineering—Orange Architecture—Brown
  Law—Purple Allied Health Professions—Light Green
E', Education—Light Blue Home Economics-—·Maroon
 , Business and Economics—Drab Library and Information Science—Lemon
  Pharmacy—Olive Green Social Work—Citron
 , Medicine—Green Communications—White
  F ine Arts—Brown
{ l
  The gown for the Bachelor’s degree has pointed sleeves. It is designed to be worn closed.
  The gown for the Master's degree has an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist, like the others. The
§ sleeve base hangs down in the traditional manner. The rear part of its oblong shape is square
 , cut and the front part has an arc cut away. The gown is designed and supplied with fasteners
 s so that it may be worn open or closed. The gown for the Doctor’s degree has a bell-shaped
‘Y sleeve on which are three velvet bars (usually black but sometimes other colors depending on
( the degree).
Q nooos
 l The Bachelor’s hood is rather short with a narrow velvet edging of the appropriate color
*  (see list under tassels) and a lining in the color or colors of the institution—blue and white at
Y The Master’s hood is considerably longer, has a wider velvet edging, and exposes more of
  the lining. The outside velvet trim color designates the degree which the person is receiving.
l The Doctor’s hood is easily recognized by the width of the velvet edging, the wide panels at
 _ either side, the greater length, and the full exposure of the lining. The colors of the edging
 _ most frequently seen are blue for philosophy, green for medicine, and purple for laws; the
  colors for the honorary Doctor’s degrees are purple for laws, white for letters, and golden
  yellow for science.
, Candidates for honorary degrees do not wear the hood until after the degree has been con-
ferred; part of the ceremony of admitting a candidate to his honorary degree consists in his
being formally invested with the hood.

' Hail Kentucky, Alma Mater!  
Loyal sons and daughters sing; i
Sound her praise with voice united;
To the breeze her colors fling.
To the blue and white be true;
‘ Badge triumphant age on age; I
Blue, the sky that o’er us bends; Y
White, Kentucky’s stainless page. l E
` l
Hail thee ever, old Kentucky! l
Glorious is thy heritage;  
Proud thy name and thy traditions;
Proud thy place on history’s page!
May we ne’er forget thy fame  
Mother of the great and free;
May we’er uphold thy name,
Old Kentucky, hail to thee!
‘Words byjosephine Funkhouser
Music by Carl A. Lampert
Oh Say! can you see, by the dawn’s early light,  
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?  
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, V
O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming? {
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,  
Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.  
Oh, say does that Star-spangled Banner yet wave in
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?  
6 1 

; Presiding
Otis A. Singletary, President
STAR SPANGLED BANNER ................................ (Francis Scott Key)
Y INVOCATION ..................................... The Reverend Marie Palmer
II United Campus Ministry
I  INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS ............................. President Singletary
gl GREETINGS—ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ......................... Paul E. Fenwick
  REMARKS ................................................. Alexander Heard
Dean Michael A. Baer Acting Dean M. O'Neal Weeks
College ofArts and Sciences College of Home Economics
· Associate Dean john C. Robertson Dean Timothy W. Sineath
; College ofAgriculture College of Library and Information Science
  Acting Dean Donald C. Leigh Dean S. Zafar Hasan
V College of Engineering College ofSocial Work
  Dean Edgar L. Sagan Acting Dean Herbert N. Drennon
  College of Education College ofCommunications
  Dean Richard W. Furst Dean Richard C. Domek, jr.
I College ofBusiness and Economics College ofFine Arts
I Dean joseph V. Swintosky Dean Wimberly C. Royster
I College of Pharmacy Graduate School
I Dean Marion McKenna Dean Robert G. Lawson
( College of Nursing College of Law
  Dean Anthony Eardley Dean D. Kay Clawson
 i College ofArchitecture College ofMedicine
 l Dean joseph Hamburg Dean Merrill W. Packer
P College ofAllied Health Professions College of Dentistry
I ALUMNI GREAT TEACHER AWARDS .................... President Singletary
 _ WILLIAM B. STURGILL AWARD ......................... President Singletary
I  PRESENTATION OF SULLIVAN AWARDS .................. President Singletary
·, Professor joseph A. Bryant, University Orator
I CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES .................. President Singletary
ALMA MATER ............................................. (Carl A. Lampert)
 ` BENEDICTION ..... . ......................... The Reverend William R. jennings
‘ First United Methodist Church
I Music by the University Commencement Band, Professor joseph Buttram, Conductor
Professor Margaret Kennedy, Soloist ,
  Announcer, Doug Bruce `
.  7

mama 0F Larrmzs
Alexander Heard
Forrest Carlisle Pogue
Jean Ritchie
 R 9 R

1 1
1  3
K j
1 1
El .
l 1
4 l
" Degree awarded August 5, 1982 ]
’ 1
” Degree awarded December 17, 1982
(N0 asterisks) Degree will be conferred May 8, 1983  
ifcandidates have met all degree requirements §

l . .
G Ba1rd,]ames Richard, Marshall, IN
l     Major: Animal Sciences
1 Doon: Wlmbcfly C' Roystcr Dissertation: "The Effects of Lactose, Dried Whey, Presoaking and
E Enzyme Supplementation of the Diet on Early-Weaned Pig Per-
i I formance and Nutrient Utilization"
3 Doctor of Philosophy
l Bellack, Daniel Robert, Lexington
l Major: Psychology
i Aekei-man, Jane Ellen·•=, Independence, MO Dissertation: "An Investigation of Television Attention and Compre-
li Major: Spanish hension Among Pre-Schoolers"
  Dissertation: "The Presence of the Canticle of Canticles in Sixteenth- Berg Kristina Eiizabcthw Auburn NY
  and Seventeenth—Century Hispanic Poetry" M aio}: Psychol!) ’ ’
;, gy
1 Adcsi Hai-i-iet Fleishi-na_n*>•=_ Lexington Dissertation: "Self-Esteem, Ego Defenses, and Cognitive Bias of
i Major: Chemistry White and Non-White Collar Criminals"
  Dissgiytatjogi who lnteirrictioiq ogliydiogendarid Helium with Alum: Bharti Dhananjay D.**, Cerritos, CA
  mum usters 0 Ecu af r Ita tu y Major: Metallurgical Engineering and Material Sciences
  Ag-uiti-e_ Rafael Angel**, Lexington Dissertation: "Superplastic Forming Process Modeling"
  Major: Spanish B_ h Th Ch * G d_ ID
i' Dissertation: "Estudio De Las Tecnicas Narrativas Usadas En La ivfijoliohniizrgiagcicsggir i OO mg,
l Version Espanola De La Obra Barlaam E]osafat" `
Q Dissertation: "Effects of Dietary Fat and Triamcinolone Additions in
  Alauddin, MOhammad*, Daeea Bangladesh the Sow During Late Gestation on Carbohydrate, Fat and Pro-
Major; Chemistry tein Metabolism in Nursed and Fasted Neonatal Pigs"
  Disseiigtationél"Instrumellnai1 Neutrloin Activaticlin Analysis of Brain Bridcwciiy ROSS Owenrty Wiimora
t race ements in z eimer isease an gang Major: Spanish
  Ali, Mohammad Zaki**’ Dissertation: "Literary Content ofNosotros.· 19l7—1926"
j Major: Chemistry B k W_n_ B PA
i Dissertation: "Mechanistic Studies on Resonance Stabilized Odd- MEEIQ T(;X;;;1i1O§ym€S’ Saver,
2. Alternant Hydrocarbon Anions" _ I
; 1. Effect of 2-Substituents oo rho Ground oro Excited State D¤SS¤¤a¤i¤¤}_¤ "Tr¤¤Si><>¤ Of Org¤¤i¤ A¤i¤¤S i¤ IS¤l¤¤¤d Rat Hem .
} Properties of Resonance Stabilized Ally] Anions ooylos
l II. Generation of Hypovalent Species by Photoinduced Halide _
l Eliniinniinn Buckhn, Ray Allen**, Hathaway, LA
  Major: Agricultural Engineering
  Aoun, Abdessalem, Tunisia Dissertation: "The Influence of Grain Pressure on the Buckling Load
{ Major: Agricultural Economics of Thin Walled Bins"
l Dissertation: "Factor Substitution in U.S. Agriculture, 1950-1980" _
i Bugg, Marvin Wayne*, Henderson
ii Arcury, Thomas Anthony, Easton, PA Mellor: Plant Pllyslology
· Major: Anthropology - Dissertation: “Response of Soybean Cultivars to the Herbicide Metri-
Dissertation: "Household Structure and Economic Change in a Rural buzmu
¤ C `t :1900t l980" _ _
°"`m"m Y ° Btrrtorr, David oooorroh, Marlin, TX
V Auansakul, Aroon*, Thailand Malofi Spalllsh
1 Major: Agricultural Economics Dissertation: "]uan de la Cueva`s Dramatization of the Spanish Leg-
L Dissertation: "Identification and Segregation of Impacts of Size and ono ofBomaroo del Carplon
  Oth F t V ‘t` fF P du t` Csts:AnAggT- _ _
;_ gan; Afngggl ana Km O arm YO C mn O 6 Chambers, Donald Mark, Miami, OK
,i Major: Pharmaceutical Science
  Auansakul, Arunee Changchit*, Thailand Dissertation: "Extractive Derivatization of Primary Amines and Beta-
Major: Toxicology Aminoalcohols with Aromatic Aldehydes to Form Schiff Base or
` Dissertation: "The Effect of Pregnancy and Estrogens on Organic An- Oxazollolno Pl-ooucls lor Analysls by Eloolron Capture Gas
i ion Transport Systems in the Liver" Chromatography
i Back, Kerry Eugene*, Frankfort Cllopmalh Am? Danlol* Loxlogloll _
· . · ajor: uca IOHH syc 0 ogy an ounse in
_ Major. Eoooomroo M Ed * *P h l d C l E
 l Dissertation: "Optimality and Equilibrium in Infinite Horizon Econ- Dlssorlallom Ulnlluonoo of lmorpol-sollal and Managorlal Styles on
· Omics Under Uncciiainif Quality of Dental Care: A Comparison of Male and Female Den-
- tists" r
 i 1 1

 Charles, john Bauner, Pittsburgh, PA Escobar, josé, james Island, SC i
Major: Physiology and Biophysics Major: Spanish
Dissertation: "Cardiovascular Responses of Untrained and Endur· Dissertation: "Estudio y edicion critica de "Los doze trabajos de Her-
` ance·Trained Dogs to Oscillatory Blood Volume Shifts" cules" de don Enrique de Villena"
Cohen, David William, New York, NY Fakes, Michael G., Ramallah, West Bank of jordan  
Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences j
Dissertation: "The Relationship of Temperament Clusters to Causal Dissertation: "Synthesis and in-vitro studies of bromperidol esters {
Attribution of Academic Success and Perceived Self Compe- with prodrugpotential." j
tence in Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Children"  
Faulk, Mary Lynne Gholson**, Paducah  
Combie, joan Diane*, Lexington Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling  
M¤J¤F¤ V€*€’*¤¤fY Science Dissertation: nsrrsot of Hospital Ain-assaoo Procedures oo 1>stio-its:  
Dissertation; "Morphine in the Horse: Drug Glurcuronide Hydrolysis Anxiety and Satisfaction" `
by B·Glucuronidase: Morphine Detection, Protein Binding and
Pharmacokinetics; Logit Log Data Transformation; Effects of Fitzgerald, Douglas Timothy, Houston, TX q
Goldenseal and Furosemide on Drug Detection" Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling  
Dissertation: "The affective and medical effects of a videotape preop-  
C0}? Carol Sue- Chattanoogzx TN _ erative intervention given at varying times to cancer patients re-  
Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling quiring Colostomy surgery]- ·
Dissertation: "Counsel0rs' Position Within Maslow's Hierarchy and  
Empathic Accuracy in Discerning Clients Value Orientations" Francis, Paul Clifton*, Lexington `4
Major: Toxicology Q
Cmjmnghmm Deborah JO’ Glasgow Dissertation: “Toxicological Significance of Sediment/Metal lnterac- Q
Major: Economics tions-- ,
Dissertation: "On Forecasting Exchange Rates"
Fulkerson, Stuart A.**, Evansville, IN _-
Czarski, Charles Michael, Riviera Beach, MD Major: Physics i
Major; History Dissertation: “Formaldehyde as a Density Probe of Interstellar `
Dissertation: "The Prophecies of St. Hildegard of Bingen" Clouds" `
Dahmane, Abderrazak**, Cincinnati, OH Gautam, Sushen Rashmikant**, India · .
Major: English Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences T .
Dissertation: "The Hidden Context of Hard Times: Dickens and john Dissertation: "Dose Dependent Disposition of Gallium-67 in Rats" i .
Poole" ·
Gibbs, Earl Michael, Oak Ridge, TN L
Deaton, William Randolph, Lexington Major: Pharmacology   Z
Ma-lor: Cmp Science Dissertation: "The Use of Azide Derivatives of Phlorizin as Photoaf- j J
Dissertation: "Vigor and Variation Expressed by Anther-derived finity Probes of the Renal and Intestinal Brush Border Mem-   l
Doubled Haploids of Mcotiana tabacum L." brane D-Glucose Transporter"  
Dhere, Ashok Gurupad", Pune, India Giergiel, jerzy Marian**,   l
Major: Metallurgical Engineering and Material Sciences Major: Electrical Engineering _   l
Dissertation: "Structural Characterization of Cobalt-ZSM·5 Catalysts" Dissertation: "Light Scattering from Alkali Halide Melts and Graph- , l
ite Intercalation Compounds"  
Dietsche, Alan Edward, Elmira, NY  
Major: Animal Sciences Giri, Mahendra K., Biratnagar I
Dissertation: "Energy Metabolites and Feed Intake of Equine" Major: Entomology I
Dissertation: "Bionomics of Dicondlus americanus (Perkins) Q I
Doll, Elizabeth jane, Georgetown (HYMENOPTERA: DRYINIDAE) and its Host Delphacodes { I
Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling lutulenta (Van Duzee) (HOMOPTERA: DELPHACIDAE) in >
Dissertation: "An exploration of the relationship between inferencing Kcmuckyy I
b'l‘t ad ch 1 h' t' f th d 'th d h‘1- I
grgrrly n s oo ac ievemen in our an six gra e c 1 Godfrey, David AHEHM, Spokane, WA D
Major: English ` I
Duncan, Mary Robbins, Lexington Dissertation: "A Real Relation to Life: Self and Society in Edith
Major: English Wharton’s Major Novels" -
Dissertation: "That Uncertain Heaven: The Convention of Twilight f
Settings in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Literature" GOljlS* Deborah Ellcnbergcm Pomonar NY _ D
Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling i I
Erdell, Mickey, Montreal, Quebec Dissertation: "Exploration of Teacher Activities Relating to Class-
Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling room Environments: An Approach to Studying Teacher Effec— gl
Dissertation: "Effects of Cognitive Restructuring and Relaxation tivcncssii IK
Training Upon Test Anxious Students" `
12 E,

 j Gomez, Luis Antonio*, Bogota, Columbia Irby, Margaret Wilkinson, Kenbridge, VA
Major: Entomology Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling
x Her- Dissertation: "Mechanisms and Inheritance of Resistance of Selected Dissertation: "Investigations of Teachers’ Attributions and Affect for
Maize Genotypes, Zea Mays L., to the Rice Weevil, Sitophilus Successful and Unsuccessful Interactions with Problems Stu-
' Oryzae (L)." dents: Applications of Bernard Weiner’s Model"
{ Gona, Deborah Ann* *, Lexington jackson, james Agusta, jr.**, Trenton
Stars " Major: Political Science Major: Animal Sciences
j Dissertation: "The Nature of Senate Incumbency: Exploration of its Dissertation: "Summer Fescue Toxicosis in Cattle"
l State- and Senate·Level Components"
3 ackson, Mary Garland**, Geor etown
·. . . g
I; Goode, Okey Douglas, Roanoke, VA Major: Spanish
iq-;mg’   Majolll Ellgllsll Dissertation: “The Roles and Portrayal of Women in Selected Prose
` Dissertation: "Narrative Voices in the Novels of Tobias Smollett" Works by Six Female Writers of Peru"
q Graves, William Mims, Columbia, SC johnson, Darrell Duane**, Springfield, MO
  Major: Animal Sciences Major: Animal Sciences
rcop-   Dissertation: "Manipulation and Development of Embryos from Do- Dissertation: "Ovine Pancreatic Amylase Response to Dietary and
its re-   mestic Animals with an Emphasis on Swine" Metabolic Changes"
l Greenwell, Catherine Elizabeth*, Huntington, WV Kang, jung-Il**, Seoul, Korea
  Major: Mathematics Major: Agricultural Economics
ii Dissertation: "Finite Element Methods for Partial Integ*ro-Differen- Dissertation: "An Economic Analysis of Liming for Major Crops in
{gmc- Q tial Equations" the Tennessee Valley Region"
Gunn, LaWanna Kaye, Monroe, LA Karimi-Haghighi, Amir*, Lexington
_» Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling Major: Mechanical Engineering
T Dissertation: “An Analyzation of the Psychological Symptoms and Dissertation: "A Fundamental Equation Representing Water in Sta-
tellar ` Mood States of Persons Attending the Rational Behavior Train- ble, Metastable and Unstable States"
` ing Center’s Intensive Self Help Program."
Kasongo, Okenge Owandji, Emungu, ZR
· Henry, jonathan F .*, Tuscaloosa, AL Major: History
l Major: Cllcmlcal Ellgllleclllllg Dissertation: "Southern Methodist Missionaries in the Belgium
," i Dissertation: “Chemical Composition, Physical Properties, and Dy- Congo, 1912-l960"
l· namics of Particle Formation Under Stratospheric Conditions"
. Keenan, Kevin Patrick**, Buffalo, NY
  Hiremath, Basawaraj N amasayya*, Dharwar, India Major: Psychology
ymaf. 5 Major: Aglllclllllllc E°°“°m‘°S Dissertation: "The Moderating Influence of Private and Public Self-
Vlem-   Dissertation: "Post·Reclamation Use of Surface-Mined Lands in Ken- Consciousness on the Consistency of Personality Inventory Re-
  tucky" sponses"
l  Hossain, Tim Z.*, Dacca, Bangladesh Kenkel, Stephen William*, Lexington
I   Major: Chemistry Major: Physics
mph. , Dissertation:"Elemental Analysis of Human Brain Tissue By lnaa Dissertation; "Nonlinear Percolation Conductivity"
  Using Short Lived Radionuclides; Relationships to Alzheimer's
j` Disease and Aging" Kim, jin-Woo*, Seoul, Korea
l Major: Economics
HEW, VOOVWFOHEZ Malaysia Dissertation; "Monctary Policy and Exchange RHIC U¤Cl€!' Managcd
rkins) ‘, Ma-lol-: Alllmal Smcnces Floating: A Study of US$/Canadian $ Rate"
codes { Dissertation: “Sources and Levels of Calcium and Phosphorus for
E) in I Pigs in the Tropics" King, Stephen Clark, Logansport, IN
Major: Sociology
l l-lll€lllg’ Edward Cll9llg`H?llg Dissertation: "Community Transition: AStudy of Community Organi-
, Ma-lol: Pllallmacelltlcal Sclcllccs zation, Power, Action, and Viability"
Dissertation: "Enhancement of the Delivery of Peptides by the Ad-
Edith ministration of their Prodrugs Via the Nasal Route" Koch, Mary Ann Pearce**, Roanoke, VA
- Major: Psychology
Hll§Salll* Mlllllll A" Baglldjld Dissertation: "The Visitation Experience of Divorced Non-Custodial
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences ··
I Fathers
J Dissertation: "Development of Methodology for Preparation of llC-
Class- labeled Phenethylamine-type Compounds and Studies on the Ef— Kramer, Michael Erik*, West Springfield, MA
Effec- Q fect of Amphetamine on Brain Uptake and Efflux of Radiola- Major: Psychology
Il belcd Phenethylaminen Dissertation: "Identifying the Conceptual Dimensions of Suicide Man-
` agement"
  I3 ,

Kulkarni, Mukun Shivram**, Metcalf, Scott Carroll**, Tampa, FL l
Major: Economics Major: Mathematics `
Dissertation: "Capital Structure and Cost of Capital of a Wholly Dissertation: "Finding a Boundary for a Hilbert Cube Manifold Bun- l
Owned Public Utility Subsidiary in the Presence of Double Lev- dle" 4
i erage"
Munstedt, Peter Alan, Boston, MA
LeCertua, Patrick Josef, Shoshone, ID Major: Music |
Ma-lm`: Spamsh Dissertation: "John Playford, Music Publisher: A Bibliographical Cat-
Dissertation: "The Poetry of Angel Gonzalez’Z alogue" j
Lee, King Charm, Hong Kong Nuckols, John Robert**, Brownsville, TX  
Major: Pharmacology _ Major: Agricultural Engineering `
Dissertation: "Portal Glucose Concentration and Pancreatic Insulin Dissertation: "The Influence of Atmospheric Nitrogen Influx Upon  
Secretion: A Hepato-pancreatic Reflex Pathway." the Stream Nitrogen Profile of Two Relatively Undisturbed  
Forested Watersheds in the Cumberland Plateau of the Eastern  
Lester, Deborah Moore, Winfield, AL United States" E
Major: Music `
' ' ' >l<*
Dissertation: "An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Music in Arts in glqll-lllgldej Qolm Alll ’ COlll’ lllelalld
Basic Education" aJOl·' tallsllcs
Dissertation: "Some Results for the Infinite Server Queue in a Ran-
Loy, David Albert, Louisville dom Environment"
Major: Psychology
Dissertation: "Ego Development of Marital Partners as a Variable O Nclll* Cllallljs Dcllllls *}‘€Xlllg;Og l_
Predictive of Marital Satisfaction, Perception of and Tolerance Ma-lOl·‘ Edllcallollal Psycho Ogy an Ollllse lllg
for Characteristics of One’s Marital Partner, and Assumption of Dissertation: "Differential Effects of Two Career Decision-Making
Personal Rgspnnsibility" Treatments on College Freshmen" yl
Mansourighiassi, Seied Hossein, Bandar Pahlavi, IR Pan, I-lung.Yi, Republic Of China, Taiwan l
Major: Statistics Major: Civil Engineering
Dissertation; "Assymptotically distribution·free tests in balanced tw0· Dissertation; "Bifurcation and Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of
way layouts." Locally Buckled Structural Elements and Frameworksll
Marques, Pedro V.**, Sao Paulo, Brazil Pauer, Gyula, Lexington
Major: Agricultural Economics Major: Geography
Dissertation: "A Study of Food Price Relationships at the Wholesale- Dissertation: "Residential Developers Locational Behavior in Lexing-
Retail Level" ton, Kentucky"
Marshall, Patricia A. Loomis**, Lexington Patterson, Sandra Susan Reindl**, Arvada, CO `
Major: Anthropology Major: English _
Dissertation: "Rural and Urban Factors in Alcohol Use in an Appala- Dissertation: "The Catullan Epithalamic Tradition and the Marriage =
chian Setting" Poetry ofSpenser andJonson"
Martin, Linda Wardrop**, Johnstown, PA Perritt, Lea Jean Cramblette, Lexington  
Major: German Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling  
Dissertation: "Childhood Episodes in Medieval German Arthurian Dissertation: "Job Satisfaction as a Function of Worker and Super-  
Romance Narrative Patterns" visor Characteristic" *
Maslak, Przemyslaw Boleslaw**, Poland Petranka, James Walker**, Montgomery, AL  
Major: Chemistry Major: Biology E
DiSS€ftatl0nZ"$€ll-D€StfuCliV€ El€Ctf0n ACC€Dt01‘S" Dissertation: "Ecology and Systematics of the Small-Mouthed Sal- é
amander (Ambystoma Texanum) in the East-Central United ‘?
Maszara, Witold Piotr**, Wroclaw, Poland States" 3
Major: Electrical Engineering -_l
Dissertation; "Stutly of Coloration and Bleaching of Cathodochromic Pctllum Craig-lo  
stitiaiite screen" Major: Psychology 4
I ‘ Dissertation: "The on·line processing of the figurative and literal
Melrose, PHKYICI8 Ann meanings of metaphoric sentences." V
Major: Veterinary Science l
Dissertation: "Anatomical and Hormonal Studies Investigating a Pos- Phillips, Gary yl/ayn€· Baltimore, MD _ l
sible Role for Ccrebrospinal Fluid in Neuroendrocrine Commu- Major: Educatlonal Psychology and Colmsclmg j
nication associated with Reproduction" Dissertation: "Learning the Conservation Concept: A Meta-Analysis"  
14 &

 l Read, Richard B.**, Nicholasville Sarnoff, David*, Sandisfield, MA
Major: Metallurgical Engineering and Material Sciences Major: Educational Psychology and Counseling
Bun.   Dissertation: "The Influence of Composition, Rheology, and Pressure Dissertation: "The Effects of Guided Imagery on the Generation of
4 on the Fluid Behavior of Bituminous Coals" Career Alternatives"
l Reaves, Florence Ann, Gainesville, FL Sayers, Sandra Laverne, Lexington
` Major: Music Major: Higher Education
tj Cat. Dissertation: "Bartok’s Approach to Consonance and Dissonance as Il- Dissertation: "Using Co·citation Analysis to Identify The Cognitive
j lustrated in Selected Late Instrumental Works" Structure of Clinical Nutrition"
  Rice, Charles William, Lexington Scarborough, Connie LaRue, Auburn, AL
‘ Major: Soil Science Major: Spanish
Upon Il Dissertation: "Microbial Nitrogen Transformations in No-till Soils" Dissertation; "Visualization vs. verbalizacion in Escorial ms. T.j.I. of
jrbed   the Cantigas de Santa Maria"
tstem   Rogers, Glen Paul, Plano, TX
if Major: Psychology Schutz, Larry, Mountain View, CA
l Dissertation: "Chance Outcome Direction, Facial Attractiveness, and Major: Psychology
Portent as Determinants of Nonveridical Praise and Blame ofan Dissertation: "Clinical Validation of the Personality Research Form"
Other: A Social Psychological Study of Attribution, Person Per-
Ran. ception, and Caretaking Responsibi1ity" Setiamihardja, Ridwan**, Indonesia
Major: Crop Science
Q RO$’€’ Flaly S' ’ M€lllOSC’ MA Dissertation: "lnheritance and Association of Certain Fruit and Ped-
Ma-lol' Psychology icel Characters in Capsicum Annuum L. Relative to the Fruit
Dissertation: "Relationship of Ego Development to Interpersonal Dis- Detachment Force"
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