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h Commencement Program
One hundred and seventeenth annual
i University 0f Kentucky, Lexington
  UTHVGTSHY Archives \ I
1 ¥\s'a;·:E7¥3ETC¥ %·   Library - llcfth
g _   g,,‘;.\‘._,i.t_g;·4’. ij Y;cn%uCi·¤$gh· PA
min Binding, Major: Physiology and Biophysics
Dissertation: "Cardiovascular Responses of Untrained and Endurance
Benson, Margaret Ella, Okabena, MN Trained Dogs to Oseillatory Blood Volume Shifts"
Major: Animal Sciences
Dissertation: "Quality Implications of Forage Compositional Changes Chagut _L°°'Y°ung* Talp°l*_ Talwan
During Spring Growth of Unfertilized Tall Fescue, Nitrogen Fer- Ma-lm: Pharmaccuucal Sclcnccs
tilized Tall Fescue and Alfalfa" Dissertation: "Phosphatidylinositol-tumover and Arachidonate Release
in Thrombin—stimulated Human Platelets"

Chowdhury, Abdur Rahim** Fraas, Elizabeth Michele Duffy, Richmond _ {
Major: Economics Major: Communication
Dissertation: "The Sectoral Impact of Monetary and Fiscal Policy" Dissertation: "Keen Johnson: Ncwspaperman and Governor" E
Coskren, Thomas Dennis*, Lawrence Freeman, James W., London ll;
Major: Geology Major: Microbiology l
Dissertation: "Mathematical Analysis of Distribution Curves in High- Dissertation: "Purification of a Fetal Meconium Antigen (MA) and _ E
Grade Metamorphic Carbonates -- A New Approach to Time in Its Immunochemical Relationship to Tumor Carcinoembryonic
Metamorphism" Antigen (CEA)" Il
Cromley, Ellen Louise Krajcovic, Lexington Fuell, Lawrence David*, Cincinnati, OH j I)
Major: Geography ‘ Major: Political Science I D
Dissertation: "Activity Space as a Basis for Locating Health Care Dissertation: "Food Aid Decision Making: ATest of the Bureaucratic
Facilities for the Elderly" Politics Approach in the Context of the U.S.P.L. 480 Program" P
Cummings, Sheila Jan* Furnish, Shearle Lee, Lexington N
Major: Clinical Psychology Major: English D
Dissertation: "Some Effects of Gender and Sex Role Orientation on Dissertation: "The Reflexivity of the Wakefield Mystery Plays"
Levels of Self-Disclosure and Interpersonal Perceptions in Mixed
Sex Dyads" Gallagher, Carol T., Lexington
Major: Studies in Higher Education 5
Dale Chnsjopher D" Dovcn DE Dissertation: "Scottish Contributions to American Higher Education:
Major: Sociology The Saint Andrew’s Society of New York, 1744-l806" D
Dissertation: "Class Struggle and the Transformation of Farming in
Vermont’s Northern Piedmont Region, 1780-1930" Garand, James Christopher, Florence, SC H
Major: Political Science
: N
Dcrjmsol-1* Kejmeth SqOtt*T’ Cuyahoga FallS’ OH Dissertation: "Incremental Budgeting in the American States: Thelm-
Major: Chemrcal Engineering pact Or Partisan Factors., D
Dissertation: "Analysis of a Monolithic, Catalytic, Crossflow Reactor
for Three Phase Hydrogenation and Oxidation Reactions" Gardner, Paul .lohn*, Davenport, IA E
Major: Political Science ·
DuPré· Rjmdau K°lth**· Blrmmgharm AL Dissertation: "Interest Group Membership: Incentives and Dynamics" D
Major: Biology
Dissertation: "The Influence of Hydration State on the Thermal Rela- Ghaffarl Roslan Bin Aj, Malaysia
tions of the Desert Iguana, Dipsosaurus D0rsaIis" Major; Agricultural Economics 3
Edwards, Charles And€rSOrr,,,,,,’ Lexington Dissertation: "An Econometric Analysisrof the Markets for U.S. Soy- D
Major: Psychology beans and Soybean Oil Incorporating Palm Oil Imports
Dissertation: l‘Outcome-Specific Prospective·Processes in Working Gibbs, Earl Michaclrr Oak Ridge, TN H
Memory. Implications for Animal Cognition .
Major: Pharmacology M
Enoch, [man Eq Bandung, Indonesia Dissertation: "The Use of Phlorizin Azide Derivatives as Photoaffini- Dr
Major; Mcchanica] Engineering ty Probes of the Renal and Intestinal Brush Border Membrane
Dissertation: "Heat Transfer in Fibrous Media with External Short- D-Glucose Transporter,)
wave Radiation" :14
I Glick, Rochelle C.**, Pittsburgh, PA
Fakes, Michael G.**, Ramallah, Jordan Major: Psychology Di
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Dissertation: "Children’s Concept of Pain"
Dissertation: "Synthesis and In Vitro Studies of Bromperidol Esters H
with Prodrug Potential " Godfrey, Larry Don, Salem, rN r M
M ` : E t l .
Fay, Jerrrey Ev, Peiham, MA am " °m° °gy l oa
Major; Veterinary Science Dissegationz ZEff;c3s and Interactions of the Clover Root Curculio,  
. , _ _ _ 'tana ispi u us (Fab.), Alfalfa Weevil, Hypera postica  ·:
Dissertation: "The Presumptive Ovulatory Folltcle m Horse Mares: gr u h I d R R F - · th Arr lr A »»
Changes in Thecal and Granulosa Cell LH and FSH Receptor Con- ( y cn a ) an Om Ol Img] m C a a gmccosystcm HV
tent Associated with Follicular Fluid and Peripheral Plasma Hor- _ _ M
mone Concentrations" Srrcgv Iglhéul Su°» San Mat°°» CA Di
ajor: octo ogy
Fiala, Joseph Francis", Frankfort Dissertation: "The U.S. Forest Service in Conflict, Mount Rogers Na-
Major: Psychology tional Recreation Area, Virginia: The Changing Role of the State, Hi
Dissertation: "Reactance Effects in Individual Decision Making" Rati°nallZati°n· P¤w¢r» and Pr¤¤<=¤v Rightsn M
Fiske, William David III, Norwood, MA Gyawu, Emmanuel Agyeman, Ghana
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Major: Agricultural Economics
Dissertation: "Evaluation of Renal Function in a Genetically Obese Dissertation: "An Econometric Model of the U.S. Fertilizer Industry"
Rodent Model"

 Hamann, Scott Rolland, Lansing, IL Iovannisci, David Mark, Syracuse, NY
 ` Major: Toxicology Major: Biochemistry
Dissertation: "Toxicology of Calcium Antagonists: Drug Interactions" Dissertation: "Biochemical-Genetic Studies of Purine Metabolism in
the Protozoan Parasite Leishmania D0n0varri"
Hanna, David Eugene, Charleston, WV
t Major: Clinical Psychology Jackson, Jacquelyn Verdelle Logan**, Lexington
) and Dissertation: "The Relationship of Family Environment and Life Stress Major: Engllsh
yonic to the Control of Diabetes in Adolescents" Dissertation: "The Black Novelist and the Expatriate Experience:
Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Chester Himes"
Hannaford, Renée Suzanne Ramsey**, Lexington
Major: English Johnson, Helen Arleen Johnson, Lexington
Dissertation: "Fashion and Fashionable Selves in the Dramatic Love Major: $°¢¤°i¤gY
matic Lyrics of Donne, Carew and MarveIl" Dissertation: "The Effects of Informal Decision-Making on the Pro-
.am»· vision of Adult Protective Services"
Hartung, Richard Charles, Humboldt, NE
Major: Crop Science Kageff, Linda Gibbard, Richmond
Dissertation: "Divergent Phenotypic Recurrent Selection for Effective Ma-lol: Educallcnal and Counseling Psychology
H Filling Period Duration and Dry Matter Accumulation Rate in Dissertation: "Level of Abstraction Necessary for Recognition of
Maize" Melodies and the Effects on Learning and Memory"
Hile, Matthew G., Saint Louis, MO Kelley, Benjamin Southerland**, Troy, AL
_ Major: Clinical Psychology Major: Mechanical Engineering
Dissertation: "Paradoxical Intention: An Experimental Analysis of Dissertation: "Changes in Peak Left Ventricular Wall Stress in Nor·
Necessary Comp0nents" mal and Cardiac Denervated Canines during Sinusoidal
Hodgkins, Thomas Gibson, Willimantic, CT
elm- Major: Chemistry King, Stephen Clark*, Logansport, IN
Dissertation: "Studies on Pyrazaboles" Ma-lol: Soclology
Dissertation: "Community Transition: A Study of Community
Hoehn, John PhilIip**, Lexington Organization, Power, Action, and Viability"
Major: Agricultural Economics
niCS·» Dissertation: "The Benefit Cost Evaluation of Multi-Part Public Policy: Kleppén GqmOl**’ WClnh€ln?’ F°d°'a' Rcpubllc of Germany
A Theoretical Framework and Critique of Estimation Methods" Major' Agricultural Economlcs
Dissertation: "Incentives for Allocating Public Goods Under Incomplete
Hogge, David Ashe**, Newport News, VA Information"
Major: English
Soy` Dissertation: "Male-Male Bonding: A Study of Adam Bede, The Mayor Kleppmgcn Ellzabclh W°llcnwebcr’ Lcxmgmn
of Caslerbridge, and Sons and L0vers" Major: Chemistry ~
Dissertation: "Investigation of Supersymmetry in Shape—Transitional
Holt, Elvin*, Bay City, TX Nuclei:_ A Study of '°°· l°2Os and lg'- mir by the (n, n' ·y)
Major: English Reaction"
ffini- Dissertation: "Z0ra Neale Hurston and the Politics of Race: A Study _
mma of Selected Nonrictronar wow *<<>¤2¤¤· Thsms M1*¤¤**· Aibuqucrqus- NM
Major: Political Science
Hosmane, Balakrishna S.*, Gokarn, India Dissertation: "Political Advertising and Public Relations by Business
Major: Statistics in the United States"
Dissertation: "Bias Reduction in the Estimation of a Log-Linear Con- _
trast and for Related Chi-Square Test Criteria" La‘Y$°“· Mlldlcd S': Fort Thomas
Major: English
Huang, Edward Chong-Heng** Dissertation: "Elizabeth Tanfield Cary’s The tragedie af Mariam"
I Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
_   Dissertation: "Enhancement of the Delivery of Peptides by the Ad~ Lec} Kmg Cha"“*· Hong K0ng’ Hong Kong
’“ll°· i ministration of their Prodrugs via the Nasal Route" Major: Pharmacology
’s’“~`“  if Dissertation: "The Hepatic Vagus Nerve and the Control of Pancreatic
[cmu Hullur, Ishappa S.**, Dharwad, India Insulin Secretion"
Major: Agricultural Economics
Dissertation: "A Macroeconometric and Simulation Analysis of Increas- l—°‘{"ak°’· Milly Grace"' Lexmgwn
ing Energy Prices on U.S. Agriculture" Major: Slallsllcs
sNa- Dissertation: "Delayed and Non—Linear Stochastic Compartmental
State, Hussain, Munir A.**, Baghdad, Iraq Systems"
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dissertation: "Development of Methodology for Preparation of "C- Llu} J°"‘P°}*·_ Talwanr Talwan
Labeled Phenethylamine-Type Compounds and Studies on the Ef- Ma-im: Slallstlcs
fect of Amphetamine on Brain Efflux of Radiolabeled Dissertation: "On Evaluation ofthe Predictive Ability of an Estimated
my, Phenethylamine" Response Surface"

 Maezulak, Anne Elizabeth, Lexington Perrine, Kenneth Ray**, Montclair, NJ » S,
Major: Animal Sciences Maier: Psychology _ N
Dissertation: "Nitrogen Requirements in Continuous Cultures of Dissertation: "Concept Formation in the Halstead Category Test and  g D
Cellulose Degrading Microbial Populations from the Cecum of Wisconsin Card Sorting Test" ‘
the Horse" _
Perritt, Lea Jean Cramblette*, Lexington Sl
Malpass, Peter Gordon*, Alexandria, VA Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology D N
Major: Statistics - Dissertation: "Job Satisfaction as a Function of Worker and Super-  ` D
Dissertation: "A Queueing Analysis of a Telecommunications Node visor Characteristics"
and Related M0dels" S,
Phifer, Curtis Blair, Jr.**, Newton, NC M
Mansourighiassi, Seied Hossein*, Bandar Pahlavi, Iran Major: Biology j D
Major: Statlmcs Dissertation: "Dehydration-Induced and Osmotically-Mediated i
Dissertation: "Asymptotically Distribution-Free Inference in Analysis Modification of Feeding Behavior and its Neural Correlate in the
of Variance" Slug Limax Maximus" ,
. . . . . ` Sc
Mattas, Konstadinos Andreas, Thessaloniki, Greece Presler, Elizabeth Pettit, Princeton M
Major: Agricultural Economics Major: Studies in Higher Education D
Dissertation: "Modeling and Analyzing a State Economy: A Nonsurvey Dissertation: "The Meaning of ‘Competence’ in the Education of the   4
Input/Output Model for the State of Kentucky" Helping Profcssions" ’
Mitra, Rana, Calcutta, India Radcliffe, David E., Burkesville St
Major: Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Major: Soil Science  ‘ M
Dissertation: "Effect of Material Parameters on Plastic Instability in Dissertation: "Model for Soil Water Content with a Growing Soybean l Di
an Interstitial-Free Steel Tested in Uniaxial Tension" Ci-op"
Modjo, Hakam Sumadi*, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Reaves, Florence Ann*, Gainesville, FL  
Major: Plant Pathology Major: Music l S}
Dissertation: "Relationship Between Glomus Macrocarpus Var. Dissertation: "Bartok’s Approach to Consonance and Dissonance in _
Macrocarpus Tul. & Tul., an Endomycorrhizal Fungus, and Burley Selected Late Instrumental Works" M
Tobacco Stunt Disease in Kentucky" { Di
Rice, Charles William*, Lexington
Moeschl, Mary Jo**, Falls Church, VA Major: Soil Science
Mawr: Psychology Dissertation: "Microbial Nitrogen Transformations in No-Till Soils" 2 Si;
Dissertation: "The Effects of Gender and Sex Role on the Concep- M
tualization and Expression of Nurturance" Rieke, Alison Rae Di
Major: English
Molmwt Jcnmfer Lec K€ml€dy* Richmond Dissertation: "Sense, Nonsense, and the Invention of Languages: James Si1
Malon M'°'°b'°'°gY Joyce, Gertrude Stein, and Louis Zukofsk" M
Dissertation: "Functional and Structural Studies of Isolates of Vesicular Di
Stomatitis virus, New Jersey Serotype: Assignment of the Roberts, Brian Lindsey, Lexington l
Temperature-Sensitive Lesions of Complementation Groups C and Major: Toxicology _ SO
A °f thc Hazclhulsl subtype and Prchmmary lnvesugauon ofthe Dissertation: "An Assessment of the Potential Hazards of Pesticides M;
,, C°"°an Sublypc and Other Chemicals to the Earthworm, Eisenia F0etida" Di_
l   ljlak wana iloélg KO"? Ross, Robert Daniel*, Shreveport, LA
ajor. Agricultura conomics Major, Animal Sciences SO
D'Ss°"?"°n: HT}?   Demand for New Farm Whécl Tractors: fg Dissertation: "The Biological Availability of Calcium and Phosphorus M:
Mixed Mu tuple Time Series Analysis-Econometrics Approach in Selected Fccdsmffs for the Pig,. Dil
¤ Rotate, steven Eiiioe, Morton omg, it ‘
al": °mm“"'°a“°" Major: Clinical Psychology ` SO
Dmcgauolli I A Dcscnpllon Bf lhs Conwllitlon Of News by R°p°"°rs Dissertation: "The Role of Set Shifting Cues on the Wisconsin Card · M2
Ovcrmg a Gubemawnal Campaign Sorting Test and Halstead Category Test" Di_
:439*   Tjiiwal? Rowell, Charles Emmett, Lexington
8_)OI`. IV] l'lglII€€l`Il'lg Major: Crop Science Sta
Dlsscfamiyi BB‘;l:r;a;°n and Icefmemcauy Nonhncar Altillysls of Dissertation: "Spoil Quality Assessment and Evaluation Associated with Mz
Om y uc C tmcwm E cmcms and Framcworks Black Locust Biomass Development on Eastern Kentucky Surface Dis
. . . M` "
Pearson, Patricia Annette Bradley*, Nashville, TN mes
M‘*l°" H‘“°'Y Rowse, Kim Larene**, Portland, on
Dissertation: "The Evolution and Growth of Lemoyne·Owen College, Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Sta
IS-H` 1974 Dissertation: "Alterations in Phenobarbital Pharmacokinetics and En- Ma
zyme Induction in a Genetically Obese Rodent Model" Dis

 ‘ Samarasinghe, Ananda Mahinda*, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Szarek, John L., Chicago, IL
, Major: Civil Engineering Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
ld   Dissertation: "Consolidation of Soils Predicted by Finite and Small Dissertation: "Neural Nonadrenergic Inhibitory Regulation of Feline
Strain Theories" Airway Smooth Muscle Tone: Pharmacologic and Physiologic
. Aspects"
Schutz, Larry**, Mountain View, CA
i Major: Psychology Taylor, Robert Francis, Worcester, MA
’r'  i Dissertation: "A Clinical Validation of the Personality Research Form" Ma-lor; Physiology and B¤<>vhvS¤¢S
Dissertation: "The Effect of Nicotine Aerosol on Slowly Adapting
Searle, Donald Bruce**, Australia, Australia Respiratory Stretch Receptors"
A Major: Communication
i Dissertation: "The Effect of Medium of Transmission, Notetaking, Sex, T¤<2m$¤¤· ;'<2h¤ Michael, Phllad€lphla· PA
id ‘ Ability, and Activation Level on Comprehension and Retention Major: Polmcal Science
he of Information" Dissertation "The Nature and Importance of Caseload Pressure in State
j Felony Case Processing"
Seegert, Carole Ruth, Paris
Major: Clinical Psychology Tranjan, Farid Michel, Lexington
f Dissertation: "Stress Management Groups and the Relationships be- Major: Electrical Engmccrmg
he ? tween Anxiety, Coping Styles, and Ego Defense Mechanisms in Dissertation: "Effects of Various Chemical Substitutions on Physical
a Military Setting" Properties of Sodalite"
 4 Sharma, Subhash Chander*,