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 `Q   { 1
E Commencement Program
` E One hundred nineteenth annual
i, University of Kentucky, Lexington
% ' University Archives
, Margaret L King Library - North
  Urziversify of Ke¤·ks;i·:y
  Lc:>:in;:*2¤;¤, §<€Z’?'.J:2;·—lY 5-7Z“}·5
  Saturday, May tenth, nineteen hundred eighty-six

Robert T. McCowan, Chairman
Albert G. Clay, Vice Chairman
George W. Griffin, Jr., Secretary I
Albert Benjamin Chandler, Honorary Member
William R. Black
John S. Cain
Timothy A. Cantrell
Tracy Farmer
Ronald G. Geary
Edythe Jones Hayes
Henry E. Hershey
Brereton C. Jones
R. Larry Jones I
James D. Kemp
T. A. Lassetter
W. Bruce Lunsford
Frank Ramsey, Jr.
James L. Rose
Bobby Watson
Constance P. Wilson
Otis A. Singletary, President
James O. King, Vice President for Administration, Central Administration i
Raymond R. Hornback, Vice President for University Relations,
Central Administration
Peter P. Bosomworth, Chancellor for the Medical Center
Art Gallaher, Chancellor for the Lexington Campus P
Charles T. Wethington, Chancellor for the Community College System  
Wimberly C. Royster, Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of The *
Graduate School, Medical Center and Lexington Campus

One Hundred Nineteenth Annual

{ The National and University Colors
The Candidates for Advanced Degrees, including the Candidates for Degrees from
The Graduate School, College of Law, College of Medicine, and College of Dentistry
2 The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences
 V The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Agriculture
 , The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Engineering
  The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Education
  The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Business and Economics
  The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Pharmacy
j  The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Nursing
 ’ The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Architecture
; The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Allied Health Professions
 _` The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Home Economics
The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Library and Information Science
· The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Social Work
t The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Communications
I The Candidates for Degrees from the College of Fine Arts
l The Faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences
l— The Faculty of the College of Agriculture
l The Faculty of the College of Engineering
  The Faculty of the College of Law
  The Faculty of the College of Education
Q The Faculty of the College of Business and Economics
  The Faculty of the College of Pharmacy
; The Faculty of the College of Medicine
  The Faculty of the College of Nursing
  The Faculty of the College of Dentistry
  The Faculty of the College of Architecture
l The Faculty of the College of Allied Health Professions
l The Faculty of the College of Home Economics
  The Faculty of the College of Library and Information Science
  The Faculty of the College of Social Work
l The Faculty of the College of Communications
  The Faculty of the College of Fine Arts
l< The Directors and Faculty of the Community Colleges
The Faculty and Staff of Other University Units
The Deans of the Colleges and Administrative Officials
l The Vice Presidents
I The Chancellors and Vice Chancellors
4 The Official Guests
The Board of Trustees
_  The President of the University of Kentucky
3 .

The exercises of the one hundred nineteenth annual commencement are enacted today at
the University of Kentucky. The counterpart of the pageantry is enacted each year on cam-
puses all over the world. It is the solemn climax and recognition of the graduates’ years of
study and preparation for responsibility.
The following description of the Academic pageantry is provided for your interest.
The procession, which forms on the Avenue of Champions, will enter the Coliseum through
the south entrance. It is led by the University Marshal and followed by the Color Guard carry-
ing the National and State flags and the University banner. The University Marshal bears the
ceremonial mace, emblematic of the endorsement of the State and the University. Led by Assis-
tant Marshals, the candidates march behind the identification banner of the respective col-
leges which recommended them for their degrees.
The order of march is as follows:
The candidates for advanced degrees to include
The Graduate School  
College of Law  
College of Medicine  
College of Dentistry  
The candidates for degrees:  
College of Arts and Sciences  
College of Agriculture  
College of Engineering Q
College of Education  
College of Business and Economics ;
College of Pharmacy {
College of Nursing 5
College of Architecture l
College of Allied Health Professions  
College of Home Economics ]
College of Library and Information Science  
College of Social Work  
College of Communications  
College of Fine Arts  
As the candidates reach their seats, the members of the faculty of the University of Kentucky  
march into the Coliseum wearing the colorful hoods of the colleges and universities from which  
they were graduated. The climax of the procession brings to the platform the Trustees of the  
University, the Deans of the various colleges, honorary degree recipients, alumni award reci- 1
pients, The William B. Sturgill award recipient, Sullivan award recipients, the Chancellors,
the Vice Presidents, and other University officials, guests, state officials, and finally, the Presi-
dent of the University. The Trustees of the University can be identified by their blue gowns  
with white panels. They wear blue caps with blue tassels.
" f

All candidates for degrees and those who hold these degrees, including University officials,
faculty, and visiting dignitaries, are attired in traditional cap and gown. The basic color for
most caps and gowns is formal black. However, recipients of different degrees wear distinc-
tive tassels on their caps (called mortarboards) and hoods of various hues draped down the
backs of the gowns.
Candidates for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees wear the regulation cap with the tassel ap-
propriate to the school or division from which they are being graduated, with the exception
of those who already hold Doctor’s degrees and are privileged to wear gold tassels. Except
during the positioning of the Colors, the playing of the National Anthem, and prayers, men
. in academic regalia are requested to wear their caps. The authorized list of tassel colors follows:
Arts and Sciences—White Dentistry—Lilac
{ Agriculture—Maize Architecture—Blue-Violet
E Engineering—Orange Allied Health Professions—Light Green
  Law—Purple Home Economics—Maroon
  Education—Light Blue Library and Information Science—Lemon
l Business and Economics—Drab Social Work—Citron
i Pharmacy—Olive Green Communications—White
l Medicine—Green Fine Arts—Brown
l Nursing—Apric0t
  The gown for the Bachelor’s degree has pointed sleeves. It is designed to be worn closed.
l The gown for the Master’s degree has an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist, like the others.
. The sleeve base hangs down in the traditional manner. The rear part of its oblong shape is
  square cut and the front part has an arc cut away. The gown is designed and supplied with
j fasteners so that it may be worn open or closed. The gown for the Doctor’s degree has a bell-
  shaped sleeve on which are three velvet bars (usually black but sometimes other colors, depen-
l ding on the degree).
  The Bachelor’s hood is rather short with a narrow velvet edging of the appropriate color
  (see list under tassels) and a lining in the color or colors of the institution—blue and white
at Kentucky.
The Master’s hood is considerably longer, has a wider velvet edging, and exposes more of
the lining. The outside velvet trim color designates the degree which the person is receiving.
The Doctor’s hood is easily recognized by the width of the velvet edging, the wide panels
at either side, the greater length, and the full exposure of the lining. The colors of the edging
most frequently seen are blue for philosophy, green for medicine, and purple for laws; the
colors for the honorary Doctor’s degrees are purple for laws, white for letters, and golden
yellow for science.
V Candidates for honorary degrees do not wear the hood until after the degree has been con-
ferred; part of the ceremony of admitting a candidate to his or her honorary degree consists
l in the candidate being formally invested with the hood.
}t 5
t l

Oh Say! can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming? F
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.  
Oh, say does that Star-spangled Banner yet wave l
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?  
University Marshal  
Daniel R. Reedy  
The University of Kentucky School of Music Band L
Conductor i
Professor Ronald P. Monsen {
Professor Margaret Kennedy
Announcer l
Keith Elkins
Collegians for Academic Excellence
6  i

Otis A. Singletary, President
STAR SPANGLED BANNER ...................................................... (Francis Scott Key)
INVOCATION ..................,.................................................. Dr. Benjamin S. Baker
F Pastor, Main Street Baptist Church
INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS .................................................. President Singletary
~ Dean Michael A. Baer Dean Peggy S. Meszaros
College of Arts and Sciences College of Home Economics
 l Associate Dean John C. Robertson Dean Timothy W. Sineath
  College of Agriculture College of Library and Information Science
Dean Ray M. Bowen Dean S. Zafar Hasan
College of Engineering College of Social Work
Dean Edgar L. Sagan Dean Herbert N. Drennon
a College of Education College of Communications
~ Dean Richard W. Furst Dean Richard C. Domek, Jr.
I College of Business and Economics College of Fine Arts
Assistant Dean William C. Lubawy Dean Wimberly C. Royster
College of Pharmacy The Graduate School
. Dean Carolyn A. Williams Dean Robert G. Lawson
  College of Nursing College of Law
Dean Anthony Eardley Dean Robin Powell
College of Architecture College of Medicine
Dean Thomas C. Robinson Dean Merrill W. Packer
` College of Allied Health Professions College of Dentistry
2 GREETINGS—ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ................................... G. David Ravencraft
  President, National Alumni Association
GREAT TEACHER AWARDS ................................................ President Singletary
WILLIAM B. STURGILL AWARD .......................................... President Singletary
PRESENTATION OF SULLIVAN AWARDS ................................ President Singletary
Professor Joseph A. Bryant, Jr., University Orator
CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES ................................ President Singletary
BENEDICTION ................................................................. Dr. William R. Jennings
l Pastor, First United Methodist Church
 I 7 .
~ 1

  William B. Sturgill
  Wendell Erdman Berry
l l

. Dc
1 M3
l Dis:
I Ab
: M3
5 Dis:
i_ Ma
E Dis:
i An»
l Ma
l Ar<
* Ma
L Asx
2 Ma
Q Diss
A Ba;.
i` Diss
i Ma.
i" Diss
» Ma_
i Diss
* Degree awarded August 8, 1985 V BOC
: Maj
** Degree awarded December 20, 1985 Diss
(N0 asterisks) Degree will be conferred May 10, 1986 i
if candidates have met all degree requirements ;

 i Brooks, Robert Lee, Portsmouth, OH
The Graduate School ,,,,,0,, ,,,,,,,,,],,,,,0,,
Dean: Wlmbcrly C· ROYSt€f Dissertation: "A Critical Reexamination of Catchment Analysis"
Brouwer, Kenneth Russell, Holland, MI
Doctor of philosophy Major: Pharmacuetical Sciences
Dissertation: "Effects of Pregnancy on the Pharmacokinetics of Two
i _ A o tic Ret'no'd `n the R t"
Abdul-Raheem, Abdul-Kareem, Kuwait r ma I I Sl 3
a Mawr: Pharmaceutical Sciences Canon, Carlos lsaias, Bogota, Colombia
I Dissertation: "Peptidyl Carbamates Incorporating Amino Acid Isosteres Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology
aa Nara; Ekmasc Inhlblmrsi M¤¤1f·¤a¤·a¤ at Pl aaa P,] Dissertation: "Comparison of Moral Development Level and Value
Rcslducs Hierarchy Among Seven to Fifteen Year Old Boys from Three
` _ Social Classes in Bogota"
Abell, John D3VlS*, Paducah
f M*=‘1°'* E“°“°m*°S cioorrioioi, Frank 13.*, ianriaooipiria, PA
f Dissertation: "Money Growth and the Term Structure of Interest Rates" Major: Sociology
  _ _ Dissertation: "The Trilateral Commission: Exercising its Global
  Adutwum, Regina Ohene-Darko**, Kumas1 Ghana fnnuenccrr
ll Major: Agricultural Economics
lr Dissertation: "The Impacts of Alternative Tillage Systems on Output, Clemmens, Ann Elizabeth, St. Louis Park, MN
E Income and Employment in Western Kentucky" Major: Statistics
Q Dissertation: "Some Contributions to Nonparametric Analysis of One
f Anderson, Gregory Lyman, Portsmouth, VA and TwO_Way Random Effects Modclso
[ Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology
  Dissertation: "The Effects of Two Types of Redefining Counselor Davis, Charles Raymor1d**, Louisville
l Statements" Major: Political Science
Dissertation: "Democracy, Self-Development and Efficiency in Public
Aronow, Bruce Jefferson, Potomac, MD Organizational Theory; Toward a Critical Modcl"
‘ Major: Biochemistry
f Dissertation: "The Selection and Characterization of Mutant Mam- Debrah, Siegfried H.**, Ho, Ghana
  malian Cells with Alterations in the Transport of Nucleosides and Major: Agricultural Economics
lr rr
¥‘ Nuclcobascs Dissertation: "A Comparison of Optimum Farm Plans From Two Alter-
  native Risk Estimates"
f Aswad, Muhammad*, Banda Aceh
  Major: Crop Science Dmnamraju, Mohan
g Dissertation: "The Effect of Tillage Methods on Soil Loss and Corn Major: Chemical Engineering
l Ylcld aa Slopmg Landn Dissertation: "Evaluation of Regional Air Pollution Models"
r Baxlaa Narmaa Wa*a<>¤*» Gam IN Dorgoo, Gregory rorrrw, rg norrroror, cr
  Maw Miarabialaav Major: Microbiology
er Diaaa¤a¤<>¤¤ ‘_‘M¤*aa¤¤ar Chaiaatariaaaaa at Lambda Saaaialiaaf orooorrorroor ·-Arrorroorooororrosroorrrryorroroororoovrroron/tror
gf Traaaduaag Paaaaa €a¤v¤¤gthaayaG¢¤a at -’faaha~a’¤a¤a’· r. Adenovirus ooo 2 rroorrorrooo corr Lines That orrror in
  Tumorigenic Potential and Il. Simian Virus 40 Transformed Cell
i Bcrglandr Qlvara Dalan Norway Lines Which lnduce lntracranial Hamster Tumors Exhibiting Dif-
i Major: Agncultural Economlcs ferent lnvasiveness Potentials"
Dissertation: "Exact Measurement of Welfare Changes: Theory and
Applications" Es-Said, Omar Salim Asim**, Cairo
Major: Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science
Blolnqulsta Kaihlecn Loulse B€cl$man**· Lcxmgmn Dissertation: "The Effect of Particles on the Recrystallization
Maiav Ed¤¢a¤<>¤a¤ aaa Caaaaahag Pavahalagy crrorooorroror of Ar.r·rr. Mn-1% Mg oooo Arrow
Dissertation: "The Effects of Physical Conditioning on lnformation—
Processing Efficiency" Felder, Tyrone Byron**, Jacksonville, FL
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bly¥h€= Jalllcc Onfmda Burdettea Laacaatar Dissertation: "Pulmonary Disposition and Pharmacodynamics of
Major: Animal SCICIICCS Vcrapamil in the Rain
2 Dissertation: "Vitamin A Metabolism During Chronic Alcohol
  Consumption" Fernandez Van Cleve, John A., San German, Puerto Rico
  Major: Animal Sciences
i Bogkhelmefy Samud Th€OdOre*> Chamb€rSburg· PA Dissertation: "Effect of intracornual and/or intrauterine location of
. Malori Polmcal Sclence insemination or subsequent fertility in the superovulatcd and non-
Dissertation: "The Politics of Regulating Health Care Costs in the superovulated bovine"
United States: An Analysis of Policy Implementation and
Regulatory Effectiveness" .
I 11 1

Gallagher, John P., Jr., Beech Grove, IN Hughes, Michael Francis, Ann Arbor, MI ; Mh
Major: Clinical Psychology Major: Toxicology it Ma
Dissertation: "Response Variance and Scale Score Elevation: A Two- Dissertation: "Characterization of Binding of N’-nitrosonornicotine Dm
dimensional Analysis For The Personality Research Form" to Protein" Mw
Garbolas, George Alexander, Athens, Greece Jacobs, Linda Lee, Lexington 1 Ma
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Major: English Dis;
Dissertation: "Design and Synthesis of Acrosin Inhibitors as Potential Dissertation: "Shakespeare and Euripides: The Androgynous"
Antifertility Agents" M
Keene, Carolyn Kay**, Winchester O
Gleason, Mark Lawrence**, Lexington Major: Plant Physiology Ma
Major: Plant Pathology Dissertation: "Aspects of Tobacco Diterpene Biosynthesis and Dlsl
Dissertation: "Epidemiology of Phomopsis Seed Decay and Detection Accumulation" `
of P/mmopsis Longico//u in Soybean Seeds" ` M
Khan, Akm Amanullah*, Thakwigaon T 0
Gould, Ann Brooks, Oak Lawn, IL Major: Chemistry   Ma
Major: Plant Pathology Dissertation: "Collective Excitations in Shape-Transitional Nucleic In- ; Dm
Dissertation: "Natural recolonization of reclaimed stripmine land by vestigations of ,96Pt, ,98Pt, and 200Hg By The (n,n’y) Reaction" i
endogonaceous mycorrhizal fungi"  
Kortylewicz, Janina Baranowska*, Wroclaw  
Greathouse, David Guy*, Huntington, WV Major: Chemistry A $0
· . ` a
Melon Anatomy Dissertation: "Platinum(II) Interactions with Nucleobases Derivatives ;, _
Dissertation: "Effects of Short Term, Medium Frequency Electrical Potential Anticancer Complexes" , Dlse
Stimulation on Normal, Partially Denervated, and Denervated Rat .,
Skeletal Muscle" Lekhakul, Sura*, Thailand , M
Major: Electrical Engineering , My
Gum Lawanne Kaye· MOmOe· LA Dissertation: "Boolean Resolver: A High Speed Reasoning Processor" _ ‘
Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology , Diss
. . l
Dissertation: "An Analyzation of the Psychological Symptoms and Lenhart, Stephen Wayne**, Louisville  
Mood States of Persons Attending the Rational Behavior Train- Major: Geology ;i N
· » · ii a:
mg Center S lmenswe Self Help Program Dissertation: "Structural and Paleogeographic Control of Devonian i Mz;
_ _ Carbonate Lithostratigraphy on and Adjacent to the Cincinnati _ `
Ham, Robert Craig, Cassopolis, MI Arch in SOuth_C€mml Kcmuckyn   Diss
Major: Geography
Dissertation: "The Distribution of Crime in Fayette County, Kentucky: Machabanski, Hector Sergio, Evanston, IL
A spatio-temporal Approach" Major: Clinical Psychology ' lei/ide
. a·
_ Dissertation: "Dimensions of Behavior Problems in Puerto Rican Pre- · _ `
Hedges, Richard Houston, Prospect School Childrcnn Diss
Major: Sociology
Dissertation; "Analysis of Rural Hospitals: The influence of the Mahmoudzadeh, Homayoun**, Iran
Socioeconomic Environment on Hospital Legitimacy" Major: Animal Sciences l il/Ieli
_ _ _ * Dissertation: "Postruminal Starch Digestion and In Vitro Amylase _ J
Hlreehh Mlehael Carl * AnO]$a* MN Kinetics in the Presence or Absence of Phenolic Monomers" Diss
Major: Agricultural Engineering
Dissertation: "Modeling Soil Erosion With Emphasis on Steep Slopes Marcotte, Paul L., Seattle, WA *
and the Rilling Process" Major: Sociology ` N
i €Vl
_ _ Dissertation: "Introducing Sorghum on Small Limited—Resource Farms ‘ Ma-
?|OpSO_ni3fI2;m€s Farncn RlchmOnd’ VA in the Dominican Republic: A Case Study Utilizing Farming 2 _ J
elm" 10 ogy Systems Research as a Methodology" E Diss
Dissertation: "Acclimation-Induced Changes in Toxicity and Induc- ‘
tion of Metallothionein—Like Proteins in the Fathead Minnow Miller, Bradley .l.**, Rochester, MI V
Following Sublethal Exposure to Cobalt, Silver, and Zinc" Major: Political Science {  
_ _ Dissertation: "Interstate Migration: Political Factors, Personal Income _
HOqgc’ DaY‘d L" ,BlOumVlH€’ TN Expectations and Quality of Life Considerations" Dlssl
Major: Animal Sciences
Dissertation: "The Role of Aldosterone and Hyperkalemia in the Pro- Miller, Green Russell**, Lexington _
duction of Hypomagnesemic Tetany" Major! Economics l xls?
Dissertation: "Pub1ic School Teachers‘ Salaries in Kentucky: Do Unions   _
Hook, Robert Warren**, Dayton, OH Make a Measurablc Difference?. . Dissi
Major: Geology l
Dissertation: "A Paleoenvironmental Model for the Occurrence of Miller, Penny Mullens, Lexington  
Vertebrate Fossils in Carboniferous Coal-Bearing Strata" Major: Political Science   I?/Ild.l
Dissertation: "Motivations and Continuity of Support of Political Ac- i _  
tivists in Gubernatorial Primaries" I DISK
12 g,

, Misra, Raman Raj, Kathmandu Onizuka, Richard K., San Mateo, CA
I, Major: Sociology Major: Clinical Psychology
comm Dissertation: "Determinants of Family Size Norm in the Terai of Nepal" Dissertation: "A multidimensional scaling analysis of beliefs and ex-
pectations regarding ideal romantic involvement"
Mitchell, Cary Lane*, Los Angelos, CA
E Major: Clinical Psychology Oseekey, Karen Blanche, Buffalo, NY
` Dissertation: "Gender, Femininity, Masculinity and Orientations to Maloll Phalmaeeulleal Sclcllces
, Help" Dissertation: "Characterization of Chlorhexidine Interactions in Phar-
maceutical Systems"
Morris, Frances Jeanette**
Major: Studies in Higher Education Pandian, Muhilan Durai, Madras, India
_ and Dissertation: "Academic Planning in Health Sciences Education: The Maloll Cllemleal Ellgllleellllg
. Development of a Manpower Demand Model" Dissertation: "Aerosol Deposition in Single Bifurcations and Human
i Lung Models"
I Morton, Phillip Andrew**, Lexington
  Major: Microbiology Pao, Hung-Yi, Republic Of China, Taiwan
€i_ In_ Dissertation: "Structural and Metabolic Studies of O—Linked Fucose— Mawr: Clvll Engllleelmg
_tiLm,,   Containing Proteins of Normal and Virally-Transformed Rat Dissertation: "Bifurcation and Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of
r I Fibroblasts" Locally Buckled Structural Elements and Frameworks"
Q Mousanejad, Mohammad Gholi, Iran Preisig, Carol Louise**, Ft. Bragg, CA
_ l Major: Agricultural Economics Major: Plant Physiology
t t es 1, , . . . . . , . . , . .
3 W Dissertation: "Long-Run Regional Econometric Analysis of the World Dissertation: "Studies on the Mode of Action of Arachidonic Acid as
` Wheat Market With Emphasis on Government Policy" an Elicitor of the Hypersensitive Response in Potato Tuber"
l Myers, Steven Richard, Ashland Raisman—Suffridge, Diane, Lexington
H ‘ Major: Pharmacology Major: Clinical Psychology
Vssor , Dissertation: "Biochemical substitution reactions at reactive centers of Dissertation: "Description and Evaluation ofthe Affective Components
l polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons" of the Therapeutic Relationship"
_ ll Nazhat, Saadi Mohammad, Baghdad, Iraq Ramseur, Edward Leland, Greenville. SC
roman I Major: Sociology Major: Crop Science
: t
uma I Dissertation: "Technology Diffusion for Agricultural Development and Dissertation: "Physiological Control of Seed Growth Rate in Soybean"
` Desertification Control"
Reynolds, Woodson, Mt. Sterling
I Ndefru, Zama Kimbi, III*, Mankon Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology
D Pr€_ l Mawr: Polllleal Selellee Dissertation: "Job Satisfaction and Marital Quality Among Kentucky
Dissertation: "Differential Foreign Policy Behavior of African States Psychologists"
Having Attained Independence From Great Britain and France"
Romano, Patricia O’Connor, Danville
i Newsome, Rosetta Leigh**, Frankfort Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology
nylasc Ma-lol: Ammal Sclellees Dissertation: "Cross Sex Friendship Among Married Women and Men"
USM Dissertation: "Microbiologica| Characterization of Electrically
Stimulated Cold-Boned and Hot-Boned Restructured and Non- Rylko—Bauer, Barbara M.*, Grand Rapids, Ml
, Restructured Beef Steaks" Major: Anthropology
` * Dissertation: "The Role of Freestanding Emergency Centers in the
3 Nevllsomev Teresa l· · Selm3» NC Delivery of Health Care: Perspectives on Change ln American
Farms Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology Medicmcn
Lrmmg   Dissertation: "The Therapeutic Functions of Friendship For Elderly
Q Women: An Examination of Quality, Quantity, and Continuity" Scanlon, Bridget Rosaleen**, Castle Island
Major: Geology
l Ngl}Y0» Wll$Oll**· NNTP, Kenya Dissertation; ‘“Chemical, Physical, and Microbiological Characteristics `
ncomc Major: Aglleullulal Eeollomles of Groundwater in Wells and Springs in the lnner Bluegrass Karst
Dissertation: "The Impact of Monetary Policy on Kenya`s Agricultural Region"
Schreiber, Willard Charles, Jr.*, Louisville
{ Nsimpasi, Luyaku Loko, Zaire Major: Mechanical Engineering
Jnions   Major: Agflcllllulal Eeollemles Dissertation: "An Analytical and Experimental Study of Internal and
l Dissertation: "An Econometric Analysis of the European Economic External Natural Convection"
l Community Markets for Feed Grains and Livestock"
g Schulze, Gene Edward", Louisville
f] Oldham, Cheyenne Beverly J. Major: Toxicology
_al Ac   Mawr: Commlmlealloll Dissertation: "Neurobehavioral Toxicity and Tolcrancc Dcvclopmcnt
{ Dissertation: "A Description ofthe Construction of News by Reporters to 2,4-D Estcrs"
Covering a Gubnatorial Campaign"
ll  °
El ·

 Schwartz, Martin David** Thoeny, William Thomas, Cold Spring i W
Major: Sociology Major: Entomology · M
Dissertation: "Spousal Assault in a National Victimization Sample" Dissertation: "Insects in relation to black locust culture on surface-mine Di
spoil in Kentucky, with emphasis on the locust twig borer, Ec-
Schwinghammer, Kurt Allen**, Jasper, IN dyrolopha insiziciamz Zell"
Major: Entomology l W
Dissertation: "Physiological and Nutritional Response of Beef Steers Th‘?mF’S°“· Jallles W" ‘ll" El‘Zal’€*h‘°W“ M
to Infestations of the Horn Fly (Haematobia Irritans) and the Ma-lol: Educallollal and Collllscllllg Psychology Di
Stable Fly (Stomoxys CaIcitrans)" Dissertation: "The Effects of Family and Individual Assessment on In-
patient Treatment of Substance Abusers" X
Seman, Dennis Lloyd, Greenville, OH i M
Major: Animal Sciences Tita, Terence Teche**, Cameroon Di
Dissertation: "A comparison of electrical stimulation conditioning Major: Pllalmacellllcal Sclcllccs
temperature, and boning time postmortem on the quality and Dissertation: "Syntheses of Novel 4-Amino-l, 4-enzodiazepinones and
palatability of restructured beef steaks." 3-Aminoquinazolines as Potential Anticonvulsants and an In- 1
vestigation of Silicon Tetachloride as a Coupling Reagent for  
Shen, Rong-Fong**, Tainan, Taiwan Hydrazide Formation" i D
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Dissertation: "Thronboxane Synthase: Purification, Characterization Tollbamallllgale Bedlllal-* Salma Chad  
and immimoiogicai Studies., Major: Agricultural Economics   Ci
Dissertation: "A Dynamic Analysis of Supply and Demand Relation- ii M
Shetty, Ishwar D.*, Dharwad ships for the U.S. Beef Cattle lndustry" l` Di
Major: Statistics 1
Dissertation: "Contributions to the Theory of Non-Parametric Anova" TSal’ Cl”ll`T€ly**’_ K‘“ma“» llepllbllc Ol Cllllla
Major: Engineering Mechanics i FC
Smerz, Paul Marlin, Milwaukee, WI Dissertation: "Thermal Visco-Plastic Stress and Buckling Analysis of { M
Major: Clinical Psychology Silicon Ribb0¤"   Di
Dissertation: "Neuropsychological assessment of the advanced elderly _ l
adult: Applicability in predicting functional competence and Tll%llll* S‘*d‘k· Allkala Turkey  
psychological well—being." Ma-lol`: Plalll P¤th°l°gY  
Dissertation: "Immunization of tobacco against Blue Mold Caused by ii M
Stodola, Edward M., Lake Placid, NY Peronospora IlIb0ClHH"   M
Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology ii Di,
Dissertation: "Time Perspective of Renal Dialysis Patients" Vcllllallayagami Mlllllllgwalllylg Colmbamlc I
Major: Mechanical Engineering i
Stolldorf, Dean Edward**, Woodstock, IL Dissertation: "Flame Spreading In Backward Boundary Layers" il M‘
Major: Clinical Psychology l_ M~
Dissertation: "Boundary Permeability in First-Married and Remarried Wa$g°“€’· Dalllcl Fl°Yd*» ‘laCkSOll’ MS l Dli
Famiiicsii Major: Mathematics I
Dissertation: "Loop Spaces and the Classical Unitary Groups"  
Stonich, Susan Carol, Lexington  
Major; Anthropology Wahab, Abdi A., Indonesia   P3
Dissertation: "Development or Destruction: Interrelated Ecological, Major: Cmp Sclellcc   Ml
Socioeconomic,and Nutritional Change in Southern Honduras" Dissertation: "The effects of sward characteristics and herbage ll Di!
allowances on the voluntary intake and ingestive behavior of  
Takacs, Adrienne Ruth Lauhoff*, Mountainside, NJ tethered steers" li
Major: Pharmacology   SU
Dissertation: "Characterization of Multiple Binding Sites for SH- W¤¥d¤€f· Wclnql K" Wcsl Gclmally   Ml
Estradiol-l7B— (B-D-Glucuronide) in Rat Liver Plasma Membranes: Ma-lol: E°°“°m‘°S i, Dif
Evidence Consonant With Identification of An Organic Anion Dissertation: "International Intraindustry Trade and Environmental `_
Carrier" Policy: US-EPA Emission Standards and the Sales of Imported l
German Cars in the US" Va
Taub, Diane Elizabeth, Chattanooga, TN M2
Major: Sociology Wang, Chyan-Ji*, Taipei, Taiwan Dig
Dissertation: "Amphetamine Usage Among High School Senior Ma-lol; Statistics
Women, 1976-1982: An Evaluation of Social Bonding Theory" Dissertation: "Numerically Stable Computational Methods For Deal- l
ing With Ill-Conditioned Stepwise-Type Linear Regression
Taylor, Stephen Q., Hot Springs, AR Problems" i
Major: Clinical Psychology I D‘
Dissertation: "Type A Behavior Pattern, Hardiness, Aerobic Activi- will-Wlcl(’ Pclcl DclaW€l*’ ClllllOll’ NC  
ty, and Physiological Reactivity to Challenge" Major: G€0'°gY l
Dissertation: "Depositional Environments and Petrology of the Felix Ad
Terrell, Johnnie Ellis, Lexington Coal Interval (Eocene), Powder River Basin, Wyoming" i MZ
Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology   Dig
Dissertation: "Comparisons of Death Attitudes of Seminarians and l
Medical Students" I

 V Wheeler, Mark Vernon*, Nashville, TN Anderson, Tim R.*, Fresno, CA
· Major: Economics Major: Health, Physical Education and Recreation
e-mine Dissertation: "Money, Income, Government Spending, and Causali- Dissertation: "Muscle Metabolism: Energy Production During
rr, Ec- ty: The St. Louis Equation Revisited" Supramaximal Exercise, Response to Resistance Training and In-
fluence of Fiber Composition"
{ Wyatt, James Leo, West Monroe, LA
i Major: English Archer, Judy, Wedowee, AL
Dissertation: "Motif Patterns in Malory’s ‘Tale of Gareth’ " Major: lnslmellon and Supelvlslon
on In- Dissertation: "The Staff Development Needs of School Food and Nutri-
Xu, Zher1gkai**, China tion Program Managers in the State of Georgia"
I Major: Plant Pathology
Dissertation: "Evidence of Proteolytic Processing of Viral Proteins in Bealdt Wllllanl All€n· oowllng Green _
Tobacco Mesophyll Protoplasts and Leaves Infected with Tobacco Major: Educatlonal P°l*¤Y Sludles and El nluellon
es and Vein Mottling Virus" Dissertation: "A Study of Attitudes Between Graduates of Baccalaureate
an In- l Degree Programs in E