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  One hundred twenty—first annual [
  University of Kentucky, Lexington  
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  it   ».¤r:¤s¤i¤¤ii¤¤= Crisis Csvsiszs i¤ Wsissw Past C<>¤¤iiiss"
Stephen F. Gorman, Frankfort Aim
Peggy L. Davis-Karlosky**, Nashville, TN Maloii Eisciiisai E¤gi¤ss¤¤s , Maj
Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: "Commutation of Brushless DC Motors" i Diss,
Dissertation: "Effectiveness of Self-Evaluation Training and Group
Counseling in Enhancing Self-Efficacy and Reducing Anxiety" Am} Biooks G<>¤i1y¤ Sham J¤¤ki¤S» Erl¤¤s<=r_ Deborah coihoh tortiw, Richmond, VA
is to Major: Studies in Higher Education Major: Music l
Dissertation: "Overeducation: Job Satisfaction, Job Security, and At- Dissertation; omg Singing Day in Bcnrorn Kentucky: A Study of thc
nude Toward Ecncanonn History, Ethnic Identity and Musical Style of Southern Harmony
l 3 r
Y 5

Daniel William Mackowski**, Lexington James S. Miller**, Huron, KS   Mi
Major: Mechanical Engineering I M3J0f¤ Psychology   Ml
Dissertation: "Investigation of the Radiative Properties of Chain Ag- Dissertation: "Conditioning of Morphine-Induced Taste Aversion and   Di:
glomerated Soot Formed in Hydrocarbon Diffusion Flames" Analgesia"  
Maher Naaman Madhat, Iraq James Anthony Mills, Brandenburg R0
Major: Animal Sciences Major: Crop Science Mi
Dissertation: "Effects of Dietary Protein and Slaughter Weight on Beef Dissertation: "Effects of Soybean Tillage Systems on the Efficacy, Dis
Carcass Traits, Muscle Fiber Types and Proteolitic Enzymes Phytotoxicity, and Persistence of Imazaquin, Imazethapyr, and
Activity" Clomazone" M?
Teuku Mahmud, Indonesia Maria Teresa Miranda Dis
Major: Crop Science Major: Spanish  
Dissertation: "Effective Filling Period Duration and Dry Matter Ac- Dissertation: "La Poesia Politico-religiosa de Blas de Otero y Ernesto
cumulation Rate of Divergently Selected Maize Population" Cardenal" I I?/I3
Mitzi Lane Mahoney**, Irving, TX Murali Nair**, Louisville . _ Dis
Major: Political Science Major: Communication Q
Dissertation: "The Determinants and Consequences of Decision Mak- Dissertation: "Communication Approaches to Development: A Pilot ii U
ing in State Legislative Rule Review Committees" Study of the Impact of Exogenous Change Strategies to Promote Wl-
Socio-Economic Development in Kentuckian Appalachia" Ma
James Ora Manning**, Corbin Dis
Major: Physics and Astronomy Shyam Kunjuraman Nair*, Bombay, India ‘
Dissertation: "A New Determination of Extinction Due to Atmospheric Ma-lor: Ch¤m¤<=¤1 Engmccrmg
Aerosols and the Resulting Implications for Upper Stratosheric Dissertation: "Modeling Studies on the Formation, Growth, Dissipa— Ma
Ozone Depletion" tion, and Acidification of Cumulus Clouds" Ma
Orly Jo Maravankin** Reza Najarzadeh*, Lexington
Major: Psychology Major: Economics
Dissertation: "A Model of Rational Selective Exploitation: A Second Dissertation: "Functional Forms and Demand for Different Types of Rai
Look at the Resource Allocation Process" Meats in the United States" Ma.
Chaim Yosef Jorge Francisco Javier Mariategui-Levi, Lima, Matrini Nathalang, Bangkok, Thailand
Peru Major: Geography
Mawr: Chemistry Dissertation: "Where Did the Doctors Go? Primary Physician Office _
Dissertation: "Studies on Heterocyclic Boron Systems" Relocation Detroit, 1950-1980" l Wil
Pablo Martinez Arvalo, Cuenca, Ecuador Michael Lawrence Neises, Cold Spring Diss
Major: Spanish Major: Psychology
Dissertation: "Jorge Enrique Adoum: Ideologia, Estetica e Historia Dissertation: "The Effects of Response Involvement and Three Levels
(1945-l985)" of Issue Involvement on Information Processing and Attitude Cali
Formation" Ma]
Michael B. Maurin, Pittsburgh, PA Diss
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Joe Nickell*, W. Liberty
Dissertation: "Mechanism of Diffusion of Monosubstituted Benzoic Ma-lm: English
Acids through Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymers: Application Dissertation: "Literary Investigation: Texts, Sources, and "Factual" _ Ak{
to a Controlled Release Molluscicide" Substructs of Literature and Interpretation"   Mal
I Diss.
Walker Porter Mayo, Lexington Peter N. Nickias**, Chicago, IL  
Major: History Major: Chemistry  
Dissertation: "‘The Method Recommended in All Books of Surgery’: Dissertation: "MNR Studies and Synthesis of Mo and W Organometallic   Mai
The History and Treatment of Empyema" C0mp]€X€s" Maj
Sanders A. McDougall, Seattle, WA Rafael Ocasio Medina**, San Juan, \Puerto Rico
Major; Psychology Major: Spanish Ghg
Dissertation: "Effects of Sulpiride and LY 171555 on the Ontogeny Dissertation: "La Narrativa De Reinaldo Arenas En El Contexto De Mal:
of Response Suppression Learning in Preweanling Rat Pups: The La Revolucion Cubana" Djggg
Role of Dopamine D-2 Receptors and Intraneuronal Dopamine -
Met:iboIites" Karen Blanche Oseekey**, Bethesda, MD
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Rad.
Brciida Lee M°Kay’ Aubum’ ME Dissertation: "Characterization of Chlorhexidine Interactions in Mal'
Major: Psychology . ,, .
Pharmaceutical Systems Diss.;
Dissertation: "The Assessment of Primitive Defences and Object Rela-
tions in Anorexic and Bulimic Individuals"

  Martinho Rabindra Pais**, India Cynthia Jean Sanderson**, Lexington
  Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Psychology _
nd   Dissertation: "Determination of the Local Heat-Transfer Characteristics Dissertation: "Type A Coronary-Prone Behavior Pattern, Sex Role
I on Glaze-Ice Accretions on a Cylinder and a NACA 0012 Airfoil" Orientation and the Self-Report of Stress"
Ronald Allen Pen**, Lexington Virginia Nazarea Sandoval**, Los Banos, Philippines Y
Major: Music Major: Anthropology I
_y Dissertation: "The Biography and Works of John Jacob Niles" Dissertation: "Philippine Rural Cultivators in Transition: Operational
mi Reality and Cognized Models in Agricultural Decision Making"
Marc H. Plavin**, Lexington
Major: Counseling Psychology George Russell Schneider**, Lexington
Dissertation: "Effects of Presurgical Preparation on Anxiety of Children Major: Plant Physwlogy
i and their Mothers: Support Versus Information" Dissertation: "Studies on the In Vivo and In Vitro Conversion of
Sm l-Aminocyclopropane-l-Carboxylic Acid to Ethylene"
Gayle Marechia Pohl**, Louisville
Major: Communication William David Schoenherr**, Sterling, KS
. _ Dissertation: "Anxiety and Message-Induced Persuasion: A Meta- Ma-lol; Ammal Sclcnccs
Q Analytical Approach" Dissertation: The Effects of Dietary Fat or Fiber Addition on Lactating
lot “ Sows Housed in a Warm or Hot Environment"
me William Francis Pool*, Lexington
Major: Toxicology John William Schuster-Craig**, Louisville
Dissertation: "R-(+)-N-Methylnicotinium Ion and Nicotine Major: Mllslc
Metabolism" Dissertation: "Compositional Procedures in Selected Works of Cler-
mont Pepin (1926- )"
pa_ Massoud Rabiee**,