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is W   ra;
~» *8** ¤*‘"
One hundred twenty-sixth annual }
i i University 0f Kentucky, Lexington t
Untvcntty Archives
magnet Y. Rhea; L%€>rzs—;· — ?‘*€>=‘?·§”
U:i!·f¤ PSy¤h¤l¤sy · Cli¤i¢¤l Y’$y¤h¤l<>1;Y Richard w111111111 Byrd*, II1dlHIlEip()lIS, 1111
  Dissertation: "The Clinical Management of Potentially Violent Major: Music
  Clients: Eighteen Years After Tereseffll Dissertation: "A Stylistic Analysis of tl1e Solo and Chamber Music
i Barry joe Barnett, Versailles of Fisher Tuul
Major: Agricultural Economics Christopher Canon*, Lexington
Dissertation: "Explaining Participation In Federal Multiple Peril Major: psychology _ Clinical psychology
, Cmp Insurance Dissertation: "Imaginary Converstion: Cognitive and Affective
{ Debbie L. BaI_I_9tt_GraV€SI Frankfort Experience of Internal Dialogues in Anxiousand Depressed
l . . Psychiatric Outpatients and Normal Adults
g Major: Engl1sl1
  Dissertation: "The Iconography of Service in the Plays of Mary Catharine Qareyvl Lexington
j Shakespeare a11d ]onson" Major; Economics
  Arun I OH Basua Guwahati India Dissertation: "Strategic Advertising Responses to U.S. Exchange
1 Maj0I__yMimng Ehgineeringl Rate Fluctuations in the l980s"
  DlSS€fiEltlOI\1 HA Sl<€l€t8l Model fOI` HH II`lt€llIg€I`\lZ and Il'lt€gI`atEd Anne Marie Cattarellor South Porcupine, Ontario, Canada
~ Design System for Underground Coal Mines" Major.: Sociology
i Dissertation: "Neighborhood Influences on Adolescent Social
Bonds, Peer Associations and drug Use: A Multi-Level
—` Study"

Miguel Cervantes Ramirez, Mexicali, Mexico Mark A. DeBenedette**, West Orange, N] E
Major: Animal Sciences Major: Microbiology E
Dissertation: "Amino Acid Supplementation of Low Protein, Dissertation: "Biochemical Signals Generated During B Cell Cycle {
Grain Sorghum—Soybean Meal Diets for Pigs" Progression" A
Mary Ann Sorrell Chamberlain, Lexington Wenlian Deng, China E
Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology - Educa- Major: Crop Science `
tjgpal Psychology Dissertation: "Manipulation of Plant Lipid Peroxidation and  
Dissertation: "Philosophy for Children Program and the lmpaff OH PES? R€$i5t¤¤€9"  j
` ' ` ` f if l m ntar  ‘
;i;;::ET€nt Of Cmlcal Thmkmg 0 G ted E E E Y Vikrant Anand Dhoundiyal*, Delhi, India ,1
Major: Communication  j
Donald V. Chase, Louisville Dissertation: "Commoveor, Ergo Sum - Communication, and  `
Major: Civil Engineering Motivation: Towards the Foundations of Evocative  
Dissertation; "Optimal Control Strategies tor Water Distribution Communication with ei Protocol for a Positron Emission
Systems" Tomography (PET) Experiment for Relating Neural Systems
Responses to Induced Emotional States"
Qun Chen, China _
Major: Physics Jinsheng Dong, Nanchang, China
Dissertation: "Studies of Gap Anisotrophy in High-Tc Maier: CYOP Scicncc
Supcrconductors with 8 LoW-T€mp€i·atuy€ 5’l"M" Dissertation: "Chloroplast and Mitochondrial Polymorphisms in é
Pinus banksiana and Pinus contorta: Inheritance, Diversity ;
Brian Eugene Chezum**, Fairfield, IA and Population Subdivision"  
Major: Economics _ _  
Dissertation: "The Simultaneity of Wages and Union ‘ Patllcm Am? Earle! Berry " 
Organization" Maller; TOX1cOlOgY  
Dissertation: "Development of Forensic Procedures for the L
Gregory Keith Cole, Toledo, OH Detection of Fentanyl and Buprenorphine in the Horse" 3
Major: Spanish _ _ _
Dissertation: "Women Poets of the Generation of l927" Thomas Patrick Egfmt Birmingham, AL
Major: Sociology _
Gregory E. Cooper*, Lexington Dissertation: "l-Iome Restoration Cooperative: A Case Study of a
Major: Microbiology Small Construction Craft Skill Worker Participative
Dissertation: “A Model System for the Study of Somatic Cell Cooperative" y
Variation in a Mouse Embryonal Carcinoma Stem Cell Line" _  
Herbert E1chenseer**, San ]ose, CA i
Judy Gail Cornett, Newland, NC Major: Entomology  
Major: History Dissertation: "Behavioral and Physiological Modification of 1
Dissertation: "Angel of Blindness: The Public Triumphs and Selected Insects Mediated by Lolines, Endophyte-Associated
Private Tragedy of Linda Neville" Alkaloids in Tall Fescue" j
Cynthia Anne Crawford"', Lawton, OK lonathan Paul Euchner**, Cedar Falls, IA l_
Major: Psychology - Experimental Psychology Major: Political Science t
Dissertation: "Age-Related Behavioral and Neurochemical Dissertation: "State Legistlative Partisanship: The Case of Iowa,  ‘
Differences in the Effect of lrreversible Antagonism of 1945-l990"  E
Dopamine Receptors in the Rat" _ _ i
Maureen Wyllie Everett, Lexington l
Darryl Wayne Cremeans", Lexington Major; Communication
M ajor; Soil Science Dissertation: "Influence of Sensation Seeking, Message Sensation
Dissertation: "Aspectand Slope Position Effects on Moisture Value, and Program Context on Effectiveness of Anti-
Regime and Properties of Forest Soils in Eastern Kentucky" Cocaine PSAs"
Mark Edward Cunningham** Karen Frances Falconer, Kearney, NE
Major: English Major: Geography
Dissertation: "lmitation and Parody in the Works of Oscar Wilde" Dissertation: "I·lome, Work, and Gender in the Context of ‘
_ Technological Change: The Case of Telecommuting Women" `
Deborah Duncan Danner, Lexington
Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology · Educa- C€ith€Ti¤€ A· Fi0Y€H0*°°» Stratford, CT
tional Psychology Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology - Educa-
Dissertation: "Emotional and Social Behavior in Severely tional Psychology
Impaired Alzheimer Subjects: A Presentation of IO Case Dissertation: "The Influence of Computers and the Influence of
Studies" Experts in Teachers’ Decision Making Using Psychological
_ _ Report Data"
joseph Owen Deasy", Louisville
Major; Phygicg Mitchell Gabhart, Harrodsburg
Dissertation: "Electron Energy and Angular Distributions in Major: Philosophy
Radiotherapy" Dissertation: "Freedom in Necessity: The Moral Psychology of
Spinoza’s Rationalism"
I 4

  Bhaswati Ganguly Donald Eugene Gudmundson, New London, WI
  Major: Physics Major: Business Administration
cle I Dissertation: "Mossbauer Studies of Iron-Based Ultrafine Coal Dissertation: "An Analysis of Determinants of Data Acquisition
A Liquefaction Catalysts" activities of Strategic Decision-Makers in Small
‘ Organizations"
i Carol Allen Gates, Campbellsburg
` Major: Music Ioel Marvin Guthridge**, Sutherland, IA
_? Dissertation: "The Effect of Perceptual Modality on Rhythmic Major: Microbiology
I Achievement and Modality Preference of First-Grade Dissertation: "Role of B Cell Sialic Acids and Endogenous
  Children" Sialidase in the Regulation of B Cell: T Cell lnteractions"
 j Sarah Allen Gebb, Lexington Pamela Ruble Guthrie’*’*, Columbus, IN
’ Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Major: Psychology - Clinical Psychology
i Dissertation: "Transforming Growth Factor-Beta: A Potential Dissertation: "The Effects of Proactive Crisis Planning Services
Mediator of Monocrotaline-Induced Hypertensive With and Without Peer Support on the Adjustment of
ns Pulmonary Vascular Disease" Severely Mentally Ill Consumers: One~Year Comparisons"
Paul Milton Gold, Cullowhee, NC Patricia Marie Guthrie, Bowling Green
Major: Communication Major: English
Dissertation: "The lnterrelationalship Between State Broadcast Dissertation: "Robert A. Heinlein: An Annotated Bibliography of
in i Trade Associations and the Broadcasters They Represent" Heinlein’s Complete Works"
Q Clemen Gonzales*, Philippines Amy Lee Hack, Bartlesville, OK
j Major: Agricultural Economics Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology
·i Dissertation: "Impact on Less Developed Countries (LDCS) of Dissertation: "The Clergyman’s Spouse: Predictors of Satisfaction
  Trade Liberalization in the World Meat Market: Case of the in the Spousal Role"
' Phillipines."
j Margaret Rose Harbok, Amboy, IL
Gail G. Gonzalez**, Lexington Major; Chemistry
Major: Spanish Dissertation: "Resonance-Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization and
j Dissertation: "Continuidad De Los Lectores: A Reader-Response Photoelectron Spectorscopy of Gas Phase Sulfur Phosphorus
’ a Approach to Iulio Cortazar’s Short Stories" and Arsenic Atoms"
Glenna Horne Graves, Lexington Iack A. Harison, Lexington
  Major: History Major: Civil Engineering
  Dissertation: "In the Morning We Had Bulldog Gravy: Gender, Dissertation: "Fracture Toughness and Tensile Cracking of Soils"
j Culture, Class, and Race in the Coal Camps of the _ _
1 Appalachian South, ·jgO(j_jg4O~ Débfii BEil<€I‘ l‘lHI‘I'1'1E1Il°H`, Ol1V(-3 Hill
ed _ Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology
p David Eugene Grayi Gillespie, lL Dissertation: "Sex-Role Related Characteristics aaa rtieir
` Major: Statistics Relationship to Body Esteem and Disordered Eating; A
1 Dissertation: "Multivariate Nonlinear Models with Application to Continuing Dilemma"
‘ Compartmental Models" _ _ _ _
ll i Nancy Grant Harr1ngton*", Cincinnati, OH
 _ Stéphéfl F. GI`€b**, L€XlI`lgtO1'\ Major; Communiqgtign
  Major: Geology - Dissertation: "A Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of
` Dissertation: "Sedimentology of a Pennsylvanian Sandstone Alcohol Resistance Strategies Used by College Students"
(Lower Breathitt Formation) From Bedding-Plane Exposures _ _ _
on at the Laural River Dam Spillway, Whitley County, James Blum Harrlshjr Richmond
Kgntuckyit Major: Geology
Dissertation: "Site Amplication of Seismic Ground Motions in the
]anet Stelle Iohnpoll Greenlee, Lexington Paducah, Kentucky, Area"
Major: Business Administration _ _
Dissertation: "The Use of Accounting and Other Information in Angela Caml Catlin Hausbergen VQYSEUIIES
j Determining the Allocation of Resources to Voluntary Health M?lj0I`? Ph6l`m?1€€Utl€€ll Sciences
an" ` and Welfare Organizations: An Emperical Analysis" Dissertation: "The Effect of Gamma Irradiation, Surface Area,
Molecular Weight, Comonomer Ratio and Comonomer
lolin George GYOPPQ Irfwr Wilmore Sequence Distribution on the ln Vitro Degradation of Poly
a- Major: Mining Engineering (D, L-Lactide-Co-Glycolide) Microspheres"
Dissertation: "The Role of Metal Ions and Surfactants in the _
r newareriirg of uitrarrrre Clean cea1~ I eel Dinsmeie Haywood Calhoun
1 Major: Mathematics
lOh¤ Russell GI`0V€$*r I—·€Xi¤gt0I`l Dissertation: "A Characterization of Univeral Images of Trees"
Major: Studies in Higher Education _ _
Dissertation: "An Examination of Major Initiatives in Campus AnmO“Y l· Headley, Nicholasville
Planning at the University of Kentucky 1919-1991** Major: Educational and Counseling Psychology
Dissertation: "Personality Characteristics on the Minnesota
Multiphasic Personality Inventory and Burnout Among
Persons in the Ministry"

 1 r
Michal Krzysztof Heine’*, Warsaw, Poland Robert Scott ]amison** j
Major: Chemistry Major: Microbiology j
Dissertation: Synthesis of Prostaglandin F2a Photoaffinity Probes Dissertation: "Characterization of Enzyme Domains of the · j
Bearing Photoactive Groups at C-I or C—J 8" Multifunctional Cad Protein When Expressed as
Monofunctional Proteins" {
Linda Sue Henson", Nicholasville j
Major: Communication Ellis Lee lchnscn, Paris j
Dissertation: "Practices and Policies of U.S. Commmerical Major: Chemistry
Broadcast Television Networks Regarding Paid Controversial Dissertation: Study of Scissors Mode Excitations in ‘°2, "’*Dy Using  
Issue Advertisements/’ the (n,n'y) Reaction" i j
Steven Yates Hinson, Tompkinsville Martha Marie Rosentrater Ioseph, Lexington   j
Major: Economics Major: Chemistry A
Dissertation: "Exchange Rate Fluctuatins, Direction of Trade, and Dissertation: "Time —Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy of
Foreign Investment in the U.S." Laser-Induced Plasmas on Copper and Aluminum Surfaces j
in a Graphite Furnace" j
Terry Shannon Horn, Opelika, AL .
Mgjjgy; Bjgyngdical Engineering ]oel B€HjaI`l'llIl Kailing, Atlanta,   I
Dissertation: "Impulse Response Analysis Applied to the Major: Communication
Identification of Cortical Microfractures in fatigue-Loaded Dissertation: "Communication and the Development of Religious f
Bone" Culture: Penecostal Envangelicalism in Nigeria’s Igboland" j
Patricia Byrd Howard", Mayfield Kasra Kasraian, Lexington
Major: Nursing Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dissertation:" Life~Long Maternal Caregiving: Learning to Live Dissertation: "The Utilization of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol as a Mass . j
with a Child Who Has Schizophrenia" Transport Accelerator in Lyophilization" j
Gail Ann Mitchell Hoyt**, Frankfort Christine Bruins Kern’*, Ft. Mitchell
Major: Economics Major: Microbiology `
Dissertation: "The Worker, The Firm and the Decision to Use Dissertation: "Structure/Fuction Relationship of the
Drugs" Multienzymatic Hampster Cad Protein from an Evolutionary .
___ _ Perspective" -
Dan Yu Hu*’*, Beijing, China
Major; Matljgmgtjgg Andemariam Kidanemariam, Lexington
Dissertation: "Parallel Krylov Subspace Methods for Solving Major: Sociology j
Sylvester’s Equations" Dissertation: "Infant Mortality Differentials and Development in
the Developing Countries: A Political Economy Approach"
Edward Manuel Hufft, ]r., New Orleans, LA
Major; Buginggg Admjnigtratjgn David TTIOITIBS   Louisville
Dissertation: "Ownership Structure, Strategy, and Growth of Major: Physiology and Biophysics
Small Firms: An Agency Perspective" Dissertation: "The Role of the Thick Ascending Limb of Henle’s I
Loop in the Development and/ or Maintenance of the
.lellleY Allen H¤sh¤5**r Somerset Concentrating Defect Associated with Aminoglycoside-
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Administration"
Dissertation: "Synthesis of llC Labeled Nucleosides Using an
Enzyme-Based Hollow Fiber Membrane System" lae‘Se0k Kim", Scutli KOl`€a A
_ Major: Civil Engineering
lellel l~· H¤fl€y» Lexmglell Dissertation: "Performance of Absorptive Treatments for Single
Major: Studies in Higher Education Highway Noise Barriers"
Dissertation: "Women’s Experience as Professional _
Administrators at the University of Kentucky" Kwallg Kee Klm» Korea
_ _ Major: Sociology
Nlll lllclllemlelcr YOgY*ll(alla/ lllclclleslcl Dissertation: "Alcohol Use and Abuse Among Youths: Social
Maier: B¤Sl¤€55 Admll"ll$tT6tl0¤ Contextual Effects on Developmental Patterning of Drinking
Dissertation: "The Effect of Participative Budgeting On job Behavior from Adolescence to Young Adulthood"
Performance and ]ob Satisfaction with Locus of Control and
Cultural Dimensions as Moderating Variables" Rebecca Allll Kills, Wilkes-Barre, PA
_ Major: Biology
Jell? Albell llisllsl lclcuslelh TX Dissertation: "Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Stability in
Major: Philosophy Chlamydomonas: Studies on Total and Polysomal
Dissertation: "Aquinas and the Historiography of Medieval Ribonucleic Acid During Flagellar Regeneration"
Philosphy: A Reevaluation"
j Kathleen Louise Kirk, Albuquerque, NM
Carl F. jagels", East St. Louis, IL Major; Spanish
Major: Mathematics Dissertation: "An Edition, Study, and Glossary of La Vida yLas
Dissertation; "Application of Szego Polynomials in Numerical Costumbres de los Viejos Filosof0s"
1 6

 Karen Koegler**, Pittsburgh, PA Liming Ling*, Shanghai, China
Major: Geography Major: Physiology and Biophysics
A Dissertation: "Building in Stone in Southweatern Pennsylvania" Dissertation: "Potential Neurotransmitters in the
_ _ Pontinemediated lnspiratory lnhibitations in the Cat"
Santosh George Kottayil, Pune, India
Major: Chemistry Kuang-]en Liu, Taiwan
Dissertation: "lmplications of Sulfation on the Pharmacological Major: Mechanical Engineering
_ activity of Morphine a Structure-Activity Study". Dissertation: "Vibration Control of Cutting Process in Milling
lng = Using Dynamic Absorber
 e Peter ]ames Kratzke, Seattle, WA
  Major; English Wennuan Liu, Qingdao, China
i Dissertation: "Ambrose Bierce, lack London, and George Sterling: Major: Crop Science
_ Citizens and Rules, Judges and Principles" Dissertation: "Cellular, Biochemical and Molecular
of _ Characterization of Somatic Embryogenesis in Soybean
as Linda C. Kuder, Georgetown (Glycine max (L) Merry
Major: Public Administration __ _ _
Dissertation: "Public Attitudes Toward Age-Based Health Care Yuelm Liv", China
Rationing" Major: Geology
_ Dissertation: "A Quantative Analysis of Vertical and Horizontal
ms Ronald Earl LaC€YH/ Lexington Lithic Variation in Some Coal—Bearing Rocks on Southeastern
l" Major: Agricultural Engineering Keiiiiicky
Dissertation: "Ultrasonic Characteristics of Used Corn Oil for
Monitoring Quality" D. Michael Long"*, Lexington
_ Major: Business Administration
ass · j Rvbert Ionn Gustav L¤¤g€, Loxlngton Dissertation: "The Examination of the Price-Volume Relationship
` Major: English in the Option Markets: New Evidence on Mispricing in the
- Dissertation: "Mad About Sex: Tropes of Gender and Madness in Black-Scholes Model"
the 19