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Commencement Program
  vi OF
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@1% * ' 1 4,5;;/
One hundred twenty-seventh annual
University of Kentucky, Lexington
Bmusw Ardhés i
I Mqrjrd L King Library - NON"! r
U :¤!·-· v.w?t··* of Qi   nQ1a»,:L··,»
Lq¤·i·¤ye¤;m_, i»i¤zxta:<;i<·,* $5596 I
U 1
4 y  
Sunday, May eighth, nineteen hundred ninety—four `
' ,•§.• , §:•, ,•'§:• •:§•,_

 W One Hundred Twenty-Seventh Annual

i Governor Edward T. Breathitt, Chairperson
Dr. Robert P. Meriwether, Vice Chairperson
 I Mrs. Lois C. Weinberg, Secretary
  Mrs. Kay Shropshire Bell Dr. Deborah Powell
Governor Edward T. Breathitt y Mr. C. Frank Shoop
j Mr. Paul W. Chellgren Mrs. Marian Moore Sims
I Mr. Robert N. Clay Professor john Sistarenik, jr.
Mr. Lance Dowdy Mr. William B. Sturgill
» Mr. james F. Hardymon Mr. Daniel C. Ulmer, jr.
Mr. Henry L. jackson Mrs. Lois C. Weinberg
Dr. Loys L. Mather Mr. Martin Welenken
Dr. Robert P. Meriwether Mr. Billy B. Wilcoxson
Dr. Elissa Plattner judge Henry R. Wilhoit, jr.
v_ Charles T. Wethington, jr., President
.  Peter P. Bosomworth, Chancellor for the Medical Center
 { joseph T. Burch, Vice President for University Relations
  Ben W. Carr, jr., Chancellor for the Community College System
I Edward A. Carter, Vice President for Management and Budget
 ` Donald B. Clapp, Vice President for Administration
  Robert E. Hemenway, Chancellor for the Lexington Campus
X Delwood C. Collins, Acting Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Eugene R. Williams, Vice President for Information Systems

The exercises of the one hundred twenty-seventh annual commencement are enacted today
at the University of Kentucky. The counterpart of the pageantry is enacted each year on
campuses all over the world. It is the solemn climax and recognition of the graduates years of
y study and preparation for responsibility.
i A description of the academic pageantry is provided for your interest and information.
The procession, which forms on the Avenue of Champions (Euclid Avenue) and enters the
Coliseum through the four corners of the floor, is led by the University Marshal whose position
  is in front of the stage. The University Marshal bears the ceremonial mace, emblematic of the
. endorsement of the State and the University. Led by Assistant Marshals, the candidates march
behind the identification banner of the respective colleges which recommended them for their
The candidates for advanced degrees enter the floor from the southeast door (see diagram,
next page); candidates for advanced degrees are from the following:
The Graduate School (doctoral and masters candidates),
College of Law,
College of Medicine,
College of Dentistry, and
College of Pharmacy.
Entering through the southwest door (see diagram, next page) are candidates for degrees from
the following:
College of Education,
College of Nursing,
College of Human Environmental Sciences,
College of Communications and Information Studies, and
College of Fine Arts.
Entering through the northeast corner (see diagram, next page) are candidates for degrees
from the following:
College of Arts and Sciences, and
College of Engineering.
Entering through the northwest corner (see diagram, next page) are candidates for degrees
from the following:
College of Agriculture,
College of Business and Economics,
College of Allied Health Professions,
College of Social Work, and
College of Architecture.
  As the candidates reach their seats, the members of the faculty of the University of Kentucky
proceed into the Coliseum, entering the floor from the southeast door and wearing the colorful
‘ hoods of their disciplines (see description of colors on page 7) and of the colleges and
universities from which they were graduated. The climax of the procession brings to the
platform the members of the Board of Trustees of the University, the Deans of the various
  colleges, honorary degree recipients, the Chancellors, the Vice Presidents, and other University
  officials, and guests. The President of the University and the Chairperson of the Board of
Trustees, upon greetings from the University Marshal, lead this distinguished group to the
platform in two columns from the southwest door. The Trustees of the University can be
identified by their blue gowns with white panels; they also wear blue caps with gold tassels.

I C1 ‘ ¤ ¤ I:1 ::1 1:1 E 3
 ]¤: I =:IA ¤ :I ;=I— ¤ —I —I =¤ =I zI -= ¤ ·=I =I =#   l
 []  ¢
/ BAND \
{ i (ggglg/§§§) COLUZGEOF Ancmrscwuns \ \
H H E 2 www (pZZ;`{Ԥ2%L, com? . % \
O ( nswnsmv $°'E"°ES :;T§,%
u H $ kg " Czzésw ' ° H H
\   /
\   " ENTRANCE ENTRANCE *~\\ /  

All candidates for degrees and those who hold these degrees, including University
officials, faculty, and visiting dignitaries, are attired in traditional cap and gown. The
basic color for most caps and gowns is formal black. However, recipients of different
§ degrees wear distinctive tassels on their caps and hoods of various hues draped down
the backs of the gowns.
Y  Candidates for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees wear the regulation cap with the
tassel appropriate to the school or division from which they are being graduated,
Y with the exception of those who already hold Doctor’s degrees and are privileged to
wear gold tassels. Except during the positioning of the Colors, and the playing of the
Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful, men in academic regalia are
requested to wear their caps. The authorized list of tassel colors follows:
Arts and Sciences: Dentistry - Lilac
Arts - White Architecture - Blue Violet
Sciences - Gold Allied Health Professions - Light Green
Agriculture - Maize Human Environmental Sciences - Maroon
Engineering - Orange Social Work - Citron
Law - Purple Communications and Information Studies:
Education - Light Blue Communications - Silver/ Gray
Business and Economics - Drab Library Sciences - Lemon
Pharmacy — Olive Green ]ournalism - Crimson
Medicine - Green Fine Arts - Brown
Nursing — Apricot
The gown for the Bachelor’s degree has pointed sleeves. It is designed to be worn
closed. The gown for the Master’s degree has an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist, like
the others. The sleeve base hangs down in the traditional manner. The rear part of its
oblong shape is square cut and the front part has an arc cut away. The gown is
designed and supplied with fasteners so that it may be worn open or closed. The
gown for the Doctor’s degree has a bell-shaped sleeve on which are three velvet bars
(usually black but sometimes other colors, depending on the degree).
The Bachelor’s hood is rather short with a narrow velvet edging of the appropriate
color (see list under tassels) and a lining in the color or colors of the institution - blue
and white at Kentucky.
i The Master’s hood is considerably longer, has a wider velvet edging, and exposes
1 more of the lining. The outside velvet trim color designates the degree which the
. person is receiving.
The Doctor’s hood is easily recognized by the width of the velvet edging, the wide
panels at either side, the greater length, and the full exposure of the lining. The colors
5 of the edging most frequently seen are blue for philosophy, green for medicine,
` purple for laws; the colors for the honorary Doctor’s degrees are purple for laws,
white for arts / letters / humanitites, and golden yellow for science.
Candidates for honorary degrees do not wear the hood until after the degree has been
conferred; part of the ceremony of admitting a candidate to his or her honorary
degree consists in the candidate being formally invested with the hood.

Oh Say! can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight`s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro` the perilous fight, ·
O'er the ramparts we watch`d, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there. `
Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave .  
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? [
O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties, Above the fruited plain!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood, From sea to shining sea!
University Marshal
Lois M. Chan
The University of Kentucky Commencement Band
Richard S. Clary, School of Music
Dr. Stephen King, School of Music
Ushers I;
Student members of the Commencement Committee and V
members of the following campus organizations: n
Alpha Lambda Delta,
Collegians for Academic Excellence 3
8 .

Charles T. Wethington, ]r., President
1 STAR SPANGLED BANNER ................................................................. (Francis Scott Key)
Q INTRODUCTION S ............................................................................ President Wethington
COMMENCEMENT REMARKS .......................................................... Bobbie Ann Mason
Dean C. Oran Little Dean Rhoda—Gale Pollack
College of Agriculture College of Fine Arts
Dean Thomas C, Robinson ’ Acting Dean Raymond E. Forgue
College of Allied Health Professions College of Human Environmental Sciences
Dean David Mohney Dean Carolyn A. Williams
College of Architecture College of Nursing
Dean Richard C. Edwards Dean Iordan L. Cohen
College of Arts and Sciences College of Pharmacy
Dean Richard W. Furst Dean S. Zafar Hasan
College of Business and Economics College of Social Work
Dean Douglas A. Boyd Dean Daniel R. Reedy
College of Communications and The Graduate School
Information Studies Dean David E. Shipley
Dean]. ]ohn Harris III College of Law
College Of Ed“°*‘“°“ Dean Emery A. Wilson
Dean Thomas W. Lester College of Medicine
College of Engineering Dean David A Nash
College of Dentistry
GREETINGS - ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ......................................... Michael A. Burleson
President-Elect, National Alumni Association
COMMENTS FROM STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE ............................ ]ill M. Cranston
RECOGNITION OF RECIPIENTS OF ALUMNI .......................... President Wethington
RECOGNITION OF RECIPIENTS OF ............................................ President Wethington
_ PRESENTATION OF WILLIAM B. STURGILL AWARD ............ President Wethington
  PRESENTATION OF EXCELLENCE IN ........................................ President Wethington
I PRESENTATION OF SULLIVAN AWARDS ................................ President Wethington
V Dr. Ioseph A. Bryant, University Orator
.§ CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES ................................. President Wethington
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL ............................................................ (Katherine Lee Bates)

Ralph G. Anderson
  Bobbie Ann Mason
Phillip Allen Sharp
5 H? LQ

, Dis
l Ka
` Ma
V An
. Dis
’ Dis
_ An
. Mz
* Degree awarded August 5, 1993
** Degree awarded December 17, 1993 g ll
(N0 asterisks) Degree will be conferred May 8, 1994   JO
if candidates have met all degree requirements 3 M?
I Dis

 Edward Mark Baum*, Syracuse, NY
The Graduate School Major: Chemistry
Dean: Daniej R_ Reed}, Dissertation: "A Study of the Nuclear Structure of ““Sr and "’Zr at
_ Intermediate Excitation Energy by the (n, n' y) Reaction"
Doctor of Philosophy
rr Matthew Enrico Baur’**, Los Angeles, CA
Donna H. Adams , Florence Major Entomology
. Mellor: Educatlonal & Counselmg PSyChOlOgy_COunS€11ng Dissertation: "Foraging Strategies of Parasitoids Attacking the
  PSYCITOIOBY _ _ _ Green Cloverworm, Plathypena Scabra (Fabricius)"
¤ Dissertation: "An Examination of Variables Contributing to the
j Attribution of Incest Victim Blame" M.R. Bayan**, ]effers0n City
` . . . Major: Geology
i KaF€“_T°Sh Akell C‘““““"‘t" OH Dissertation: "iuite ~crysta11rnny" and vimnire Reneetanse in
Mellor: MUSIC the Central Appalachian Carboniferous Strata"
< Dissertation: "An Investigation of Teacher Behaviors of Non-
Music Majors Trained in Behavioral Observations" Andrew Charles Beach*’*, Springfield, MO
. Major: Toxicology
Aniiréa Meme Allenmn Kala‘“‘*Z°°’ MI Dissertation: "DNA Adducts Induced by the Potential Human
MalOr‘ Anthropology _ Carcinogen Cyclopenta[cd]Pyrene Using 32P—Postlabeling"
Dissertation: "Dos Gatazos: Indigenous Organization and
Politcal Strategy in Two Andean Communities" Eunice Delores Archie Beatty, Lexington
David D. All€1'l ll°", Préstonsburg  §§g;S€llDg Psychology -
Mawr; imarmaceutlcal SC1€nC€S_ _ _ Dissertation: "A Study of Cultural Awareness and Exposure of
Dissertation: "Assessment of Aluminum Blood-Bram Barrier Teachers and the Affective Domainu
Permeation By In Vivo Microdialysis"
Laura R. Bickett*, Cincinnati, OH
{gh? léoglirt Aufm Omaha’ IL Major: Psychology - Clinical Psychology
_a]Or' _ wmls ry _ Dissertation: "Attributional Style of Aggressive Boys and Their
Dissertation: "Novel Polymer Membrane Ion-Selective M oth ers,.
B` M kBl kl ,Rl'h,NC
Ioseph Lee Allen III IVESSTZ 1;: glis EC ey a eig
Malorl C’€°l°€Y _ _ _ _ Dissertation: "The Generic Play and Spenserian Parody in ]ohn
Dissertation: "Stratigraphic Variations, Fault Rocks, and Domlds ,,M€t€mP5yChOSiS,,
Tectonics Associated With Brittle Reactivation of the
Homestake Shear Zone, Central Colorado" Timothy Louis B]air**, Russel] Springs
. . Major: Chemistry
A“$€h“a Ahiiimdo ’.E1yUa' OH Dissertation: "Use of Recognition Chemistry in the Development
Major: Nutritional Sciences Of km Sensors,.
Dissertation: "Relationship Between Alterations in Membrane
Fluidity and Endothelial Barrier Dysfunction" john Terrenee Bowen, ]r_**, Exeter, ME
. . Major: Geography
§E1lgb_O€O’.Chuia M h . Dissertation: "Global Airlines, Global Economy: Singapore’s
elm" _ ngmeermg QC amcs _ Place in the Geography of the International Airline Industry"
Dissertation: "Development of Boundary Methods of Solution of
Anisotropic Elastostatic Problems" Charles Kevin Braun, Legueur, MN
Major: Business Administration
Il?/[Oi1giai3]' Ay€rs;Al21€Kali)’ IL . Dissertation: "Pay Satisfaction Under a Merged-Tier
_a]Or' _ usmess mlmsiraupn _ Compensation System: A Longitudinal Study of Registered
Dissertation: "Control Combinations in the Governance of R&D Nurses.,
and Marketing Integration in New Product Development"
Dorothy Williamson Brock, Louisville
i Ich? Bakerwn Hézard _ _ Major: Education and Counseling Psychology -
I Major: Mechanical Engineering Educational PS Cholo
  Dissertation: "On the Stability of Fluid Layers Supporting Pool Dissertatiow ,,S€nSagOn 5%}*2; and Im ulsivity In Eatin
‘ Fires Including Buoyant, Radiative, and Surface Tension Disorder Sllbt €S,, g P g
Gradient Effects" yp
Marie Kathryn Baker*, Ashland, MA Ieffiley Alien BT°°k“"‘“’ Columbm
Major· Psychology - Clinical Psychology Mal": Mmmblology
. ` . ,, . ,, Dissertation: "The Role of Negative Regulation in the Murine
Dissertation: Peer Interactions of Depressed Adolescents Major Histocompatibmty Complex Chss U Gemsu
$32/,5;; Egg;rH’_\g]§Sxi;“;F;2tyChO1O Sheryl lean Brown, Gibson City, IL
. 1 ` . Y gy . y gy Major: Business Administration
Dissertation: "The Effects of Reinforcement Schedule and Task DiS5m_taH0n_ "Mana 8r,S Wmin ness to En a 6 In 8 Memorin
Difficulty on the Behavior of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Relatiogshi _ AngAmlO ue EWESH atioig g
Disordered and Normal Boys" p` ( g g
l 3

 jean Carroll Buiby", Lexington Elizabeth Mowat Corbitt*’*, Auburn, AL  
Major: Agricultural Economics Major: Clinical Psychology fi]
Dissertation: "A Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Contingent Dissertation: "Sex Bias and the Personality Disorders: A D155
Valuation Data of Banning a Post-I-Iarvest Pesticide From Reinterpretation From the Five—Factor Model"
U I F h G f 't P k` h "
ss n res rape run ac mg 0uS€S Judy Gail Comgttrl Newland, NC RO?
Tahir Cader**, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe _ Major; History MH]
Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: ”Angel for the Blind: The Public Triumphs and
Dissertation: "LDV Measurements of Single- and Two-Phase Private Tragedy of Linda N eville"   Diss
Fl I C t 'f ( l P : A I t` t`on fthe Micro- _ j
an(;;VMl§CiOSi?u;jLt1rii ump n mes lga I O   Caglos·Correa Morales*, Colombia  
ajor:· tatistics I
DEN/id Edward C€1Ft€T*, H0Pkm$Viu€ Dissertation: "Contributions to Exploratory Projection Pursuit" Mu
Major: Communication _ _   MH}
Dissertation: "Identity Management Strategies Among the l¤¤1¢€ Barrraa Darrrerw I Diss
Elderly, Major: English A
i _ Dissertation: "Adclitional Voices: Nathaniel I-Iawthorne’s I Dar
Anne Marie Cattarello**, S Porcupine, Ontario personitication ot Natura" Ma;
Major: Sociology _ Disi
Dissertation: "Neighborhood Influences On Adolescent Social Deborah Duncan Damlera L€><{¤gf¤¤
Bonds, Peer Associations, and Drug Use: A Multi-Level _ M6]Ofi EClL1C&UOI1 and C0l1I‘tSel1ng Psychology -
Analysis" Educational Psychology _
_ * Dissertation: "Emotional and Social Behavior In Severely- Ma
Km Man Chan » Hong Kong Impaired Alzheimer’s Subjects: A Presentation of Ten Case Mal
Major: Animal Sciences $tudioS" Diss
Dissertation: "Role of Carnosine in Protection Against Oxidative
jwmtagsay john Charles Delfino*, Lexington
_ I d h dh Major: Biology S
Krra juan U C au rrry Dissertation: "Importance of Cover and Food In Habitat Choice ur
M¤]0T3 C0mPUf€T $€1€¤€€ · By Microtus Ochrogaster: A Tailoring Experiment" Ma
Dissertation: "Motion Estimation From a Sequence of Intensity or Diss
Range images" Steven Allen Dennisr', Paris
_ _ _ _ Major: Business Administration
Chrarm Chen] Tarwanr Chma Dissertation; "Agency Costs In Loan Sales: Theory and Evidence" T
Major: Business Administration HY
Dissertation: "The Lending Behavior of Global Banks: A Relative TYUPU R- D€$hmUkh*r, BOmb&Y, India M8
Com arison of U.S. vs Non-U.S. Banks" Ma'or: Pharmaceutical Sciences Dis:
P l
gg Dissertation: "ldentification of the Triazoline Pharmacophore
I]‘RY0“g Frm] rlprisarlr Korea and the Evolution of the Aminoalkylpyridines As a New
Major? P mit 1’¤t~<> OSY Class of Potent, Orally Active, Low Affinity Sigma Selective
Dissertation: "Copper-lnducible Gene Expression In Plant Cells: Anticonvnisant AgontS" Sha
An Application of thc· Yeast Metallothionein Regulatory M8
gysrcrnrr Li Ding, Beijing, China Dis;
_ Major: Statistics
ijlilttl, Ht? G10!] S€g\tl, Korea Dissertation; "Nonparametric Testing and Estimation with M_]
ajor: omputer cience Interval-Censored Data" 1
Dissertation; "Probabilistic Analysis of Some Numerical MH
I’robIems" David Patrick DiPrete, Cranston, RI
* Major: Chemistry Dis;
I§i[°°f°“k};;; Chung r Seoul, Korea Dissertation: "Dipole Transitions in Shape Transitional Nuclei:
alrlri ' WSWS Detailed Studies of 146Nd and 196Pt with the (n.n y)
Dissertation: "AC Calorimetry of Sub-Milligram Crystals" Reaction" S
Anne McCall Claypool, Louisville Margarot Ugha DSi]Va**, Lgxjngtgn M;
Major: Education and Counseling Psychology - Major; Communication Dis
Educational Psychology Dissertation: "Dissemination and Targeting of Anti-Drug PSAs: v_
Dissertation: "Elements of Processing in Beginning Readers: A An Interplay of Individual Differences and Program Context
Constructive Approach" in a Televised Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign" - Rvl
Richard Don Coffey, jones, OK Martha j. Einerson, Bemidji, MN Dis
Major: Animal Sciences Major: Communication
Dissertation; "Tlie Biological Availability of Phosphorus in Dissertation: "Female Preadolescent Interpretations of Popular
Various Feed Ingredients for Pigs and ChiclTS¤*» Pehhsidr NY V
SymPi(,mS~ Major: Psychology - Clinical Psychology Sh
Dissertation: "Cognitive Affective Links In Childhood rl
Patricia Cole Isaacs, Richmond Depression and Anxiety" Maj
Major: Business Administration _ Disf
Dissertation: "IMA’s Code of Ethics: An Empirical Examination Km?berly Ahhe K€lSO’ Fr€SrlO’ CA
of Viewpoints of Certified Management Accountants" Molor: Psychology ' Experlmellral Psychology A
Dissertation: "Attitudes Toward Persons with AIDS: A rc
Saeed Hadian jazi, Teran, Iran Functional Approach to Attitude Change" Maj
Major: Animal Sciences H Disf
Dissertation: "Effects of Zinc Supplement on Animal Theresa Aml_K€SSl€r ’ LadOga’ IN
Performance and Measurement of Serum Metallothionein as Malor: Nllrslllg S H
an Alternative Method in Assessment of Zinc Deficiency in Dissertation; Hcogriirivio Aljpralsal of Health Scale: El
]{nniinnnr" Development and Psychometric Evaluation" A Maj
You-Too iw, rom, Korea I Gong-Ssok Kimi Seoul, Korea  
Major; Qlioniisiry Major: Materials Science and Engineering ’ _
Dissertation: wx Theoretical sway ofthe Adsorption ooo DiSS·=rt¤ti<>h¤ "A Study Oh Z¤O/ ATZOBI and AT D¤P€¤i Zho Thih Ll I
Dissociation of Carbon Monoxide On Cobalt Single Crystal Films Grown BY LPMOCVD Tooimirluo? Growrh arid Mai
Surfaces: Co(U00l ), Co(101Il), Co(1I2B), and Co(1012)" CiT€iT€T€i€TiZ¤iiO¤" Dlsr
Buxton Layton johnson, Sr, Owensboro Kwong Koo T¤ Li¤**» TaiWah» China
Deam, Citizens and Rules, judges and Principles" M3j0f2 Plant Pathology
_ _ _ Dissertation: "Evolution of the Fungal Tribe Balansieae
Iudlth Krieger, Belhhghamr WA (Clavicipitaceae) and Related Endophytes of Grasses"
Major: Anthropology _ _ _
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_ Major: Physics
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· Major: Public Administration Pion (japmro"
Dissertation: "Attitudes Toward Age-Based Health Care _ _
RaiiOning~ Shawn Robert Lockhart*, Louisville
Major: Biology
Michael Andrew Kukmll Ri€hfi€'1d» OH Dissertation: "Biochemical an