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One hundred thirtieth annual  
University 0f Kentucky, Lexington I
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  One Hundred Thirtieth Annual
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z Governor Edward T. Breathitt, Chairperson
Dr. Robert P. Meriwether, Vice Chairperson
  Mrs. Lois C. Weinberg, Secretary
  Mr. Ted Bates Dr. Robert P. Meriwether
 _‘ Mrs. Kay Shropshire Bell Mr. Billy ]oe Miles
pi Governor Edward T. Breathitt Professor ]immy ]ack Miller
Mr. Paul W. Chellgren Dr. Elissa Plattner
Mr. Robert N. Clay Mr. Steven S. Reed
Mr. Merwin Grayson, ]r. Mr. C. Frank Shoop
Mr. ]ohn R. "]acl<" Guthrie Mrs. Lois C. Weinberg
Dr. ]ames F. Hardymon Mr. Martin Welenken
Dr. Loys L. Mather Mr. Billy B. Wilcoxson
Charles T. Wethington, ]r., President
{ Iuanita W. Fleming, Special Assistant for Academic Affairs
V. ]ohn ]. Piecoro, ]r., Assistant to the President for Administrative Affairs
Ben W. Carr, jr., Chancellor for the Community College System
  ]ames W. Holsinger, Chancellor for the Medical Center
  Elisabeth A. Zinser, Chancellor for the Lexington Campus
Fitzgerald B. Bramwell, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Ioseph T. Burch, Vice President for University Relations
Edward A. Carter, Vice President for Management and Budget
George]. DeBin, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs
Eugene R. Williams, Vice President for Information Systems

The exercises of the one hundred thirtieth annual commencement are enacted today at the
University of Kentucky. The counterpart of the pageantry is enacted each year on campuses all
over the world. It is the solemn climax and recognition of the graduates' years of study and
preparation for responsibility.
A description of the academic pageantry is provided for your interest and information.
The procession, which forms on the Avenue of Champions (Euclid Avenue) and enters the  l
Coliseum through the four corners of the floor, is led by the University Marshal whose position  ·
is in front of the stage. The University Marshal bears the ceremonial mace, emblematic of the I
endorsement of the State and the University. Led by Assistant Marshals, the candidates march
behind the identification banner of the respective colleges which recommended them for their
The candidates for advanced degrees enter the floor from the southeast door (see diagram,
next page); candidates for advanced degrees are from the following:
The Graduate School (doctoral and masters candidates),
College of Law,
College of Medicine,
College of Dentistry, and
College of Pharmacy.
Entering through the southwest door (see diagram, next page) are candidates for degrees from
the following:
College of Education,
College of Nursing,
College of Human Environmental Sciences,
College of Communications and Information Studies, and
College of Eine Arts.
Entering through the northeast corner (see diagram, next page) are candidates for degrees
from the following:
College of Arts and Sciences, and
College of Engineering.
Entering through the northwest corner (see diagram, next page) are candidates for degrees
from the following:
College of Agriculture,
Carol Martin Catton College of Business and Economics,
College of Allied Health Professions,
College of Social Work, and
College of Architecture.
As the candidates reach their seats, the members of the faculty of the University of Kentucky  
proceed into the Coliseum, entering the floor from the southeast door and wearing the colorful  
hoods of their disciplines (see description of colors on page 6) and of the colleges and  
universities from which they were graduated. The climax of the procession brings to the  
platform the members of the Board of Trustees of the University, the Deans of the various l
colleges, honorary degree recipients, the Chancellors, the Vice Presidents, and other University l
officials, and guests. The President of the University and the Chairperson of the Board of
Trustees, upon greetings from the University Marshal, lead this distinguished group to the
platform in two columns from the southwest door. The Trustees of the University can be
identified by their blue gowns with white panels; they also wear blue caps with gold tassels.

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g I2 ENGINEERING Cl%L;$g$£/F 5Nvg;g;rLyI:;;7AL COE§-?E:OF
H H E p1€t<>¤*;N¤p€rV1li€/IL Deepti D. Bhanti*, Bombay, iaaia
Nlolori Computer Sololloo _ Major: Chemical Engineering Cool
Dlssr-`rlollorll lroprovlllg Flle SYSler“ Performance Wllh Dissertation: "Photochemical and Photoabsorption Processes in Mali
Rf¤d¤¤¤v¤ €¤¤*¤¤g Spherical raaiaiaal Disse
A¤th¤¤y Aklo Arita? Hootlogloo Beacllr CA Douglas Christian Bice, South Windsor, CT (
Major: Psychology — Clinical Psychology Major; Economics Yeh-
DiSS¤¥*¤*i¤¤¤ "Th¤ gellslmel Valldellon ef Selected MMPLA Dissertation: "The Impact of Mandates and Tax Limitations on Malr
content Seales Provision of a Local Public Good: An Application to Fire Disse
Marwan Asri, Yogyaksrta, Indonesia Protection I
Major: Business Administration Gabriel Bikah, (gabcml Africa Nan
Dissertation: "An Analysis of the Impacts of Financial Mnioii Microbiology Mnic
Liberalization on Savings and Investment in Indonesia" Dissertation; urriie R01 9 Oi CD5 iii B Cells], Disse
Anthony Randolph Back, Lexington Eric Mi Blalock, Lexington I
Molor? l)llY$lCS Major: Pharmacology P€*W‘
Dissertation: "E2/Ml Using an Chiral Effective Lagrangian ’ Dissertation: [Shin in Ca2+ Channel Type and Modulation in a Mnir
Stacey Amie Bam", Smiihiownl NY Cell Culture Model of Ag1ng" Disse
Molori l)$Y€hologY ' Exporlmoolol l)$YCllologY Kristee Karolyn Boehm**, DePere, WI lohn
Dissertation: "Strategies of Cliildren’s Attention to and Mninn Spanish Mnic
Comprehension Of Televlslenu Dissertation: "The Power of the Mirror: Aging, Gender, and Social Disse
Yvonne Hoiigyciin Baldwinaitl M Oiehea d Discourse in Spanish Postwar Narrative by Women Writers" E
Major? rll$lorY Philip Raley Breeze**, Winter Park, FL L
Dissertation: "Cora Wilson Stewart and the Illiteracy Crusade: Mainn Communication Mic]-
’Moo"l't§l‘r Schools, ood Progrosslvo Reform', Dissertation: "Sharing the Spotlight: Multi-sourcing as an Aid in l M¤l€
Michael Bnmnowskii Cleveland, OH Source Recall, and Its Effect on News Release Use" l Disse
Nlolori Pollllool Sclorloo Stephen A. Brown**, Lexington   Paul
Dissertation: "Executive and Legislative Influence in State Mainn Microbiology   Mnic
Buremlemhe Agencies Dissertation: "T10B9: Mediation of Effective Human L Disse
Edward L. Baines, li., New Washington, IN gnmunosupprespion by a Nonrnitogenic Murine Anti-T Cell l
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences eceplor MOHOC (mal Antibody lame
Dissertation: "Evaluation of the Oral Absorption of Salmon lcnnifcr Kurt Brucclcncrl Lexington Main
Calcitonin (sCT) from a Novel Three Compartment Capsule" Mainn Anatomy and Neurobiology ` Disse
Mani Ln Roy Bangin Pleasanton, NE Disseintagonz "Modulation of Extraoculaii Muscle Maturation by E
Major: Animal Sciences t e eveloping Visuomotor System
Dissertation: "Nutritional Regulation of Small Intestinal Glucose Davi
Absorption in Ruminants" Maic

 Adrian Dale Buckles, Elizabethtown juan Ramon Correa Perez**, San ]uan, PR
Major: Education and Counseling Psychology - Major: Animal Sciences
Educational Psychology Dissertation: "Factors Influencing Post-Thaw Status of Bovine
Dissertation: "Psychological Counseling in Community Colleges: SPGTHYRTOZOHZ Relationships Between Sperm Qualitative
Student Faculty and Student Personnel Professionals Measurements, Membrane Functional Status and Fertilizing
Assessment of Need" Ability of Spermatozoa Employed in an Artificial
Insemination Program"
David Ernest Burgio, ]r.’*, Berea _ ' ' _
j Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Sum l-ciycepretein Mecitiiejters on Etoposide Major Psychology - Clinical Psychology
j Pharmacokinetics and CNS Distribution in the Rat" DlSS€flHti0¤i "Mallllgeflng OH The MMPI-Zi An Analogue
Investigation of the Coached Simulation of Posttraumatic
 I Thomas Francis Burks, Lexington Stress Disorder"
j Major: Agricultural Engineering _
E Dissertation: "Color Image Texture Analysis and Neural Network Scott Crist
Classification of Weed Species" Major: Microbiology
Dissertation: "EGR-I Protects Against Cytokine—Induced Growth
losc I Cardona-Lopez, Palmira, Columbia Arrest vie Direct Upregulation of c-Myc~
Major: Spanish _ _
Dissertation: "La Nouvelle Hispanoamericana Reciente" Llwang Cure
Major: Entomology
I`IOWaI`Cl Waylle Cecil**, High POIIIIZ, NC Dissertation; "Functional Studies of the Cysteine—Rich Gene
Major: Business Administration Family of the Campoletis Sonorensis (Hymenoptera:
Dissertation: "Taxpayer N oncompliance: The Case of High Ichneumonidae) Polydnavirus"
Income Self-Employed Taxpayers" _
]onathan Seth Cullick, Shreveport, LA
Gang Chen, Zheng Zhou, China Major; English
Major: Physics Dissertation: "Making History: The Narratives of Robert Penn
Dissertation: "The Study of Neutron Scattering for 140Ce, l42Ce, Warren"
and 206Pb"
Shelly Lynn Curran*, Sun Prairie, WI
Yeh-Ling Chen**, Taiwan Major: Psychology - Clinical Psychology
Major: Statistics Dissertation: "Multidimensi0nal Assessment of Fatigue Following
Dissertation: "The Nonlinear Least Trimmed Squares Regression Breast Cancer Treatment: A Controlled Comparison"
Estimator" _ _ _ _
Qinghai Dar", China
Nan Chiang**, Taiwan Major; Physiqs
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences Dissertation: "Soliton Solutions for a U(2)L x U(2)R Meson
Dissertation: "Molecular Analysis of the Structure and Ligand Theory"
Binding Relationship of Thromboxane A2 Receptor" __ _
Satyjit Samuel Mohan David
Pawel Cholewinsl