I hereby certify that I am the duly qualified and acting
Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky,
and I certify further as follows:

          1.  That the foregoing is a true copy of a Resolution
               adopted by said Board; signed by the Chairman of the
               Board and attested under seal by me as Secretary of
               the Board at a properly convened meeting of said
               University held on October 19, 1993, as shown by the
               official records of said University in my custody
               and under my control;

          2.   That there are attached hereto reproduced duplicate
               copies of each of the bids received for the purchase
               of $27,530,000 principal amount of University of
               Kentucky Consolidated Educational Buildings Refund-
               ing Revenue Bonds, Series G, Series H and Series I
               (Third Series), dated October 1, 1993, referred to
               in said Resolution;

          3.  That there is attached hereto the form of Official
               Statement for the Series G, Series H and Series I
               (Third Series) Bonds, approved by the foregoing
               Resolution; and

          4.   That said meeting was duly held in accordance with
               all applicable requirements of Kentucky law, includ-
               ing KRS 61.810, 61.815, 61.820 and 61.825, that a
               quorum was present at said meeting, that said
               Resolution has not been modified, amended, revoked
               or repealed, and that said Resolution is now in full
               force and effect.

          IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, witness my signature as Secretary
and the official seal of said University this October 19, 1993.

                                   Secretary, Board of /eustees
(Seal)                                                I