xt71c53dzz8v https://nyx.uky.edu/dips/xt71c53dzz8v/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19770311 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, March 11, 1977, no. 169 text The Green Bean, March 11, 1977, no. 169 1977 2014 true xt71c53dzz8v section xt71c53dzz8v UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LlBRARIES' NEWSLETT V
5/ll/77   169 I
I I .
i ll March — Administrative Council Meeting - Cancelled
  l7 March - AV archives demonstration — Noon, MIK North (see note)
· I
I l8 March — Administrative Council Meeting — Cancelled
i 2l March — Library Science Colloquium — 7-9PM. Student Center (
T President‘s Room.
i 24 March — Browsing Room dedication — 4PM, Room 504, MIK South i
{ (see note)
7 April — Faculty Book display and reception — 2-4PM, Special
A Collections (see note) ` _
Current Exhibits: Gallery, Special Collections ~"Here's to you, I
Harry Clay! " (through l5 April) ‘
Contributors to this number: Trudi Bellardo, David Farrell (Editor),
Bill Marshall, Mary Ransbottom, Jeanne Stevens, Bob Turner. ·y_

· AV archives demostration:
Audio-visual Archives will present a demonstration program based
on the various projects that the unit is involved with (oral his-
tory, archives taping, radio and television archives, etc) at l2
noon, March 17 (St. Patrick's Day) for the entire Library staff in
the basement of King Library North. Bring a bag lunch. Coffee
will be provided. For further information contact Terry Bird-
  whistell or Bill Marshall.
Art Studio in MIK—South:
A studio workshop for art students has been conducted this week in
the reference room of MIK South by Pat Steir, a contemporary artist
from New York City. Under Ms. Steir‘s direction, the students have
drawn and painted several panels that represent the progress of an
idea from conception to graphic representation. Ms. Steir will
present an illustrated public lecture of her work on Friday at ll AM
in 118 Classroom Building.
Henry Clay exhibit opens:
The current Gallery exhibit is HERE'S TO YOU, HARRY CLAYI: an
exhibition of books, manuscripts and memorabilia from the Department
of Special Collections in celebration of the two hundredth anniver-
sary of the birth of Henry Clay. The exhibit will run through April
15, and a catalog is available in the Gallery.
Correction: Faculty book display and reception:
The date for the Faculty book display and reception is April 7th
(not the 9th, as noted in last week's Bean). As noted last week,
the reception will be hosted by the Staff Organization to honor
university faculty members who have published monographs, transla-
tions, and contributions to monographs since 1 January 1975.
Librarians are requested to notify Terry Warth (Special Collections)
of any publication by faculty.
Browsing room dedication:
The newly refurbished Browsing Room (MIK-South, Room 504) will be
publicly dedicated on Thursday, 24 March at 4 PM. The ceremony
will be attended by President Singletary and will be open to the ‘
public; refreshments and other arrangements are being handled by the
Staff Organization.
The Browsing Room will be one of the comfortable reading rooms on
campus with its thick carpet, over-stuffed furniture, and a sizable
collection of current paperback books.

...   ...
1il(\!.i, ¥")<1 (¤\if\A;1\'\ ' "\ `
¥lQ.m;lel,,;n.l . ,; r 1lnl’U€> Mllflt.
{mr  a»1st_g¤¤i><¤ S ia =
A one day symposium on the revised Copyright Legislation is scheduled
at the College of Library Science on 22 April l977. Msg Joan
Titley Adams, Register of Copyrights, and several noted authors will
be on the program. Additional information available from Jim Nelson,
Office for Continuing Education, College of Library Science.
Indiana University’s Graduate Library School has also scheduled a
copyright symposium entitled, "The copyright Dilemma~~A Rational
outcomeJ" lt will be held at Bloomington l4~l5 April, and further
information is available from Prof, Herbert S. White at the IU
Graduate School.
Ljlnkrryhgfnsigguctiqni wtudashcqv;
"Lihrnyy instruction and Orientation" is the title of a workshop
to he conducted at Bowling Green, Kentucky, l4~l5 April. The
Moetshop will be conducted by Carla Stoffle, who will offer assis-
tance to librarians interested in building library instruction and
oriuntations programs, Further information is available from Jim
Nelson, Office for Continuing Education, College of Library Science.
Data base retrieval course:
"i‘}n; {‘;o‘ me l _1r University , i Ss O  Eejij ;§.D•f.§ E1 SYICDETL
uewlaw »n "*ntomatic lnformation and Data Base ReLrievai,“ at lthica
ww 11% — »; fi   nge , F n %fo;rma·t irc n fi rom <> { if it  of Continuin Gi Iklzgwgi ation l
YY- 2   4 2·, = I MJ`; ‘;     l; ·; l  ‘,° , I Ej.i";j.<.`.T& , N Y li   E 3 ..
The Libr gy will be advertising the following positions for July
F, l®VV. if nnyone on the staff would like further information
ww lx ?nLeee;;ed in being considered for one of these positions,
p2~»~o sae Earth Harders or Dad} Willis by March l5,
Head of special Collections State Documents
nead of Acquisitions Head of Reference
oral History Administrative Services
Jiai wlfnre Catalcger law Cataloger
Aest. Director for eublic
X.-Q; a*:·‘ r'_;
L¢n¤e~r Mont y (temporary; aipxoai l0 weeks) in Newspaoei/Microtexts.
E§tn»y one fwll~time person or two half~time peopler Lf interested,
please see Faith Harders.

BRO EE$r$lO’\1[·i} EMR! QYMENI U¤E!ilB"l [INI I l[E§_
Personnel Librarian. Ohio State University Libraries. Columbus, Ohio.
Available: April l, 1977. Salary: $18,000-$21,000.
University Librarian with Faculty Status. Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, North Carolina. Application deadline: April 15, 1977.
Available: immediately.