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You asked!

Well. maybe not you in
particular, but I am



sure at some point
someone needed the



facts below to answer
questions. Maybe you
can use them, too!

For the role of Mike
Brady. father to NS
“The Brady Bunch" in
the 19705, Robert
Reed was ultimately
selected. However, a
strong contender for
the patriarchal part
was actor Gene

A car that shifts
manually gets 2 miles
per gallon of gas
more than a car with
automatic shift.

Frogs never drink. They
absorb water from
their surroundings by

“No Strings Attached."
the pop album
released by the band
'N Sync in March, sold
a whopping 2.41

Who lookout for litter in

By Susie Catchen

Tired of seeing people
litter and not being able to
do anything about it'.’ A
new policy has just been
added to Lexington’s "Let‘s
Keep lt Clean" program
that allows an easy way to
report people who litter.

The LexingtonFayette
Environmental Commis-
sion and the Division of Po-
lice have joined forces to
develop the new program
to help reduce littering in
Fayette County.

To report someone lit-
tering. you just have to fill
out a postcard form. mark

it with a postage stamp anti
drop it in the mail. The
postcards have been dis-
tributed throughout Lex-
ington and can be found at
libraries. banks. grocery
stores and liquor stores.

For people on campus,
cards will be available at
the Kernel newsroom. The
cards have a space for the
vehicle license number anti
the date. time and location
ofthe incident.

When the Environmen-
tal Commission receives
the cards. they will turn
them over to the Division
of Police. The police then
mails the litter btigs a letter
warning them that littering

is illegal anti reminding
them to think before throw-
ing otit their trash.

“Anyone in Fayette
County seen littering can be
reported. Cars that are reg
istered outside of Fayette
County can still be report-
ed. and a letter will be sent
to those offenders." said As—
sistant Chief Ulysses Berry
of the Division of Police.

Philip Weissinger.
chairman of the Environ-
mental Commission.
helped improve the pro-
gram and encouraged legal

“We had a similar pro-
gram to this and a bill was
passed at the federal level

that reduced the amount of
information accessible to
the public.“ Weissinger
said. “It knocked the pro-
gram out for a while btit we
finally got it straightened
out because individuals
don‘t have to know the
name of the person they
are reporting. That will be
dealt with through the po~
lice department."

The new program will
help reduce the number of
people who litter. but they
must assume responsibility
for their actions.

"We will keep track of
the program and repeat of‘
fenders. btit it is only a
warning or notice program

just to notify offenders. not
to pursue legal action ll'an
actual otlicer \ces someone
littering. they can be fined
up to $500." Berry \ttl(i.
The new program is e\~
pected to be llltil't‘ effective
than the previous program
because of the cooperation
between the commission
and police.
“Education-wise. i
think it will become very
effective because of the
publicity anti getting the in
formation out to the public.
People will second guess
their actions. When anyone
gets a letter from the police
department. they reali/e
they might get caught. l


today | :t


~lust hope it will clean tip

the area and similar pro
grams will spread all over
Kentucky.” \Veissinge-r

.\my \‘iers. a forestry
senior. believes it w ill be an
effective program as long as
people participate and art-
aware of the program.

Shannon .icnson. .i
marketing senior. agrees.

“i think it is a great
program i get so angry
when l see someone litter
ing and it's great to know
that now i can report them
i will definitely participate
in this program and tell my
friends about it. too." she

million copies its first
week, breaking a “a

record many in the

arrives for
veep debate

the record had been ‘
Preparing for battle: Senator greeted

when 1.13 million
copies were sold in
by cheers at Bluegrass Airport




the initial week of

Gatenood Galbraith.
6th district Reform
Party candidate for
Congress, talks
about the issues he
tools are important
to students.
Galbraith will speak
on campus

Pennsylvania has the
largest rural
population in the
United States.

Belgian driver Jenatzy
was the first to reach
a speed of over 100
kilometers per hour
in his electrically
powered car. "La
Jamais Contente," in

nicitrourcn |
PHOTO EDITOR By Andrew Grossman

Amidst a i‘:ili\ of whey itill pan-pie iin‘. 'i sine. of it.t‘.’li

atitl state politicians. senator and democratic vice presi
dentia] candidate .ioe Lieberman arrived at Bluegrass Airv
port last night to begin preparation for the vice presidcir
tial debate to be held at Centre College's Norton Center for
the Arts in Danville.

Welcoming the senator were Lexington's mayor Pam
Miller. Governor Patti Patton and former senator Wendell
Ford. among others.

Especially surprising was the large number of l 'K (‘01.
lege l,)emocrats in attendance.

“it‘s so good to see so many young people coming out
here and getting involved in this election." Lieberman

The senator expects to spend the next four days in the
Lexington Richmond area before the Centre College do
bate on Thursday. lie plans to limit his public appearances
in order to prepare for his clash with republican nominee
Dick Cheney.

The [K College Democrats turned otit in full force
Sunday night and will host several rallies leading tip to the

Among the events planned is a viewing party for the
presidential debate tonight. with guest Rebecca Lieber
man. the candidate's daughter

The event. which takes place at 9 pm. in the Student
Center game room. is expected to draw a great deal of sup
port for the College Democrats.

"We're very fortunate to have such a strong sttident
support base and a great deal of recognition from the
DNC,” said .ied Leano. president of the FR College Demoe

The Liebermans. while avoiding any major political

See V.P. on 2

Spam, Spam, Spam: One
billion cans of Spam
had been sold by
1959. The two billion
mark was hit in l970,
followed by three
billion in 1980, four
billion in 1986, and
five billion cans in


The famed Alcatraz
prison in San
Francisco was first
used as a prison by
the US. Army during
the Civil War.
Numerous escape
attempts were
attempted: however,
there is no firm
evidence that any
succeeded. The word
"alcatraz" is Spanish
for pelican.

Colors: Galbraith paints a picture of the country with him as congressman

ual rights and the economy.

“The true issues need to be dis-
cussed." Galbraith said.

Galbraith is targeting students
because they are the vitality of this
congressional race. Galbraith point-
ed out that it is the energy of the stu-
dents that helps win elections.

“It is extremely important that
college students get involved in this
race." he said. "I need their energy.
Jesse Ventura won (in Minnesota) on

See REFORM on 2

from his head.

But as the criminal defense
lawyer sits in his chair and speaks.
his words paint the dull room. Ideas
of a fair-trade economy. free public
education and hemp as a cash crop
splash color onto the canvas he calls
the United States.

And when Galbraith speaks on
campus Wednesday, he will share
some of these ideas with UK students.

Galbraith says this speech will
address issues of importance to stu-
dents, such as sweatshops. individ-

By Julie Nelson

It’s 2 pm. and the 6th Congres-
sional District Reform Party candi-
date Gatewood Galbraith has just
finished a bowl of soup for lunch. He
unlocks the door to his oneroom
Main Street office. where the bare
walls scream dullness. The only col-
or in the room is the bright yellow
and red "Gatewood for Congress“
sign that sits on the windowsill next
to the green hat he has just removed

Because of their dryness.
ability to withstand
earthquakes, and
800- degree Celsius
melting point (higher
than radioactive
wastes), scientists
say salt bed deposits

are the safest nuclear

Polynesra was the name
of the parrot that
taught Dr. Dolittle to
talk to the animals.

-Ron Norton


8.3 6.2

Thunder only happens
when its raining, players
only love you when
they're playing

Q .

VOL. 38106 ISSUE 329



For some students on campus, it's not

Any more

if you are a
student or pro-
fessor who is in-
volved with the
campaigns for
any other third
party candidates.
please let us

The Kernel
wants to include
all parties in its
election cover-
age. Cali us at
257-1915. stop by
the newsroom at
026 Grehan
Building or drop
us an email at

Pt. va 91?“?!


Sarah Tingle has multiple

Tier political science class-
mates refer to her as the Green

Her father calls her a com-
munist. Sometimes he calls
her a hippie.

All because she supports
Ralph Nader for president.

Tingle. a political science
freshman. is one of more than
a dozen other students who
have become active in the
Green Party campaign.

This summer they helped
collect 8.000 signatures to get
Nader on the ballot.

Now they are flyering
campus. wearing pins and
speaking out to raise student
awareness of the third party

That effort is exactly what
drew Tingle into the grass»



roots campaign.

“i asked someone I met
about the Nader button he was
wearing." she said. “And he in-
vited me to a meeting."

She had heard about Nad-
er. btit never knew what he
stood for.

At the meetings she real-
ized he was much different
from the other presidential
candidates. Now she is the
groups secretary.

Her father is a strong Dc-
mocrat. she said. and is baffled
by his daughter‘s involvement
with the Greens.

"He called me a commu-
nist at first. now he just thinks
i am a hippie." she said. with a

Margaret Fannin. a clas‘
sics and Spanish senior. began
her involvement with the
Green Party in a similar

Out for coffee with some
friends about a month ago. she

was invited to a Green Party
meeting. After attending a few
meetings. Fannin. who heard
Nader speak last spring at UK.
knew this was the party for

“He is for a lot of what I
believe in. like the environ-
ment and universal health
care." she said.

Fannin and Tingle have
benefited from their involve-
ment with the Greens.

“It has helped me become
a part of campus.“ Tingle said.
“it not only keeps me busy but
it doing something I believe

For Fannin. this has shed
light on uncertain future

She can now see herself
running for a public office.

“Before I never thought i
would do anything like that."
she said. “Basically it has

Take a cha rice 1’

made me realize I have 3 Ralph Nader will represent the Green Party on the presidential


ballot come November.


Cali: 257-l9i5 or write:





z | meson, OCTOBER §,_zooo__iflvit:nrucnv kennel




The Low-down

A lot of
said I


win five

Okay. I

didn‘t do
that. But

a lot of

picked me
to win
medals at

~ Marion Jones.
who took the
Olympic gold
medals in the
lOO-meter, the
ZOO-meter and
the 4x400 relay
and bronze
medals in the
long jump and
4x100 relay.

Clinton pushing for Mideast peace

“ASHING’I‘ON President Clinton is urg-
ing the Israelis atid Palestinians to "do every»
thing in their power“ to restore calm and prevent
further bloodshed on the West Bank and Gaza.
shaken by the worst violence in four years.
There has been five days of fighting. “We're fo-
cused now on urging both sides to restore the
calm and stop the violence.“ White House press
secretary Jake Siewert said. Israelis anti Pales-
tinians waged fierce gun battles throughout the
West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The violence has
killed at least 47 people and injured more than 1.(X)0.

Milosevic warns of collapse

BELGRADE. Yugoslavia President Slobo-
dan .\lilose\ic warned in his first TV address
since disputing an election loss that Yugoslavia
would face foreign occupation if the opposition
gained power. His foes began a protest campaign
in support of \‘oiislav Kostunica. Truck and taxi
drivers blocked roads. students stayed home and
factories closed

Bush, Gore get set for debate

\VASHlNG’l‘t’).\J Al Gore anti George W.
itish are rehearsing for their great debates - es
sential practice but not to be overdone. according
to candidates who have been there before. “Ifl
Iiad to do it again. l would not go through as
much of that rehearsal stutf." said Michael
Dukakis. the 1988 Democratic nominee. who fal<

tered against Bush‘s lather. "I think it kind of

took away from my spontaneity." Neither Gore
nor Bush is new at debating. but the vice presi-
dent has the experience edge. He faced Republi-
can \‘lcc presidential nominees in the 1992 and
Welt; campaigns. in settings like those of the 2000
debates that begin tomorrow in Boston.

Gunmakers’ appeal is rejected

\Y.»\SIII.\I(1'I‘()T\I 'l‘wo gunmakers‘ who chaI»
lenged (Toiigress' authority to ban the manufac-
ture sale and possession of semiautomatic as-
sault weapons lost a Supreme t‘ourt appeal yes-
terday. The court. without comment. rejected an
appeal by Navegzn‘ Inc. and Penn Amis Inc. that said
(‘ongress t‘Xt‘t‘Hli“(I its power to regulate interstate
commerce when it outlawrd such weapons.

Hurricane Keith hits Yucatan