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Theodore Bikel to Perform
for Central Kentucky
Jewish Community

Mr. Bikel will perform
at the Singletary
Center for the Arts
on Sunday evening,
October 6, 1991

7:00 p.m.

Tickets are available
for members of the
Jewish Community,
and all tickets

are free of charge.

See page 7
for more information



L’Shonah T ovah!

The High Holy Days are traditionally a
time to take stock of our actions of the preceding
year, and to resolve that our deeds in the year to
come will achieve even higher levels.

During this past year, CKJF, with support
and participation from many of you in our
community, has accomplished a great deal. We
have welcomed five new Soviet families; provided
more than 40 youngsters with an outstanding
Jewish Day Camp experience at Camp Shalom,
and maintained year-round Jewish cultural
programs for 3 to 5—year-olds with our pre—school
parties. In addition, 5 children were able to
attend a non-profit Jewish camp with the support
of our camperships. People of all ages sang along
with the Israeli group Galgalem, and were

President’s Message

A Good Year!

entranced by Peninah Schram - a consummate

Perhaps most significant from a Jewish
ethical perspective, we supported Israel’s efforts to
resettle more than 200,000 new immigrants
through our generous contributions. At the same
time, we provided financial and emotional
support for many members of our own local
community through our Social Services

What more can we do? I believe we
understand that to maintain the status quo is to
slide backward. Let us all pledge to expand our
efforts in the year to come - in our own
community, in Israel, and to Jews throughout the
world - financially and with our time and energy.

May you all be inscribed for a good year! Hatimah Tovah!

Judy Saxe


Resettlement Report

The Resettlement of our four new American
Jewish families has been successful. With
cooperation of many individuals in our local
community, the tasks necessary to settle and
assimilate the families have proceeded smoothly.
More families will arrive soon, and from What
we’ve learned the process should go even more

A huge thank you goes to Kaye and Harold
Frankel, who coordinated the hospitality and
transportation for the families. They have stepped
down from their important position and they will
be difficult to replace.

The four older youths, Maya, Sasha, Viktor,
and Sofya, attended Jewish overnight camp. Sofya
and Viktor were sent by Temple Adath Israel to
GUCI, and Maya and Sasha were sent by CKJF
and the Central States Hadassah Zionist Youth
Commission to CYJ. All had a positive, exciting
Jewish experience.


The Resettlement Committee needs more
volunteers for the next families. If you haven’t
participated in the process, please let us know
what you can do. We Will also need apartment
furnishings in the near future. Contact CKJF so
we can get your name.

Thank you to all who helped.

Jon Adland


CKJF would like to thank the Great
Harvest Bread Company for their
August 2nd donation of loaves of

bread to the Soviet families.

A Shared Tradition of ’Aliyah'

Like the United States, Israel is a society based
on ’Aliyah’ or immigration. In the same way
that the Statue of Liberty has beckoned the
oppressed to America's shores, Israel has been
a haven for millions of Jewish refugees
worldwide. Most recently, Israel dramatically
airlifted 15,000 Jewish refugees from war-torn
Ethiopia. However, Jews are not the only
refugees to immigrate to Israel. In the 1980’s
nearly 1000 Vietnamese boat people found
freedom in Israel.

Today Israel faces her largest
immigration challenge. After a two-decade
campaign by the United States government
and the American people, Jews are finally able
to leave the Soviet Union. One million will
immigrate to Israel over the next several
years--the largest single migration of Jews in

Fears of a resurgence of Violent anti-
Semitism and a cutoff of immigration are
rising as the political and economic decay of
the Soviet Union continues. Anti-Semitic
demonstrations have percolated throughout
the country. Quickening the pace of
immigration depends on the ability of Israel to
absorb the immigrants. While Israel has the
will, acquiring the means is a staggering task.

In September, Israel will ask the United
States to ’guarantee’ or ’co-sign’ a loan to help
pay for the costs of absorbing Soviet Jews.
This will be in the form of a $10 billion loan
distributed over five years. Many
organizations are participating in a national
letter-writing campaign to educate Members of
Congress on the urgency of this legislation.

Please participate and write a letter
now. In your letters, emphasize that Israel is
asking the US. to co-sign a loan, not give her
a grant, and that Israel has never defaulted on
a loan.

Suggested recipients of letters include,

but are not limited to:

Rep. Larry Hopkins
333 W. Vine Street, Room 207
Lexington, Ky 40507

Sen. Wendell H. Ford
600 Federal Place, Room 172-C
Louisville, Ky 4.0202

Sen.Mitch McConnell
600 Federal Place, Room 136-C
Louisville, Ky 40202

Rep. Hal Rogers
216 Poplar Avenue
Somerset, Ky 42501

Rep. Carl C. Perkins
PO. Box 127
Ashland, Ky 41105

Rep. Carroll Hubbard
PO. Box 1457
Henderson, Ky 42420





During the course of the festive meal on Rosh Hashanah evening, pieces
of alpple that have been dipped in honey are distributed to the participants
an the following is read either in unison or responsively.

For centuries, jews have celebrated Rosh Hashanah by eating apples and honey. We express
our hopes and prayers that this new year ahead may be especially sweet for ourselves, our
loved ones and all the jewish people around the world.

Seated at the festive table, we remember our precious heritage. We understand that the new
year is a sacred time for reflection and hope, as we pray for guidance to meet the challenges
of the coming year.

The beginning of the year 5752 is marked by extraordinary events.

We are witnessin the redemption of Ethiopian jews in the [and of Israel May their memories
of famine and nger fade, as they experience the joy of reunification with their families.

We are witnessing the emigration of more than 250,000 Soviet jews who have been isolated
from the mainstream of the jewish world for decades. May they find empathy and caring
as they establish new homes among the people of Israel.

We are witnessing — where there had been repression — the resurgence of jewish vitality
in Eastern Europe. May these communities gain new strength and success in their endeavors.

We are witnessing throu h Operation Exodus, an outpouring o compassion and generosity
for all jews in need. ay we be thankful for our religious reedom and the a ility and
opportunity to extend help to others.

Now, on this Rosh Hashanah, as we once again dip our apples into honey, we recite the
age-old worlds of our tradition. May we en arge our horizons, pledging to ourselves that
t is year we will do even more to reach out to jews in distress, wherever they may be.

Kol Yis-rae—el ah-ray—vim zeh ba-zeh. .711; n; Dung 5233?)? '7;
All Israel is responsible for one another.
This year may all jews know a new measure of sweetness.

May each of us continue to grow in our commitment to our people and our faith.

Ah d Eh I h YM rid—220" "SW-"em ”Hilts ”Pb-m. web->3. 'n mam fix: ”a:
~ o-noy -o- ay—nu vay-o aya —vo-tay—nu, . . . .‘ .' . .
she—te-ha—desh ah-lay-nu sha-nah to-vah u-me—tu—kah. .npmtgt ngm my? ”"213 107731375)

May it be Your will, O Lord our God and God of our ancestors,

to renew for us a good and a sweet year.

We Are One
Prepared by the UIA Rabbinic Cabinet

99 Park Avenue - Suite 300 ' New York, NY. 10016-1599 ' (212) 818-9100 ' Fax (212) 818-9509


 :Ffigqfi flbfidlzys Scfiecfufe of Services

Temple Adath Israel
124 S. Ashland Ave.
Rabbi Ion Adland

Sunday, September 8
Erev Rosh HaShanah
Services: 7 8: 9 pm

Monday, September 9
Rosh HaShanah Services
8:45 am - family service
10:30 am - service

Tuesday, September 17
Kol Nidre Services:
6:45 and 9:15 pm

Wednesday, September 18
8:45 am -family service
10:30 am -service
2:30 pm -service
: 4:30 pm -memorial and
concluding service


Ohavay Zion Synagogue
2048 Edgewater Court
Rabbi Eric Slaton

Sunday, September 7
Mincha/Maariv 7:30 pm

Monday, September 8 and
Tuesday, September 9

9 am Shacharit

10 am Youth

11 am Children

1 pm Tashlich (Mon. only)
7:30 pm -Mincha

7:45 pm -Maariv ll

Tuesday, September 17
7 pm — K01 Nidre

be there by 6:45 - the
doors close at 7:00

Wednesday, September 18
9 am Shachan't
10 am Youth
11 am Children
12:15 Yizkor
3:30 Study
5 pm Mincha
7:15 Neilah
8:15 Maariv, Havdallah,
and Break Fast


Lexington Havurah
Hannah Smith at 223-9682
Raphael Finkel at 266-0206

Monday, September 9
10 am - morning service
11:15 - Torah service
12 pm - sermon
12:15 - musaf
4 pm — Tashlikh

Tuesday, September 10
10 am - morning service
11 am - children’s service

Please call
Hannah Smith at 223-9682

Raphael Finkel at 266-0206
for more information


[5 Stamp 75m; X’SX ]




Wfiat ’5 9

any On...


Revisionist Historiography of
Israeli History of 1948

The Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University is
sponsoring a talk by Dr. Noah Lucas. Dr. Lucas is Librarian
and Fellow in Israeli Studies at the Oxford Center for
Postgraduate Hebrew Studies, and Hebrew Centre
Lecturer in Politics at the University of Oxford. He is the
author of The Modern History of Israel(i975) and numerous
articles on Israel and the Middle East. The lecture will be
be held Monday, September 16, 1991, at 4:00 p.m.,at
Woodburn Hall, room 106.


Mitzvah Mission
Cincinnati - Israel
October 30-November 8, 1991

Depart the Greater Cincinnati International Airport abord
a chartered El Al 767 on October 30, and spend seven
days in Israel. There will be lectures, special meals, special
Shabbot services, ceremonies, museum tours, and
evenings of music and dance.


National United Jewish Appeal
Mission to Israel for Dentists and
October 27 - November 6, 1991
Courses on the cutting edge of medicine and medical

12 CME Credits available

Mission Price - $2200


A Sukkot Celebration

Pre-School Children’s Party
Sunday, October 13, 1991
3:30 - 5:00 pm
at Temple Adath israel

Reservations are needed and
may be made anytime by calling
the CKJF office at 252-7600 or 252-7622


Fall Mission to Israel Opportunity

Discovery 1991 is a Mid-west mission scheduled for
October 6—15 of this year. This is a low cost opportunity
and is designed for first timers or previous visitors with
emphasis on new immigrants (Project Exodus).

The basic cost of the trip is $2200 per person, but with a
gift of $1500, there is a $1000 subsidy reducing the cost
to $1200. All the hotels are five star, and it will be a
once in a lifetime trip!

If you are interested, call the CKJF office at 252-7622 or
or Steve Caller at 252-8800


St. Louis Jewish Community Centers
8th Annual Nationwide Jewish Singles

Set sail on Royal Carribean’s 'Song of America’
cruiseship, February 9 thru 16, 1992, as we head to the
beautiful ports of:

Playa Del Carmen Cozumel
George Town Ocho Rios

costs $1595 to $1695
based on double occupancy
prices include all meals, activities,
port taxes and gratuities


If you have questions about any (or all) of the items on
this page, please call Becca at CKJF office
252-7600 or 252-7622



333 Waller Avenue, Suite 5
Lexington, Kentucky 40504
Judith Saxe, President
Linda Rawin, Executive Director
Sharyn Sharer, Program Coordinator
Becca Hamrin, Office Manager
Member of Council of Jewish Federations

 September, 1991













Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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Labor Day Opening
8 mm“ 10 II M 12 :3 14
First Day Sisterhood
Erev Rosh Rosh Secggsdhoay Opening
Hashanah Hashanah Hashanah ”0422?";
{Tishrei 6:45 pm
i5 16 17 18 19 20 21
Community YD” Kippur .
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”WM" Kol Nidre Yizkor
22 23 24 2aJF Board 26 556 2\JZyce Miller 28
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Bert with Bert Ethiopians at Shabbaton
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Sukkot Sukkot Sukkot
29 30 I 2 3 4 5
Slaton's October
Open House Shoini
early 9' Atzereth
Hoshanah '
new 513%23‘
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
7:00 DI
We will need _ tickets for the Theodore Bikel concert, October 6, 1991
City State Zip Code











Please return this sheet by September 15, 1991,


Central Kentucky Jewish Federation
333 Waller Avenue, Suite 5
Lexington, Kentucky 40504-2901




200,000 1 85,227


150,000 "

100,000 "




220 1 .909 2,250
: E—I ‘
1986 1987 1988 1989 1 990 1991
(1st 7 months)
January - July


Prepared by National UJA
Data from the Jewish Agency for‘lsrael

As you can see by these figures, money is urgently needed.
Please pay your pledge as soon as possible.


CK m J F Non-Profit Org.

333 Waller Avenue. Suite 5 Permit No 719
Lexington, Kentucky 40504-2901 Lexington: Ky.