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CINCINNATI AT NORTH CAR	N.C	3	N.C .	12	N.C.	8	N.C .	12	N.C .	5	C 1 NN	6	N.C . 11		N.C .	8	N.C .	k	N.C .	5
LA. TECH AT GEORGIA	GA	10	GA	7	GA	6	GA	2	GA	10	GA	8	GA	8	GA	4	GA	4	GA 1	
FURMAN AT GEORGIA	GA	2	GA	4	GA	10	GA 1		FUR	2	GA	15	GA 8		GA 8		GA     1 1		FUR	5
PORTLAND STATE AT KY	UK	20	UK	24	UK	10	UK	29	UK	30	UK 18		UK	16	UK	24	UK	19	UK 18	
SEATTLE VS ST. JOHNS	S.J.	12	S.J. 11		S.J.	1 2	S.J.	14	S.J. 8		S.J.	10	S.J.	9	S.J.	20	S.J.	7	S.J.	8
DePAUL AT LSU	LSU	14	DEP	2	LSU 8		LSU	6	LSU	10	LSU	13	LSU    1 1		LSU	12	LSU	12	LSU	5
MISS.  STATE AT S. MISS	M.S.	8	M.S .	6	M.S.	10	M.S.	5	M.S.	10	M.S.	9	M.S. 11		M.S.	8	M.S. 1		M.S.	9
OLE MISS AT MEMPHIS ST	O.M.	2	M.S.	3	O.M.	8	M.S.	7	M.S.	5	M.S.	10	M.S.	6	M.S.	10	M.S.	6	M.S.	10
WEST VA. AT OHIO STATE	O.S.	5	O.S.	9	O.S.	4	O.S.	2	O.S.	5	O.S.	4	O.S.	23	O.S.	12	O.S.	6	O.S.	6
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SEC Line
GAINESVILLE, FLA. -- Tony Green, the all-time Florida rushing leader, finished his Gator career with 445 carries for 2590 yards and an average gain   of   5.82   yards   per carry.
His average gain tied the school career mark set by Charlie Hunsinger on 350 carries from 1946-49. Green also finished fourth in school history in total offense with 2703 yards.
Wes Chandler's final career totals were 92 receptions for 1944 yards and school-record totals of 22 touchdown catches and an average gain of 21.1 yards per catch.
Willie Wilder finished with 242 carries for 1451 yards during his career, placing him seventh on the all-time rushing list.
Placekicker Berj Yepremian tied the single season mark of 12 set in 1974 by David Posey. Yepremian's 12-15 on field goal attempts set a school accuracy mark.
The Gators finished the season with four All-SEC players in Chandler, Green, middle guard Scott Hutchinson and Linebacker Scot Brantley. Chandler became the second two-time All-America in school history by earning a first team berth on UPI, Sorting News andFootball News. Only previous two-time All-American was
quarterback Steve Spurrier, honored in 1965 and 1966.
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Rupp's Voice Alone Chills The Crowd
The greatest Kentuckian of all was buried Tuesday afternoon at the Lexington Cemetery. It is unimportant that Adolph F. Rupp was an adopted son rather than a native son. Only in this situation, the son picked his parents and not vice versa.
Tributes continue to pour in to Coach Rupp's family. Friends, associates, and fans paying their last respects to the winningest collegiate coach of all time looked like a line of Who's Who Monday evening at a local funeral home.
They came from near and far. His long-time close friends Dr. V.A. Jackson and Steve Rardin, who made so many road basketball trips with the Wildcats over the year, were there.
There were the great players, Frank Ramsey, Ralph Beard, Cotton Nash, Terry Mobley, Mike Casey, Jerry Calvert, John Crigler and so many others. There was former Governor and close friend Happy Chandler, U.S. Senator Dee Hud-dleston, UK president Dr. Otis Single-tary, South Carolina coach Frank McGuire. And then there were people like "Tombstone" Johnny Owens, a devoted Kentucky fan who lives almost 1,000 miles from Kentucky.
Johnny has followed Kentucky basketball for decades, never misses a game when its within 500 miles and usually finds his way to Lexington for four or five contests a year.
Saturday night, he was in Lawrence, Kansas, after a long drive. Two days later, even at his age and distance from Lexington, he was sitting in the heart of Der Baron Country to pay his last respects to a great coach.
The chilling effect of Coach Rupp's mighty voice during the brief tribute to him at Rupp Arena Monday night is a memory which will last in the hearts of all 23,472 forever, and it should.
In addition to the special coverage today of Coach Rupp's passing, The Cats' Pause will publish a special tribute to the former great coach in next week's edition. There will be stories and photos highlighting his career and a special art feature by nationally known sports artist Ted Watts.
Several special media tributes have been published and are in the offing around Kentucky. The Lexington Herald-Leader's coverage of the Rupp Legend has been super, second to none. Highlighting the Herald-Leader's coverage was a special 12-page tribute on Tuesday.
The Louisville Courier-Journal has
published numerous stories and a fine 8-page special Monday. All three Lexington television stations have carried special programs and WKYT-TV, Channel 27, has a one-hour special on Coach Rupp scheduled for 8 p.m. Friday night just before the live television coverage of the UKJT.
Sports director Denny Trease says the one-hour program will be televised a second time later this month to allow those at the game the opportunity to see the film.
Two national networks have picked up Rupp stories from the Lexington affiliates during the past week. ABC-TV used the story compiled by WTVQ-TV's sports department of Mike McNamara and John Henderson and CBS-TV picked up Denny Trease's report on its Sunday evening news.
Kentucky signed some 12 high school football stars on the first day of the SEC letter of intent last Saturday but head coach Fran Curci only revealed his Kentucky signees.
They are:
JBilly Prewitt, a six-foot, 170-pound All-State wide receiver from Lexington Lafayette.
JChris Jones, a 6-3, 190-pound running back who was All-State as a defensive end at Danville.
JKevin Kearns, a 6-3, 235-pound second team All-State defensive end from Lexington Tates Creek.
JFrank McDaniels, a 6-3, 230-pound
second team All-State end from Cawood High in Harlan.
Avid Lyons, a 6-3, 215-pound linebacker from Johns Creek High.
JMickey Cochran, a 6-4, 250-pound interior lineman from Owen County.
Todd Shadowen, a 6-4, 220-pound defensive end from North Hopkins High.
Due to the special coverage of Coach Rupp's passing, our usual coverage of the football signees and a special feature on the UK football awards banquet will be published next week.
Reports from the football office are that Curci and his staff were quite satisfied with their first day signings, but many of the big battles are just beginning
Courier-Journal staff photographer Bill Luster made an interesting comment Monday after the coincidence of Coach Rupp's passing and the last three NCAA national championships.
"You know, two of the last three NCAA championships have come on a very emotional note," said Luster. ' 'Think about it, there was UCLA with Wooden retiring and Marquette with McGuire retiring." And, in between, was Bobby Knight's unbeaten Hoos-iers.
It would be only fitting for this
Dec. 1 Dec. 4 Dec. 6 Dec. 1 1 Dec. 13 Dec. 17 Dec. 18 Oec. 28 Jan. 8 Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar.
17 22 24 29 31
5 7
12 14 19 21 26 28
6 9
Opponent                                         Site UK
Northwestern ......................................                                       (H) 94
Kansas ................................................                                                 (A) 79
Kansas State ........................................                                        (A) 71
Indiana ................................................                                                (N) 89
Michigan State ....................................                                     (H) 85
Missouri ........................................                                         (UKIT) 83
Princeton ........................................                                        (UKIT) 96
Notre Dame........................................                                         (N) 83
Mississippi ............................................                                            (H) 93
Mississippi State ..................................                                   (H) 104
Florida ................................................                                                 (A) 70
Georgia ................................................                                                (A) 73
Tennessee ............................................                                            (H) 72
Vanderbilt ............................................                 (H) 106
Louisiana State ....................................                                     (H) 89
Alabama ..............................................                                              (H) 77
Vanderbilt ............................................                                            (A) 85
Auburn ................................................                                                (A) 78
Mississippi ............................................                                            (A) 90
Mississippi State ..................................                                 (A) 63
Florida ................................................                                              (H) 95
Georgia ................................................                                                   (H) 87
Louisiana State ....................................                                     (A) 71
Alabama ..............................................                                              (A) 70
Auburn ................................................                                                (H) 102
Tennessee ............................................                                            (A) 67
Marquette ....................................                                     (NCAA) 85
Florida State ..................................                                  (NCAA) 54
Home Attendance150,291 NFreedom Hall, Louisville
One Overtime
Opp. Crowd
85 12,336
69 16,700 64 11,250 90** 17,269 91 10,459
79 11,132 82 11,205
67 17,269 82 11,534 76 11,632
72 7,020 85 8,345
70 10,028
80 12,632
71 11,644 74 11,647 80* 15,581
72 6,788 82 8,200 55 5,000
68 11,960 63 11,853 88 7,225
73 15,043 67 12,229 66 12,700
69 13,458
73 13,458
** Two Overtimes
Kentucky squad to win it all as a special tribute from the people Rupp loved most, his beloved Wildcats.
Jack Perry, UK's assistant information director, had his own special little way of paying tribute to Adolph Rupp Monday. He was dressed in brown, Rupp's famous favorite color.
Was it by accident or design, the wearing of brown when Perry usually wears blue to all Kentucky basketball games?
' 'It was just something I wanted to do," admitted Perry, after being prodded for an answer. Rupp would probably have said, "That was very nice of him."
Coach Rupp was buried, yes, in his famous brown suit.
. . . SEC Commissioner H. Boyd McWhorter said from his office in Birmingham, "the game of basketball has lost one of its pioneers and one of its greatest coaches." Alabama football coach and former UK coach Paul "Bear" Bryant reacted, "It's a deep and personal loss to me and sports has lost one of its most inspired and inspiring men. I'm awfully sad to hear that. The word legend is sometimes thrown around too loosely, but he is truly a legend." His successor, Joe B. Hall: "I was afraid of him as a player. You- were constantly aware of the pressure to win. You felt the pressure to do everything right. You were afraid to fail him. I remember him as a man having great compassion. We'll all miss him. He and I had a very close relationship. I knew a Coach Rupp that most people never saw. I knew of his tenderness and thoughtfulness." Former Governor A.B. Chandler: "He had a rugged character. Whatever he undertook, he wanted desperately to succeed and he usually did. I think he would have been a success at anything he'd undertaken." UK president Dr. Otis Singletary: "Adolph Rupp was one of the most important figures in the history of the University of Kentucky and his fortunes and those of the university were inextricably interwoven." And the Rev. M. Glynn Burke, who officiated at Coach Rupp's funeral: "Our high school coach always would tell us to follow Coach Rupp's rules and victory would surely come."
To all of which, Coach Rupp probably would have answered, "That was very nice of them to say that.'' PAGE h   THE CATS' PAUSE, DECEMBER 10, 1977
$oac4e6, 'pvwtvi 'Ptacfvi& /tad fam 'Pay
Adolph Frederick Rupp, college basketball's winningest coach, was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon after thousands had paid their last respects to the man who fathered basketball not only at the University of Kentucky but around the South.
Services were held at the Central Christian Church in Lexington and it was a list of Who's Who at the services.
Governor Julian Carroll, former Governor Happy Chandler, UK head coach Joe B. Hall and assistants Dick Parsons and Joe Dean were there.
Rival coaches came in numbers. Like lon-time friend CM. Newton of Alabama who once played for Rupp. Lee Rose of NC Charlotte, Don Lane of
Date_Team_Site    Ky. Opp.
970-7]Won 22, Lost 6.
COACH: Adolph Rupp
HON. CO-CAPTAINS: Mike Casey and Larry Steele
Dec.	1	Northwestern	(A)	1 15	100
Dec.	5	Michigan	(H)	104	93
Dec.	7	West Virginia	(A)	106	100
Dec.	12	Indiana	(A)	95	93
Dec.	18	De Paul		106	85
Dec.	19	Purdue		83	89
Dec.	22	Oregon State	.(H)	84	78
Dec.	29	Notre Dame	(Nl)	92	99
Jan.	2	Mississippi	(A)	103	95
J an.	4	Miss. State	(A)	79	71
Jan.	9	Florida	(H)	101	75
Jan.	11	Georgia	(H)	79	66
Jan.	16	Tennessee	(A)	71	7S
Jan.	23	Louisiana State	(A)	82	79
Jan.	25	Alabama	(A)	86	73
Jan.	30	Vanderbilt	(H)	102	92
Feb.	1	Auburn	(H)	114	76
Feb.	6	Mississippi	(H)	121	86
Feb.	8	Miss. State	(H) (A)	102	83
Feb.	13	Florida		65	74
Feb.	15	Georgia	(A)	107	95
Feb.	20	Louisiana State	(H)	110	73
Feb.	22	Alabama	(H)	101	74
Feb.	27	Vanderbilt	(A) (A)	1 19	90
Mar.	1	Auburn		102	83
Mar.	6	Tennessee	(H)	84	78
Mar. Mar.
SEC Champions
NCAA TOURNAMENT MIDEAST (Athens, Ga.) 18   Western Ky. (N2) 20    Marquette (N2)
83 74
107 91
2670 2373 (Nl) Louisville; (N2) Athens, Ga.
1971-72Won 21, Lost 7.
COACH: Adolph Rupp
HON	CO-CAPTAINS: Stan Key and Tom				Parke
Dec.	1	Northwestern	(H)	94	85
Dec.	4	Kansas	(A)	79	69
Dec.	6	Kansas State	(A)	71	64
Dec.	11	Indiana	(Nl)	89	**90
Dec.	13	Michigan State	(H)	85	91
Dec.	17	Missouri		83	79
Dec.	18	Princeton		96	82
Dec.	28	Notre Dame	(Nl)	83	67
Jan.	8	Mississippi	(H)	93	82
Jan.	10	Mississippi State	(H)	104	76
Jan.	15	Florida	(A)	70	72
Jan.	17	Georgia	(A)	73	85
Jan.	22	Tennessee	(H)	72	70
Jan.	24	Vanderbilt	(H)	106	80
Jan.	29	Louisiana State	(H)	89	71
Jan.	31	Alabama	(H)	77	74
Feb.	5	Vanderbilt	(A)	85	*80
Feb.	7	Auburn	(A)	78	72
Feb.	12	Mississippi	(A)	90	82
Feb.	14	Mississippi State	(A)	63	55
Feb.	19	Florida	(H)	95	68
Feb.	21	Georgia	(H)	87	63
Feb.	26	Louisiana State	(A)	71	88
Feb.	28	Alabama	(A)	70	73
Mar.	6	Auburn	(H)	102	67
Mar.	9	Tennessee	(A)	67	66
SEC Co-Champions [Earned NCAA bid bv					
		beating Tennessee twice)			
Mar. 16 Mar. 18
NCAA TOURNAMENT MIDEAST REGIONAL Dayton, Ohio Marquette Florida State
85 54
69 73
Transylvania, Gale Catlett of Cincinnati and Dale Brown of LSU.
There were former players like Bill Spivey, Wah Wah Jones, Terry Mobley, Lous Tsioropoulos, Frank Ramsey, Mike Pratt, Jim Andrews, Cliff Hagan.
There   were  lawyers, politicians,
doctors, bankers, businessmen, and newsmen. And then there were the common folk, the blue-collar workers, the students, the average everyday fan, young and old.
It was a short service, less than thirty minutes, as The Rev. M. Glynn Burke talked of Rupp's achievements
2311 2093
iNl) Louisville
42 Years  Won 880, Lost 190  82.2%
Although the University of Kentucky enters its first season in 42 years without the name of Adolph Rupp on its basketball masthead, the memory and accomplishments of the famed "Baron of the Blue Grass" long will grace the Wildcat and national scene.
Before bowing to the mandatory retirement rule, Rupp coached the Wildcats through one of the greatest collegiate sports eras of all times.
The record speaks for itself: 879 victories and 190 losses for 82.2%, making him the winningest collegiate basketball coach in the history of the game.
Rupp took over the title of winningest coach in December 1967, when the Wildcats defeated Notre Dame, 81-73, for his 772nd victory, surpassing the record held by his old coach, "Phog" Allen of Kansas.
During the Rupp era, Wildcat teams gained a worldwide reputation. They were NCAA champions in 1948, 1949, 1951, and 1958, had five players on the 1948 Olympic championship team, and were International Universities champion in 1966.
"The Baron" was denied a fifth NCAA championship when his ailing "Rupp's Runts" lost to Texas Western in the finals of the 1966 tournament.
In addition to the NCAA titles, the Ruppmen won an NIT championship in 1946, five Sugar Bowls, 13 UKIT's and a record 27 SEC championships. They were national champions by polls six times since 1949.
During Rupp's tenure, 25 Wildcats were honored 37 times as All-Americans and 52 players were honored 91 times as All-SEC performers. Thirty-one players entered pro ranks.
Rupp's accomplishments last season included a conference co-championship and a record 20th appearance in the NCAA Playoffs, earned by twice defeating SEC co-champion Tennessee. Two members of that teamcenter Jim Andrews and forward Tom Parkerwere named to All-Conference squads, and Andrews was named to the All-NCAA Mid-East team.
While Wildcat players received their share of the glory, Rupp also gathered more honors and accolades than perhaps ever were bestowed on a basketball coach. Down the glory road, his many honors, accomplishments and awards included:
Certification by the NCAA Service Bureau as the nation's most successful collegiate basketball coach, both for the decade ending in 1961 and at the 20-year level.
Selection as the unanimous national "Coach of the Year" in 1966 for the fourth time in'his career and runner-up for the 1957 and 1964 seasons.
Honored in 1967 by Columbus (Ohio) Touchdown Club as "Coach of the Century."
Coach of the International Universities Tournament champions in 1966.
A nominal world championship as co-coach of the successful USA entry in the 1948 Olympic Games which included five members of Kentucky's NCAA champions.
Producer of mpre Olympic gold medallion winners (7) than any other cage coach. An all-time record total of 27 Southeastern Conference titles since the league
was organized in 1933. Election to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1959 and previous
selection (in 1944) by Helms Athletic Foundation as a member of their exclusive
Hall of Fame.
Trustee and member of selection and honors committees of Basketball Hall of Fame. Also chairman NABC Hall of Fame Committee and heads the group that selects players to appear in East-West All-Star Game benefiting the Hall of Fame.
Recipient of the Governor's Medallion in 1959 for meritorious service to the Commonwealth of Kentucky and plaques of appreciation from the U.S. Air Force (1959) and Sugar Bowl committee (1951).
Election to the Kentucky Hall of Fame (1946), outstanding citizen of Lexington (1949) and twice honorary citizen of the City of New Orleans. Enrolled in the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame in 1965.
SEC coach-of-the-year in 1964, '66, '68, '69, '70, '71 and '72.
Chosen "Deltasig of the Year" for 1966 by the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Phi, professional fraternity in commerce and business administration.
Development of more All-Americans (21 players honored 32 times) and more material for the pro ranks (31) than any other coach.
Five Sugar Bowl Tournament championships, a National Invitational Tournament
title and 13 trophies from the 19 previous UK Invitational Tournaments. -Membership on the NCAA Basketball Rules Committee.
More overseas clinic trips (seven to Europe, three to the Far East, and one to the Near East) for U.S. Government than any other coach. Also visited Alaska in 1968.
Selected as an official goodwill ambassador to the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City
representing the National Association f Basketball Coaches. Election to Kansas Hall of Fame,
President, National Association f Basketball Coaches, 1971.
in both the world of basketball and his private life.
Rev. Burke said Rupp's great success could be traced to his character of "life's quest for excellence."
"He built a tradition of basketball known around the world for its excellence," said the Rev. Burke.
Following the services, the funeral procession took the legendary coach past the famous "House That Rupp Built" one last time, as the hearse moved down Rose Street and across Euclid, the Avenue of Champions, and then to the Lexington Cemetery.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Esther Schmidt Rupp and son, Adolph Frederick Rupp, Jr. both of Lexington; a sister, Mrs. Paul B. Lawson, of Lawrence, Kansas; three brothers, Albert W. Rupp of Wichita, Kan., and Henry D. and Theodore E. Rupp, both of Halstead, Kan., and two grandchildren, Adolph F. Rupp III and Carlyle Farren Rupp, both of Lexington.
(beg. Watt
(Continued From Page 20)
Coach Hall: "There's probably no one playing No. 1 ball right now, at least the No. 1 caliber ball."
Question: What was the difference in this game against South Carolina and the one last year?
Coach Hall: "Tempo. Last year we ran more and got out more. This time, it seemed like they were happy to just play close and they controlled the tempo more tonight. They played a good game."
Question: You had a similar contest against Kansas Saturday night when Kentucky had a close call as in comparison with the runaway last season. What was the difference in the two Kansas games?
Coach Hall: "The biggest difference is in Kansas' spirit. They're aggressive, alive, alert. And that's all their players, not just one. An indication of that is all the loose balls on the floor.''
Question: Kyle Macy was the higher scorer and impressed a lot of people at Kansas, didn't he?
Coach Hall: "Yes, Kyle had a good game, but it's not unusual for Macy to be our high scorer. Our problem was that we didn't get the game we wanted out of Rick (Robey) and Jack (Giv-ens)."
Question: You substituted a let of people against Kansas. Why?
Coach Hall; "We tried te kttp everyone fresh. We expteltd a hard-fought game. Jay came in and did well but we didn't want te push him too far. He's still net 100 percent." PAGE 5    THE CATS'  PAUSE, DECEMBER  10, 1977
^.........................................*H.............HHHH*.........MMMMMU...... M 4 ?  4 4 4 4 4  4 4 4 4 ? 4 4   M 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44-
Letters To The Editor
Mail All  Letters To: VIEWPOINT, The Cats'  Pause, Box 7297, Lexington,  Ky. 40502
4444444444444 4 4444 4 44 4 4 4 4 44 444 4 444444 4 444 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 44 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 44 4444 44 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 444444 4 4 4 4444 444 4 mttHUtM 444444444444444444444 4
In Hoosier Land
The Editor The Cats' Pause Lexington, Kentucky
Dear Sir:
I am enclosing a check to renew my husband's subscription for another year. A friend sent him the first year's subscription as a gift and we certainly don't want to miss an issue, particularly now that the basketball season has begun.
We enjoy each week's issue up here in northwest Indiana among all the Big 10 fans. We consider ourselves lucky to get any news of the Wildcats from the Chicago t.v. stations or the local newspaper. Even with Kentucky's fine football record, they had little to say. So your paper is the source for most of our information.
As native Kentuckians living here in Hoosier land, we are very faithful fans and always root for Kentucky, no matter what the sport. We don't care what anyone says, we know Kentucky is the bestl
Keep up the good work with your fine paper.
Sincerely, Mrs. Cecil Noel Lake Station, Indiana
Pulls For The Cats
Dear Sir:
I pulled for and died with the Wildcats during all of their bad years. It has surely been wonderful to go through a year on something other than a diet of "crow.'' Believe me, I've eaten my share of it.
Looking forward to the Cats' 5th NCAA Championship this year.
Lt. Cmmdr. James T. Boyter, USN Nashville, Tennessee
Cats Will Be There
Dear Sir:
Please renew my subscription to "The Cats' Pause." I still have a few weeks left, but I don't want to miss one single issue. I'm glad to see that there are many more rabid Wildcat fans. I've been following the Cats since high school. I played for a small school in Western Ky. that Owensboro and Hagan beat en route to their State Championship of 1949.
Outside of 4 years on the West Coast in the service,  I've listened' to or
watched on TV every Wildcat game, and kept score. Even six years in Texas I tuned in to WHAS the best I could. The reception wasn't very good there. Now I get better reception here, and also nearly all games on TV, live or delayed. Sure wish all games could be televised.
I know an undefeated season is rare, but I'll be rooting for all the boys and Coach Hall to go all the way unbeaten, and for Robey to get the better of North Carolina and "Mr." Smith the next time they meet in the NCAA, if Carolina gets that far this year --Kentucky will be there!
Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Bill Osborne Marion, Illinois
Regards To Cawood
Dear Sir:
Enclosed you will find a check for renewal of my son's subscription to the Cats' Pause. As both my husband and I are natives of Barbourville, Kentucky, and have lived in Detroit for 12 years, we have always been avid Wildcat fans. We came into contact with "The Cats' Pause" through a fellow worker of my husband. We both enjoy reading it very much. My son was overjoyed with it because he has been a Wildcat follower since he was 7 years of age -- and he is now 21. So we decided "The Cats' Pause" would make a perfect birthday gift. And we have enjoyed reading "The Cats' Pause" as much as our son has enjoyed it.
All three of us follow the Wildcats' basketball and football over WHAS radio station. So our best wishes go out to all the Wildcat players as they start their '77-'78 season off, and especially to Coach Joe Hall. We have our fingers crossed, hoping that the Wildcats will go all the way this season for an NCAA Tournament Championship.
We couldn't close this letter without also sending our best regards to Cawood Ledford who does a marvelous job on his play by play. The Wildcats station wouldn't be the same without Cawood.
So good luck you Wildcats! You have lots of fans here in Detroit. And your biggest fans are:
The Sparks Family (David, Mazie and Robert) Detroit, Michigan
Wants Info
Dear Sir:
I would like to express my "thanks" and gratitude for an excellent weekly newspaper. It is tough to live away
from Kentucky and not be able to keep up with the Cats in the local newspapers. You paper has been a real treat for me each week.
One thing I would like to see is more stories on the in-state and surrounding states' college football prospects. I surmise that Coach Curci does not like to have reported high school players that are visiting the campus or a list of football players that Kentucky coaches consider as major college material, or else you would be doing so. But I do think that through some of your "experts," newpaper or AP All-State teams, or some other publications that a list of "super" prospects and another list of "wanted" prospects could be put together for most of the states in which Kentucky recruits. It would be interesting to see All-State teams for most of the states in which Kentucky recruits to follow what players are going where.
This is the type of coverage (except for All-State teams) that you gave to basketball recruiting and I think football deserves the same. It is my opinion that most of your readers desire the same type of information so the "backers" of the Cats can be informed about football recruiting.
Best of luck to you and the Kentucky We're all looking forward to another NCAA championship for UK..
Jon W. McKinney
Pensacola, Florida
Christmas Gift
Dear Sir:
Please renew this subscription for my son who is stationed in Germany with the U.S. Air Force. This was my Christmas present to him a year ago. I think with his being such a die-hard UK fan a renewal of "The Cats' Pause" is the best present that I can send him this year.
Iam just as big a UK fan as anyone, myself. I attend some basketball and football games, and would attend more if I could get tickets. But that's impossible.
Yours truly, Hubert Probus Rosine, Kentucky
Looks Forward
Dear Sir:
Enclosed is a check to cover the cost of a one-year renewal to your excellent publication. I was last year about this time that I received my first issue - the beginning of a one-year gift subscription from my father.
I had been in Texas for about three months and he knew that my heart longed for more information on the plight of The Big Blue. Needless to say, your publication gives more than adequate information.
Now, after an extremely successful
J m
football campaign, I anxiously look forward to an even more eventful basketball season. Thanks to the powerful WHAS and the informative Cats' Pause, I will not have to miss it.
From basketball's no-man's land Arthur Lee Criscillis Ft. Worth, Texas
Go Big Blue
Dear Sir:
As you have heard from so many of the other subscribers, we're lucky to be able t